The Midas Man Visits, Again

Season 1 Episode 31 [unaired]

The clunking sound of the duo's horse hoofs echo upward from the hard-packed earth as they trudge begrudgingly across the arid dry red-colored rocky valley floor, heading toward the flowing river that cuts through the expansive property of the ranch.

The sun, high, in the empty cloudless sky, beats down on the two as they make their way across the parched landscape.

"You see the buzzards, yonder, up there?" Nick says as he points to the circling scavengers over their respective cowboy-hat clad heads.

"Yes, they are circling over the river, the Salli-Rosa River," Heath responds, "a cow must have died somewhere on the riverbank."

"We best ride and check, Brother," Nick shouts as he breaks from the horse-backed pair, into a rambunctious gallop, "we get little carrion, like them, up here in these parts. It's why we ride the range looking for the dead."

Nicks gently whips his horse into a gallop, which makes it trot, hurriedly, toward the spot, Heath follows at the same hurried pace, after, his half-brother, towards their mutual goal.

The dust of the trail is kicked up, high into the air, as the duo gallops in a rush to the river's edge in search of the origin of the circling birds of prey, as they near the flowing river, sounds of splashing reverberate among the thick copse of trees that line the bluff of the mighty river.

Nick arrives first, greeted by a frolicking figure swimming among the rushing waters of the mighty waters. He brings his horse to a halt and yells out to the lone figure.

"YO, THERE IN THE RIVER!" Nick shouts out to the solitary figure, which has his back turned to him. The man does not cease with his ministrations in flowing river.

The person turns, revealing the naked hairy torso of an impressive stature of a well-defined muscled man.

A burst of 'dirt-smoke' eases onto the scene as Heath and his steed arrive, stopping next to his brother.

"Who is he?" Heath asks as he whips the white cowboy hat from his wispy curly blonde-haired head, fanning the dry dust of the trail, off his face.

"That's what I'm trying to find out, Brother," Nick answers with marked irritation to his blonde-haired brother.

There are pangs of recognition as the pair of brothers size-up the swimming naked man.

Heath raises his eyebrow, one of his habits when something or someone catches his eye.

"YO, MISTER! WHATCHA DOIN'?" Heath interjects his brand of questioning onto the swimming stranger.

The man stares up at Nick, and smiles, his waist hidden below the water's surface, wisp of pubic hair, whirl in the swirling active water, not offering up any excuse or reason for his presence in the river, just a smirk of recognition to the darkly clad and dark toned appearance toward the rich Barkley ranch foreman.

The black-haired man, standing bare-chested, quite proudly, begins to walk from his place in the midst of the flowing rushing waters. As he emerges, his body comes into fully realized sharp focus as his form is fully envisioned and assessed by the two horse-backed siblings.

"You know you are trespassing on Barkley land, Mister," Nick says, arrogantly, as he shifts in saddle, making his self, his body, comfortable, as his own body responses to the naked man in the waters, before him.

"I ain't trespassin' on nobody's damned land, Nick," the stranger bellows as his midsection fully emerges from the rapidly streaming river.

"You know me, how?" Nick bellows at the mention of his name by the suspected stranger.

"We thought something was dead with the overhead circling vultures," Heath reacts as the man's physique comes more fully into view, he, too, has to shift in his saddle as it has become uncomfortable for him, like his brother's had for him.

"That ain't buzzards, boys,(he snickers, loudly) those are my trained hawks," the stranger says as he runs his hand through his wet water-soaked pubes and equally wet cock as they emerge from the hidden depths of the swirling rushing waters.

The stranger fondles his wet equipment, massaging his balls with his hands, working some warmth into his shrank, pulled-up balls, which has escaped back up into the recesses of his inner thigh. He strokes his member, not ashamed of his nakedness in front of the Barkley brothers.

"CAW! CAW! CAW!" the stranger loudly yells as he cups both his large hands, over his mouth, like a megaphone to amplify his harsh masculine voice. As he does his 'hawk calling' his endowed cock, grows from the heat of the sun and his own virile nakedness in front of the two men.

Amazingly, the circling birds, now known to be hawks, respond to the naked hairy wet-soaked man. They land on the branches of a massively old oak tree that line the bank of the rapidly active river.

