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(for my fans who arent that fond of girls, bear with it for a bit--introduction of Nikki, Ryan has plenty of screen time)

Ty stirred from his nap and yawned, scratching at his blonde pubes as he sat up. The 17 teen year old had a swimmer's build--lean and cut--with white blonde hair and baby blue eyes. He had been nicknamed "Angel" by girls and guys alike for his highly cute looks and innocent appearance, but as they say never judge a book by its cover. Ty sat on the edge of the bed, trying to get his bearings. Whose bed am I in? Nikki's or Ryan's? honestly he couldn't remember. Ever since that weekend that the two siblings had plotted against him...which led up to Ryan and himself fucking each others brains out, the two have been sharing him. Ty still went out with Nikki, he loved her, but ever since she forced that bi experience on him his lust kinda has been going both ways. The funny thing was the siblings had even come up with days of the week that they got to fuck Ty. whats I'm in Nikki's room this thought was confirmed when Ty looked down and saw white panties laying on the floor, and the fact that he was also naked. Nikki had a rule: when Ty was in her room he wasn't allowed to wear clothes.

"Hey you!" Nikki cooed as she walked into the room, wearing nothing but Ty's T-shirt. (which wasn't much coverage since Ty was kinda petite for a guy so it was like wearing one of her own).

"Hey..." Ty said still alittle groggy. Ty looked at his girlfriend. Nikki had long red hair and emerald green eyes, a petite yet curvy hourglass figure. As she slinked across the room her lovey boobs seem to call to him and her white-girl-ghetto-booty just completed the perfect picture. Nikki climbed atop of Ty facing him, her private warmly nessled over his own, she kissed him on his forehead. Ty looked her in her elfin features, her eyes glinting bright with pure wild-childness.

"Tyson, I was talking with my brother and we wanted to know if you wanted to play a game?" Nikki asked innocently while gently grinding here hips into Ty's lap, Ty's 9 inch dick eagerly answered her hips call, hardening but held down by Nikki's position. Ty noticed this and tried to move but Nikki was talking about something....and he wasn't paying much attention.

"Huh...what kind of game" Ty mumbled distracted.

"Do you wanna play a game?" cooed Nikki, knowing full well where Ty's attention was at.

"Yeah i'm up for a game" Ty smiled and gently twisted and threw Nikki onto her bed. She giggled, a little too loudly, and Ty silenced her with a kiss. "Ssshhhhh, girl you want your dad to know i'm here?" Nikki only smiled and pushed Ty off of her. So we play rough today huh? Ty smiled. He leaned in, but Nikki stock out her foot and used it to press Ty's dick into his abs. Ty gave her a questioning look. She looked up, not at him but behind him. Ty went to look when a massive arm caught him in a head lock. Ty struggled but he was no match for the wrestler's training and strength. Every thing was going dark and he heard Ryan's deep voice whisper in his ear..."Let the games begin."


"Tyson" "Ty" "Lil bro" "Ty wake up!" Ty began to stir at the sound of his name and realized with a jolt that he was restrained to a chair, a chair with a hole right under his hole. He couldn't move and as he thrashed about he heard a chorus of chuckles and giggles from behind him. "Guys this is not funny and way over the line, let me go!" Ty yelled. The two strolled into his line of vision: Nikki naked with her hair done up into pigtails and Ryan also naked --his massive wrestler body build glistening as if coated in oil (which it was).

Nikki was the first to approach, she took Ty's face in her hands and placed her lips on his. At first Ty thought it was a kiss, but she was actually trying to force him to swallow a pill she had hidden in her mouth. A battle of Tongues followed, which Nikki one, Ty knew he stood no chance--Nikki was a ninja with her tongue. Ty gulped and yelled "What did you make me just swallow?!"

This time Ryan answered, "Viagra, its our dad's."

Ty face was screwed up "why".

Nikki giggled "Remember when I asked you if you wanted to play a game. Heres the game, Ryan and I are going to edge you till your neigh out your mind and then we are gonna let you loose on the two of us."

