'Oh shit, Eye Candy, looks like you got a new cell mate.' The young, lemon colored brother looked in the direction in which the older man was pointing. The guards were leading a young muscle bound hottie with a scowl on his face into the cell.

'He look like one of them young gangsta niggas.' Continued the man who was called Shit Talk by all. The young boy did not know his name, or that of the other two older gentlemen he associated with. Real names didn't matter in the joint. The young man, the 21 year old baby of the group was named Xavier, before his buddies christened him Eye Candy two years ago. Shit talk, the most out spoken of the group was 45 but didn't hesitate to remind anyone that he could still whoop ass. Shy Boi, 30, was the second youngest of the group. He was equally attractive as Eye Candy, but Eye Candy's youth made him more favored within the group. The leader of the pack, Wisdom was 54, but in just as good a shape as the 20 somethings. These men referred to themselves as the Crooks. To the rest of the prison pop, the name Crooks was in reference to their criminal behavior, but the men knew that the name was in reference to a special trait that all four men had in common.

Eye Candy was the bitch of the group, a position once held by Shy Boi. In exchange for his Lemon yellow ass, these men protected him, supplied him with weed, and helped provide him with knowledge he never possessed on the outside. Wisdom taught him how to read, spell and add numbers. Shy Boi taught him how to lift weights and which exercises would keep his body lean while helping him to maintain a nice juicy booty. Shit Talk taught him to not be ashamed of who and what he was. On the outside he repressed his homosexuality because of his family's judgment. The first time he had sex with Shy Boi, (Which was his first time), Eye Candy knew that he loved dick more than anything in the world. When the two older men had their turn with him, he knew that nothing could ever separate him from this group. Three big crooked dicks were all his any day of the week.

'Maybe he can become one of us.' Suggested Eye Candy.

'Oh you want to fuck him?' asked Shit Talk raising his pimp hand to strike.

'No.' led Eye Candy quickly before Shit talked bitch slapped him again. The one thing Shit Talk did not play was having his bitch slutting around. Eye Candy was property of the Crooks, meaning only he, Shy Boi and Wisdom had rights to that ass.

'You goddamn right you don't want to; matter of fact come, to my cell now.'

'What's going on?' asked Shy Boi the minute Shit Talk entered their cell with a frown on his face and Eye Candy behind him looking afraid for his life.

'Stand watch for me Shy; Candy needs a lesson.'

'Don't fuck his face up.' Said Shy Boi as he left the two of them alone.

'Understand, this ass beating is for your own good' said Shit Talk unfastening his belt.

'Why don't we do this instead?' Grinned Eye Candy dropping to his knees and helping Shit Talk to unfasten his pants. Eye Candy Stroked Shit Talk's cock until it became rock hard and shiny. It was hard to tell exactly how long Shit Talks dick was, since it had a sharp crook in the middle. It looked like a giant root beer flavored candy cane. Eye Candy teased the mushroom head with his tongue for several minutes, loving the way Shit Talk's dick bounced up and down on its own free will. He then took the crooked monster all the way down his throat while caressing Shit Talks balls.

'Hell yea, you pretty mutha fucka! Moaned Shit Talk as he began pounding his cock in and out of Eye Candy's hot mouth, ramming it as far down the boy's throat as the crook would allow. Eye Candy was so turned on by the face pounding he suddenly had the urge to be fucked. He pulled his pants down to his ankles (He never wore under wear) and bent across the cell's commode. Shit talk lubed his dick with the lotion Shy Boi kept on the sink, and then shoved his cock balls deep into the boy's hole causing him to wince in pain. Several ass beatings earlier on had conditioned Eye Candy not to scream out loud while being fucked, no matter how bad it hurt. And it hurt this time because Shit Talk went out of his way to make sure it did. He fucked Eye Candy at a rapid fire pace causing his head to slam into the wall above the toilet. He came so hard it burned Eye Candy's bruised and torn asshole. He snatched out of him causing blood and cum to splatter on the floor. Eye candy's legs were weak and it was several minutes before he could carry out Shit Talk's order to clean up.

'Where the fuck is my thank you?' asked Shit Talk as Eye Candy Cleaned himself then the floor with wet tissue paper. 'I spared you a ass whoopin and I gave you some good dick, you ungrateful bitch.'

'Thank you Shit Talk.' Said Eye Candy

'Now let that dick down cool your pussy off, cause if you go anywhere near that new nigga's dick, you gonna be called Dead Mutha Fucka.

As soon as Shit Talk walked out of his cell he was met by the disapproving face of Wisdom.

