I am a mature black man with a large arse and a deep hole which liked being fucked by white cocks.  I went cruising one night wearing an African gown with nothing underneath.  I took of the gown and hugged a tree with my large arse sticking out and was fucked by ten white cocks one after the other,  with one who liked rimming,  rimmed all the juicy cum that spurted all over the place. He was taking too long and the others could not wait for their turn and he was pushed aside, and he had to make do swallowing the cum from the discarded condoms. We were watched by several men who just wanted to watch and wank themselves.

One guy who fucked me racially abused me as he fucked...you black bastard...you like white men fucking your fucking black arse ..and so on,  which turned both of us on no end.  Another time  someone with a place nearby invited me round to meet a group of five friends, and we  role played black slave/white master and fuck until we drop dead.  Some watched as my black arse was being  fucking,    and one was a rimmer whose pleasure was to rim me and swallow and lick the cum from the discarded condoms. 


Black arse

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