From Part 2.....

He was rock hard and eagerly I sucked his cock into my mouth and began sucking him. I had moved into a sixty-nine position strictly for comfort.

As his breathing grew heavier, I knew he was nearing his climax.

As his cock erupted, feeding me another delicious huge load, I suddenly felt his had encircle my cock


Part 3..

I was surprised to feel Clint's hand grasp my cock, but I was even more surprised when he started slowly stroking me. Having this awesome built straight hunk stroking me felt fantastic.

I swallowed his thick huge load and lay back to enjoy his hand on my cock. It was obvious that he knew all about jerking off.

It didn't take long for me to reach my climax. My cock swelled and throbbed as I shot my thick hot load out onto my stomach and chest. I watched the intense look on his face as he milked my cock dry.

"Damn!" he exclaimed.

"Clint, you didn't have to do that."

"I know, but I felt it was only fair that you get some pleasure also."

"I do get pleasure. I get my pleasure from sucking you."

"Well, I also wanted to see what it was like to feel another guys cock and watch him shoot his load."

"You did it, so what did you think?"

"Totally different, for sure," he replied.

He returned to his room and I went to my shower.

Clint continued to work nude and every evening, he'd come to me before bed and as I sucked him off, he'd jerk me off.

Then, after four days, after I had swallowed his cock and started sucking it, I felt his hand grasp my cock as usual. But then the unexpected happened.

Suddenly, without warning, I felt his hot wet mouth close around my cock. He held it there for a few seconds, then began slowly swallowing. He began working his head back and forth and soon was deep throating me.

We both drew close to our climax, with him reaching that magical point first. I hungrily swallowed his load, then warned him that I was about to shoot.

He ignored my warning and continued sucking my cock. Then it happened. My cock erupted, sending long ropes of thick cum into his throat and mouth.

He gagged slightly as the first rope hit his throat, but quickly recovered and collected the remainder in his mouth. Once I was drained, he pulled off, looked at me and swallowed.

"Fuck, Clint, that was awesome, but what made you decide to do it?"

"Honestly, sheer curiosity," he replied. I've seen how much you enjoyed it and wanted to give it a try."

"Well, what did you think?"

"Mark, I have to admit that I found it erotic and exciting and I enjoyed it."

"Just so you know, you did fantastic. Was it really your first time?"

"Mark, I swear to you that my very first time with another male was when you sucked me off that first time."

"I believe you," I replied. "So, was your curiosity satisfied?"

"Yea, but I will admit that I might do it again. I'm just not sure."

"That's strictly your choice," I told him.

That was a Thursday night. On Friday afternoon, he said he was going back to his place for the weekend. I wondered if something was wrong but refrained from asking. I knew he had to work things out for himself.

I spent the weekend alone and expected him back Sunday evening. He didn't show up, and I was afraid I had run him off. Then early Monday morning, I heard his truck in the drive and met him at the door.

He slowly walked in and went past me. I slowly closed the door and turned to him waiting for him to speak.

He turned to face me. As usual, I was totally nude. He looked me over and stepped up to me and grabbed me and suddenly began tongue kissing me. Of course I loved it and immediately returned the kiss.

After a moment, he quickly dropped to his knees and swallowed my stiffening cock. Without hesitation, he began sucking me hungrily, taking me balls deep. Moments later, I reached my climax and watched as he eagerly swallowed my load.

Once he had me drained, he stood and kissed me again. After the kiss, I looked at him and asked, "What the fuck happened over the weekend?"

"Let's get some coffee and I'll tell you all."

We got out coffee and as we sat at the table, he began his story.

"Mark, I had really enjoyed sex with you Thursday night and had to find out if it was real or just a one time thing. Friday night I did a lot of thinking. Saturday, I called one of the girls I have been dating and we went out then back top my place for sex. It just wasn't the same as before I met you. Then yesterday, I went to an adult video store in town and watched a few gay movies and saw everything guys do together. It had me turned on big time watching them. If I had wanted, I could have had sex with several guys ranging from early twenties to at least sixty, but I didn't. I decided that when I experience more sexual activities, I want it to be with you."

I sat speechless for a moment then said, "Well, now I know where you found out about guys kissing,"

He smiled then said, "Guys do it better."

"I agree," I replied, "and if there is anything you want to try, just let me know."


He kissed me again then said, "I've got work to do, or I won't get paid."

When he stopped for lunch, we again had sex, then as we ate I asked, "Clint, what happens when you finish this job?"

"Between us?"


"I've been thinking about that. There is about two weeks of hard work left. However, if you're agreeable, I have a couple of other jobs pending. If I start on them and work during the day, I can continue to stay here and work in the evenings. That will have me here for at least another couple of months for you to teach me everything about man-to-man sex."

"Perfect," I said. "I'm totally willing to extend my repairs out if it means more time with you. And, when the repairs are finished, who knows what might happen then."

Clint started one of the other jobs, working only Monday through Friday. Weekends he was with me.

My first activity was introducing him to giving tongue baths and rimming. I did it to him and he loved it. When he started on me, I realized that he would be a good student. That was until it was time for him to rim me.

I was on my back, legs pulled up. He had been working on my cock and balls then headed down for my hole. He froze, and I waited.

Finally, he took a deep breath and lowered his face to my ass. Then I felt it. His hot wet tongue licked across my hole a few times then began to drill into me. I moaned in sheer pleasure. That made him work even harder.

Two nights later, I ad him fuck me and he was a pro at it. I had never been fucked so lovingly before in my life. And the feel of his huge load filling my cavity was out of this world.

Looking at me as he pulled out of my ass, he said, "Now, fuck me."

"Clint, I have to tell you that the first few times, it's going to hurt like hell."