'We need to talk.' Said wisdom seizing Shit Talk by the arm and leading him down to his cell. Wisdom's cellmate, Jerome instantly left out when he saw that Wisdom had company. The two had a mutual respect for each other.

'What did you do to that child?' Asked Wisdom once Jerome was gone.

'I was gonna beat his hoish ass, but he turned it up to me, so I fucked him in it instead.'

:'The boy is young; quite naturally he's going to have a wandering eye.'

'If that boy gets all loosey goosey in the ass he'll be putting our lives in danger. I've been in this joint for 16 years and ain't got AIDS.'

'You cannot attack the boy for looking; he's 21, he's going to check out other men, especially the young sexy ones.'

'He did more than check the new nigga out, that boy had fucking on his mind____________'

'He's still a child, Shit Talk.'

'And you gotta beat a child's ass every now and then to keep them in line.' Wisdom couldn't help but laugh at Shit Talk's comment.

He was about to say something when the bell rang for dinner. On the way to the cafeteria he got his first look at the new boy and understood why Shit Talk felt the need to chastise Eye Candy. Bitches like Eye Candy usually fell hard for thuggish looking niggas like him. Even Wisdom found himself enjoying the sight of the brown skinned muscular work of art with a swayed back and a plump ass that probably never had a dick in it. Wisdom could certainly see himself breaking the young thug in. In spite of his own lust, Wisdom too began to get upset when he noticed how Eye Candy looked at the new guy as if he was something good to eat. Those two would be sharing a cell. Wisdom prayed that Eye Candy didn't fuck up and have to be 'dealt with' by the Crooks.


A fight during dinner had everyone confined to their cells at 7o'clock. Eye Candy didn't particularly mind. This situation provided him the opportunity to get to know his new cell mate.

His name was Jamal, he was 20 years old, and in for possession with intent to sell. Eye Candy found himself becoming more and more turned on as Jamal described deals he made on the outside and fights he'd won during the six months he was held in the county jail awaiting trial.

'So what are you in for?' Asked Jamal. Eye Candy liked that he was interested in his story. In two years none of his three family members ever asked what landed him in prison at 19. When he volunteered the information to them after being there for six months, Shit Talk looked up from the hand he was playing and said , 'That's why; you really are a stupid bitch.'

'It's kinda a long story.' Said Eye Candy.

'Where the fuck either of us got to go, shit I'm bored tell me about it.'

'There was this dude in high school named Cornell, he played basketball; I sorta had a crush on him.'

'So you's a faggot?' asked Jamal, very casually, not at all malicious or insulting. Out of his mouth it was as general a question as 'Do you have change for a dollar?'

'Yes.' Answered Eye Candy trying to read his reaction. 'That ain't a problem, is it?'

'Na'll, faggots are cool; some of them was my best customers.'

'Cool; anyway, Cornell and I were good friends.'

'Ya'll fuck?'

'No, he didn't even know I liked him like that; I wasn't out when I was free because my parents would have disowned me.'

'Damn; so, what does old boy got to do with you being in here?'

'Cornell was a basketball star, made straight A's, but he had this gangsta side to him. He sold drugs on the low. One morning he's like 'Yo, Xavier, I need to put something in your locker for a couple of days.' I let him put this big ass brown paper bag in my locker without checking its contents. He didn't even stay at school. Around one o'clock the police did a locker check of the whole school and found that the bag in my locker contained six gallon sized zip lock bags full of cocaine.'

'Goddamn! Why would your boy give you some shit like that to hold, he could've stashed it anywhere.'

'He got caught with a gram of weed, some coke and a scale. He made a deal that if he wasn't charged he could lead them to the main distributer.'

'That dirty mutha fucka!'

'I didn't stand a chance; I couldn't read, I didn't really understand the charges. I didn't know what no contest meant. So now I'm doing 15 years.'

'And old boy?'

'He's in Princeton, that's what my Mama told me.'

'Man that is fucked up on so many levels.'

'It is what it is man, at least I was lucky enough to find a family that looks out for me early.'

'You mean some niggas that made you their bitch; why you let them do that to you?'

'Look at me Jamal, I ain't never been in a fight, I'm not that smart, I don't intimidate nobody; I'd rather be a bitch to three niggas that have my back than beat up and raped everyday by random mother fuckers.'

'To each his own, I ain't judging; I realize that I am going to have to fuck a nigga up in here sooner or later, but I'll be goddamn if I'm gonna be anybody's bitch.'

'You a thug; you ain't gotta fuck nobody if you don't want to; ain't nobody gonna try and bitch you.'

