Chapter 2

As I can remember my names is James and this is the story of how I became the sex slave to the bg teen. After the fateful encounter at the theater I was in love was the big beefy fat teen. It was a hot day back in the present I was at football practice it was especially tough do to the game being tomorrow. the only reason I joined was to get closer to big Chris. 

I was ofc a non starter how could my puny body stand up to the behemoths in pads. After practice was over everyone headed to the locker room ofc chris was the center of attention. Laughing telling jokes being super obnoxious being a sexy beast. I couldn’t help but what him change. 

As he stripped off his pads to reveal a sweaty tight undershirt and his large chest and stomach. As he removerd his pants to reveal a tight underwear tightly holding his large package and ass. God he was perfect. 

But to my surprise he had caught me looking. he walk over to me only in his underwear and said “you like what  you see faggot I see the way u look at me how you love big guys like me.” All you fags are the same I bet you wanna be my bitch huh.” 

He said not even trying to keep it quiet I just laugh and say “  hah funny  as always Chris.” I walk out as fast as I can with a trail of laughter behind me. The next day was Friday game day everyone was excited to win another game thanks to Chris and his big body protecting the qb. 

I was in the hallway when I saw Chris making out with this hot blonde bimbo not the one from the theater he had used her up. I watched as he pawed at her Brest and grabed her ass and as she was rubbing his fat bulge she was soon gonna be his next victim and how jealous I was cause of it. If only it was me. 

He again saw me and firmly spanked the girl hard and grabed tits obnoxiously as to make fun of me. We cut to game time as I watch on the sideline I see Chris lift up a poor player and slams his against the floor he would have gotten a foul if the ref wasn’t to scared to challenge that beast of a man. 

After another massacre we won the game 50 zip thxs to Chris. After the game Chris has announced in his loud booming voice that’s there is a party at the qbs mansion he said everyone was invited with looked at me and said even the fags. I went homer and cleaned up and went to the party. As I got there I had noticed all the debauchery going on it was incredible. Drugs alcohol ect. 

I walk around the house look for something  to do. I came across a bed room that by the look of it belonged to the qb I was looking around and heard loud bangs coming toward the room afraid that I was going to get caught and accused of stealing I hid in the closet hoping not to be found. 

To my surprise it was Chris man handling a hot bimbo with almost perfect features he threw her on the bed and statred dry humping her but then to my surprise she did the unthinkable. She yelled out stop you pig and with a boom from his voice he said your gonna take this fucking dick. 

She then slapped him and ran off. He was furious pounding the bed and he punch a hole in the wall. I screamed when he did and he opens the door to see me looking up at him. He said” I just got fucking blues balled and the fag is here what a good coincidence.” 

He grabs me by my hair to the door and locks it he then proceeds to rub his crotch on my face. he was moaning and groaning and talking dirty. He was saying stuff like I’m gonna fuck your fag throat. He undid his pants and shoved my face in his underwear clad crotch he smelled terrible I don’t think he showers after the game. 

He said u like that smell bitch well get a load of this he turned around to show me his enormous ass. “ I’ve always wanted to sit on someone’s face but the girls are always pruned about it.” He grabed my head and stuck my face in his butt. He said u like the smell you goddamn faggot almost growling. He turns around and pulls his underwear down to reveal his 8 inch long 4 inches  wide cock it was a monster. 

He told me to suck his balls get him hard. I tried to get those apple sized nuts in my mouth but all I could do was lick and suck on them. I tried to suck his cock but he backhanded my face hard and said not yet faggot I got something for u first. 

He told me to lay on the floor and I did he proceeded to stand over my head his feet by my face and he sat down. He said oh my god u have to worst luck he began to strain and let out a massive rank fart I almost passed out. 

He let his entire weight on me i began to lick his ass furiously. He was jerking off on top of me. He got up and said time for the main course he slaped my face with his cock and said oopen slut. He grabed the back of my head and shiver his full length down my throat I almost choked. He moan loud asf and said fuckkk yea take it you ducking fag ima cum down your throat. 

He began to face fuck me for at least 30 min before I heard him groan loudy. He shot at least over 40 ropes of cum down my throat I had a hard time swallowing it all he moaned and said fuck yea. He pulled out of my mouth and looked at me and said I’m definitely using u again he got my phone number so he could call or text if he wanted to use me he then said see you around faggot. 

As I got home that night I remember the event and felt a feeling in my heart I had finally done it I was finally his bitch. 

But it’s not over he would call on me again but that’s for the next chapter 


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