From Part 1...

After the kiss, I looked at him and asked, "What brought that on?"

"Later," he replied as he grasp my cock and began stroking me. He began changing position and soon he had his head on my stomach as he stroked my cock.

After a few moments, he lifted his head and looked closely at my dripping cock.


Part 2...

Suddenly in the blink of an eye, he swallowed my cock, burying his nose in my thick pubic bush.

He began sucking me hungrily and it was obvious that it wasn't his first time. I moaned in pure delight as his velvety mouth worked my cock. Soon, I climaxed, filling his mouth with my huge built up load. He collected it all and as he slowly pulled off, he looked at me and swallowed.

"Would you mind explaining why you have let me think you only liked to get sucked. Baby, it's obvious that that wasn't our first time sucking cock."

"No, Mark, it wasn't. I've wanted to do that since the day I saw you lick your lips, and I'm sorry I led you on."

"Why?" I asked.

"I'm a member of a group of guys that like to ride bikes. We all have one other thing in common. We all love getting our cocks sucked or fucking a hot ass. To my knowledge all the others are straight. I lead the same life, unless I go out of town where I'm not known, then I do it all."

"I can understand that you want to keep your love for cock secret with your group, but why with me?"

"I don't know. on each ride, one of us will bring a guy that loves to suck and get fucked. We find a private spot and all take turns fucking his ass and mouth. Maybe I was afraid that if I took you, you might let it out that I sucked cock also."

"Well, I wouldn't. You're special," I said. "Tell me about the group."

"When we ride, there is anywhere from ten to fifteen of us, depending on who can get off work. The group is made up of a contractor, a mechanic, a doctor, lawyer, two firemen, a couple of cops, all fairly well known, plus others."

"Were you wanting to take me?"

"I thought about it," he said.

"I've got another question. Do the others get boned before the sex starts of afterward?"

"Oh, before. When we find a place, by the time we get our pants off, most of the guys are rock hard."

"If that's true, and I'm not saying it isn't, I can almost guarantee that those that are boned do more that just get sucked or fuck other guys. I'll bet they secretly suck also."

"I wish that was true. Nearly all are hot as hell and I'd love an orgy with them."

I went and got a pen and paper and when I returned, I said, "Give me some names and what information you can about a few of them."

He gave me the name of the contractor, mechanic, one fireman, and a few others, and asked why I wanted them.

"I'm going to do some investigating and find out what's what."

We returned to having sex and wildly fucked each other. He loved it up his ass as much as I did.

I had his phone number and told him I would be in touch as soon as I found out anything.

I decided that the contractor and mechanic I could check out myself and I called a private investigator buddy to check out the others. Ray, the investigator, and I were also 'friends with benefits'. He was hot in bed.

I soon called the contractor and arranged for him to come to my house and give me an estimate on some renovations.

He arrived and as we went over what I wanted to do and he took measurements, I made sexual comments, and when I could, I'd brush against his crotch on 'accident'. He got boned and after a short time, said, "I get the impression there is something else you want. If there is ask for it like a man, don't scratch for it like a dog."

"Well," I said, grabbing his boner, "there is something I want."

"I thought so," he said. "Lead the way."

I led him to the bedroom and we both stripped. I began sucking him and after a short moment, he stopped me and flipped around into the sixty-nine position and swallowed my cock. We climaxed together and as I expected, he hungrily swallowed. Wanting to know more, I began fingering his ass and said I would love to fuck him.

"Whenever you're ready, It's all yours," he replied.

Moments later I was again boned and we lay on the bed and I fucked his ass with him telling me to fuck harder and rougher. After I filled his ass with my load, we dressed and he finished taking measurements and left, saying he'd call for a meeting when he had the estimate. When he said the word 'meeting' he winked and I knew what he meant.

He left and I continued with he second part of my investigation.

I went to my closet, and when I opened the door, my best friend, Greg, smiled and said, "I've got it all on tape, from the time the two of you entered the bedroom until you filled his ass with your load."

"I owe you, Greg, big time."

"No you don't. You'd have done it for me."

The next day, I went to see the mechanic. I arrived the next morning around half past eleven, as the others were leaving for lunch.

