My friend Heath was in town visiting for the weekend. We were hanging at my place sitting on my couch, playing video games, and drinking when we got on the topic of how his ex-girlfriend dumped him.

“We were together one night and she has started giving me her special massage,” explained Heath. “We were several minutes in, I was getting really hard and had started to give me an amazing blow job. So I’m sitting there with my pants and boxers around my ankles and Misty going up and down on me…damn it felt amazing. Then, as I almost ready to cum, she stops. Misty says we’re through and leaves. I’m stuck sitting on the couch with a raging hardon and confused as can be. Even now when I think about her blowjobs, I get hard but I can never quite satisfy myself like Misty did.”

I saw Heath massage his crotch and moan a little bit. I was temporarily mesmerized by Heath massaging himself and the thought of him getting a blow job. I’ve always wanted to give him a blowjob or even more, but never thought it’d happen. But tonight, I thought differently.

“So you’re hard right now,” I asked Heath.

“Yeah, kinda,” replied Heath.

“Alright then,” I said standing up from the couch. “I’d like to try to get as close to Misty as possible. If you want it to stop at any point just say so.”

I knelt in front of Heath and reached for his belt. Heath and I locked eyes and I saw him curious but he didn’t stop me. I began undoing his belt gingerly as to not freak Heath out too much. When his belt was undone, I began massaging Heath’s crotch through his jeans. Heath threw his head back on the couch and let out several short, quick moans. I kept going for several minutes, when I was done, I could feel a rock hard package hiding behind the jeans.

“Please…don’t…stop,” pleaded Heath between labored breaths.

“As you wish,” I replied reaching to unbutton his jeans.

I grasped the button of Heath’s jeans an unbuttoned them. I pulled the zipper down and saw the blue and white plaid boxers with the gray Fruit of the Loom waistband. I saw a treasure trail of brown hair descending down behind the waistband of Heath’s boxers. I dove forward and began kissing the treasure trail. Heath took his shirt off to give me better access. I moved up to his nipples and gave them a few kisses each and licked them several times. Between his moans, gasps, and reaction to every touch and action I did, I could tell that Heath was in pure ecstasy. I kissed my way back down to his waist.

“Are you ready for the big finish,” I asked Heath as I grabbed his jeans.

“I’ve been ready,” replied Heath smiling and lifting his butt up from the couch a little bit.

“Ok, then here we go,” I replied as I pulled Heath’s jeans down and off. Heath was now sitting on my couch with a very large tent in his boxers.

I decided that it was time to make Heath spill his seed. So I moved in and pulled his boxers down and off and tossed them on top of his jeans. Heath had a beautiful, 7 inch rock hard dick pointing up in the air. I took it into my mouth and began moving up and down as fast as I could, Heath had a sweet taste to his dick, one that only made me perform harder to satisfy my friend. Heath’s moans turned from labored breaths to loud moans of pure ecstasy. I looked up at Heath occasionally while I was going up and down on him. His face was contorted in the pleasure he was feeling. I couldn’t believe it…I was actually giving a blow job to one of my best friends and making him feel good which made me feel good. About 5 minutes into Heath’s pure ecstasy, he put his hand on the back of my head. I started swirling my tongue around the head of his dick sending convulsions through Heath’s body, causing his moans to get louder.

“I…can’t…hold…it…much longer,” breathed out Heath as he thrashed is head from side to side.

I backed off for a few seconds to tell him that whenever he was ready to shot his cum, I was ready to receive it. I dove back down on his dick, moving even faster. I started making screwing motions with my head, swirling my tongue around the head of his dick and just about everything else I could think of. Another 5 minutes later Heath’s body began convulsing and I knew the time was near. Heath leaned forward and told me he was going to cum. And within seconds, he did. Shot after shot came from his dick into my awaiting mouth. It came faster than I could swallow. After 5 shots, Heath was spent, he collapsed back on the couch and began breathing deeply to catch his breath. I looked up to see him smiling.

“Thanks, that was amazing. Even better than Misty,” Heath told me.

“You’re welcome, always happy to help a friend,” I replied to him.

We got cleaned up and dressed and returned to playing video games.


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