Chapter 5

Welcome to the 5 chapter of big beefy cocky football player teen positive feedback only 

As you can remember from the previous chapter Chris got his football oline friends to gang rape me. Time for the next part in my exciting new life.

i awoke in my bedroom after my exciting weekend with Chris (after the events of the gangbang chris promptly kicked my ass out). It was Monday morning and I was heading to school when I heard a honk. It was Ricky the biggest guy on the football team. “Sup faggot I got a real bad itch I need u to take care of” he said as he was rubbing his bulge. “That a really big itch”I said he answered “get in the car bitch”. I got inside and he drove us to the back of the school he grabed me by the hair to a wall. He made me get on my knees and he took off his sweatpants leaving only his underwear on. He made me get under him and sniff his nasty balls and ass he smelled so manly. He was basically sitting on my face at this point he was so heavy. He got up and pulled his underwear out under his balls. He was rubbing his hard dick all over my face he growled and pushed into my mouth. I started to gag and choke but that just encountered him to make it worse. He pulled out and dicked slapped me hard enough to leave a bruise. He was pounding my face hard until I heard a loud deep moan. He pushed my face all the way into the base of his cock and let a torrent of jizz out into my mouth. He pushed me off of him and called me a cum dump.

He got into his car and drove off. I dusted myself off and got to class. The day was going by pretty fast. It was lunch time when I was grabbed by Bobby. He pushed me into the bathroom and he was mad for some reason. “Bro I’m so fucking pissed my girl just broke up wit me just cause I fucked her sister and he bestfriend what kind of shit is that!!!” He said the that he needed to relive some stress and what better way to use a personal mouth. He pushed me down onto the floor and put his legs on either side of my head. he Took off his pants and was wearing a tight jockstrap. Your gonna hate this he lowered his incredibly fat ass on my face. He let out a huge fart before sitting on me. “ yea smell that all bitch fuckining tounge my asshole fucking faggot bitch.” He was jerking off hard on top of me making animalistic grunts. He was grinding his ass into my face. I almost suffocated under him he was so heavy. He was really getting into it almost bouncing on my face. Yea u fuckingbitch eat my fucking ass fucking eat t like a peace of delicious cake.” He got up and started to jerk off over my face he yelled “ ugh I’m cumming take it faggot”. He shot out loads of cum onto my face. He pulled up his pants. “That felt amazing bitch” he pulled a dirty towel out of his bag and threw it at me. See u around bitch. He walked out and left me there to clean up.

It was after school when football practice was starting I had quit the team no point in even trying my scrawny body was no match for these behemoths. I still went to the practices I watch. After a hard long practice I saw chirs and his friends talking. He told his friends he’ll be right back. He went up to me and let out a loud burp right in my face. He told me to meet him in the locker room when everyone was gone. 

After everyone left it was just me and Chris. He was super sweaty and wearing nothing at except for a tight compression shirt and no shorts or underwear on. He rushed me and tore off my cloth he forced me onto the ground and stuck his hard dick into my ass. “Yea fucking faggot take this dick up your ass bitch”.he slapped my ass and was crushing me under his weight. He picked me up and slammed me against the wall and started to fuck me against it. He was moaning into my ear her bit it too it was oddly sensual of him. But he soon proved other wise he dropped me on the floor and got on top me. Chirs then pounded into me as hard as possible I almost passed out from it. He grabed my hips and let out a huge groan and came deep inside of me.” Yes take it I’m cumming take it ughhh fuck yea”. He got up and said your such ima good bitch get cleaned up and get the fuck out of here.

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