After introducing myself, he asked what my problem was. I made up and excuse and he began a quick inspection.

Like Brad had said, both men, the contractor and the mechanic, were hot as hell.

He lay on a roller and slid under the car to check it out. From the waist up he was under the car. I squatted down next to him and rested my arm on my leg, letting my hand hang down with my fingertips a fraction of the inch above his crotch.

Ever so slowly, I lowered my hand, letting the tips rub his crotch. His cock began to stiffen, and soon, I could clearly see the outline. To my surprise, after a moment he spread his legs wider, giving me full access. He began making his hard cock bounce up and down and I went for broke. I grabbed it and squeezed gently.

He slowly rolled back out from under the car and smiled, then said, "I can't find anything under here but that doesn't mean anything. Let's go to the office and I'll explain what it could be."

In my pocket was a voice activated recorder and I was taping everything.

We got to the office and he turned and said, "You want to suck it?" I nodded and dropped to my knees as he took out his cock.

After I had sucked him off he said, "You had a nice feel of me, now it's my turn."

He reached down and grabbed my cock and said, "Umm, fucking nice. May I see it?"

I unzipped my pants and extracted my hard cock. "Nice," he said. "I bet it's nice and tasty."

"Go ahead and find out if you want to."

He knelt and began sucking my cock. As he did, he moaned softly.

"That cock taste good?" I asked.

"Yep, and I bet the load taste even better."

"You want me to cum in your mouth?" I asked.

"Hell yea. I want to eat it. I love cum."

He finished me off and hungrily swallowed my load.

"Now that I've had my lunch, I couldn't find anything wrong with your car. It could be that what you're hearing is the struts going bad."

"If it continues, I'll be back."

"I sure hope so," he replied, rubbing my crotch again.

I left and that evening I called Brad to come over. After showing him the video and letting him listen to the tape he said, "I can't believe that they are both gay. They act so fucking masculine."

We had our usual sex and I told him that I would let him know what Ray found out.

About a week later, Ray called me and said he had evidence on the lawyer and the firemen. We met and he showed me the tapes. He had used one of his operatives to seduce the lawyer while he taped the meeting. Sure enough the lawyer sucked his operative and asked to be fucked.

The fireman was seduced at a gym and the operative videoed Ray and the fireman having sex in the steam room with a third guy. As Ray fucked the fireman, the fireman sucked the third man.

Brad called me a couple of weeks later and said the guys were wanting another ride and asked if I'd be interested in being the receiver.

I said definitely and told him that this would be our chance to blow things open.

Ray had a hunting camp that was private and I asked if I could borrow it. When he asked why, I told him everything. He quickly agreed.

It was all set and Brad and I went early to unlock the gate and get things ready.

"Call me Cutter while we're here. That's what they all call me."

I agreed and shortly later, the guys began to arrive in one large group. When the contractor and mechanic saw me they both had a look of total fear on their face. I just smiled.

This trip, since we were on private property with permission, all the guys stripped totally nude and began waving their cocks at me. Then knew that I was the man to service them.

First off I sucked one built stud that I later found out was a state cop, while the fireman fucked my ass. I was sucking my fourth cock when Cutter spoke up.

"Guys, I have evidence that some of you aren't as straight as you pretend to be. And guess what, neither am I. We're supposed to trust each other so I'm coming out and being myself. The rest of you should also."

With that, Cutter dropped and began sucking a guy that turned out to be a Marine recruiter.

That broke the ice. It turned out that ten out of the fourteen guys were gay or bi. three of them were married. The really straight ones didn't seem to mind at all.

We began having regular 'rides' and Ray always hosed at his camp. He also joined the group and he and I both learned to ride bikes.

As time progressed, the ones that were straight eventually became curious and began sucking cock and giving away their ass. I had the pleasure of taking one city cops virginity while all the others watched.

After two years, our 'club' had grown to twenty members and we have a great time. We now have weekend rides and for the entire group stays nude for the entire weekend and whenever you want sex you go for it.

It is so hot to look around and seeing several couples either sucking or fucking or three ways going on. The only restrictions when we get together is no blood, pain, or scat. Beyond that, anything goes.

Oh, by the way......Cutter and I are now lovers.




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