The man, now, is openly fondling his gracious endowment, as he steps from the river, onto the dried hard soil of the land located next to the river.

His endowment has sprung to sustaining life, and points its prominence from his hairy loins towards the deep blue sky.

"Impressive," Nick says as he dismounts from his hearty steed as he adjusts his swelling erection in his black pants.

"Yes. Yes," Heath responds as he joins his brother on the ground, next to his own equally impressive mount. Heath fondles his equally swelling package, as its tightness grows with each step, he takes.

"What be your name, stranger?" Nick asks, as he adjusts his swelled package in his chapped dungarees, which have become increasingly uncomfortable, as his erection has grown from the sight of the nude cowman.

"My name is James Breckenridge, boys. I am James, remember?" the man says as he strokes his obvious erection in the bright California sunshine of this arid valley.

"That's quite a sharpshooter you have there, betwixt those massive thighs, Mr. Breckenridge," Heath says as he strokes his erection in his own tight pants, as they grow more confining from the his increased swelling.

"Thanks, sir, I've had it since I first burst forth from my mama's womb, although it has grown substantially more in my maturing years," James says as he glides his hand up and down his impressive erection, milking its length and girth all the more, for his captive audience pair.

"Why doncha you two men join me, in my swim?" Breckenridge says, "I know you boys are parched in this stifling heat. I was, that's why I decided on a skinny-dip."

"Whatcha say, Heath? You wanna join the man for a vibrant refreshing skinny-dip?" Nick shouts out to his half-brother.

"Sure, Brother, why not," Heath says, "I need to clean the dust from this weary and worn body. My ass is hurting, mighty fierce, from that rough ride."

As Heath says this, he runs his strong hands over his chap-jean covered ass, massaging the curvature of his taunt tight ass with his strong muscular hand.

"I can imagine so, son," James says," nice bubble-butts like yours take quite a beating on a fine steed, like yours."

He, the skinny-dipping and naked man, strokes his swelled cock as he licks his lips while he glares at the half-brother of the elusive Barkley clan of the monstrous Big Valley.

"Aren't you the man who wanted Audra to run away with him, lo, many months ago?" Heath asks, "The Midas Man, the one with the golden touch on making money on risky investments."

Mr. Breckenridge runs his hand through the glaringly dark patch of chest hair, which centers in the midst of his defined pectorals, like a definable symbol, while he continues to rhythmically glide and stroke his cock in front of the pair.

"I am, indeed, that man, Heath," James says, as he steadily strokes his cock under the blistering California sun, while he stands on the sandy bank of Salli-Rosa River,"...but you intrigued me, more, you and your brother, Nick. When I saw the both of you, fine men, I longed to return and make my acquaintance known to men, such as you."

"What about Jarrod," Nick says, "you, two, are friends, aren't you?"

"We still are," says a man as he hurriedly gallops up, in a rush, the dust being kicked up, behind him, too, once he halts his steed on his approach and stop, "he is also the man with the gold-lined ass. It milks a cock of its savory cum the more it is pumped with a well-endowed cock."

It is their older brother, Jarrod Barkley, lawyer, of Stockton and San Francisco.

"Jarrod?" Heath says as he sees his other much older, dark-haired brother ride up on the surprised, getting naked, threesome, with the sun, glaring behind his head, making a halo effect encircle his head.

"So you have found my friend, James, my two handsome brothers," Jarrod says, as he shifts in the saddle, as his own equipment begins to stiffen in his breeches from the sight of the men, before him.

"Were you meeting him? Were you meeting Mr. Breckenridge out here on the solitary Salli-Rosa?" Nick asks his mounted brother as he unsnaps his pants, and loosening the chaps that hug his muscled hips, as he strips down for a swim.

"I was, dear brother," Jarrod says, "we had plans to rekindle our deep-seated passionate desires from our long lost youth on the banks of this mighty wondrous river."

"Passions?" Heath asks as he unsnaps his pants, while he sits down, roughly onto a conveniently placed log, pushing his soiled boots off both of his rather large stocky feet.

"Jarrod, it is so nice to see you, "James says as he strokes his cock as he approaches Jarrod where he sits on his horse.

