Ruben got up and sauntered over to the girls at the bar. They seemed to have forgiven him for messing around with the little queer on the barstool. I pulled my face off the gigantic biker's cock just long enough to see Ruben step on to the gritty dance floor, a big-breasted woman hanging on his shoulders as they swayed together under the grimy disco ball. He ground his hips into hers as the wailing country singer on the jukebox sang. 'Crazy, I'm crazy for feelin' so lonely!...'

The mountain of muscle and hair that sat in the chair had an exceptionally big cock, so big that I could only get the large purple head fully into my mouth. He wore heavy silver rings in his nipples, rising out of the dense dark chest hair and glinting in the flashing lights from the jukebox.

'Fuck yeah! Suck my cock, boy!' he hissed, sliding his sweaty ass on the vinyl chair as he drove his overwhelming dick deeper into my throat.

I grabbed the shaft of his erection and jerked on it as my lips rolled over the glistening mushroom at the end of his huge member. I cupped his large, potent balls and squeezed them gently, urging him to release the load that he was building up in those heavy orbs. The tequila shots were doing their magic, and I didn't give a damn anymore about self-respect. I had thoroughly loved getting fucked by Ruben on the bar, and now having this freakishly large man's penis in my mouth was awesome.

A buxom woman in denim shorts and a tank top stretched her leg over his lap, straddling his massive gut. I was startled when she mounted him but continued to swab his cock, tasting the slippery pre-cum leaking from his piss hole. He was getting a freebie, a lap dance from one of the 'pros' at the bar. My head smacked her ass as I bobbed up and down on his massive shaft. She raised her tank up around her shoulders and fed the hairy gorilla her milky-white tits. He grabbed at them, and chewed happily on her nipples.

His cock was getting larger, swelling in my jaw as he jammed it further into my throat with each thrust of his hips. Another inch, another gagged and tried to pull off the big meaty tube. He held me firmly with one hand on the back of my head as he grabbed at the dancer's fleshy melons with his other. His slimy cock head pounded on the back of my throat as he plunged relentlessly into my neck.

He moaned, shuddered uncontrollably and released his balls, his astonishing torrent of cum instantly stuffing my face. His thick bitter load backed up into my throat. I choked and sputtered as I tried to swallow as much as I could, but a lot of his ejaculation ended up shooting out my nose or spilling from my lips and dripping in thick ropes to the floor. I collapsed to the linoleum, exhausted, his cum running down my neck soaking my shirt with his slime.

The huge man continued to suckle on the woman's tits, as she gyrated in his lap and pulled his head into her breasts. His cock was still hard, glistening with my spit under the bitch's denim covered ass. I looked up to see a tall man set a frosty glass of ice water on the table in front of me. I felt his arms hook under mine as he pulled me from the sticky floor and into a chair. I took the water with gratitude, drinking deeply, washing the briny tang of sex out of my mouth. I was sobering up a little and felt threatened, the little faggot cocksucker dangerously alone in the bar.

'Come with me.' He said, calmly and with authority. I couldn't question him. I followed him into the men's room. He propped me up on the sink and moistened some paper towels, daubing the mountain man's thick mucus from my cheeks. He gently swabbed the cum from my chin, and brushed the sweat-soaked hair out of my eyes.

'Can't do much about that shirt of yers! I think you better just throw it the hell out! But maybe you want the fuckin' cum-soaked thing as a souvenir, huh?' He smirked, as he continued to wipe the sticky mess from my lips.

He was a long and lean man, his muscles taut and well-defined. He had light brown hair buzzed short on the sides, but longer and wavy on top. I looked deeply into his handsome face, covered in a two day old beard. His eyes were gentle and expressive. He watched me, a look of amusement and concern on his rugged face. I was completely humiliated.

'Th- Thanks, man. I'm sorry, I gotta get outta here!' I stammered as I pushed my way out of the bathroom. The men at the pool table snickered and laughed as I passed them.

'Wait! Where the fuck you going in such a rush?' He shouted after me as I pushed my way through the gang of bikers, and out into the fresh night air. I will always wonder who he was and what would have happened if I had stayed with him that night, a road not taken.

I didn't know where I was going, but I knew town was a few miles west. The night was as black as coal, not a light in sight. I stumbled down the rough shoulder, tripping on occasional beer cans and other trash tossed on the side of the road. I was crying, not so much because of my burning asshole and sore jaw but because I had lost my pride, lost my free-will. They had treated me like a slut, a pig whose only purpose was to take dick and swallow cum. I guess I asked for it, and got just what I deserved.

I came around a bend in the winding road and saw an emergency phone on a pole. I considered calling someone to come and get me, but I was too embarrassed to explain why I was out here, and why I was walking home soaked in man juice. I continued past the phone, the only sound from the crickets in the bushes at the edge of the woods and my gentle sobbing.