'Ain't nobody gonna bitch me is for goddamn sure; I'm just dealing in reality, I'm 20 years old , been fucking since I was 12. I ain't had no pussy in six months cause I was over in the county jail awaiting trial, I'm now in prison for the next ten years, I got needs and my hands ain't gonna get it every time.'

'How long you think you gonna hold out?' asked Eye Candy hoping to steer the conversation in a direction that would lead to him getting some of Jamal.

'Real talk; a nigga's horny as hell'

'Why don't you come meet my family tomorrow, you can join us; you'll have to let Shit Talk and Wisdom fuck you but you could do me and Shy.'

'Dead that; ain't nobody running up in me, especially them two old mother fuckers; real talk though, at lights out , a brother wouldn't mind some head.'

'I only suck a dick if it's going inside me.' Said Eye Candy.

'Hell, I'm down for that.'

'If Pluto is working tonight , shit can't happen.'


'Shit Talk and Wisdom got him in their pocket; if they find out I did anything with you there will be hell to pay.'

' You that scared of them mother fuckers.'

'They ain't no joke.'

To both their dismay, Pluto , one of the night shift Corrections officers was on duty. Jamal and Eye Candy both restless as hell from horniness spent the rest of the night chatting about music, movies, and fights they'd witnessed. Around 6:30 am when the lights came on, Jamal showed Eye Candy his rock hard Dick when Pluto was on the other end of the ward. It didn't have a crook but it was over 10 inches and thick as hell.

'You gonna be able to handle it?' he smiled from across the room.

'You'll be surprised at what I can handle; but can you hold out cause looks like you gonna shoot just standing there.'

'A Nigga trying hard not to.' He said returning to his bunk. He lay on his stomach which was a mistake, his hard dick hurt. He groaned in frustration then turned on his side facing the wall. Slowly the blood starting retreating in his dick. He hoped like hell that Pluto wasn't going to be on duty tonight.


Prisoners were only allowed outside on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays for a couple of hours. Outside meant weights to lift, basket ball games, running laps, or just breathing in air that wasn't fetid with the smell of another nigga taking a shit , his dirty laundry ,or unwashed ass.

'Come spot me.' Jamal called to Eye Candy.

'Damn you lift all this?' asked Eye Candy Marveling at the 300 pounds stacked on the bar.

'Yeah been lifting for a minute; spot me.'

Eye Candy didn't even get a chance to walk to the bench before Shy Boi came and pointed him in the direction of an angry Shit Talk and not too pleased looking Wisdom. Eye Candy , ran didn't walk, over to where they were.

'What the fuck!' screamed Jamal springing from the bench the minute he saw Shit Talk back hand slap Eye Candy into the fence. He started towards the incident that everyone else on the yard including the guards seemed to ignore. Shy Boi blocked him.

'That over there ain't none of your business, you want to help him stay out of it,'

'He ain't gotta be hitting on him like that.'

'And Eye Candy knew he was being disrespectful.'

'His name is Xavier.'

'Look kid, you ain't been here but a day, stay the fuck up out of Crooks family business.'

'Shy Boi!!!' called Shit Talk from across the yard. 'You taking too long!'

'Coming Shit Talk!' he called back.

'Man where the fuck is your dignity?' asked Jamal in disgust.

'Ain't no goddamn dignity in prison, boy, your young stupid ass will find that out soon enough, just leave our family member alone, you don't fuck with one of us if you don't fuck with all of us.' Shy Boi walked away to meet an impatient Shit Talk.

While Shit Talk and Wisdom were in the middle of a card game, Shy Boi pulled Eye Candy into his cell to have a word with him.

'Candy, have me , Wisdom, and Shit Talk looked out for you.'

'Yea, Shy.'

'Has a single mother fucker in this joint stepped to you wrong that we didn't quickly regulate?'

'No Shy.'

'When your folks don't send you money, don't all us of make sure one of our people take care of your books?'

'Yes Shy.'

'Since you been in here haven't we given you weed every time you wanted to get high?'

'Yes Shy.'

'When you get horny, haven't the three of us consistently fucked you beyond your wildest dreams.'

'Yes Shy.'

'Then why Candy, why you acting like a nasty ungrateful bitch?'

'I don't know what you mean.' Lied Eye Candy weakly

'Don't do that shit.' Huffed Shy Boi.'Now I'm trying to respect you like you're a man and keep my hands off you, but don't fucken act like you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.'

'We haven't done nothing.'

