Chapter 1

Hi my name is James. This is the story of how I became the fag for a more superior male. I go to xxx high it’s a decent school I have a pretty decent life completely normal. Everything is normal except for my ultimate fantasy of getting used and abused by my high school crush Christian castro or Chris for short. 

Chris was an offensive lineman for our school he was huge 6’7 and was 350 pounds of thick muscles under and even thicker layer of fat. He was 18 year old same age as me I was a lot smaller then him at a puny 5’8 and 170 pounds the only thing big about me was my ass it was like 2 bowling balls. B

ut Chris’s ass was even more amazing it was like to Melons made of meat. God to see his huge body jumping up and down after a well earned hard fought football win was so hot. 

But my passion for him originally began 2 years ago when we were 16 I had gone to the movies with my friends and he was there seeing the same movie. He was there with his friends and some girls he was trying to impress. 

The entire movie he was behind by so loud and obnoxious he even let out the loudest fart you would have ever heard I swear it shook the theater god he was so awesome and hot. 

After the movie was over I had to go to the bathroom I brought my own car so I told my friends the can leave. When I leave the bathroom I hear a bang and some light sounds of resistance I go to the back of the theater to see an amazing sight it was Chris in a supply closet fucking one of the girls he brought with him in a mating press. 

It was incredible his huge cock plowing into this struggling girls pussy. He slammed down into her. I was in shock seeing this behemoth pound this petite girl his asscheeks were jiggling with each thrust it was incredible. 

He noticed me watching and said “enjoying the view faggot get the fuck out of here.” I quickly exit and head home where I jerk off remembering what I saw. 

That’s was how my lust for him started and that was just the beginning.


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