This part 2 with Alex and Bobby is due to the responses from Howard, Bruce and Salish asking for a second story. Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy and get really turned on. Get that lube ready haha!

A week after my wild night with Bobby at his apartment, I received a call from Bobby around Noon on Saturday. "Hello, this is Alex. May I help you."

"Hell, yes Alex, this is your new fuck buddy Bobby. I have thought of nothing since last weekend but getting into your pants again. I've had a week of blue balls and one hard cock. Can you come over around 7 PM tonight? I am wanking my big boner right now getting ready for you. I've gone a whole week without sex just storing up a huge load for you."

"Oh shit, Bobby. You just made me hard as a rock. I am about to come just thinking about what you might have in store for me tonight. I have had a wet dream ever night about you this week. I want to be your bitch again."

I arrived sharply at 7:00 PM and rang the doorbell.

Oh fuck, when Bobby answered the door, he was naked except for a sizzling red hot pair of silk panties. It was obvious that this was Bobby's fetish plus he knew how turned on I got last week from his panties. I learned that he had purchased 10 pairs of silk panties from a local women's apparel store during the week to make me wild with lust.

We barely got the door closed when Bobby began to undress me. Within seconds, I was standing in front of him only in my birthday suit. Our cocks were steel hard in seconds. My wood stood straight out while Bobby's cock had pushed its head out above the panties waistband. The outline of his cock and balls in the see-through panties had me ready to come. But I must control my urges so we could have another kinky night of sex.

What would be next?

"Alex, my little whore, are you ready for me to give yuo my night of hard sex? I have planned a hot fucking night."

"Oh fuck, oh shit, yea, I want you to make me come a record number of times. I am so horny for you. I am now your slave. You do whatever you want. I crave your body. You smell so manly. Man, I love how you look and smell. Take me now."

Bobby rushed us up to his very sexy bedroom or what he called his sex den. He had prepared for my second time of pure sexual pleasure with him. I was at his mercy.

He placed me in a big soft arm chair. He turned on his expensive stereo system that began to blast the most sexy music that one would hear in a night club stripper's performance. Then he got in front of me and began to move like a hot female stripper. He swung his hips back and forth, shoved his crotch just inches from my face and gave me the most seduce-type naughty smile. He moved his strong flat abs and stomach back and forth while placing his hands above his head. Oh hell, his cock was oozing pre-cum that had a widening wet spot.

Oh fuck, I began to smell his manly odors that included a growing stream of sweat and the salty odor of his jism. I was dizzy with the desire for him to take me right there. But he was in no way ready. Bobby was determined to make me so horny that I would make love all night and come more than once.

He performed his wild stripper type number for a good ten minutes when he then climbed on top of my lap and gave me the world's most hot lap dance ever performed by any female stripper. I bucked my ass up hard into his silk panties' ass. I could feel my cock push his panties a short way into his ass crack. I bucked and bucked making him crave my cock.

"OH fuck, oh fuck, Bobby, I am so hot. Man I cannot last long. Oh give me your cock. Let me suck on it."

At that moment, he thrust his hot crotch and wet panties up into my face. I grabbed the back of his butt and pushed him forward. I open my lips and took the head of his cock that was just above the waistband of his panties into my mouth. Bobby began wildly thrusting forward as I sucked that purple rock hard cock head into my throat. I sucked and he pounded my face with the most noisy slick sounds. We began to moan, pant and grunt with the ultimate lust for each other.

I bet no two guys had ever been more aroused or hot for one another than we were at that moment. Bobby put his hands behind my head and we became violently wild as I sucked that big beautiful cock head.

After some five-minutes, Bobby jumped off of me as he felt he was about to unload his seed. He stopped just in time to prevent my orgasm.

He had me get on the bed on my back. He reached into a drawer and pulled out the most sexy pair of silk light blue panties. He spread my legs far apart and began to put my feet through the panties and up my legs. Soon I was wearing the hot panties with my cock head escaping on the left side of the panties. Now here we were both dressed in hot silk panties with wet spots in the front. What would be next? I had joined in his fetish with pure delight. My cock and balls felt so soothing as the silk panties capped them in such a nice bundle. I then knew why Bobby loved to make love to me while wearing those really hot panties.