Jarrod smiles down at him, at the glaringly obvious erection of his dear friend and confidant, James Breckenridge.

"I can see you are most happy to see me, James, you have not cum, have you, dear boy," Jarrod says as James smears a gob of his white man-cream over his swelled cockhead.

James nods his head, 'no.'

"Good," Jarrod says as he dismounts his own hearty bred steed. Walking to the naked presented James, Jarrod cups the man's balls and draws him in close to him, for a most intimate passionate kiss.

"AH! That is what you meant by passions, AH! I understand, perfectly, "Heath says as he flings his leather chaps from his pant covered hips, throwing up a cloud of dust as they and his well-worn pants hit the dusty red ground, revealing a cock, bordered by an abundant thicket of dusty blonde pubes.

"So you two know each other quite well, I see, " the dark brooding equally dark-haired Barkley man named Nick, pulls his black leather vest over his white shirt, letting it and his shirt land in a jumbled heap, next to his brother, Heath's discarded light-colored chaps and pants.

"Are you going to join us, brother Jarrod?" Nick says, as his naked chest shines in the light of the day, along with his black nest of man-pubes as he unzips his pants, revealing what lies underneath.

"The question is, dear Nick," Jarrod says, "Are you going to join me and James? We had planned this auspicious rendezvous, you two just happen to stumble upon it, I might add."

Nick looks to his older brother, Jarrod, as he pulls his coal- black pants down, revealing his cock for his sibling to see.

"Would James like this in his ass, Jarrod?" Nick says as he brings his hand to his stiffening cock, stroking it, to a visible viable erection, before his brother, cupping his hands, roughly under his fully filled ball-sacs.

Jarrod raises an eyebrow at his brother's suggestive, suggestion.

"Or this?" Heath says as he presents his blonde bushed pubes and already throbbing cock to the foursome gathered by the river, underneath the oak tree.

Jarrod raises his both his eyebrows after Heath's voiced premise.

"He would like both of them, wouldn't you, James?" Jarrod says as he loosens his string tie, letting it fall to the sandy ground of the riverbank.

James is standing, still pressed hard against the chest of Jarrod, I would like all of these cocks?" James says, "You should call this, THE BIG-COCKED VALLEY instead of The Big Valley with all these impressive cocks swinging about in those tight breeches of, you, three men."

The Brothers Barkley laugh at the mention of the size of their amply endowed manhood's, clearly a blessing passed down from their deceased father.

"Whatcha waiting for Jarrod, get that ass, that body, naked for me," James says, "I want to have some fun with the trio of Barkley men."

"Imagine the fun if our college-aged brother, Eugene, were here, a Barkley foursome," Jarrod says, "he is a spanking-ripe young buck. Plenty of hot spunk built up in his pesky man-balls."

"I am not sure I could handle another Barkley," James says with an oversized smile on his face, "...but I would be willing to try."

All these men laugh, heartedly, Jarrod, Nick, Heath and the naked hard-cocked, James Breckenridge voices carry across the valley, up into far-reaching hills and mountain range, bouncing off the rushing waters of the mighty river. They are not alone, eyes are watching from afar.

Heath, turned on, by the sight of the dangling cocks that are in his view, strokes his own cock, while looking at the venture capitalist, James Breckenridge's naked body, along with the occasional glances at his half-brother, Nick, who begins to travel the length of his cock, watching it spring to life in full blessed erection.

"You gettin' naked, Brother Jarrod?" Heath says, as he runs his tongue against his lips, "I've wanted to see that equipment of yours, since the day, I rode up to the Barkley Ranch under the guise of looking for work, even though, I knew I was secretly a Barkley from an affair perpetuated by our father."

"You are a lot like dad, Heath," Jarrod says, as he unbuttons his shirt, yanking it from his pants, letting the sun wash over his older frame, as eldest son.

Jarrod unsnaps his breeches, pulling them down, revealing the biggest cock, all have ever seen before. He leaves his breeches on, gathered around his ankles.

"It seems Brother has been blessed with the biggest cock of us, all," Nick says, "It's a shame such a tool is attached to a lawyer, instead of a rancher, like myself and Heath."

"Jealous, Brother?" Jarrod says.

