Chapter 3

Hi I’m James and this is the 3rd chapter of my adventures with Chris the big storng football player teen. It had been 3 weeks since my first experience with chirs. He said he would call me when he need to let out a load but i guess he had plenty of girls to do that. It was a Saturday when it happened. To my surprise he had texted me he.

Chris: yo fag I haven’t busted a nut in a week get over here I live at xxx street.

Me: right now??? That’s kinda suden...

Chris: now faggot:

I told my parents I was going to be at a friends house for a while and headed out. On my drive there I could only imagine what Chris would do to me. Maybe he would even fuck me I thought in excitement. I arrived at the house it was normal 2 story average house. When I knock on the door it wasn’t chirs who answered but his brother David. I had heard chris talking about him before but he’s in college. I didn’t think anyone could be bigger than chirs but his older brother ways he was a lot bigger at least 6’7 and over 360. I said hello to him and he just looked at me funny he was probably thinking how could a puny fuck like me be friends with his alpha male brother. He yelled into the house “Chris someone’s here for you” Chris replied “ show that fag where the gym is.” David looked at me with a really weird look and I walk inside as fast as I can blushing. I walk into their indoor gym (I guess there family was really into working out). I saw chirs benching 250 pounds I’m only his underwear and a tight compression shirt. I looked in amazement at his strength I would later find out that this was just his warm up! God he was incredible. Once he was done he told me to shut the door and lock it. After I lock the door with out any questioning he said “good obedient faggot. He got up and said “ get on your knees bitch but don’t expect anything just yet ima have some fun with you”. I got and me knees and then Chris started to flex his muscles. “Yea u like that faggot. I know u do I been catching u watching all the fucking time. I even remember when u caught me raping that girl at the theater. Man I love to fuck hot bimbos especially when they don’t want to I just force my fat cock inside them and watch them struggle. It’s my favorite thing to do.” I was getting harder and harder. He was flexing his huge chest now and then he turned around and started to flex his massive ass. “ yea u like that u god damn faggot”. I nodded in amazement. yea I knew u would. I love to show off my big muscles I love it even more when I show off my fat tho. I remember this one time I was fucking a bitch so hard I broke the damn bed.” He laughed hard. He started to rub his big fuck me over his underwear” god damn I’m so fucking horny I’d hit up one of my girls but I used them all up. I need to find new one by for the time being your my personal cock sleeve.” He told me to get up and strip my cloth off. I started to undress when he noticed my tiny cock that was hard. He laughed and said “ what the fuck is that a shirmp?!” I was totally embarrassed but so hot. He then surprisingly complemented me. “Nice ass” he said and then he grabed and gave it a really hard smack. He then began to dry hump my plump ass cheeks. “Fuck god damn fat ass u have here bout the biggest ass I’ve seen gawd damn.” He took off his compression shirt and said call your parents tell them your sleeping over tonight. I quickly called them and told them I was gonna be gone tonight I was 18 and an adult so they didn’t care. He was now only in his tight underwear rubbing his fat growing bulge he told me to get his mouth on his bulge. I got down and started to lick his underwear he let out a large burp at the beginning. I licked his package till it was wet with my saliva. Yea u fucking faggot this is all your good for serving is alphas.” He grabed the back of my head and forced me down he pulled his underwear slight down to reveal his huge cheeks. With out warning he sat down on my face like befor. “Yea you ass licker get it there eat my fucking ass. I haven’t showered in a fucking minute  item must stink down there but not as bad as this does.” He then let out a huge fart it. I fucking loved it. He sat on my face for a while then got up he pulled his underwear down all the way and started to stoke it hard and fast. He told me go get over here and lick his taint. I got under him and started to lick the area between his balls and ass. Then i work my way to his nuts. “ ugh u fucking bitch suck my fucking ball sack u fucking faggot whore” hefarted again. He then grabed me by the back of the neck and he shoved my face down on his cock all the way to the base. He moaned loudly. He started to pump in and out fast and hard I thought he was going to break my face. He was going so hard he was panting. I choked a lot but he didn’t care I could have passed out right there but I was just a toy to him. “Agggghhhhhh” was all I heard him say befor he sprayed cum down my throat. He look at me and said “ whew that was awsome ima gonna go work out some more go do whatever but your faggot ass better not leave” i walk out and went to the bathroom room I cleaned up a lil bit. I walked into the living room where I saw David watching tv he was wearing short shorts and a compression shirt too. “Hey” I said. He looked at me and said “ oh hey that was a lot of noise I heard from the gym u guys must have had fun.” I blushed and tried to walk away but he said get over here slut. I slowly walked toward him and I saw him rubbing his fat cock in his shorts.” I like dick bitch?” He asked with a cocked eyebrow. I noded and said yes. He licked his lips and with out hesitation pulled out his fat member it was even bigger than Chris’s but he was older about 20 so that was to be expected. I was not expecting him to pull it out tho. He told me what r u waiting for u dumb cock