Scruff is the leader of the Warriors going on his twelve year now, He has just turn 50 years old and has been though many girlfriends over the last 10 years. It was just after noon when he went out on his bike and took off down an old dirt path in a very secluded area about a good mile from interstate 40. 

Joe had just got a brand new triumph 750 x for his 18 birthday from his Father and decided to go out for a ride to where him and his buddy use do some trail riding. He found a nice place close to the running river and look very hidden area for him to lay out on his blanket in his brand new pair Duluth Company spandex briefs that he bought a few days ago over at the Pro Bass Hunting Store in Atlanta. 

The sun was shinny brightly as the wind pick up a bit when Joe heard another bike coming in his direction and was coming real close to where he was taking a rest. He then reach down and grab another can of bud from his knapsack before he heard someone shouting at him from top of the bank. 

" Hi there Im Joe would you like a beer Dude "

" Yes Joe that will be great  and call me Scruff please "

It was a short time later the two of them were enjoying each other company when Joe could not help himself starring at the hole in the crotch of the rugged jeans that Scruff was wearing. Scruff was very could looking for someone who just turn 50 he stood 6'1 with a very solid dirty blonde hairy body  and a new short brush cut and a bushy beard that he likes wearing.  As for Joe he was a short fucker just 5'9 along weigh a solid 150 plus with a lovely hairy chest, nipples and legs. He always made sure he kept his goatee nicely trim.

Scruff new right away  that Joe was starring at his rip crotch as his cock was hanging out the side of his blue briefs that he had on as he finally got the nerve to ask Joe what the hell he was looking at. " Not much Scruff  "  They both glance at each other as their own cock both started to get hard. 

" Would you like to blow a real man "

" I never suck a cock before Scruff "

" OMG Really Joe "

" Have you Scruff "

" Nope just curious thou "

" I more of a top "

" How about you come over and suck my cock "

" Don't think so Scruff "

" Joe had a fantasy of being  in control of someone like Scruff  "

" How about you get the hell up on your feet "

" Yes Sir "

" Come with me Joe we are going for a little walk "

" Yes Scruff that will be great "

Joe began to follow Scruff over to a huge Maple tree not to far where his blanket was, He was now getting all excited and scare as he was about to suck his first cocker ever. Scruff lean against the tree as Joe slowly pull his jeans down to his ankle.

" Pull the briefs down now "

" Yes sir "

" Now put your mouth on my dick and suck it real good "

Scruff was screaming with passion has his cock was sliding in and out of Joe mouth before the pre cum started to pour down on his hairy lips.

" Fuck you are good Joe "

" Love your cock Sir "

" You want my spray Joe "

" Please give me your pussy spray Sir "

The blow job lasted a good 20 minutes as Scruff blow off his huge load of white cum all over Joe mouth and goatee .

" That was fucking hot Scruff "

" You got that right dude "

It was not to long after that they both got dress as Joe took a good long swig of his beer to wash the rest of Scruff cum down before they got back on their bikes.

" How about you meet tonight over at the Lone Star hotel for a fuck Joe "

" That would be great Scruff "

" Have you ever been fuck before Joe "

" NO SIR "

" Let meet their around 10 pm "

" Oaky Scruff  I will be there for sure "

It was now around 2 pm as they both took off on their bikes and drive back to where the main highway was going to Atlanta briefs. It was around 8 15 pm that Joe finally found where the Hotel was and Scruff was standing  in room 107 with the door open waiting for him.

" Great to see you Joe "

" Same here Scruff please come in "

Joe was amazed by the room and notice that there was a sling handing down from the ceiling in the corner close to where the TV stand was. Scruff  began to order Joe to take his close and leave his underwear on only before he went into the bathroom to get ready. It was a few later that Scruff walk out wearing his Colt Jockstrap  along with some heat active KY lotion and a small pair of scissors. 

Scruff took his time and rub both of their hairy bodies down with the lotion as he was just about to cut a little opening in the back of Joe underwear. He then pulled his Jockstrap down to his balls as his 8 plus cock grew, He then order Joe to hang onto his Jockstrap good and tight as he guided his hard dick to the hole that he had cut out.

" You Ready Joe "

" Fuck my hole Sir "

Scruff began slowly pushing his hard cock up his very tight hairy hole as Joe started to moan with pain and passion that he was receiving from scruff. It took a few minutes until he was completely up his crack where the fuck got more intense.

" Fuck Joe it fucking hot "

" Love your cock Sir "

" OMG it hurts so much Sir "

" Pull my Jockstrap tighter Joe "

"Yes Sir "

"Tighter Joe "

" Be a fucking man Joe tighter "

" OMG Sir "

He was now in full throttle thrust motion has their hairy bodies started to pour out seat like buckets of water as Scruff huge cock was sliding in and out of Joe hole good a hard as Joe was now screaming of Virgin pain. The hands of Scruff where pulling on the sling chains good and hard after each deep long strokes of his 8 plus dick.

" Fuck I am close "

" Fuck Joe almost there "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Give me your load Sir "

"Here it comes  "

" OMG fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk "

Scruff quickly pull his cock out of Joe wet juicy ass as 2 huge loads of white cum shot all over Joe hard sweaty chest , nipples , goatee, mouth as some of it evan hit the back wall just behind the sling.

" Holy shit Joe that was the Best "

" Fuck Sir it felt so good "

" I know you would be a man for me "

" Yes Scruff just for you Sir "

The two of them shower off their tired sweaty bodies in the bath room before they watch one another get dress before the head on back home. The wall clock was now showing just pass midnight as Scruff threw the sweaty smelly jockstrap at Joe for a present,

" Thank you Scruff "

" I will treasure this for a while "

" I know you will Joe"

" I got to get going Joe "

" Same here Sir"

Once again the two of them road off down the road on the way to Atlanta, Over the next few nights Joe really got off jerking himself at the same time he was smelling the order coming off Scruff Jockstrap that he give him.

The End




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