"No!" Nick says, "Maybe I am not the biggest bull, after all."

"No one thought, you were," Heath says, "I get more tail than you, Brother. Remember that, the painted ladies at the saloon are always chasing after me, but cock and ass from a man, is never refused by me, either."

Breckenridge walks up behind Jarrod, running his hands over his 'daddy-like' nakedness, feeling the rise of his muscles and the curve of his shapely ass.

"C'mere, Barkley boys," Breckenridge says, "Have your unfettered way with me, please, now."

As Breckenridge says this, he bends and presents his ass to the impressive man-trio.

"WHOOPIE! WHOOPIE!" Nick yells as his hard cock points toward the presented ass before him, "I WANT TO FUCK YOU, FIRST, JAMES!"

"You boys ready to fuck me with those fiercely virile schlongs? I am ready and willing," Breckenridge says, "Jarrod has been fucking my tight little arse since we were in college, back east."

"OH! So you boys have been at it for a long time. I see," Nick says with enlightened recognition.

"Is that why you have never married, Jarrod? Your long-standing relationship with Mr. Breckenridge, is he the reason?" Heath says as he smears his cum-juice over the head of his inflamed cock, which is throbbing relentlessly, in its hardened state.

"What do you think, Brothers? You answer your own question," Jarrod says, "I relish my time with Jamie, every chance I get so I can sample his tight hairy bunghole."

"Jamie?" Nick says.

"It's my nickname, given to me by your handsome big-dicked elder brother," Breckenridge says, as he grabs both sides of his ass-cheeks, spreading them, revealing his hairy cracked ass for the trio, "so who is going to fuck me, first, enough with the gab, fellows, fuck me, already."

"I am!" Nick says as he double-grips his cock, tweaking out his virile liquid out from the piss-slit, "I've already told you, so."

"Well, plug me, Nick," Breckenridge says, "FUCK ME HARD WITH YOUR FUCK-STICK, MAN!"

Nick shimmies up to Breckenridge's backside, working his cock over his inviting wet crack, letting his tool, coat it with his leaking man-cream.

"You ready?" Nick asks Jamie.

Without waiting for an answer, Nick shoves his cock into Jamie's tight hole.

Jamie squeals as the younger black-haired Barkley pierces him, breeching that invisible veil, fiercely.

"FUCK HIM, BROTHER!" Heath yells out as he rides his hand up and down his hard tool.


The moans start the moment Nick's cock enters the arse of Jamie.

"I need a cock in my mouth, OHHHHH OHHHH, c'mere Heath, let me suck your cock," Jamie Breckenridge commands, after plunge after plunge by Nick's swelled and intensified cock in his ass causes such a vocal reaction.

"WHOA! BOY, HIS HOLE IS DAMN TIGHT!" Nick says as Jamie squirms with the repeated pounding of his ass, as the wet slippery sounds of the intense fucking reverberates under the thick copse of oak trees that run along the river's edge.

"YES, HE IS, BROTHER. HIS ASS CAN MILK A COCK, WELL OF ITS CUM-JUICE," Jarrod says as he tickles his cockhead with his fingers, causing the juice to seep, enormously, from his balls.

"He can suck, mighty well, too," Heath sighs, verbosely, "he has a magic talented tongue."

The sounds of a swirling tongue and a loud sucking sound as Jamie gulps down Heath's flesh-pole down to the light-blonde pubic bush, burying his nose into his manly fur.

"WHOA! WHOA!" Heath bellows as he is slathered down to his cock-root with Jamie's saliva.

"HIS TONGUE IS MARVELOUS, TOO, BROTHERS!" Jarrod beckons as he works his monster-cock-snake with an intense fury.

The riveting sounds of fierce fucking resumes as Nick pounds the hot black-haired ass crack, fills the air, and the moans, sighs and exclamations by the men, echo underneath the trees as the river rushes by in the distance.


Nick rams the ass, harder, flesh against flesh sounds fill the afternoon air.


On command, Jamie Breckenridge, the ass muscles of the hearty manly bottom, works his ass-walls in a vice-like grip on Nick's impressive thick 8" inch cock. Like a man possessed, Nick looses all control, as his animalistic urges overtake him, working him into an intense fervor, on the leaking wet-lubed ass of the venture capitalist.

