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Ty felt a tongue plunge deep into his boy hole. He squealed, clawing at the sheets to get away, but was held in place by the Ryan's thick muscled arms. No...No...NO! Ty cried in his mind as the tongue dug ever deeper into him, but he couldn't escape--he was exhausted. So he just laid there limply as the tongue tickled and teased his insides--like a slimy-wet-warm slug sliding in and out of him, it thrashing about as it goes about its invasion. The probe retreated, leaving Ty feeling strangely empty yet wet inside and despite the growing fear in his gut over what what was to come next, Ty's 9 inch dick began to pulse. His hole tickled as cool air blew passed. A massive weight pressed down on him, squishing his dick ever flatter against the mattress. Ryan's body hair tickled as they brushed against Ty's smooth skin, a thick warm rode blazed on the small of his back, and Ryan's hot breathe warmed his ear as he whispered.

"That was a dirty trick, hot mind you, but dirty." Ryan growled in Ty's ear, rubbing the boy's arm gently as he spoke.

"Know you know what they say Ty, 'What goes around cums around', and by all rights of fairness I should tear your ass up like you did mine," Ryan growled while nibbling playfully at Ty's ear, Ty tensed and tried to break free. "Oh no I'll have none of that lil guy, fear not though, you see I know this is your first time so i'll give u an extra dose of lube...so it wont hurt as badly." Ty still didnt relax and tried even harder to crawl away. Ryan only laughed and stuck his tongue in Ty's ear, he recoiled. Ryan leaned back and slide a massive arm underneath Ty's tight tummy, with one easy motion he flipped the boy onto his back. Ty looked up into Ryan chocolate brown eyes and saw hunger in those eyes, now hinted with a bit of malice. Ty tried again to back-peddle, but the motion was easily stopped by Ryan placing his massive hand on Ty's chest. Ty gulped and looked down to see Ryan lining up his rod for insertion.

"I....I..I thought you said i'd get an extra dose of lube?" Ty said, his voice cracking at the end of the sentence, panic squeezing his lungs as he watch the fist wide rod inch closer and closer. Ryan smiled, his eyes locking with Ty's tear-filled baby blue ones.

"Oh yeah almost forgot." chuckled Ryan as he reached behind him and with two fingers stuck them in his ass-crack, bring them back around to show Ty his just-shot-jizz dripping from his fingers. Ty went rigid " Please Ry..please dont, I dont wanna be fucked, never liked the idea, I...I'm sorry..."

Ryan rubbered the jizz into Ty's hole and lined up for the thrust. Ryan clamped his hands onto Ty's hips and leaned close. "I wanna hear you scream"

Ryan pulled on Ty's hips and thrust forward, Ty felt pressure on his hole and then POP. Ty screamed as Ryan thrusted his 6'' fat rod balls deep inside him, Ryan clamped his hand over Ty's mouth and stayed still as warmth enveloped his cock--also giving blondie time to adjust to his king kong girth.

Every thing went white with pain, and Ty felt dazed. Ah..It feels like someone shoved a traffic cone up my ass echoed Ty's shattered thoughts as he was all too aware of the fullness he was feeling. Ty's inners unclentched and Ryan slowly slid out but left the tip of his dick inside. "Now remember lil buddy you have to relax and you have to breathe got it?" Ty looked up tears streaming down his face and he nodded. Ryan nodded in return and thrust his dick back inside, Ty squealed. Its like a fucking tree is being shoved up my ass and then pulled back out again each thrust left him breathless. Ryan picked up the pace, plowing his prey as hard as he could Pay back bitch, for that tackle shit from earlier!

Thrust upon thrust, in and out, full and empty, with every fuck Ty's screams of pain turned into moans. He was breathless and coated in sweat, his dick pointing straight up at his face, his balls seethed as though filled with boiling oil. Ty weakly tilted his cock upward and rubbed the head in Ryan's happy trail, it tickled. He could feel the warmth, his ass stretching, and when the rod slowed its pace--it pulsing like a heart inside him. Ty moaned a high pitch note and held it as his wrestler of a big bro plowed into him. The sound made Ryan all the hornier, he put more into each thrust.

Ryan dived deep, too deep for Ty, and the boy screamed a moan. Nano seconds later Ryan felt a gooey warm splash up his abs and chest and even splatters under his chin. He felt the boy go limp and saw the boy's spent power-pole smack on his tight belly. Ryan howled and grounded his dick in Ty's depths, and exploded. Ty felt like someone was pumping scolding hot goo in his ass, he twitched and flinched as it oozed about his insides.

The room went silent, and Ryan laid on top of Ty, smearing Ty's cum all over the both of them.



"Can you get off, your crushing me"

"sorry bud my bad" he said and he rolled over, there was a squish sound and Ryan's softening rod slid out of Ty's over stuffed butt. Ty shivered and felt empty yet cream filled.

Ty crawled over and climbed up to lay atop Ryan, and using his perky pecs as a pillow Ty began to drift off to sleep.

"Hey Ryan"

"mmm yeah"

"My ass really hurts, you jerk" Ty whined as a stream of cum leaked out of his ass and onto Ryan's pubes, Ryan chuckled dreamily as both drifted off to sleep...




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