Ty lay fast asleep on a bed that wasn't his. The 17 year old, a petite built boy with short blonde hair, looked as innocent as an angel while he laid out spread eagle on his back. Ty was naked for the most part, wearing nothing but his Spider-man underwear, and completely vulnerable to the hungry eyes of the hulking jock lurking in the shadows. The mountain of a wrestler's name was Ryan, 6'5" 280 easy hulking frame and cut like a diamond. The titan stood over his prize and smiled, his brown eyes glinting with lust as he looked Ty over. It had almost been too easy snatching the runt out of the frat party earlier and Ryan had chuckled to himself as he carried the boy out like a new born baby. Ryan neared the bed, and Ty began to stir. The boy yawned like a toddler--even squeaking at the end of his yawn--before rolling over yet again. Ryan lumbered into his bed, right along side Ty, and placed one of his massive hands on the boy's smooth belly. He's warm Ryan noted as he began to gently rub Ty's belly.

As he rubbed, Ryan noticed that a tent was forming in Ty's Spider man undies. The college Jock smile to himself and slid his hand down to Ty's underwear, peeling them back to expose... Holy fuck hes huge! there was a fleshy slap as Ty's 9 inch dick smacked against his abs. With out hesitation, Ryan inhaled the monster and began sucking with force. A moan, a sharp intake of breath and then boy hands cradled Ryan's face. The hands were pulling him off the throbbing dick but it only made Ryan suck all the harder. Ty whimpered but managed to haul Ryan off his dick. However Ryan was crafty and just as his lips were about pass over Ty's dick head, he swirled his tongue --hitting some of Ty's most sensitive areas. Ty's head flew back and a combination of a squeal and a moan blasted past his lips, as his dick erupted. The force of his orgasm made Ty go limp and twitch like he was having a fit, all the while drowning Ryan in his boy cream. Thick ropes of cum smacked the back of Ryan's throat, causing him to gag and choke. Within seconds Ryan's mouth was full to the brim, he pulled of Ty's volcano dick but just as he was making his retreat a final volley of cum hit in square in the face. Then all was still. Ty lay on the bed panting. Ryan was kneeling, his mouth full of cum, his face dripping with the rest. Ty sat up on his elbows, looked up at Ryan with his large baby blue eyes and blushed.

"Sorry, I was trying to warn you but i couldn't get the words out..." Ty said, his voice cracking as his eyes darted down. Through the dripping goo, Ryan managed a smile and with one hand laid Ty back down. Ryan then positioned himself over Ty's still pulsing cock and stuck out his tongue. Ty's cum slid out slowly off of Ryan's tongue, he dragged it up the boy's body--leaving a gooey trail in its wake-- until his face hovered over the boy's. Ty's face was beat red; his body still sensitive, it twitched and flinched at the slightest touch; the boy could not meet Ryan's eyes.Ryan opened his mouth and spat the left over cum in Ty's face, smiling when Ty whined in protest. Ryan sat up and began to pull off his jock strap....

To be continued...

The cum burned. Ty whipped furiously at his eyes to clear them, long tear tracks trickled down his pretty-boy face as he rubbed. As he blinked the sperm from his eyes, Ty's other senses kicked into overdrive. The room smelled of semen, sweat, and b.o--Ty's 9 inch dick twitched from the aroma. The air was filled with the sounds of labored breathing: Ty knew he was the one panting, but the other growled like a bear. As for touch, a jolt shot through the boy as a massive hand enclosed around his still sensitive junk. Ty's watering baby blue eyes snapped open and looked up at a mountain of a college jock, who smiled down at him and looked him over with hungry eyes. A wave of shyness washed over Ty and he looked down, following the fury happy trail on the huge wrestler's six pack to the fat dick that was nearly nudging his face. Ty retreated a bit, not out of fear but to put it into focus, through his tear filled eyes he saw that the dick was about 6 inches long but thick as hell--it was almost as wide as Ty clenched fist. Ty gulped and then winced as the hand slid gently up to his dick head, his body twitch--still sensitive.