'Yet.' Inserted Shy Boi. 'All that we have done for you, do you think old boy can give you any of that besides sex; hell no he can't because he's a fucken nobody. He has no connections on the inside like we do, and he's by himself so nobody fears him.'

'Don't you ever get the urge to be with somebody else, you're young Shy.'

'I'm human, but I also realize that loyalty in this joint is far more important than a lot of sex partners; don't fuck that boy Candy, don't do some shit that's gonna make life rough for you and him.' Warned Shy Boi. 'That boy don't know shit from shine, he's just a wanna be gangsta, but you know the rules cause we schooled you well; are you really sorry and selfish enough to risk your life and his?'

'I'm 21 years old Shy, I ain't like you.' Cried Eye Candy. 'I do what I do with Wisdom and Shit Talk , but you and me are friends, please understand Shy.'

'I tried to warn you.' Said Shy Boi realizing that it was pointless to argue any further , some people only learned the hard way.


Opportunity to ease their sexual tension did not present itself to Jamal and Eye Candy until Friday night. From the dim light the shined through the little window in their cell door, Eye Candy watched as Jamal stripped completely naked. His dick was so hard and shiny it looked like a stick of polished wood. Pre cum puddle around his piss split. Eye Candy's mouth watered. Jamal's precum looked sweet and enticing like the syrup the peaches they served in the cafeteria swam in; he wanted a taste so bad. He motioned for Jamal to come to him. Jamal let out a groan of pure pleasure as Eye Candy traced his ever throbbing cock head with the tip of his tongue.

The smoking hot blow job that Eye Candy intended to deliver did not materialize. Jamal, full to capacity from six months of celibacy and not jerking off, erupted after the first time Eye Candy's tight, hot mouth moved down his shaft. The nut busting was so sudden and abundant, Eye Candy swallowed wrong and the contents came back up through his nose like milk.

'Damn baby, I'm sorry.' Said Jamal grabbing tissues to help him clean up the mess. 'I told you I ain't fucked in a long time, but don't think I'm going out like that.' Once Eye Candy had succeeded in cleaning himself up,, Jamal lifted him from the bottom bunk and place him mid way the top bunk with his feet dangling. Jamal stood on the edge of the bottom bunk. He opened Eye Candy's legs and spread his ass cheeks apart and inserted a cherry Lifesaver.

Eye Candy's body temperature was so high, the candy began to melt within seconds making his asshole all sticky. Jamal licked Eye Candy's ass like it was a prime rib smothered in his grandmother's home made BBQ sauce. The taste of cherry and asshole had his dick pounding rock hard and ready to wreck shop.

He pulled Eye Candy down from the top bunk and bended him across the bottom one. He slammed every inch of his dick up into Eye Candy's hot, wet , sticky hole. Eye Candy hopped up on the bed , lowering his stomach and spreading his legs with a perfect split, so Jamal could have full access to that ass which he threw at him like the nasty bitch in heat Jamal had made him.

'Yea baby, give daddy that ass.' Moaned Jamal gripping Eye Candy's waist tighter and pounding Eye Candy's ass like it owed his dick some money. Eye Candy didn't scream the way Jamal wanted him to, but Jamal knew he was doing damage because Eye Candy was trembling and crying beneath him.

Jamal snatched out of Eye Candy and sprayed him from the nape of his neck to the small of his back. 'Goddamn.' He huffed as he crashed on the bunk beside him.

'Can't nobody ever know about this.' Warned Eye Candy.

'Those mother fucker ain't gonna do shit to you, I'll________

'Stop being stupid, Jamal, it's three of them and one of you, plus they got guards and other inmates in their pockets.' Jamal was silent. 'I care too much about you Jamal to see you get hurt, please do not fuck with them.'

'If it means I can have some more of that good ass, fine then, it's a secret worth keeping.' Eye Candy was taken by surprise when Jamal kissed him. As natural as breathing the two became entangled in each other's arms kissing passionately. Neither of them had ever experienced this type of intimacy with another man. Eye Candy was used to just sex with the Crooks, Jamal was used to just sex with females. Both enjoyed the new experience. By the time each had given the other a bath from the small metal sink in the cell, kissed and held each other some more until the lights came on at 6:00am, the two of them were in love.


Being young and in love can be a dangerous thing in a prison where men are territorial. The two did the best they could to avoid each other during the day, but they always wound up stealing kisses or feeling each other up in one of the prison's blind spots.

They were both too young and too naïve to do what was required to keep their relationship 100% on the low. Jamal lingered too close to Eye Candy, even when he was with the Crooks. Eye Candy couldn't stop meeting Jamal's stare from across the room. Young love is stupid love in prison.