"FUCK HIM, NICK! FUCK HIM, NICK!" older brother Jarrod orders as Nick does what he says without question.

"FUCK HIM, BROTHER!" Heath screams as Jamie slides up and down, lathering the blonde-haired roughneck's cock with his salivating juices, "OH! OHH! OHHH!"

The wet sounds of friction continue as Nick's juices lube Jamie's filled ass with the necessary liquid to allow the powerful fucking to commence.

"His ass is milking my cockhead of its juice," Nick says with a restrained climatic intensity as his body turns red as he nears release of his hefty hearty seed.

"YOU NEARING RELEASE, BROTHER?" Heath asks as his cockhead glares in the sun as Jamie has released his mouth from the powerful tool of the blonde Adonis rancher, "FUCK THAT HOLE, ROUGH AND HARD, I WANT MY TURN"

"YES! YES! I AM GETTING NEAR!" Nick says as he continues his sexual frustrations.

"I am next Brother Heath," Jarrod interrupts, "you can get sloppy thirds, Brother, I am next."

"Okay, Brother," Heath says, as he strokes his wet spittle-lubed cock as it glistens in the sunlight from the high overhead sun.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Jamie Breckenridge yells as Nick stimulates his sensitive prostate with his hard engorged cock that rams his hole with its assault.

"OH! OHH! OHHH! I AM SHOOTIN' MY LOAD," Nick bellows out like a madman, with each thrust, he shoots his white milky man-goo into the squeezing ass of the bottom-man, James Breckenridge.

"SHOOT YOUR JUICE, BROTHER!" Heath cheers on his muscled dark-haired rough-neck rancher half-brother, "Give him that seed like you did that painted lady in Stockton, last night, when we both double-fucked her."

"FUCK! FUCK!" Nick screams as his last bit of seed is spilt from his cock, making him collapsed in a sweaty heap on the back on the equally sweaty backside of the happy bottom tucked underneath him.

"AH! AH!" Jamie says as he milks the last drops of cum from Nick's spent cock, "THAT FEELS GOOD, NICKY, I WANT ALL THAT JUICE."

Jamie's ass muscles squeeze the cock in his butt, tighter.

"GIVE'M ALL OF IT, BROTHER NICK, DON'T PULL OUT THAT 8-INCH COCK, UNTIL JAMIE SIPHONS ALL THAT JUICE FROM YOU," Jarrod orders his middle brother as his cock is still submerged in the tight-clasped ass of the tall dark and handsome venture capitalist, James Breckenridge.

"IT'S MY TURN BROTHER NICK, I WANT TO FUCK THAT SWEET LITTLE ASS, NOW!" Jarrod orders in his usual lawyerly authoritative tone.

"Sure thing, Brother," Nick says as he pulls, his still hard cock out of the stretched rectum, vulnerable ass, of the flexible bottom.

As his crowned head slips from the tight grasp of the hole of the dark-haired bottom, Nick openly, sighs, loudly, as his cock is released from its clutches.

"AH! AH! AH!" the sighs escape from Nick's mouth in a deep bass cooing gasp, "Your turn, Brother."

Nicks presents the leaking cum ass of the venture capitalist with a waving gesture.

Nick steps from the behind the spread ass-cheeks of the bottoms ass, as cum leaks from the deep interior, it puddles, on the red soil, under the dense copse of riverbank trees.


"C'mere, Nick, let me clean that cock of yours," Jamie says as Heath moves to the side allowing his brother's cock to be lathered and cleaned by the all-allowing all-consuming power bottom to cleanse him of his dirty cock.

Nick welcomes the mouth of the muscle-endowed tall dark haired god to lather his cock with his saliva, tasting Jamie's own juices and the white gooey manhood cream that continues to seep from his impressive cock.

"FUCK THE MAN WITH THAT 10-INCHER, BROTHER," Nick says, "Show your Brothers how you fuck such a willing man."

Jamie can feel the stiffness of the cock-sword as it nears its target, his ass.

He readies, himself, planting himself, firmly in the dirt.

Jarrod enters slowly, his engorged cock-head, passes between Jamie's parted ass-cheeks, as it enters the soft folds of the prepared, cum-leaking, ass.

