From Part 1....

Then a moment later, I turned toward the pool and quickly shoved my shorts to the ground and jumped into the pool, totally nude.

When I surfaced, I turned and looked toward him. He was watching me intently and then I saw him move toward a lounge.


Part 2

Not quite sure of himself, he slowly slipped off his steel toed boots then began removing his work pants.

The very first thing that I noticed as he lowered his pants was that he was commando. That fact turned me on.

A moment later, after tossing his pants on the lounge chair, he turned and walked to the edge of the pool and dove in. I was mesmerized by the sight of his beautiful long thick cock. It was beautiful!

"This feels great," he said as he surfaced near me.

"Feel free to use the pool anytime you want," I said.

"Thanks," he replied, "I will."

We swam and talked for a while and on a few occasions, my hand happened to just barely brush against his cock. He showed no reaction and I wasn't quite sure how to take it.

During our swim, we had a few beers then after getting out of the pool, to my surprise, he stayed nude with me. I grilled the steaks and we soon ate dinner along with downing a few more beers.

After cleaning up, he picked up his pants and began putting them on. With the amount of beer that he had consumed, I didn't want him driving home.

"Clint," I began, "with the amount you have had to drink, why don't you stay here tonight. You can't afford to get a DUI charge while driving home."

"You're right, but I don't want to impose on you."

"Fuck it, man. You won't be imposing. I have plenty of room, so I won't take no for an answer."

"Thanks, man, I appreciate it."

By now he had his pants on and he turned to me and asked which room he should use. I told him to use the one next to mine.

He went to his room as I turned on the TV and searched for a good movie. Seconds later, he returned and again I was surprised. He had removed his pants and was completely nude.

Smiling at me, he began "When in Rome..."

"Do as the Romans do," I finished his statement.

We both began laughing.

We watched an old John Wayne movie before going to bed.

The next morning I awoke early to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I had a raging piss hard on and headed for the bathroom. After relieving myself I headed for the kitchen, my cock now slightly more than half way deflated.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw that he was again nude ad immediately saw his eyes drop to my crotch before he turned away.

"I hope you don't mind that I started some coffee," he said.

"Fuck no. Now I don't have to wait on it."

We each got a cup and went to the den to drink our coffee.

"Clint, I think you are enjoying being nude," I said.

"Mark, I really had never thought about it but after yesterday evening, I realized what a free feeling it was."

"Well, feel free to go nude all you want while working here. Hell, work nude if you want to."

"You serious?"

"Sure. It's your choice."

I was thrilled when he began work for the day wearing only socks, his work boots and his tool belt. He looked so fucking hot!

Late in the afternoon, as he was shutting down for the day, I heard him gasp before dropping some lumber.

"You okay?" I asked.

"I just turned wrong and pulled my back. I'll be okay."

Looking at him I said, "Clint, why don't you just move in here until the job is finished. I really enjoy your company."

"It sure would save me a lot of driving," he replied.

"Well then, it's settled. Let's head to your place and get you some clothes."

With his back bothering him, I drove him to his place and we got his clothes for his stay with me.

Once back at my place, I put his things in his closet and dresser and made him relax.

After eating, I suggested a good rubdown might make his back feel better. Nervously, he agreed.

"Let's go to my room. I have some Deep Heat rub there."

He followed me in and I had him lay on the bed on his stomach. I put ointment on his shoulders and began rubbing it in as he moaned softly. Soon, I went lower and began rubbing his lower back and hips.

"Fuck," he said, "that feel great."

"Shall I continue with regular massage oil," I asked.

"If you want to. I certainly won't object."

I went and washed the medicated ointment off my hands and retrieved the massage oil.

I began massaging his thighs then calves, then back up to his buttocks, working my hands on the inside of his thighs.

"Okay, turn over," I said.

"Uh, Mark, I have a slightly embarrassing problem."

I began laughing and said, "Someone has a boner, right?"

"Uh, yea."

"Hey bud, it's common. Don't worry about it and turn over."

He did and the sight of his beautiful boner began having an effect on me.

I quickly put some oil on my hands and began rubbing his chest and shoulders before moving down to his stomach then thighs. I intentionally gently and casually rubbed my hands against his large ball sack. When I did, his cock twitched.

I couldn't take it any longer and gently lifted his cock and began slowly stroking him.

Startled, he said, "Hey man, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Well, he looked like he could use a massage also. Just relax."

"Fuck, I've never had another guy do that to me."

"Well, isn't it better that doing it yourself. All you have to do is lay there and enjoy it."

"I can't deny that it feels awesome. I never dreamed that I would think another man's hand on my cock would feel good."

"So, you have never done anything with another guy before?" I asked.

"Absolutely nothing," he said, "at least not since I was a kid and a bud and I would jerk off together but we never touched each other."

"Well, just close you eyes and relax and enjoy it."

He began to relax with his eyes closed. As he did, I had to go further. I slowly lowered my head and without warning, I quickly swallowed his huge cock balls deep and began massaging it with my tongue.

"MOTHER FUCK!" he exclaimed loudly.

I began working my head up and down on his cock as he said, "Never has a woman ever made it feel that good. It's awesome."

Pausing, I said, "Let me take you all the way."

"Do it."

I returned to sucking his cock and before long he began breathing heavily before his cock exploded, filling my mouth with his huge thick warm creamy load.

I collected it all and milked it dry. Looking up at him, I saw him watching me. I smiled and let him watch me swallow.

"Damn, you swallowed it?"

"Sure. Pure protein," I said.

"Unreal," he said.

"Clint, if you ever want it done again, just let me know."

He just smiled.

We later had dinner and watched some TV before heading to bed in our respective rooms. After several minutes, I heard a knock at my door.


"Mark, would you do it again?"

"It would be my pleasure. Come on over here and join me."

He came over and slipped into bed next to me. However, this time I did something different.

Ever so gently, I began licking and sucking his big firm nipples before licking my way down his stomach to his crotch.

He was rock hard and eagerly I sucked his cock into my mouth and began sucking him. I had moved into a sixty-nine position strictly for comfort.

As his breathing grew heavier, I knew he was nearing his climax.

As his cock erupted, feeding me another delicious huge load, I suddenly felt his had encircle my cock.




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