"Come on Ty lick it, I promise you'll like it." said the bulky wrestler, his voice deep yet horse, his brown eyes almost pleading as they bore into Ty's. How does he know my name? Ty wondered as he tried to fight off his sensitivity, or at least lesson it. Kinda hard to do with him holdin it ahhh! Ty squirmed as a thick thumb gently rubbed his dick head in a circular motion. Precum poured from the tip and a pool began to form at the base of his dick. Ty looked up-- teary eyed-- at the wrestler's face, he inturn stuck out his tongue and licked the air. Thats when it hit him, Ryan! Ty's girl friend's older brother, he had forgotten that the wrestling champ went to this school. A red flush blossomed on Ty's face and he tried to slid away, Ryan gave the dick in his grip two rough tuggs. Ty squealed. "Ryan..I..I can't..." Ty stuttered, his heart racing, guilt gnawing at him. what am I doing, she'll kill me for sure.

"You worried about Kate?" Ryan asked, releasing Ty's dick as he began stroaking his own--using the precum coating his hand as lube. Ty looked up, torn and terrified. But Ryan only smiled and picked the boy up like he was a lil tyke, laying down on his back so that Ty's head rested on his chiseled chest.

"Don't worry, she asked me to do this." Ty's head snapped up, pure panic on his face.

"Relax, shes known for a while now. She wanted me to, as she put it 'Pop your Bi cherry' so that you could experience it and so you can stop hiding it from her." Ryan said as he ruffled Ty's short cut blond hair, "Shes okay with it Ty, lol in fact the lil Nympho can't wait to try threesomes." This cause Ryan to chuckle and Ty to blush again. After a few minutes Ty did relax and clamped his feet around Ryan's dick--this time the jock squirmed, and Ty smiled impishly. He likes feet? An impish smile broke out across Ty's face as he gently jerked his clamped feet up and down Ryan's thick pole, Ryan began to moan and pant--pleasure clear as day plastered on his face....along with Ty's cum.

Ryan grunted and continued, "When she told me her plan, I was over the moon. I would finally be able to fuck you! All those years of waiting, of torture would finally pay off."

Ty looked up confused, Ryan noticed and lightly rubbed the boy's back--petting down his unease.

"All those years of watching you grow from a cute tyke to a cute young stud, of catching u sneaking out my sister's bedroom half naked some nights, of you in your need-to-be-illegal-speedo during a swim meet, and the erriely-annoying-innocent look you give...the one you're giving me right now..." Ryan tickled Ty and he squirmed, "Ah I've been waiting for this, my sister knew my lust for you...when she was mad at me she would send you with me to the gym or the pool to torture me...so she said I could have you this one time. So Nikki was to drug you, a small dose, and I carry you out and fuck you till...well when ever I feel like giving you back." Ryan sounded like he purred on that last sentence. Ty listened mutely, rythmicly jerking his bear of a big bro with his feet. He had always seen Ryan as an older brother, they did a lot of things together: gym, swim, video games. Hearing him say that all this time he wanted to fuck him....sent a jolt of joy up his spine. Ty too had thoughts of fooling around with the Hulk of a bro; he was huge and handsome, tan and mildly hairy, he always smelled of the lockeroom--not the sweat, just pure testosterone. Now that he thought of it, no wonder Nikki figured him out, especially the time when they were siting on her bed talking and Ryan snuck up on him. He had grabbed Ty and squeezed him in a vicious bear hug: the proximity, the hard muscles he was being squeezed against, the scent of him, the "love yah lil bro" whispered in his ear was too much for Ty and he came. Hey be fair I was only 14 Ty told himself, jerking Ryans dick even harder, teasing the head between his toes--Ryan stiffened. When Ryan had finally released him and dropped him on Nikki's bed, Ty's face was beat red and before he could recover or hide his shame, Nikki had peeled back his underwear and saw the stick mess that coated the inside. Her green eyes just looked up into Ty's quizicly and then she began lapping the goo up. A flesh quake brought Ty back to the present as mount Ryan erupted, cum splattered every where: all over Ty's toes, the sheets, and even hitting both boys in the chest. Ryan moaned dreamily as he momentarily went limp. Ty giggled a bit and licked some of the jizz from his chin and Ryan's chest, looking up at Ryan with a glint in his eye. K you got me on mostly wanting this, but the only one getting plowed tonight is you big guy.