I noticed it long before I saw the lights: the droning grumble of a motorcycle. No, was several motorcycles, headed my way from behind, from Jugs, the biker bar. I started to run, but knew I couldn't outpace the bikes, so I stopped dead in my tracks and waited The lights came around the bend, roaring machines of chrome and polished metal. The three bikers spotted me, their rides throbbing and thunderous as they surrounded me in a cloud of exhaust and dust.

Leon had returned to the bar to reclaim his honor, and take possession of his property, me. I didn't know at the time, but he had beaten Ruben bare-knuckle, pounding him bloody. Some other guys tried to back up Ruben, but Leon's buds fought them off. The bar was pretty trashed, but I guess that was just another weekend at Jugs. He was pissed to find that I had gotten away, and stormed out of the bar to find me.

The bikes shut down, and the overwhelming rumble was silenced. The two men grabbed my arms as Leon seized me by the hair and yanked my head back in submission. I screamed, but the big thug just laughed.

'Shut the fuck up, pussy-boy! Who do you think is gonna come to your rescue? It's goddam three in the morning in the middle of fuckin nowhere!' He chuckled.

I looked at his amazing broad shoulders. I could see the colorful lion tattoo flexing under his jacket; it seemed to glare at me in the harsh headlights. He jerked again on my hair, and grasped my sweatshirt with his other meaty hand.

'Who gave you goddam permission to leave the bar? You think you can just walk away from me, boy? Hell, No!' He shouted at me. 'Get on the fuckin bike and keep your mouth shut'

I climbed on the Harley, the heat of the manifold warm against my thighs. The other men mounted their bikes and the Harleys roared to life. 'C'mon boys, my place, okay?'

I put my arms around Leon's waist. It was warm and familiar could it be just four hours ago that I sat behind him on the same bitch seat and felt his hard, rippled waist? I lay my head on his shoulder as we sped off into the blackness.

Leon's crib in Tannersfield was not what I expected. I assumed it would be a rough and sleazy place in a bad part of town, something befitting his bad-boy personality. Instead, it was a nice end unit in a garden complex near the golf course. The bikes rumbled into the open garage, and the door closed as the men dismounted and took off their helmets. I got off the bike and waited to be told what to do next. Leon led the way, pushing me in front of him as we all trudged up the stairs to the apartment.

It was furnished simply, mattresses and big pillows for a couch, a wide screen television and a lot of video/CD equipment. I looked into the bedroom, but it was too dark to see. I stood in the doorway as the men took off their jackets and helped themselves to some beers. They were all incredible men, big but not heavy, muscular and well-defined. Leon was the tallest of the three, and definitely the sexiest, although I would find any one of them hard to resist, they were a faggots wet-dream come to life!

'Here's a beer, buddy. Relax, enjoy yerself! We're cool, we ain't gonna hurt ya much anyway!' Mike, one of the men, grinned as he handed me a bottle.

Leon introduced me to his buds, Mike and Benny. 'Mike's been lookin' forward to meeting you, Jimmy. So has Benny!' He said as we sat among the pillows on the mattresses. 'Y'know, they call him Benny the Bull. Y'know why?'

Benny chuckled as he opened his fly. He was a black man and while I don't always believe stereotypes, at least in this case it was true what they say! His cock sprang out of his Levi's like a baseball bat: thick, hard and at least ten inches long. My eyes must have bugged out, because Leon began to laugh. 'So go ahead, Jimmy! Take Benny's big nigga rod down your cocksuckin' throat! I wanna see you swallow that bull-dick!'

Benny pulled his jeans under his ass, exposing his hard brown abdomen and thick bushy pubes. His enormous cock rose straight into the air like a flagpole. I saw a glistening drop of pre on the tip of the big licorice colored shaft. Reaching over to his crotch, I licked it off and took the fat head into my mouth. Benny moaned and bucked his hips, his thick meat spreading my lips as he entered my throat.

Leon put a CD into the equipment, and a video sprang to life on the wide screen. He loved porn, and had a huge collection in the bookshelves next to the television. Mike started to undress. He was as white as snow, except his face, neck and forearms, burned pink from riding his hog in the blistering sun. His hair was red; he was as Irish as a four leaf clover. His cock was not long, but extremely fat, almost unbelievably thick, like a beer can. It was crowned with a fluffy mound of bright red pubic hair. He had a little beer gut, but he carried it well. His round belly complemented his huge barrel chest, which was hairless but for small tufts around each nipple like little rusty halos.

Benny watched the porn play out on the TV as Mike approached me from behind. He yanked my sweatshirt over my head, as Benny's prodigious cock slipped from my lips. 'Take off the pants, bitch!' Mike said, as he pulled me to my feet. I stripped as Leon came back from the darkened room. 'C'mon, guys, we're ready! Bring him in!' The three naked studs led me into the air-conditioned chill of Leon's playroom.

It was intended to be the bedroom, but Leon had other priorities. He had the room painted out in black, and giant mirrors lined the walls on either side of the big King-size bed. These men had very specialized needs, and I was going to satisfy them tonight.

