I was traveling thru the back roads of Montana in late August, I wanted to

see the wide open country side. It was a hot day and must have been close to

100 degrees out and my old 1964 Ford pickup was running hot.It was about 5 in

the evening as I took off on this really narrow paved road that verly had

lines painted on it not knowing where I would end up.

About 10 miles down this road my pickup over heated. I was in the middle of

nowhere. I got out and lifted the hood and could see coolant running out of

the water pump down to the ground. I had only a gallon of water in the truck

and could not see anything for miles all the way around.

So I shed my shirt and slipped into my cut offs. and opend the doors on the

pickup and decided to wait until dusk before I started to walk for water or

help. As a lay across the seat resting i pulled out a old copy of Forum and

started to read. I usually didn't read the stories on men with men but that

afternoon I decided to read it. To my surprise the stories I read gave me a

raging hard on.

I was about to pull out my 7 inch meat and start stroking it when I heard loud

engine noises comming my way. So I jumped out of the pickup to see a old farm

truck comming up the road. The truck slowed down and to my surprises it was a

Black man behind the wheel. He pulled over behind my pickup and got outand

came to where I was standing.

'Pickup troubles' he asked.

'Yes' I replied, water pump gone I think.

He came over to the hood and looked to se if he could fix or help and as he

looked into the engine I was looking at this very handsome Black man. He was

wearing a pair of tight fitting Wranglers and boots no shirt on and I could

see the tight curly hairs on his broad chest and tight belly. He had a gotee

and a cap on.

As he turned around he seen me staring at him. He asked me if I was okay.

I stammered a yes. and said I just never have seen a Black man up so close.

He turned and said 'Well boy you need a new waterpump and some more coolant.

The parts place is 96 miles that way , and pointed east or 103 miles that way

as he pointed west. I can't take you to either of them until Monday. And this

was Friday. Your welcome to stay at my place or you can walk to town! You


'Well I guess I will stay with you of that alright' I said.

Then he went to his truck and grabbed a tow rope and said he would tow it to

his place a few miles down the road. And then turned north up a dirt road. It

was long and dusty behind that truck. When we got to his place it was

surrounded by big trees and very neat and clean. the house wasn't fancy but it

wasn't a shack either.

I got out of the pickup and and the Black man came over to me and said ' by

the way my name is Buzz and I live here with my brother. We share and work

this farm together. H e will be in later tonight from the feilds. His name is


'Whats your name boy?' he said.

'My name is Zach, I'm from Utah and was headed for Wiscincin to see Family and

wanted to site see on the way.' I said.

Well Zach, I will show you where you can bunk up for a few days. And we went

to the house. He showed me a room and told me tp put my things in there and

told me I could use the shower and clean up before supper and Tom got home.

I got out some clean clothes and headed for the shower and noticed there was

no doors on the rooms. Well I haven't showered in the veiw of many people

since High school. I was a little hesitent, but went on in any way.

I stripped of my clothes and got in and started to shower and soap up when

Buzz walked into the bathroom. I turned quickly so he wouldn't see my half

hard cock I was soaping up.

He laughed and said ' don't mine me Zach I jerk off in the shower too and so

does my Tom, thats why we don't have doors we like to watch each other.'

'Oh really' I said do you guys sleep together too? I only see two bedrooms and

if I'm in one Someones out a bed'

Yes we do he said we share everything with each other, Food, work, this house

and sex. And if we bring home partners we share them too. You interested in

that ZacH?

I stammered again and Said well I have never had real man to man sex before

but I guess it would be all right. The next thing I know Buzz was naked and in

the shower with me.

As I looked Buzz over he was very muscular and tight. His cock was half hard

and was growing. It must have been at least 12 inches long and uncut.

He saw me looking at his monster black cock and grabbed my hand and put it on

his cock. It was hot and I could feel his heart beat.

'Go ahead stroke it' he said. I began to stroke it. My fingers would not fit

all the way around his cock as i slide the foreskin back and forth over his

large deep purple head.

He saw my own cock began to swell and reached out and began to stroke it. I

squirmed and moaned at the touch of his hand on my member. He grabbed some

soap and soaped me up as he stroked and said do the same to him. as we did

that our breathing got heavier and and our hips began to buck back and

forth.then Buzz took my cock to the end of his cock and rolled his forskin

over my cut cock and began to jack us both off together. I could feel his skin

sliding over my cock head and his ppre cm mixing with mine.

And then he asked if I was close to cumming and I answered yes and we both

came together. with his forskin still over my cock. Our juices mixing and

flowing to the shower floor. Then he kissed me and gave my nipples a good

twiking as he sunk his tongue deep into my mouth. Then he pulled away and said

we had better get finished up before Tom got home. He soaped up and showered

off and pulled back the foreskin and cleaned behind his cock head as i watch

in amasment. I think he enjoyed me watching him for he really put on a show

and said if I liked him wait till Tom get here. He finished and let me in to

finish. I got out and as I was drying off Buzz came back into the bathroom and

stood behind me and played with my ass and and reached in front of me and ran

his hands threw my hairy chest anb belly. And as he did that I could feel his

cock growing and poking me in the ass so I pressed backward to feel it more

and we heard the door open to the porch and he let go and left the room.

Buzz! Tom asked whos pickup is that out there?