Then the next big surprise. He went into the bathroom and came out with this huge double headed black dildo. He had lubed both heads of the dildo. It must have been at least 18-inches long and very thick. He got up on the bed, took his strong hands and ripped a big hole in the back of both my panties and his providing an opening and clear access to our assholes. He got down and placed his feet up by the side of my face and my feet were along the side of his face as our butts faced each other. The sweet smell of his feet near my face was so erotic.

He leaned up long enough to thrust one end of the big dildo deep into my ass. He then pushed the other end deep into his own ass. He said: "Now my little bitch, push forward toward me. Fuck that dildo. Lets fuck, baby."

Man we got into a hard rhythm as we pushed forward making that dildo go deeper and deeper into our asses. Hell, it was so hot knowing both our asses were filled with a giant dildo. Soon we were breathing harder and harder. The sweat was pouring off our bodies as our legs touched one another. The feel was so awesome. I wanted to come so bad.

We fucked that dildo for about ten minutes. Bobby then suggested: Baby, pulled off that big dildo. Soon we were free. Bobby got up and landed on top of me. He began to hump my entire body with his sweaty frame. We were drenched in the sexy sweat. The odors were heavenly. Man I loved his body. The silk panties were sliding across each other and making the most sexy sounds.

After about five minutes, I saw on his face the approaching orgasm. At the same time, I felt my balls tighten and release a huge string of cum. We exploded as he humped me filling our panties. The cum began to leak out of the sides of the panties and drench our legs. The smell of salty cum had never been stronger.

We just embraced and laid there until the cum had basically dried on our bodies. We took a shower and had a couple of beers until it was time to go again.

Now Bobby go out my favorite blindfold again, put it on my eyes and head, had me lie down on my stomach, he placed what felt like another pair of silk panties on me that I would alter learn was a bright yellow, and once again tore a hole in the back exposing my asshole. I felt him get down between my legs and plunge his thick hot tongue into my ass crack. As I moaned and bucked my hips up to meet his mouth, I felt him over and over lick, suck and kiss my ass. The five minute rimming was beyond description in pleasure.

As he stopped rimming my over heating and pulsating ass, I was sure that I heard someone else come into the room. Soon I heard Bobby whispering to the stranger. Man, what did this mean?

I felt someone move my head to the side, part my lips with their thick tongue and began to violently thrust their tongue into my throat. With great surprise, I reached over and felt their naked body. It was not Bobby as the guy had a huge hairy chest. He smelt different and I could sense that he was a large dude. At the same moment, I felt a big cock touch my ass. The guy began to rub his cock up and down my ass crack while the other dude gave me a rough hot series of kisses.

I felt my cock began to grow until it was fully erect and throbbing against the sheets. WOW, in just a few seconds the cock near my ass began to drive inch by inch into my ass and soon was fucking the hell out of me. Yea, it was Bobby as I heard him began to moan. Then Bobby said: "Baby, does my cock feel good in your ass? Tell me you like it. Does it feel like it did the last time?"

"Hell yea, Bobby, please fuck me. Who in the hell is this other guy?"

"Just be patient and you will see."

Before long the big guy stopped kissing me and he moved down in the bed. OH SHIT, soon I felt a second huge cock drive into my ass just under Bobby's cock. Hell, I was stuffed to the rim. Man, even though I had a big ass opening from the previous dildo last week, it hurt to have two monstrous cocks up my ass.

They began to fuck me harder and harder. The two big cocks pressed against my ass walls, spread my ass entrance so wide and it seemed they took turns punching my sore prostate with their oozing cocks. They fucked me so hard for the longest. It is hard to express how it feels to have two big cocks breeding you at the same time. It is an awesome experience. It is the ultimate in man fucking sex.

As I felt my orgasm approaching, these dudes both erupted at the same time flooding my ass chute. Soon I had shot a second big load of the night as had Bobby and some stranger had feed me his seed. As they pulled out, I felt a stream of their cum shoot out and run down my legs.

Bobby turned me over and took off the blindfold. Man, who was that huge rough looking dude still dripping cum off his cock? Without saying a word, they took turns ramming their dripping cocks down my throat until I had sucked them dry.

Then Bobby said: "Baby, meet Henry. He is the 50-year-old man who I told you about fucking me and then giving me the Rolex watch. He has one for you too."

"Hi Henry, you really know how to kiss and fuck a guy. Thanks for the Rolex."

"My pleasure, Alex. Bobby told me what a great lay you were. I love fucking younger studs like you two."

We showered and went out drinking.


Naughty Eric


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