Billy Bob Gets his Dick Sucked

Part 1

My best friend, Billy Bob (and why I don’t know it was always Billy Bob, never just Billy or Bill...always Billy Bob) and I had been out to the bars with other friends, but they were being drunken idiots and that wasn’t either of our styles. We were in a 24 hour diner getting a midnight breakfast and some coffee. We were just about the only people there seated in non-smoking, so no one was close enough to hear us talking. Eventually the conversation came around to sex. At some point it got kind of awkward, but in a good way, because it seemed that we both wanted to confide in each other some deep stuff. After a minute or so I said, "Fuck it, dude! Anything we say now stays between you and me." Then I looked at him and asked, “Have you ever thought of having sex with a guy?”

He just nodded and turned red.

"Cool, because, I've been with a guy,” I confessed.

 Jaw dropping, Billy Bob stammered, “Really? You're not just saying that to get me to say something I'll regret or something, are you?" He said it with some joking behind it, but I could tell that he was also concerned.

 "Yes really. My first was when I was in early junior high and haven't looked back since. I just keep it in the downlow, for obvious reasons,” I explained.

Then Billy Bob started asking me a million questions...the usual million questions about my first time, how many guys, etc. Which I answered as best I could.

 Then it was my turn. "Is there anything in particular that made you curious?"

Unsure despite what I’d just admitted, Billy Bob searched for words for a few moments then said, "I dunno. Just seems that a guy would know how to suck cock better. It's not that guys turn me on or anything, but the idea of a guy that's just there to suck my cock...I think about that now and then."

Then he went a little bit further and said, “When I was much younger I had a friend that used to suck my cock now and then when we'd go play army in the woods or something. That guy really liked sucking cock and he sucked me a lot, actually. My girlfriend doesn't even suck me that much."

That got a laugh out of both of us.

It was getting late and I had an early morning class tomorrow and since I was the one driving it was time to go. On the drive home Billy Bob and I talked about various sexual experiences we'd had, the funny ones and weird ones, but mostly about what we really liked doing. He was shifting around in his seat, so I busted his balls a little, saying, "That erection giving you problems there buddy?"

We laughed a little but he said it was. I made a couple of comments on how the conversation had my cock hard, too and pointed at the head of my hard cock that had slid out from the leg of my cargo shorts.

His eyes got big for a second as he looked, then looked away and back a couple more times. Then he was fidgeting with his erection again, trying to get comfortable. And I couldn’t help it I was laughing at his predicament.

"It’s not funny," Billy Bob said loudly. "It fucking hurts."

I laughed harder. That’s what he gets for wearing tight jeans.

 Giving his arm a nudge, I gave Billy Bob a wink and motioned towards my crotch. When I saw him look over and down I pulled my shorts up more than they had already ridden up, exposing a good deal of my hard cock. It had been pressed between my leg and the leg opening of my shorts, but when I pulled my shorts over, my cock had room to rise and was standing almost fully exposed, though at an angle

"Shit, man,” exclaimed Billy Bob, his eyes locked on my cock. Then trying not to look at my cock he tried to get his obvious erection adjusted in his jeans again but still having no success at either.

"Hey," I said. "You're obviously having problems. You’re not fooling anyone and I'm the only one sitting here with his cock out, hard and horny, because of what we've been talking about. So why don't you just get your cock out so I can see it. I showed you mine now you show me yours." I gave him another nudge on his arm with my elbow.

Billy Bob faced forward and sat there but I could see him looking at my cock out of the corner of his eyes.

“You want a better look?" then in my head I said, “Fuck it,” and pulled the leg of my shorts up as far as I could and grabbed my cock, letting him look at it all he wanted. “Your turn now buddy...need any help?”

He shrugged.

“You’ll have to get your own cock out. I’m a little too busy driving to unzip your pants for you.”

Nervously, he slowly started unsnapping and unzipping his jeans and in seconds a little bit of his cock was out.

“Come on. Let me see it,” I prodded as I reached over and grabbed his cock. As I grasped his shaft and stroked it a couple of times Billy Bob inhaled sharply and pressed himself back into the seat. I never got tired of the feel of a cock in my hand. The essence of manhood, a tube of warm firm flesh pulsing with a power and a life of its own. To wrap my fingers around its firm shaft and feel it growing and taking on a personality of its own other than a tube to pee through. 