slut bitch. He seemed a lot more vulgar then Chris and that was saying something. I got on my knees and started to gently kiss the cock that was my mistake. He quickly got annoyed yelling “FUCK!!!” He grabed my head stood up and pounded my face relentlessly. He didn’t stop to even let me breath as Chris would sometimes do. He turned around and let out a huge fart in my face and then resumed to face fuck me. This torture went on for at least 2 hours that’s when Chris walked out. He say his older brother furiously face fucking his new toy. He said “ you could have At least asked first” to which David replied “ did u ask to u Allison I don’t think so.” And continued to pound in my face.” Well hurry up im need him send him to they bathroom when your done.” He just grunted and started to face my face harder. After 5 min he let out a loud groan and shot cum down my throat while he was still pumping. He threw me off of him and said “good job fag now my bro want you hurry the fuck up” he kicked my ass while I was trying to get up. I got to Chris’s room and was in awe I was standing in the boy I loved so much room. There were posters of hot chicks and sports stuff just like I imagined. He then quickly said the fuck are you staring at hurry up I heard the shower running. He told me to get those cloth off and put them in the hamper he would wash them later. He took off all his cloth too. He then showed me his dirty underwear. “ I’ve been wearing these for a long time I think 3 weeks now I don’t wash them there my good luck underwear I wear them at games.” He then ramed them into my face I tried to get away but he simply held me there. It was so bad I almost passed out. Hah that was fun he said he then got into the shower and dragged me in there with him. He said” get me nice and clean faggot” I procced to wash his filthy sweat ridden body like it was my job. He then said turn around fag. He soaped up his finger and then he slid it into my ass. “What the fuck” he said “why the fuck r u already loose and clean”. I told him that I had kinda was hoping he would fuck me so I did it befor hand. He was furious.” U FUCKING BITCH I WAS GONNA WATCH U SCREAM AND CRY NOW I FUCKING CANT”. He slaped my big ass hard REALLY hard over and over until it was red. After that’s beating and after putting on some cloth after the shower ( he had lent me his cloth from when he was 10) we headed out to get food. we stoped at McDonald’s and he told me to order him 15 Big Macs I looked at him like he was crazy then he laughed and said” bf boys gotta eat.” I ordered the food and watch as he scarfed down burger after burger. He let out a large burp and said go buy me 10 more. After I got back I saw him making out with some random girl how does he do that? She was really into it the next thing I knew Chris told me to go with him into the bathroom with his new friend. We got into the bathroom and Chris handed me his phone and told him to record. The next thing he did was surprising he back handed the girl and forced her on the ground she was trying to get away but your not gonna get away form a 320 pound bear. He then stick out his cock and started to fuck her doggystyle. Then he flipped her over and then pounded into her then he grunted and shot loads into here. He got up and said thanks for the fuck and we left leaving her there. I said to him u just raped her and came inside of her aren’t u scared she’s gonna come back. He just looked at me and said don’t worry they never do the usually end up calling back for more. I looked st him like he was a god. By the time we got back it was night time. David was asleep and I didn’t know what else chirs wanted me to do. I asked him and he said my parents are gone for the weekend we gonna have fun. He then told me to stay put while he got some stuff he told me to change the channel to xxx. I did and I was shocked to see it was a porn channel. I did not question it tho. He got back with lube and a jock strapped told me to put on the jock while he was lubing up his cock. He then pushed wrestled me to the ground I screamed in shockwhen he did. He then got me into a doggy style positin and started to dry hump me he really like to do that. He spit on my face and dry humped my fat cheeks then he started to hot dog his dick in between my ass cheeks.” You want this dick faggot.” I said yes. He then slaped my ass ten times and yelled “U WANT THIS DICK FAGGOT. I screamed YESS he then with all of his might slammed into me. He pounded me hard and slapped my ass even harder. I was screaming in a mix of pleasure and pain. He then pulled out and said u want some of this bro I looked over and it was David standing there jerking off. He walked over and slaped my ass.”fucking faggot I’m gonna fucking destroy you. He grabed his dick and ramed it in me. Chris got in front of me and stuck his dick in my mouth I was getting spit roasted by 2 alpha males it was so hot. They were fucking me hard from both sides then Chris pulled out and said time to tag team this bitch. Chris got under me David on top they then both suck ther huge monster cocks in my ass. I screamed so fucking loud that they both started to spank me. After hours of double fucking me with 2 loads groans and moans they spewd there hot nut inside of me they threw me off of them and the high fived each other. Chris said u can sleep out here on the floor tonight i don’t want a fag in our beds our on our coaches” they both laughed and turned off the tv and went to there rooms to sleep. I quickly dosed off from the pounding I just got and passed out exhausted.

 What will happen to me next we will find out next chapter be sure to tune in and if there is anyone in coconut creek thats Fits the description of Chris and is 14-18 feel free to email me we could meet up


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