Chapter 4

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I woke up on the floor my entire body was sore as u can recall from the previous story I had been completely destroyed by Chris and his brother David. I was awoken by loud laughter and heavy footsteps. I was still grody and light headed but by the time i had my senses back I had seen my high schools football teams oline.

They were the biggest, beefiest, roughiest, guys like on the team and probably in the whole school. There was Chris as you know, then Johnny he was a redneck type of guy had a lot of hair all over his body and was just a bit smaller then Chris. Then there was Nathan he was a big black dude that was super obnoxious and got he Had a lot more girth To him. Then there was Bobby a redhead he was the smallest one there but he was still huge compared to me he had a huge ass too. Then finally there was Ricky he was the biggest guy there and that was saying something he was at least 400 pounds of pure beefy fatness and everything about him was huge.

They were all talking and laughing at me. Nathan told chirs so this is the bitch u was talking about he looks used up. Chris reassured him that I was good to go just needed to get clean. Johnny said idk man we might need to see how this product work befor we use it with an arragont smile. No problem chirs said. He started to walk towards me and rub his growing bulge. I pleaded with him please not right now I’m still sore. He just laughed and whipped out his fat cock. He grabed my head and held it in place he then plunged his cock down my throat.

He groaned loudly and began to face fuck me hard. Laughter and whooping came from the group behind. A loud moan came out of Chris mouth and he came down my throat I swear I could feel it shoot into my stomach. Chris got up and said to his lineman do was that a good enough show. It was plenty Johnny said. Chris then told me to go clean up and wear that jock strap he gave me.

I had gotten cleaned up and headed to their home gym. I walked into the hottest sight. The group of lineman were working out hard in nothing but tight underwear showing off Everything. Johnny in his redneck accent said well ain’t u pretty. Ricky got up from the bench press and walk toward me his hulking body drawfing mine. He then started put hit hands on my head and pushed my face into his armpit. It was a musky manly smell it was even more pungent from the sweat of working out. Haha thas Ricky for you bony said he always wants the bitches to sniff his stink. Nathan said man what about you I heard you like shoving your ass in bitches facets he said laughing. I was suffocating in rickies pit then I was pushed off of him. Fuckingg faggot bitch Ricky called me he then pushed me down and rube his bulge all over my face.

Man let me get in on that Johnny said. Ricky moved over and Johnny came over and slapped my ass he started rubbing it and groping it. Man this ass is sexy as fuck. Bobby came over not as sexy as mine he said as he mooned me and then pushed my ace into his asscheeks. Laughter and moans roared throughout the room. Bobby was sitting his fat hairy ass on my face. Yea fucking eat that ass faggot like or fucking starving. Nathan was jerking his bbc off and Ricky was jerking his big cock off too. Chris this entire Time was just watching.

Johnny whipped out his cock and hairy balles he started to slap my ass with his cock chirs had enough time watching and got up he told Johnny to move then he pulled out his cock and dove right into my ass I screamed but it was hard to hear with Bobby’s ass on my face. Bobby got up and slapped my face and said that was awsome bitch. Nathan got in front of me and told me to lick his balls. He plopped his balls on my face and I started to lick furiously as I was getting bottomed out by Chris. Nathan was moaning loudly and Ricky got next to him and said let’s see if this bitch can fit to cocks in his mouth. They both started to plug my mouth up. Chirs was pounding me hard. Yea take it take it bitch. I then felt Chris’s dick grow and he was about to cum. He pulled out and with a loud groan came hard on the floor.

He grabed my face and made me lick up the cum Johnny then got in front of me and said I’ve been holding this the entire time for u faggot farted loud and hard in my face then made me lick his asshole. He then turned around and began to face fuck me. Nathan got behind me and put his bbc in between my asscheeks teasing me. Say u want this cock bitch. stick your cock in me daddy he then pushed his dick into me and pounded me hard Johnny was using my mouth as a toy humping my face hard. He said yes u fucking bitch yes I’m cumming. He shot ropes of cum into my mouth. Bobby then told me to suck his cock. Nathan was pounding me hard it was amazing being used by the lineman my body was just their toy. Nathan without warning came inside me  and slapped my ass hard leaving a mark. 

Johnny in his southern drawl told me to ride him I got on top and started to bounce up and down. He was humping up into me and was really getting into it. He was like a wild animal he didn’t stop once. Bobby got horny watching and said let’s dp this faggot. Johnny and Bobby were now both in me and we’re both rigorously fucking me. Grunts and moans filled the room and with 2 mighty thrust they emptied out in me. 

Ricky was the last one to not fuck me I was on my back exhausted then I felt my legs being lifted up all the way behind my head. Ricky got on top of me and then slammed down into me knocking the wind out of me. He was bouncing on top of me slamming the full force of his weight on me. He was grunting like a bull. He spit on my face and smeared it all over it. He picked me up still with my legs behind my head and while we were standing he started to fuck me hard. He was now growing he wanted to cum and he was going to do it. He was pounding me hard then with the one last loud groan he came hard it was 20 ropes of hot warm jizz. He had started to calm down and dropped me on the floor. The linemen were all laughing and cheering and highfiving each other. Chris has told me good job I felt so proud. Then they all left leaving me their. 

However I was not done David had walk in and look at me. Looks like u got used up faggot. I could see him getting harder he got behind me and and fucked my sore whole hard he slapped my ass and moaned the entire time then he nutted a lot in me he got up and said your the best bitch we’ve ever had and walked out.

What more could happen to me well make sure to read the next chapter to find out


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