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The collar was snug against Ty's neck, and every time he moved too far the damn thing near choked him--for it was attached to a chain fastened to the basement wall. Ty grit his teeth, his blue eyes blazed--with lust or madness was anyones guess at this point--, and his 9 inch dick pulsed. His lean swimmer's build body was coated in sweat, precum, and now baby oil as Nikki's soft hands massaged it all over--Her touch brought on another bout of twitching.

"Sorry, I know you're still sensitive." she cooed in her siren of a voice, her emerald eyes flashing with a mix of impishness and genuine concern. She continued to rub in the oil, making sure to coat him in the stuff. Ty's dick strained against the jock strap and Speedo the two had held him down and force on him while he thrashed about.

Across the mat sat Ryan in all his wrestler glory. The behemoth: 6'5" 240 all muscle, wore the same as Ty minus the collar and on his handsome face was a wide grin. Ryan's brown eyes watched Ty being oiled up like wolf sizing up its prey, the intensity was alittle unsettling. However Ty wasnt exactly sane at the moment, the siblings had been edging him and got alittle carried away--Ty was past reason, he was all instincts now. Nikki finished greasing, and then took Ty's head in her hands. Her green eyes locked with Ty's blues and her red hair came down in curtains around her face. "Are you ready my champion?" she purred, gently petting the serious bulge in Ty speedo as she licked her lips. Ty lunged and locked lips with her, the collar biting deeping into his skin. Nikki broke the kiss, "Yup you're ready." she pulled her hand off his bulge, her hand was coated in precum..."You're really ready...." Nikki turn to her brother, "Ryan you ready for this?" He nodded "K remember the deal, If Ty beats you you have to pay for our tickets." Tickets....? A mix of rage/confusion twinged on the edge of Ty's mind but he could not focus enough to think, so he let it slide to the rear of his thoughts for later.

Ryan grunted and barked "And you remember if I win, which I will, I get Ty as my sex slave for 2 weeks and you have to go spy on that new hot chick in the mall--the one with curly blonde hair and silver grey eyes." Nikki rolled her eyes but agreed.

"K Ty baby, fight for me, I promise if you win i'll make it worth your wild" Nikki whispered as she undid the collar around his neck. The second it was off, Ty lunged, knocking Nikki to the floor and proceed to makeout with her while grinding his crotch into hers. He broke off the kiss and immediately clamped down on one of Nikki's nipples, nibbling and licking while humping hard down below. Her soft skin was like gasoline to his wild-fire tsunami of horniness. "Down boy, Down!" Nikki giggled as she struggled to get him off her, but Ty was too strong and fuel by only one thought: FUCK. He reach down and was about to rip off his speedo when a thick arm encircled his waste, hoisted him into the air and sent him flying across the mat. He landed with a smack and slid aways before coming to a stop. Ty's eyes had a "hell have no furry" look to them as he climbed up on his hands and knees, Ryan only smiled and crossed his thick arms over his massive chest. "You want her, I gotta beat me first bro" Ryan chuckled. The wrestler lumber close, gorilla style, to the center of the mat while his sister climbed up in the chair they had strapped Ty to earlier. Like a Roman Emperor ...or Emperoress she looked down at the combatants and declared "Let the games begin!"

Ty roared, sounding like a feral animal, as he launched himself at Ryan. Ryan, an expert in the sport of wrestling, was surprised by Ty's speed and barely had time to dodge as the boy collided with him. Ryan was knocked back , but did not fall, a fact that he smiled at, but this wasn't actually a good thing. Ty wasn't trying to knock him over, like a spider-monkey the boy crawled around Ryan's torso and onto his back. As Ryan thrashed about, Ty climbed up him and onto his broad shoulders. "What are u,doin....AH!" Ryan screamed as Ty dug his tongue into his ear, while relentlessly humping Ryan's muscled back. Ryan wriggled at the writhing tongue in his ear giving him the worse wet-willie of his life and at the ocean of precum drizzling down his back.