"We've been preparing you all week haven't you noticed?" chuckled Ryan as he gently tweaked one of Ty puffy pink nipples. Ty had not noticed but now that the two Nymphos had pointed it out to him....he hadn't cum all week--they had made sure of it. every single night this week they fooled around Ty hadn't gotten his rocks off once. Even now as he thought about it his balls ached.

"You two are devious!" Ty yelled as he struggled, but again no such luck on escape.

Nikki giggled again "So who gets to go first?"

"I do, you had him last night." Growled Ryan as he loomed over Ty.

Ryan was a man mountain, 21 college wrestler with massive muscles and a cut physique. He was tan, in contrast to Ty and Nikki, and had a hairy chest that happy trailed out to his bush below. Under bush sat his 6 inch but thick as hell dick, which Ty flinched at the sight of. He wasn't as scared of it as he first was that night several weeks ago,but the thing cause some serious flash backs of immense pain/ a full-feeling-pleasure. Ty looked Ryan in the face, he gaze was met by Ryan chocolate brown eyes and a naughty smirk. Ryan had a scruffy college chin strap going on--one that Ty secretly like rubbing up against--and Ryan's short brown hair showed serious signs of bed head.

Ryan neared and then dropped to his knees, he tugged on Ty's dick--causing him to flinch-- and slowly began to jerk it off. His oiled hands glided up and down Ty's shaft at a slow and even pace.

OMG Ty moaned both allowed and in his head as Ryan gently massaged his dick. Through squinted eyes, Ty saw Ryan sucking on one of his meaty fingers. Ryan saw him looking and winked at him, then the hand went out of sight, and then..

Yipppe!!!! Ty felt a hard poke at his hole, he jumped but was held still, so the finger only tunneled deeper into him.

"You're hogging all the fun, I'm joining..." whined Nikki from the background.

"Wait your turn brat!" growled Ryan, but he smiled as he said it.

"Hes my boyfriend, I can do what I want with him!" Nikki howled back, and the next thing Ty knew she was also on her knees, tweaking his dick head while her brother worked the shaft. Ty's dick was as hard as diamond, nearly turning purple at this point from all the over stimulation. He was at his limit, really beyond it since he was basically suffering from blue ball all week, while being edged with out his knowledge. His body screamed for release, it could not take much more. Both Ryan and Nikki knew his weak spots and exploited them viciously. Nikki quickly stroaked the area between his dick head and his circumcision line, the second most sensitive spot on his body. Which she follow up by gently rubbed the rim of his dick head, another sensitive part of his body. Ty squirmed in his seat. Ryan was working Ty's shaft at a maddening pace, gliding across his flesh so fast Ty felt like he was hooked up to a milking machine. The massive jock was also drilling Ty's hole with his meaty fingers, totally teasing Ty as he went about it--even poking an extremely sensitive area, that usually sent Ty over the edge. Still don't know what it is about that spot, but GOD DAMN pondered Ty in one of his small sessions of sanity.

The look on Ty's face was far from "Angel-like", his hair was damp with sweat, drool dripped down from his lips, and his eyes had a vacant-ness to them. Hes cracking the siblings noticed as the continued to tease him.

Ryan and Nikki looked at each other, smiled, and then took turns licking Ty's piss slit like a lollipop. Ty screamed and thrashed about but couldn't manage to cum, the two knew him too well and knew the signs of him getting his toes curling was a dead give away. So mount Ty stayed dormant, all the while the seed trapped with in grew to dangerous temperature and quantities--Nikki and Ryan could actually feel the heat.

"You think hes had enough?" ask Ryan, him being a little sympathetic--him being a fellow male sort gave him a clean picture as to what Ty was going through.

"I think he could stand alittle more" giggled Nikki as she planted a kiss on her near-outta his mind boyfriend.

Ryan winced "But we were edgeing him all week + while he was knocked out and now, we keep this up and he'll crack."

"Fine, begin phase three.." Nikki said as she petted her boyfriend sweaty blonde locks, Ryan walked out the room to fetch the gear....

To Be continued



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