I found this white guy broke down on the road a few miles from here and his

water pump went out so I towed him home. I going into town on Monday so we can

pick up part for him then. His name is Zach, from Utah. He was headed for

Wisconcin to see family.

'I see said Tom, and you probably enjoyed him already by the looks of your

dripping cock.'

I came around the corner with only my boxers on and introduced my self and

shuck hands. His hands wher very stong and rough.As we shuck hands he said'

after we get home from ahard days work we shower and stay naked until morning

when we go to work, loose the boxers. I did so and stood there so that Tom

could check me out.

As his rough hands fondled my balls and cock it began to grow and he said this

will be a great weekend for us Buzz, its been a long time since we 've had

company. Then Tom began to shed his close and move to the shower.

Buzz and I went to the kitchen and i helped fix some supper. As I was helping

Tom shouted that he needed a towel and Buzz asked if I would get one from the

hall closet for him so I did. As i entered the bathroom I watched Tom shaving

his cock and balls. Toms body was smooth and he was muscular like Buzz, Tom

had no chest or body hair any where ecept armpit. His cock was standing

straight out and he had the skin pulled back from his uncut cock so that I

could see his huge purple head. His cock was about 2 inches longer than

Buzz's. Now I could see why Buzz said I would like Tom better.

Buzz shouted that dinner was ready so we all gathered in the kitchen. All 3 of

us naked eating. And talking about where I was from and things I've done and

visaversa. We cleaned up the dishes and went to the living room.

Buzz popped in a movie and when it came on it was Black men with white men in

this big orgy fuck fest.

As we watched I was seated between Buzz and Tom on the sofa and could see

there cocks start to rise and they could see mine. Then I grabbed both of

there cocks with my hands and began to stroke them in unision. watching their

cock heads apear and disapear as the fore skin went up and down their long

shafts. I could feel their veins and heart beat as I stroked them.

Then Tom leaned over and started to kiss me and stuck his tongue deep in my

throat and started to pinch my nipples. As he did that Buzz leaned over and

started to suck my nipple and bite it. Then Tom moved to the floor between my

legs and started to suck my cock. He sucked cock like no women ever had. and

as he sucked he massaged my balls and rolled them between his rough fingers.

Then i felt his hand slip under my butt and then a finger pushed against my

ass hole, in it went.

As he finger fucked me he sucked and stroked me.Buzz and I where in a good

frech kiss and I was still stroking his meat. I was rady to cum but could not

tell Tom for Buzz had his tongue in my throat. I began to cum and Tom sucked

my shaft deep into his hot mouth and swallowed every last drop of cum not

spilling a drop. He pulled his finger from my ass and told Buzz to clean it

for him and he did so. then kissed me with a long deep kiss.

Then Buzz told me to sit on his lap and he was going to fuck me. He smeared

precum from Toms and his cock on my hole and slowly i sat down on his shaft. I

felt more pain than I ever have as it streched my virgin ass.

I grimced with pain and pleasure and asked him to stop. He did so for a few

moments and then procceeded forth. Finally it was in and he began so lift my

up and down his long thick shaft. I could feel my ass muscle contracting

around this intruder as his cock battered my prostate.

While Buzz fucked me Tom moved to the front of me and told me to suck his cock

so I did so. I took that enormous cock into my mouth and started to gag. He

told me to relax my throat. I did so and as i did she shoved his cock all the

way in. It took my breath away and i ckoed for a few moment until I relaxed.

Then he began to fuck my face holding my head so not to move. I reached up and

played with his hairless balls and slowly stuck a finger in his ass and found

his prostate and began to massage it. Up and down and in and out we went for

what seemed like hours but was only minutes.

Then Tom moaned that he was going to cum and Buzz said he was also. Tom held

my head tight against his grion as his load shot down my throat. I started to

choke and he kept cumming load after load. then I felt Buzz cumming deep into

my bowels as his hot cumm mixes with Toms. Then Tom pulled out and bent over

and kissed me as his tongue explored my mouth seeking remains of his cum.

Then Buzz lifted me off and told me to clich down on my ass ring so not to

loose any cumm onto the floor. so I did. and with out notice Both Tom and Buzz

knelt on the floor behind me and started licking my ass and i let the ring go

and Buzz's cumm mixed with my ass juices flowed out to thier waithing tongues

as they licked it up into thier mouths.

This went on all night fucking and suckingand into the next day until noon. We

stopped for a while so Buzz and Tom could get some work done. I stayed at the

house and rested and waited for my 2 Black studs to return home and started

this fuckfest all over again. Until monday morning we fucked and sucked and

slept and did it all over again. And on the way into town I sat between them

both and stroked them off and licked the cumm from my fingers and again on the

way back to the house.

That night we had one last good fuck fest and we tried every position posible.

One time i had both cocks in my ass and the filled me up good and not with

just cock cumm too. Tuesday morning came and I hated to leave but I had

already waisted 4 days That I was going to spend in Wisconcin with Family.

They invited me back any time, and as I pulled from ther dirt raod out onto

the paved road I wipped out my cock and started to stroke my self thinking

about the weekend I just had. I came all over my pickup seat and tried to

clean it up with my fingers and licking them off.

I have a new out look on Blacks. I now look at them in lust and awe. They

taught me a lot about man to man sex. And I wouldn't have it any other way..




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