Eye Candy's mind was reliving a couple of nights prior when Jamal gave him head. It was a new experience for both of them; Jamal had never sucked a dick before and Eye Candy had never had his sucked. Jamal didn't quite know if he did it right , but he loved the taste of Xavier's (He refused to call him Eye Candy) cum.

Eye Candy's brain was rattled by the hard slap upside his head that snapped him out of his pleasant recollection of his first blowjob.

'Ok, your ass can feel , if it can't hear!' said Shit Talk.

'What Shit Talk!' he asked not trying to disguise the annoyance in his voice.

'First off change that snappy ass tone before I put my foot so far up your ass you'll be shitting leather, second, its laundry day, when the fuck your ass gonna get our shit cleaned.'

'Sorry man.' He said taking the bag of laundry Shit Talk held in his hand.

'And hurry the fuck up!' Shit Talk called after him, 'I want my dick sucked at approximately 2 P.M.

'Yes Shit Talk.'

Jamal who was himself heading out to do laundry was pissed off by Shit Talk's crudeness. He shot him a hard look.

'Mother Fucker has your ass got a problem?' asked Shit Talk.

'Yea, I can't stand your ugly black ass.' Jamal got right up in Shit Talk's face. Inmates started to gather. Shit Talk was undefeated in prison fights , if the new boy could take him down, a lot of shit would change. Everybody that wasn't a member of the Crooke secretly rooted for Jamal to whoop that ass. It didn't happen; Jamal swung wildly and Shit Talk nearly knocked him out with a two piece to the nose and jaw before they were separated and each placed in isolation for two weeks.

'You gotta get him out of your system , Candy.' Shy Boi may as well have been talking to a brick wall. Eye Candy was damn near in limbo without Jamal. 'Candy, when your boy and Shit Talk get out of the hole, there is going to be all kinds of hell raised.' No response, Eye Candy continued to stare at nothing as tears rolled silently down his face. 'You're gonna have to get back in Shit Talk's good graces; me and Wisdom we can excuse this one fuck up, but Shit Talk ain't gonna be that easy.' Still nothing.

'The way I think we can get shit right and nobody has to get hurt is, you gotta cut off all communication with Jamal. Wisdom will get the warden to transfer him to anther cell___________'

'Why not just kill me.' Eye Candy finally asked, hoarsely.

'Goddamn it , Candy, this shit just might kill you, you know there are rules.'

'I love him, Shi, I love talking to him, I love being around him, I love fucking him'

Shy Boi smacked Eye Candy so hard bells rang inside his head. 'You fucken nasty ungrateful bitch.'

'I'm not ungrateful Shy; I'm in love.'

'You're in mother fucken prison , Candy; what's love got to do with shit?'

'I'm sorry Shy, but I won't leave him alone.'

'I'm sorry too , Candy, I really want shit to be different; please change your mind.'

'My mind's made up.'

'Damn, Candy.' Said Shy Boi shaking his head. 'You're a lot braver than I gave you credit for.'


Jamal was like a depraved animal after being released from a two week lockdown. His fucking Xavier was so intense , he made him bleed. Those two weeks of celibacy were more difficult for him than the six months he'd abstained prior to meeting Xavier.

:'I'm sorry baby.' He apologized holding Xavier close to him. 'I couldn't help it, two weeks without you, I damn near went out of my mind.'

'It's alright, I didn't bleed that much, shit , I'd bleed out every drop of blood just to be with you.' They kissed.

'They ain't been fucking with you; have they?'

'They want you to transfer out.'

'What do you want?'

'I want you right here with me Jamal, but I don't want them to hurt you.'

' I done told you I ain't scared of them mother fuckers.'

'They're killers Jamal, all three of them; they have murdered men right here in this prison and gotten away with it.'

'That's why you let them bitch you.'

'I had to protect myself up in here, look at me Jamal, I'm a punk, these hard headed mother fuckers would have eaten me alive if I didn't have the crooks to protect me.'

'You like fucking them?'

'I do what I gotta do.'

'You fuck Shy Boi and Wisdom while I was in lockdown?'

'Yea, and it kept your ass alive, so don't start trippin.'

'I just don't like you fucking those niggas.' Sighed Jamal, 'Especially that black bastard, Shit Talk; the first chance I get, I'm sticking a shank in that mother fucker.'

'You'll be dead within an hour; Too many mother fuckers in here trying to get in Crook's favor because of the drug dealing, they'd be happy to kill you to get in good with Wisdom and Shy.'