"So you wanna play games doyah! well I got something for Yah AHH" Ryan yelled again as Ty got his toes under Ryan's speedo and clamped around his fat hard on. No Fair Ryan thought as he stiffened, Ty was exploit his secret fetish. Urgh and in front of Nikki, Fuck! but the toes held there grip and Ryan was stiff as a board--in body and in dick. A hiss sounded behind Ryan's ear, Ty was laughing--or what he could manage as a laugh at the moment. Oh no you DON'T Ryan grabbed one of Ty's legs and pulled him to the floor. The boy landed with a thud, dazed, and then Ryan pounced: pinning Ty's arms to the mat and straddling his legs out wide. Ty thrashed about like a wild animal, but was held in place. "Your turn u troublesome Tyke" Ryan barked and took a deep breath.

Nikki wondered at that, Whats he gonna do, scream in his ear? but Ty knew and his eyes widened, NO NO no

Ryan pressed his face into Ty's oilly belly and blew, a giant raspberry sounded. Ty loosed a high pitch squeal of laughter and squirmed under Ryan's tickling lips. Even Nikki had to giggle, for Ty looked like a lil kid as he thrashed about.

"Yeah you like that huh tough guy, dont yah!" Ryan growled, as he glared at Ty, their eyes met and Ryan felt his heart melt. Ty was looking up at him with big blue innocent eyes and a cute half smile, something stirred in Ryan's gut at the sight. His hold loosened and thats when Ty struck. He head butted Ryan in the face, who flinched back, then slid out from under him.

Ryan had spots of pain in his vision, and when he could finally see, he gulped out of nervousness at the sight before him. Ty stood in full naked glory, his precum soaked speedo and jock strap in one hand, his angry dark purple dick in the other. Ryan flinched as the speedo/jockstrap precum combo flew past his face, a moment later there was a squishy smack and a squeal as Nikki caught the projectile in the face. Ryan looked back at Ty and again flinched. If he'd ever seen a rape face in his life, Ty had one seriously wicked one on now. "Nikki, I think we're in trouble...."

She peeled the gooey mess off her face and looked up in aw. "Good god we've created a monster!"

Ty smiled from ear to ear, then cackled You have no idea.

Ryan slowly rose to his feet, facing Ty as a real opponent now. Ty ran at him all out, Ryan took a wide stance and braised for impact, but Ty sank low to the ground and slid between his legs like he was on a slip and slide. Before Ryan could manage to turn around, he felt pressure behind his knees and they buckled. As Ryan fell, he felt a tightness in is speedo, then a tight squeezing. Ty was giving him a vicious wedgie, Ty jumped on his back and pulled with all his might. Ryan was forced to his hands and knees and then elbows and toes--as the force made him stick his butt up in the air to escape the wedgie's full effect. Tears were welling up in Ryan's eyes, for the wedgie was bending his rock hard dick nearly in half and he didnt know how much more he could take. In a last ditch effort Ryan rolled to throw Ty off, it worked. Ty was sent tumbling as Ryan came to rest on his back. Oh thank you Ryan signed as he massaged his aching dick, he was so relieved he did not notice until it was too late. Ty plopped down hard on top of Ryan's massive chest and as Ryan open his mouth to gasp, Ty shoved his dick deep into his throat. The long log of boymeat burned his throat like it was a hot poke. Ryan was winded and he needed air but before he could push Ty off him, the crazed boy began to face fuck him--hard. Ryan gagged but Ty kept going. Ryan couldn't breathe, and it didn't help the Ty was leaking a ton of precum down his throat, he felt like he was going to pass out. Desperate, Ryan clamped on Ty's hips and pulled, but the boy wrapped his whole body around Ryan's skull and only humped harder. The world was going dark, Ryan was loosing it when he heard a faint whisper "If you submit, I will stop, deal?" Ryan slammed his palm on the mat three times.