Mike encouraged me down to my knees, and then guided me forward. I lay face-down on the thick carpet as he held me down. I whimpered softly as Benny the Bull kneeled between my legs and massaged my ass with his calloused fingers. Mike kneeled in front of my face, jerking his incredible cock just inches from my face. I felt Benny pull my ass cheeks apart as he coaxed his cock head against my rosy pucker.

He fell onto my back, the weight of his powerfully built body driving his shaft into my butt. It felt like he had shoved a fireplug into my rectum. I was on fire, my ass was ripped, I screamed in agony as he pulled it out again. 'Calm down, baby. Relax, and don't fight me. It will go easier if ya just open up that tight little asshole for the Bull!' He whispered in my ear, his breath hot and beery. I moaned as he slid the black monster back into my ass.

'I ain't gonna watch this shit!' Leon said, and went back into the living room to watch the CD again, leaving Benny and Mike with me on the floor. Mike spit on his dick, and was slipping it through his palm, working up a froth on his shaft. He placed his generously thick cock against my lips. I turned my head to resist, but he slapped me hard across the face and pulled my lips back in line with his cock. My cheek burned as he wedged the fleshy pink head into my mouth. Mike had taken my mind off Benny's invasion of my ass long enough to adjust, and I began to feel that warm, full feeling you only get when a huge dick is rubbing your prostate. He plowed into me with vigor, bouncing his hips off my butt and driving himself far into my gut. My cock rubbed on the stiff carpet as Benny shuddered, then released himself into my quivering ass.

'Shit! Benny! You cum already?' Mike laughed.

My head, held firmly in his crotch, gave Mike a perfect hole to fuck. He grabbed my hair and groaned as his creamy alabaster cock thrust into my face. I closed my eyes and tried to breath through my nose, choking on the huge cock lodged in my throat. I grabbed his balls and I felt them swell as the cum rose into his shaft. He unloaded his balls into my mouth, and I swallowed hard. I thought he might drown me, but soon it slowed, and he pulled his stinking cock from my mouth. He continued to ooze, covering my nose and cheeks with sticky white cream.

Leon came back in just as the men were getting up from the floor. I lay between them, a shivering pile of sweat and flesh, cum running from my ass onto the wool carpet. Mike's last shot hit me in the eye, and I fought to clear my vision as it gummed up my eyelid.

'Leon, man, thanks! That was fuckin' awesome! The kid is a real fuckin' whore, he took it all and I think he wants more!' Benny joked, as they took turns in the bathroom cleaning up and pissing.

Mike and Benny went off to the kitchen for another beer as Leon lifted me onto an armchair.

I sat in his lap and he held me in his arms. He seemed to be checking me for damage. I guess I was a valuable commodity as long as I was still in working order. I felt his hands brush across my chapped and swollen lips. He reached around and stuck his fingers against my asshole, soft and slick with cum. I lay across his waist, and he held me like a baby. I lay my head on his hairy chest, my face pressed against the mighty lion tattooed on his shoulder.

'That wasn't so bad, was it? They're really great guys, and I don't think they really hurt you too bad, did they?' He cooed in my ear. The men had come to his side tonight, defended his honor, and I was Leon's method to repay the favor. 'And now you're all mine, no more interruptions!'

I clung to him, felt his heart beating in his chest, as he fondled my ass. He reached down to my chest and sucked on my tit, sending a chill of excitement through me. I buried my face in his long dark hair, cascading on his shoulders in wavy curls. I felt him shifting my weight, positioning me on his perfect cock. Slowly he slid my body down his torso, until I felt his dick urgently pressing on my ass.

I was still slick with Benny's cum, and I had been fucked several times that night, so Leon slid in easily. I felt enormous pain but it was glorious and fulfilling to have him inside me again! He cradled me in his arms as he pressed his face to mine. Our first kiss came as a surprise; I didn't expect such intimacy from Leon. His erect penis entered me completely as his tongue explored my mouth. I wondered if he tasted Mike's jizz as he kissed me.

We stayed coupled like that for several minutes as he tenderly caressed me, stroking my body and kissing me deeply. His cock was hard in me, and I felt him to my core. He started to slowly rock me in his arms; gently at first, then with passion, as his phallus rubbed on my swollen asshole. I winced, my flaming butt in anguish, but he kept pumping; the man was determined to be deep within me.

'Jimmy, you're mine, you're my boy-cunt. You feel so fuckin' great, little buddy. You like me inside you?' he panted in my ear. I ran my fingers through his thick mane of hair and embraced his neck. 'I ain't never gonna leave you behind again!' He sighed, as he bust his nut in my satisfied ass.

I've been Leon's bitch since that day. I come to him whenever he calls. Sometimes Benny and Mike are there, and I'm more than happy to screw around with them, too but you can bet that my heart and body will always belong to Leon, the biker.


Jimmy Gordon

[email protected]


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