'What do I do then; it ain't me just to sit back and do nothing , when a mother fucker disrespects me.'

'You can't do nothing, baby, please , just chill.'

Jamal's silence worried Eye Candy. Jamal was too stubborn for his own good. 'Maybe I do need to get him transferred out.' Thought Eye Candy to himself. 'At least he'll still be alive.'


In the days following his release from lockdown, Jamal, experienced firsthand how much influence The Crooks had on other inmates. The first incident occurred when the inmate serving dinner spat in Jamal's food right in front of him. After that he was not allowed in card games , or basketball games in the yard. Inmates would intentionally bump into him, some actually knocking him off his feet, without apology. Jamal's breaking point came when he was working out in the yard, and an inmate came and relieved himself on his boots. Jamal sprang from the bench and punch the nasty mother fucker so hard blood and teeth flew across the grass. The piss didn't upset him as much as the grinning faces of Shit Talk and Shy Boi from across the yard. He stomped over to where they stood by the fence. Wisdom and Eye Candy played cards on the bench nearby.

' You mother fuckers want to get some shit started!' He Challenged.

'Jamal no!' warned Eye Candy. A stern look from Wisdom and he shut up and returned to playing cards as if all hell wasn't about to break out less than a foot away from where he was sitting.

'Nigga, you better fall the fuck back.' Warned Shit Talk.

'I ain't scared of you mother fuckers!' roared Jamal as he ripped off his pissy boots one by one and hurled them at Shy Boi and Shit Talk, who each were able to get out of the way of getting hit. 'You can't bitch me.'

'Is that a challenge?' asked Shit Talk. 'Boy if I wanted to, I'd make you get down on your knees and suck my dick right out here in this yard, and it won't be shit you can do about it but swallow or spit.'

'Yea, you got every mother fucker out here to back you, I'm a man who stands alone; you do all this shit to try and break me, and I'm still gonna fuck him tonight.'

Eye Candy didn't look, he could hear the sound of fists and steel toed boots sinking not Jamal's body as Shit Talk and Shy Boi pummeled the shit out of him.

'You have the power to stop all of this.' Said Wisdom as if nothing was going on.

'He won't transfer out , Wisdom.' Tears began to fill Eye Candy's eyes. 'Please make them stop before they kill him, Please don't let then continue , Wisdom.'

'Hey enough!' he called. Shit Talk and Shy Boi immediately stopped, leaving Jamal on the ground writhing in pain and coughing up blood.

'Please can I check on him, Wisdom.'

'Don't be stupid.'

Throwing caution to the wind, Eye Candy got up from the bench and kneeled down to check on Jamal.

'Get the fuck away from him.' Ordered Shit Talk.

'Fuck you.' Said Eye Candy as he helped Jamal to his feet. 'I'm taking him to the infirmary.' He didn't ask permission, he stated what he intended to do.

'Your ass won't make it out the yard.' Said Shit Talk

'I'm taking him to the infirmary.' Eye Candy bravely stated.

'Let him.' Said Wisdom to the other two who were ready to pounce.

'Thank you, Wisdom.' Said Eye Candy as he helped his battered lover out of the yard.

'You let that bitch disrespect us!' Shrieked Shit Talk.

Wisdom offered no explanation as the bell rang for the inmates to return inside.

'How is he?' Eye Candy asked Twyla, a tranny inmate who assisted the nurses in the infirmary.

'He ain't as bad as he looks; he has a couple of broken ribs and a few bruises that should heal with time.'

'He ask about me?'

'You know he did.' Smiled Twyla. Eye Candy handed him two dime bags.

'Don't tell nobody you got this from me.' He warned.

'I gat ya ; Look , I ain't trying to tell nobody what to do, sugar, but you need to talk your boy into transferring out before something worse happens to him .'

'He won't listen.' Sighed Eye Candy

'Make him; they ain't playing baby.' Twyla patted Eye Candy on the top of his head as if he were a small child. 'I know you love him, but you know that in here survival trumps all; you nor him are going to survive together much longer in here.'

Eye Candy knew that what Twyla said was true. Jamal and himself to a certain extent had rattled the tiger's cage one too many times. He had to get Jamal to transfer out, for both their own goods.


'So what I was thinking,' said Eye Candy to the three men who sat before him, ' I'll talk to Jamal and convince him to accept a transfer to another cell block.' Wisdom , Shy Boi and Shit Talk were expressionless , this made Eye Candy nervous about his next statement, but he added 'I want to transfer to.'

'That shit ain't gonna happen.' Said Shy Boi. 'Jamal ain't shit to us, but you are Crooks' property .'