 “Uuuum that feels good. You don’t mind?”

“I don’t know, man…,” he kinda whispered.

He was obviously turned on because his cock was rock hard in my hand and I could feel pre-cum leaking from his slit.

Unfortunately I had to drive in town now, so I couldn't keep stroking it but he didn't put it away, either. I pulled up in front of his place we talked a little more.

After a while Billy Bob said, "Well, that was different...pretty cool, actually. I’d never have guessed in a million years that you went that way. Cool though...pretty cool...”

The atmosphere in the car was different now. It wasn't the feeling of being on a date but it was charged with sexual tension and a little awkwardness, though differently so for each of us. Billy Bob had made an effort to cover his exposed, erection with his shirt. I made no attempt to cover my own erection.

He sat there a little longer looking at his front door, looking like he might say something. I took the pressure off him by saying, “Hey. It’s cool. It stays between us. Nice cock, by the way.”

“Really?” beamed Billy Bob, clearly flattered.

“Yeah, trust me,” I said, reaching out and taking his cock in my hand again and feeling it slowly return to its full hardness. It was nice, too. It was about eight inches and thick. From what I could feel he had a patch above his cock and smooth shaven balls. “Do you always pre-cum that much?”

“Only when I’m really horny,” he blurted out. Then he realized what he’d said and looked down at the floor.

"That horny...huh?” I chuckled. Embarrassed, Billy Bob nodded. “So I got you all worked up?” even more embarrassed, he nodded again. Shifting in the seat, his cock throbbed in my hand, pre-cum coating my fingers, making a great lube for stroking his cock.

“It’s not too much...pre-cum, I mean?” Billy Bob asked.

“No,” I said, reaching over to grab his cock again. “I like it a lot. It’s flattering,” I chuckled as I slowly moved my hand up and down his shaft, “knowing that I got you worked up.”

He turned to face me and said, “Oh fuck, man, I was hard sitting back in the restaurant but its so hot getting jacked off by my best friend and in a moving car.” I could feel his cock throb harder in my hand, and it was oozing a steady stream of pre-cum from his slit. “Fuck that feels good.”

Even to this day I’ve never seen someone produce so much pre-cum.

Billy Bob sat back as far as he could in the seat as I stroked him some more but a passing car brought him back to the present. He finally said, “I suppose I’d better get in and let you get home. Both of us could use some sleep.”

I nodded but didn't stop stroking his cock. It felt so good in my hand. Neither of us made a move to stop. His eyes shut; Billy Bob was moving his hips a little, fucking my hand as much as I was stroking him.

“If you want something,” I said, “all you have to do is ask.”

His eyes opened, looking into mine. “Like what?”

 “You tell me.” I was enjoying making him squirm, but not in a mean way. “Like I said back at the restaurant, this is between you and me. I don’t want you doing anything you’re not comfortable with and I don’t want to risk our friendship.” I was stroking his cock while saying this...rubbing his cockhead with my thumb, feeling his streaming pre-cum. “I want you to be able to look me in the face again. So you tell me what you want, if you want it. I’m OK with whatever you decide.”

Billy Bob was silent probably for a full minute. It seemed like much longer, with the risk I was taking, but I never stopped stroking his cock. He finally spoke after another minute of silence and of my stroking his cock. “I want you to suck my cock,” he said quietly.

“Say it again, but say it like you mean it. If I do it I us both to know you want it,” I told him.

 “Fuck, this has me so fucking could I not want you to suck my cock? I know you’re my friend, but fuck, man I can’t remember the last time I was this fucking horny!”

He moaned, “Oh shit,” when I leaned down and gave his cockhead a lick. When I sat back up, Billy Bob stammered, “What’s the matter?” Afraid that I was done, I guessed.

“If I blow you and I do want to suck your cock, I’m not going to blow you out here on the street in the front seat of my car, almost under a streetlight, no less. I want to do this right and you have a place right there where we can enjoy this a lot better.”

Before he could say anything...

To be continued...



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