"It can't hurt any worse than some of the accidents I've had on the job. I can take it."

"When it starts hurting, just take a deep breath and try to relax."

I got him into position on his back with his legs pulled up and lubed us both up. Slowly, I began my insertion.

I could see the strain in his face as the head of my cock began easing in. When he head suddenly popped in he jumped and exclaimed, "Mother Fuck!"

"Relax and take deep breaths," I reminded him.

He did and after letting him adjust a few minutes, I slowly began easing in deeper. Finally, I looked into his face and kissed him. When we parted lips, I said softly, "I'm in all the way."

"Damn! I feel so full, but now I want to feel you shoot up my ass."

I slowly began to piston in and out of his ass as I watched the expressions on his face. Before long. they changed and as they did he began to moan.

"Is it hurting?" I asked.

"Fuck no. It's really starting to feel good and when you hit a certain spot it's like electrical shocks going through my body."

"That's when I hit your prostate. It's the man's 'g-spot'."

"What ever it is I love it."

It was awesome taking his virginity and soon I reached my climax. My cock began firing rope after rope deep into him as he moaned in pleasure, saying "Oh fuck yes, I love it."

Once drained I eased out slowly as I kissed him passionately.

Once out, I looked at him and said, "Clint, it was such an honor to take your virginity. Thank you for letting me be the one."

"Ever since I saw those movies, I've wanted you to fuck me. It was an honor for me to have you be my first." We kissed again.

At this point, Clint was now kissing, sucking and fucking, getting sucked and fucked, and rimming. I knew guys that got into more, but to me this was all that was necessary.

I loved being able to lay my head on his thick hairy chest as we cuddled or watched TV. We loved cuddling and fondling each other.

Then one evening while cuddling in bed and talking he began laughing.

When I asked what was so funny he said, "When I was in high school, one of the star football players was caught having sex with one of the coaches in the gym. Everyone made fun of him, calling him names. You know how mean people can be. I just couldn't see how two men could have sex and enjoy it. I swore it would never happen to me, but it did. And now I can see just how much pleasure two men can give each other."

"People are slowly accepting male couples more and more, and it's about time."

Clint worked on his other jobs and on mine evenings and weekends. Weekdays, when he arrived we'd have a hot quick sixty-nine. Then at bedtime, we'd fuck each other. No longer did he use the other bed room. He always shared my bed.

Then just a day or two before my job was completed, we were cuddled together when he said, "Baby, I'm going to miss you terribly when the job is done."

I was stunned hearing him call me 'baby'. I knew how I felt toward him. I had fallen in love with him, but I had no idea how he felt about me.

Not sure how to respond, all I said was, Clint, you can come over here any time you want."

He gave me another hug and a passionate kiss.

The next evening as we celebrated the completion of the remodeling with a cold bee pool side, I looked at him and said, "DO you remember what you said last evening about finishing this job?"

"Yes, and I meant it.

"Well, we don't have to miss each other if you move in here permanently. I'd love to have you as my life partner if you would have me."

"Hell yes, I'll have you," he replied. "I never ever dreamed that I could ever fall madly in love with another male, but I have." He grabbed me and kissed me passionately.

As our lips separated, I said, "I fell in love with you the day I met you and I'm honored to have you as mine."

We had been together almost four months when he came to me and said, "I have a problem."

"What kind of problem? I'm sure it's nothing we can't handle together."

"Baby, I got a call today from my parents. They are coming out to visit me in a week. They have no idea that I'm gay and have a lover."

"How do you think they will handle it?"

"I have no idea."

"Well, if you want to you can put some things in one of the bedroom and tell them that we're just roommates."

"Maybe they will accept that. We'll see what happens."

Clint moved some things to one of the bedrooms and when they arrived, they took the other bedroom.

When Clint introduced me as him roommate, his dad insisted that I call them Jim and Betty. We took them out to dinner that evening and had a great visit. When they asked how we ended up roommates, I said that Clint had done some work for me and how he fell in love with the privacy and I offered him a room .

They seemed to accept the explanation and things were cool.

Clint had cleared his calendar so he could be with them and show them around. Then on their fourth evening with us, as we sat in the den after dinner, Jim looked at Clint and asked "How long have you and Mark been partners?"

"Sir?" Clint asked, surprised.

"Son, your mother and I have talked. We both can see the love in both yours and Marks's eyes when you look at each other. It's the same look your mother and I still have for each other. It's obvious to us that you deeply love each other."

Clint got up and moved over next to me and as he took my hand in his and said, "Yes, dad, we do love each other. I realized I was gay about six months ago and met Mark when I did work for him. We fell in love. I hope you two can accept that we love each other and accept him as part of our family."

"Son, we can. The only thing that matters is your happiness and we can obviously see that. We knew something was up when we talked to you on the phone the last few months. You just sounded happier. It doesn't matter that you're gay. But I will say this to Mark. Since we've been here we love you like another son, but if you ever break his heart, you will answer to me."

"Sir," I began, "you don't have to worry about that. It will never happen, I promise."

I was shocked when Clint turned to me and kissed me in front of his parents. after the quick kiss, he smiled and said, "All my worries were for nothing."

Clint returned to our bed for the remainder of their visit. When they prepared to leave, Clint looked at them as he held my hand, and said, "We have a surprise for you two."

They looked at each other then at us, questioningly.

"If all goes well," Clint began, "you two will be grandparents. Mark and I are planning on adopting."

They were both thrilled and made us promise to keep them informed.

We began the procedure and eventually gave them a call saying that they were grandparents to a beautiful three year old boy named Cody.

We have been together 5 years not and Cody loves having two dads. When he can understand, we plan on explaining everything to him. He is the love of our life.

THE END..........

Coming soon..... Job Interview



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