'I ain't nobody's property.' To Eye Candy's surprise it was Wisdom who delivered the slap to his face.

'My patience with all of this is wearing thin.' Said Wisdom. 'The fact that we didn't kill your nasty ass after the first time that nigga fucked you makes us look weak; we have let your ass slide for too long and get away with too much.'

Eye Candy sat down on his bunk, frustrated and defeated. In all of it he couldn't tell which surprised him more; Shit Talk's silence or Wisdom striking him. He just wanted to be away from these three men. What he once found so attractive about all three, their dominance , now repulsed him.

'Way too mother fucken much.' Said Shit Talk finally adding to the conversation. 'And that little thug bitch you fucken has gotten away with too much shit too, I say fuck a transfer, we kill that mother fucker and then we retrain this bitch.'

'We might as well kill his nasty ass too.' Frowned Shy Boi, 'Train a new bitch all together; shit , plenty of young pretty mother fuckers coming into this prison.'

' There will be no killing!' asserted Wisdom. 'I'm going to talk to the warden and have your friend transferred out , Eye Candy, then we are going to go about putting things back to normal.'

'Things can never be normal again.' Said Eye Candy. 'I'm in love with him; I can't help it.'

' No mother fucker this is what you in love with.' Said Shit Talk taking his dick out and shoving it in Eye Candy's face. 'Suck it!' he ordered. Eye Candy's first instinct was to bite him, but he knew a thorough ass beating would ensue. He obeyed the order given him and began sucking on Shit Talk's dick. Shy Boi ordered him into a standing position and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Using spit as lube, he forced his hard dick into Eye Candy's ass. Instinctively, Eye Candy reached out and began to massage the growing lump in wisdoms pants while sucking Shit Talk and getting fucked by Shy Boi. He took Wisdom's big crooked dick out and began alternating between sucking it and Shit Talk's. Shy Boi starting pumping in and out of Eye Candy's ass at a rapid pace and unloaded his nut deep inside Eye Candy's guts.

'Hell yea, you got it right for me. ' said Shit Talk taking over from Shy Boi. The cum in Eye Candy's ass made entry easy for Shit Talk whose dick was rock diesel. Wisdom fucked Eye Candy's mouth as aggressively as Shit Talk did his ass. Wisdom flooded his mouth with hot cum and seconds later, Shit Talk flooded his asshole. In a matter of minutes , Eye Candy had been savagely fucked and flooded by those three men and loved every bit of it. Too bad he couldn't have his cake and eat it too. Moments earlier he thought he'd be content to transfer out and only be with Jamal. That fucking made him remember the pleasure the Crooks could inflict on his body. His ass was stretched , his mouth was stretched and cum was seeping out of his dick and asshole. Damn he was at a lost over what to do.


The entire prison was buzzing about Twyla's dead body being found in his cell. His face had been cut to ribbons with a piece of broken glass. A shame, because Twyla was stunning for a tranny who did not have access to proper hormone treatments. The most sadistic aspect of his death was that his dick had been cut off and rammed up his ass.

Everybody knew that one or more of the corrections officers has carried out he dastardly deed. Everybody also knew that the Crooks were the ones who ordered the hit. It had gotten back to them from a prisoner who had been in the infirmary that twice Twyla had provided Jamal and Eye Candy access to the infirmary's supply room in exchange for some weed. Twyla aided the Crooks' main enemy to fuck their property in exchange for their weed, which Eye Candy stole from them.

Twyla's death had only been the warning shot. More blood was going to spill. Shit Talk, Wisdom and Shy Boi decided that they had been disrespected enough and it was time to reaffirm that they were the baddest mother fuckers in the joint.

'Candy, you need to come to your cell.' Said Shy Boi interrupting his phone call home.

'Now?' asked Eye Candy covering the mouth piece to the phone. 'I'm talking to my moms.'

'You're going home to her soon.' Said Shy Boil coolly 'Say goodbye.'

Tears stung Eye Candy's face. Shy Boi's words 'You're going home to her soon' could only mean one thing.

'Ma, I'll call ya back.' He lied trying not to let her hear him crying. Without protest or plea, he followed Shy Boi to the cell he and Jamal had shared; the cell he was going to draw his last breath in.

He silent tears had turned to loud sobbing. He was 21 years old and about to die at the hands of the first man he'd ever let have his body.

'Calm yourself.' Said Shy Boi. 'You're going to leave this world with some dignity, not crying like a bitch, now hush that shit up.' Shy Boi wrapped his arms around him to comfort him. Now he himself was crying. 'Goddamn it , Candy, it didn't even have to come to this.'