"So what happens if I want to be the giver and not the receiver?" Ty asked innocently though a mouth full of cum.

"Well see as how i'm built like a bear and your built like a boy, I have combat training and you dont, and you cant really match my skill; I say you got lil choice in the matter, boy." Ryan growled as he hugged Ty close. He twisted and threw Ty on his back, before crashing down on him. Holding the boy's arms in place with one hand, Ryan began to kiss/lick a trail from Ty's neck to near his navel. Ty thrashed and squirmed but it was like fighting gravity, pointless. Ty felt Ryan's mass crushing him, their dicks nearly sword fighting down below as both fought for dominance. Ty noted the he felt as if he was on fire, yet Ryan flesh was still hotter and burned as it touched him--his dick as hot as a nuclear reactor. Then Ryan did something completely unexpected, he licked Ty's exposed armpit. A jolt shot through Ty and he bucked, his rod slamming into Ryan's balls. However Ryan did not wince, only moan, and continued to tease Ty while he was at his mercy.

Ty kick at Ryan's kidney, causing the big guy to fault for a second--in which Ty tackled. Clamping down on Ryan's torso, his dick caught in-between both bodies-,and began to grind his throbbing dick against Ryan's marble-like abs. Ryan found the move adorable, so he let the little boy have his lil hump session, and got all the hornier from the river of precum that trickled down his abs as Ty went at it. Soon the fire in Ryan's loin prove too much to ignore so he sat up, effortlessly moving with Ty clinging to his chest. As he reached his seat position, his dick perfectly poked Ty's boy hole, causing the boy to jump with surprise. Ryan took advantage of the boy's distraction to violently force him to the bed, spread his legs and plunge his tongue into the pretty pink virgin hole. Ty let out a high pitch moan and went ridgid. Panting and twitching, Ty fought to think straight--he could not--as his ass was being probed. Gotta get him outta me....Gotta get on top....Gotta stop this or ill cum...Gotta gotta ah!...Gotta.... Ty's thoughts were fading. Ryan lowered Ty's hips and positioned his own, a grand grin slithered across his face. "Looks like i win little bro." The head of his fat dick just brushed the pink hole...When Ty bolted up right and spat. Ryan's vission burned and he growled in annoyance as he tried to whip the jizz from his eyes. Ty, not skipping a beat, tackled Ryan over the end of the bed. Ryans shoulders slammed onto the floor, dazing him. He was upside down with his ass pointing straight up in the sky and that when he felt something warm and wet hit his hole. A flash of a smile and then a 9 inch lace of pain sank deep into his guts, Ryan howled with pain and disbelief as Ty fanticly began to fuck him. Giddy laughter escaped Ty's lips as he pounded Ryan's hairy hole, it was warm and gooey and slick with precum. Ty pounded away like a jack hammer, the grunts and moans from Ryan acting as his metronome, he kept a savage beat. Ty could feel a heavy pressure building in his loins, it was like lava had filled his balls, and he knew he couldn't hold it back for much longer. Ty pulled out--all the way to the head---and then plunged back in. Ryan nearly screamed his moan, he clentch and the move proved too much for Ty. It was as if a hose of boiling thick cream was filling the wrestlers ass as Ty cam inside Ryan. Panting Ty pulled out and crawled up the bed to the pillows, while Ryan laid limp on the floor with a pool of cum pouring out of his ass. Ty was tired and as his face nestled the pillow, exhaustion nearly swallowed him whole. The lil angel was almost fast asleep when massive hands clamped down on his legs, flipped him over onto his belly and dragged him--horror movie style--back into the darkness.....

To be continued, and would love feed back:



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