Jarrod sighs, loudly, as his cock-head disappears into Jamie's welcoming ass.

Jamie's ass, accommodates the aggressively large man-tool attached to the California barrister, once inside, Jarrod breathes a high volume sigh, as Jamie's ass, squeezes him, letting its girth adjust to the cock that fills his rectum-filled hole.

"TAKE IT! TAKE IT!" Jarrod coos, he knows Jamie can take it, he has so many times, before in the past.

"WHOO WHEE! WHOO WHEE!" Heath bellows as he admires the skill of his elder brother's cock prowess," he took it. I am impressed."

"I ain't done yet, little brother," Jarrod moans and sighs out, as he proceeds with the gyrating plunging of Jamie's pierced ass.

"FUCK HIM, BROTHER! TEAR THAT LITTLE ASS TO SMITHEREENS!" Heath cheers on his much older brother.

Jamie slurps and lathers Nick's cock, still in his mouth, as he moans, in whispered little gasps, under his breath, as he takes a Barkley from both ends.

On the sidelines, Heath runs his calloused work hands over his hairy chest, tweaking his large nipples, stimulating them, as his cock, leaks its valuable man pre-cum as an offering to the barren earth beneath his bare feet.

Jarrod shoves his cock, deep in the furry hole of Jamie, his lifelong paramour and college friend, his swelled cock bumps into the back of the muscular sensitive hole of this gracious bottom.

"UH! UH!" Jamie moans as Jarrod tweaks the prostate of his open vulnerable ass.

"Is his ass still tight after Nick's cock plugged that it, Brother?" Heath asks as he runs his calloused work hands over his pectorals. His cock leaks more rivers of pre-cum, in continuous drips as he tweaks his exposed nipples, as Jarrod roughly pounds the hairy ass of the man before the trio of brothers.

"Brother, I am surprised, ahhh, ahhh, you are such a forceful fucker," Nick sighs and says as he shoves the face of Jamie, down harder, onto his tool, as the slobber drips from the corner of his mouth, as he accommodates Nick's tool.

"THE MAN'S ASS IS TIGHT!" Jarrod exclaims, as he forcefully shoves his cock, time after time into Jamie's stretched hole,"...BUT YOU READIED HIM FOR ME, BROTHER NICK."

The moans grow louder and louder from Jarrod and Jamie, as the power grow stronger between the hairy thick man-thighs of the lawyer-brother.

Squishy sounds fill the area, too, as the wetness, seeps from the ass and from the hardened cock that is being rammed like a monster into Jamie's vulnerable posterior.

"Play with your furry scrotum, Brother," Nick speaks loudly to blonde furry half-brother, Heath, who stands before the active threesome, as he strokes his long 9" inch furry cock.

Heath strokes his cock, as the sweat seeps from his open pours as the sun heats up the hot desert floor of the valley, near the flowing river.

"Is he still tight, Brother Jarrod? Or have loosened him, so much he will not feel my cock as I fuck him?" Heath says as he steadily milks his girthy cock, the thickest man-tool among the Barkley boys.

Jarrod pants, loudly, as he rams his cock, in the loosening hole of the bend-over man.

"You will feel him, Brother," Jarrod says, "you will stretch him out with that thick piece of meat of yours."

He pants louder and louder, as he forces his cock into the welcoming hole of James Breckenridge.

"YOU GONNA CUM, JARROD?" Heath says as he is psyched up from the fuck-display by his brother.


"Work it, Brother," Heath cheers on the thrilling action on display in front of him.

Heath runs his hands over the length of his furry torso, traveling with enthusiasm to his equally dense and sandy-furred pubes, working his spit-lubed and sweat-soaked cock with his calloused cowboy hands, his 9" inch cock throbs under his tight-gripped touch.

"How ya doin', Brother?" Nick says as James slides down on his cock, again and again, "You look like you are about to dump that load before you get a chance to shoot it into the hot ass of this vulnerable stud."

Nick runs his hands through the shaggy hair of the man who is swallowing his cock, still milking whatever is left in his balls from his previous fuck of the ass, that Jarrod is still working over like a Wildman.