'Please, please don't fuck my face up; please let my mama be able to show my body.' Sobbed Eye Candy.

'Ok.' Said Shy Boi as he plunged the shank deep into Eye Candy's guts and held it there twisting it , until Eye Candy was lifeless in his arms.


Word of Xavier's death hadn't reached Jamal in the infirmary. For no apparent reason a guard came to infirmary to take him to the laundry room. Once he was inside, the guard stepped out of the laundry room, but his three worst nightmares, Shy Boi, Wisdom, and Shit Talk walked in.

'So these mother fuckers are out to finish me off.' He thought to himself. 'I might not fuck up all of them, but I'm damn sure getting one.'

Before he could make the first offensive move, Shit Talk's fist crashed into the side of his head crumpling him to the floor unconscious.

When he came to, he realized in his foggy , head achy state that he was naked. When the blurriness left his eyes he was shocked and alarm to see that his three attackers were naked as well. Three big , hard crooked cocks stood menacingly before him.

'Oh if you ain't figured it out by now; your wanna be thug ass is bout to be bitched.' Smiled Shit Talk.

Jamal immediately began frantically screaming for the guard he knew had to be right outside. It was to no avail.

'Shut the fuck up!' said Shy Boi cramming his crook into Jamal's screaming mouth. Jamal could feel the corners of his mouth tearing from being stretched by the enormous thing. Without warning or lube , Shit Talk rammed his cock into Jamal's ass causing to nearly choke to death from trying to scamper away with Shy Boi's still face fucking him.

'How's the ass?' Panted Wisdom stroking his own cock in excitement as his mates tore into Jamal's face and ass.

'A little tight, but he's gonna make a good bitch.' Said Shit Talk. 'Come on get some Wisdom, I don't want to come right now.'

Shit Talk's pulling out of him only provided Jamal momentary relief, He could feel his warm blood pour down the back of his legs. Completely unfazed at sticking his raw dick in an already bleeding asshole, Wisdom buried himself into Jamal with mighty thrust that cause him to pierce every ear drum within listening distance. At least Shy Boi has taken his dick out of his mouth, but Shit Talk soon filled Jamal's mouth again,

'Why you screaming .' laughed Shit Talk. 'You a thug assed nigga.'

'I'm catching cramps.' Said Wisdom. ' Besides , I wanna see if this bitch can ride a dick.' Wisdom laid back onto the laundry room floor pulling Jamal, who was still attactched to his dick into the reverse cowgirl position.'

'Giddy up Bitch!' Chanted Shit Talk and Shy Boi as Jamal bounced up and down on Wisdom's crooked pipe. Despite the fact that he was being utterly humiliated, Jamal was starting to find the experience pleasurable. His own dick was hard as hell and he stroked it while riding Wisdom.

'Oh shit Wisdom,' said Shy Boi. 'You got his thug ass loving that shit.'

Shit Talk put his dick back in Jamal's mouth who was now actually giving a blow job instead of trying not to gag on cock. Wisdom exploded in Jamal's ass making it all creamy. Shit talk laid Jamal on his back and doubled him over for a hard missionary fuck. Jamal continued to stroke his own beast as Shit Talk's crooked poled plowed into him. Damn, if had he known dick was this good, he would have too Xavier up on his suggestion to join the Crooks. Now he was joining, so to speak. He knew, without knowing that his lover was gone and he was the replacement. Shit Talk howled a stream of vulgarities as he unloaded in Jamal's already soaked ass.

Shy Boi, realizing that Jamal's hole probably couldn't stand too much more opted to have himself sucked to climax. Jamal sprayed the laundry room floor as Shy Boi filled his mouth and throat with his nut butter.

'Clean this floor up.' Ordered Shit Talk as he , Shy Boi, and Wisdom dressed. 'And from now on , there is no more Jamal; from this day forward you will answer to Bitch Boi.'


(Two Months Later)

'Thank you for that good dick down, Shit Talk ; I'm about to go do your laundry now.' Said Bitch Boi taking the mesh bag and heading to the laundry room. He knew how the other prisoners shook their heads and talked shit about how the thug nigga that had the heart and guts to challenge Shit Talk was now getting fucked in the ass by him and the other two crooks. Fuck them! He had free weed, good sex, and clout and protection. He was 10 times better off as Bitch Boi than he was as Jamal. Jamal had too much foolish pride and dignity. Fuck that , Bitch Boi knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what Shy Boi once said to him was true; 'There ain't no goddamn dignity in prison'

The End



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