Jerry drove his rig down the highway when he saw a young black boy who could have beenin his eArly 20s. He stopped and asked him where he was going. 'To the next truck stop.' 'By the way my names Ali.' the boy said. 'Hop on in. My names Jerry. The nxt stop isn't for the next 3 towns over.' Jer said. 'Well I guess that's fine. I'm just looking for a stop with a bus port there. I'm tryna get to Ohio to visit my friend.' Ali said. 'Well yourin luc that's exactly where this load his going. Hey you might aswell just stay forthe whole ride there!' Jer said. 'that's wonderful. I will stay on that offer.' Ali said. The two of them drove to the next truck stop to sleep for the night. 'Theres a bed back there and a cooler with food and drinks if your thirsty or hungry. I'm gonna go use the bathroom.' Jer said as Ali climbed in the back of the rig. 'Okay!' Ali responded back. Jerry left the rig be went to the bathroom. Once he got into the stall he wiped out his dick and stuck it in the glory hole on the side of him. I stantly a mouth. Clamped around his dick and began sucking. Jerry then let go of the cum and piss that he had been holding in. He knocked on the stall as an indecater for the person to let go. 'He walked out of the stall and washed his hands hoping to see the guy that gave him the blowjob. A skinny white man walked out and looked at Jerry. 'Looking for a quick fuck?' Tom asked (the skinny white man) said. 'Yea, I know a place where we can go. They walked around the back of the bathroom and into the woods. TO BE CONTINUED.........


Tommy Dicksuck

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