"I AM SO FUCKING HORNY, BROTHERS!" Heath says, as he removes his hands from his super-swelled cock, it throbs unmercifully in the sunlight as he stands leering at his older brother's relentless pounding of the splayed ass of the complacent bottom.

Suddenly, Jarrod stops, tensing and arching his back.

"BOY, GET READY FOR MY LOAD!" Jarrod screams as he shoots his offering deep into the open ass of his long-time friend.

"GIVE IT TO ME, LOVER!" James screams as his inner most region is coated with Jarrod's welcoming cum,"I CAN FEEL YOUR THICK GOO. GIVE IT TO ME. GIVE IT TO ME."

Jarrod shakes in his boots, his pants down his legs, as he keeps his steel-hard cock plugged into James' ass.

"OH SHIT! OH FUCK!" Jarrod exclaims as his 10" inch releases his pent-up seed into the furry-lined canal of James waiting ass.

"Take it boy, "Nick says as he smothers the man's face in his thick matted dark-nested pubes, burying his face in his masculine wonder.

"Your juice feels thick," James say as he moves his pivoting head off the cock of the younger dark-haired Barkley brother,"...but your juice has always been like a white sticky glue."

Jarrod pulls out, his cock, still throbbing, as his man-cum leaks from his piss-slit.

James jumps as his cock-head, unclenches from the tightly clasping ass-muscles released the man-snake that has been pounding his ass for a straight 20 minutes, while the other men looked on, waiting on their turn.


"Don't forget that little brother," Jarrod says," Don't judge a man by the office he holds, he may have a bigger cock than I do."

Jarrod winks at his fit, husky younger sibling.

"Your turn," Jarrod says, "Move Nick so my cock can be cleaned up by this wonder boy."

Nick stands as his still erect cock glistens under the rays of the California sun, he runs his hand over his body.

"You gonna stand there, Heath, or are you gonna fuck this ripe boy ass?" Nick says.

In a sudden rush, Heath slams his massively throbbing cock into the dripping cum-soaked ass of the displayed bottom.

"AHH! HE FEELS GOOD!" Heath says as he slides his super-enormously swelled cock into the twice-plummeted twice-cum filled ass of the community battered presented boy, "DAMN! HE IS LUBED UP, WELL."

The milky cum coated insides of the wet walls of the hearty-assed bottom squeezes and pumps the fleshy-member of the younger fresh faced Barkley half-brother.

"The cum is squishy and pouring out of this sweet bottom's ass," Heath happily says, "I LIKE IT."

James devours the longest endowed cock of the Barkley boys.

He swallows this man's impressive appendage, as he has done so many times before in the past.

Nick stands, looking at his fellow roughneck ranch-hand and half-brother, impressed with the sandy-haired stud work his masculine charms on the sloppy hole of the man, whose hole is taking its third abusive plunging.

"So how is that sloppy cum-soaked ass?" Nick asks as he hears the relentless maneuvers of his brother.

"NICE! HE IS SOAKING WET! I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT, A LOT!" Heath gleefully exclaims as each plunge coats his engorged cock with the cum-juice of his two brothers, which coats the man readily, stretched ass-hole.

The sounds of Heath's fucking fills the air under the copse of oak trees as they stand under them, while Heath does his missionary-style fucking of this willing participate, who has taken on the Brothers Barkley, hearty cock-tools.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Heath moans as he feels his cock, reach epic proportions as he nears his climax.

"GIVE IT TO ME!" James says as he fills the cockhead swell in his ass.

"FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK! I AM CUMMMMMIN' TOM!" Heath screams as he dumps his load into his fellow actor's willing ass.



The director yells from his high mounted perch in his 'director's chair' after Lee bellows out the 'real' name of the actor, whose ass is being filled with his thick cum, the third to dump his seed in this man's hearty hole.


The director bellows out, loudly, again, standing with a megaphone pressed against his mouth and a stiff-projecting erection in his khaki's, trying to burst forth from its confinement. He shoves his erection down, moving his own swelled cock, to be resting on his right leg. There is a noticeable sized wet spot on the front of his khaki's.

"How's that, Virgil?" Lee asks the director, while his cock is still shoved deep down the ass of the actor, surnamed Tryon.