"We have a winner, Tyson!!!" Cried Nikki from her perch. At the declaration Ty pulled out and then passed out panting on floor. Ryan coughed and half retched as he gulped down air.

"You...are...a..dirty...cheater" Ryan wheezed, "In a fair fight I would own you, literally."

"So there's no point for me to fight fair, now is there." Ty panted, a smile touching his lips.

Nikki ran over. "Yes you won we get the..." Ty tackled her before she could finish her sentence, he spread her legs wide and was about to plunge when she screamed, "WAIT, here..." and she slid a condom over Ty's dick. Ty thrusted and she screamed as his scolding hot poker sank balls deep into her. Ty was like an energizer bunny, fucking Nikki like a jack rabbit as he held her close. She smells sweet Ty noticed as kiss her.

The smack of skin on skin filled the air and Ty showed no signs of slowing. Nikki was squealing and moan, panting for air as her boy went at it. Ty's dick was at its absolute limit and pulsed wildly as he plowed Nikki's pussy, when a pressure pushed against his hole. Ryan's tongue entered Ty, digging deep in his insides at almost the same pace as he was fucking Nikki. It tingled and tickled, then it hit the sensitive spot and Ty lost it. Ryan feeling the tension of Ty's body, grabbed the boy's hips and pulled, Nikki moaned and Ty howled as his dick erupted. The condom popped and cum went every where, coating the three in it.

Ty went limp, fainting to the floor--K.O.

Nikki lay on the floor writhing uncontrollably, a fountain of fluids bursting out of her. Then all was still. Ryan crawled over to Ty, the poor boy was spent: his hair damp with sweat, a red flush on the bridge of his nose, and his eyes were unfocused like he was high. As Ryan neared Ty raised a hand weakly up to him, but it dropped. Ryan smile and scooped two thick pools of cum off Ty's/his own stomach. Gently lubing Ty's hole. Ryan lifted Ty's legs up a bit, then looked him in the eyes--a faint flush of fear. Ryan leaned in close and whisper, "I'll be gentle, I swear." and slowly slid his Thick XXL 6'' dick lil by lil into Ty. The boy was warm, and he moaned with each thrust. As Ryan slowly fucked, Ty weakly ran his fingers through Ryan's happy trail, running his fingers over Ryan's six pack and then his own. Ty felt full and a dreamy smile spread across his face. Ryan scooped his lil bro up and hugged him close, bouncing him on Ryan's fat dick all the while. Ty nuzzled his face in Ryan chest hair and enjoyed the tickle of his happy trail as he felt fuller and fuller. Ryan gently petted Ty's head as he held him, in turn Ty cooed cutely. Ryan smiled and then laid back on the ground, while position Ty to now sit on his dick. A wince flashed across the boy's face as he sank deeper on Ryan's dick--it got thicker the closer u got to the base. Ryan place his huge hands on Ty's hips and pulled him down lower, tears trickled out of the corners of Ty's eyes, but he said not a word. Good boy Ryan thought as he gently humped the boy's butt. Ryan steadily humped, enjoying the feel of going in and out of Ty's tight warm boy hole--he even closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling. When he opened them, Ty was looking at him: blue eye rimmed with tears, biting his lip, his moans like high pitched yelps. Those blue eyes wanted its prize. Oh so you've come to like this now,huh lil boy Ryan smile and thrusted deep. Ty squealed and then felt a hot sticky goo fill up his insides.

That was all he wrote for Ty, it was light out, and he collapsed onto Ryan's torso. Ryan smiled and just laid there a moment stroking Ty's back. After a few minutes Ryan went soft and slid out of Ty with a "Squish", cum oozed out of the lil pink hole. The warn out wrestler picked up his lil tyke and carried him over to where Nikki lay. Ryan laid the boy down next to his girl friend and then stood. As if on instinct she rolled over and he nestled into her back while sliding a protective arm over her. Ryan chuckled quietly to himself as he watched Ty and Nikki spoon, then climbed the stairs to the kitchen for some lunch--he was starving.

to be continued......



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