The director nods his head, as he grips the bulge in his pants, making sure all can see this obvious maneuver.

Lee's cock is still planted firmly in the ass of the still bend-over character actor who plays the part of James Breckenridge.

"How was that Tom? It feel good?" Lee asks the handsome sweaty bottom-blessed actor, who was just fucked by the appealing light-haired stud, whose cock is still buried up to his pubes in the hot ass of the one he is asking a question.

Lee backs out of the sweaty-soaked cum-dripping ass of the bottom actor who took an impressive three loads today. Lee's cock drips from the leftover cum in his balls and the sloppy leftover cum from Richard and Peter.

"You guys are great," Tom says as a sly smile creeps across his 5 o'clock shadowed face as he straightens up, feeling the essence of the three virile men, ooze down his long impressive muscled legs.

Tom smiles as he is spent but he has not busted his nut through all the play enacted upon him on this fine hot California day.

Lee looks over at Peter as he pulls his cock out of the tight hole of the skinny-dipping swimmer/character actor named Tom.

"I bet this scene ends up on the cutting room floor, huh, Majors," the actor, Peter, says to the blonde-haired actor, Lee, who still seats at the head of fucked threesome.

"Yeah, I bet, Breck," Lee says, "he is tighter than a girl I am dating named, Farrah, ever has been, but I like man-ass much better than pussy-twat, any day."

The dark-haired actor, Peter, nods his head, in recognition, as he wipes his face with his own cum-soaked hand across his stubble face, smelling his seed as his hand comes suspiciously close to his flared nose.

"What about me, boys?" says the older man portraying the family lawyer and brother and lead, "You bothered by my impressive tool, Peter?"

"You have a nice tool, Richard, no doubt, about that," Breck says, obviously annoyed, at the 'endowment' of the lead male actor of the television show, "to bad Tom's ass was filled with Lee's cock. He would have liked to have more of your spunk, I am sure. Nice load, by the way when you fucked Tom, after me, but you had a good second load, dripping on the ground, there."

They laugh in a unified chorus, the three actors, in this late 1960s western drama as the naked gay character actor, with his thrice cum-filled soaked ass, fingers his cum-lubed hole, with his three digits. As they look back at the aptly enthused film crew, full of men, behind the cameras, with their hard cocks, out, jacking-off from the gloriously displayed fuck-scene readily performed in front of them; on this fine California day on the set of THE BIG VALLEY.

"YOU GONNA TAKE CARE OF THAT?" Lee says as he eyes, Tom stroking his leaking cock in front of the other actors and film crew," I AM SURE THE BOOM-GUY WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT? WONTCHA MATT?"

Matt the youthful boom-guy, sits his mechanical equipment down, squats at the pointing cock of the thrice-pierced bottom and swallows him down to his hairy hilt.

The kid gulps as his Adam Apple's slides in his throat as he drinks in the massive member of the guest star.

"Take it," the film crew cheers on the cocksucker.

Cheers ring out as Tom is swallowed whole-heartedly by the shirtless, young stud.

"I AM GONNA SHOOT!" Tom yells as he dumps his nuts down the esophagus.

The boom-guy gargles down the man-cream of the handsome guest star.

Tom heaves and shakes as he gives his seed to the film crew guy.

Once finished, he stands, as does the naked boom-guy.

"I am gonna have to come back," Tom says, "I have never been treated so well on an acting gig, before and I am beginning to write my own horror drama's soon."

Their eyes intensely stare upon the magnificent cocked foursome, after finishing the filmed sexual tryst for everyone to view as each of their own cocks spill their seed upon the hot arid desert earth floor.


This GAY fantasy episode was based on an ACTUAL episode entitled, The Midas Man.

Jarrod Barkley, (Richard Long) - lawyer in Stockton CA and San Francisco

Nick Barkley, (Peter Breck) - the ranch supervisor

Heath Barkley, (Lee Majors) - the illegitimate son of Mr. Barkley and a woman, Rachel, from a mining camp, half-brother to Jarrod and Nick

James Breckenridge, (Tom Tryon) - a travelling rich friend of Jarrod's, a venture capitalist (The actor who portrayed him was gay in real life)



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