Ty and Daisuke were fucking like rabbits, both boys were drenched in sweat and each moaned as they went about it. Ty's baby blue eyes locked with Daisuke's dark ones, Daisuke wincing with each thrust received from Ty and his heavenly 9 inch dick. Ty pulling Daisuke closer and closer to him, he sinking deeper and deeper into Daisuke. precum splashed about as Daisuke 6 inch dick wagged around wildly. (He's so tight!) Ty thought as he plowed away. The boys breaths were getting shallower, panting they kept at it. (I cant hold out much longer!) Ty winced as he tried to hold back the flood, his dick throbbing from the effort. Just as he was about to give in to his urges, a thick arm shot out and coiled around his waste. Ty felt himself being pulled backwards, felt his dick sliding out of Daisuke's ass, and cool air chill his dick as it left Daisuke's body.

"Nooooooo!" both boys squealed--Ty out of loneliness, Daisuke out of hollowness--but were quickly silenced by massive hands over their mouths. "Shhhshhhshhhhhhh" whispered a gruff voice in Ty's ear, he was pulled back into a hug and pressed against Ryan's muscular and slightly furry body. Ryan's happy trail tickled Ty's fair smooth skin, and Ty's dick went extra rigid when he felt Ryan's fat dick nestled under his boy balls. Ryan slid one of his big hands up Ty's tight body up to his pink nipples, he tweaked them. Ty arched his back, biting his lip, as he fought to keep his dick from erupting. "Ry...Ryan stop," Ty whined as he shuddered and quaked, his dick leaking a strong flow of precum.

"Breathe Ty, nice slow deep breaths." Ryan cooed in Ty's ear as he petted Ty's white-blonde locks. Ty did what he was told, yet it still took him several minutes to calm down. Across the way Daisuke was also sitting in Damian's lap, his eyes closed, taking deep breaths, his boner rock hard pointing straight up at his face. Damian was gently kissing the back of Daisuke neck while tweaking the boy's nipples.

Ty turned his head and looked up into Ryan's bright brown eyes, "Why did you stop us, I was soo close and, urgh..." Tyson winced as his dick throbbed, it was pointing straight up now and was an angry shade of red. Ryan smile and slid his hands gently over Ty's six pack, down to his taint and back up to the boy's nipples, "You two forgot about us and we wanted to join in, but mostly it was how cute you two looked going at it, it was too hot, you were diving us insane!" Ryan purred as he kissed Ty's nape--a shiver ran down Ty's spine. Ty squirmed and thats when he noticed the pool of precum that was not only all over his balls but pooling on the floor. He looked over to Damian and beneath him another pool of precum had formed. Ty's dick throbbed, and he lost his train of thought, "Ryan please, I wanna play with Daisuke..." Ty said as he wriggled and pulled at the thick arm still coiled around his waste--which did no good.

"I...I promise to be a good lil bro after, I..I..I gotta finish!" Cried out Ty, his voice cracking as he tried to get the words out.

"Oh I know you will but first, big bro gets to have his fun." Ryan purred again and this time cradled his horny lil angel in his arms. Tyson looked up at him with wide baby blue eyes, which seem to glow in contrast with his nearly pearly white skin. The boy's white-blonde locks stuck out in sweaty spikes, while his chest had a pinkish flush to it. Ryan brought his head down and rubbed his nose against Ty's, who giggled. Ryan then began to kiss a trail down Tyson's neck, cross his chest, and hover over one pink/erect boy nipple.

"Ryan don't, please, I'm at my limit..." Ty gulped "I cant hold it for much longer!"

Ryan nibbled the nipple. Ty's back arch and he loosed a silent scream. Ryan smiled to himself and followed up by sucking on it, Ty moaned. While Ty was distracted, Ryan slid a hand down the boy's abs to his crotch. His hand slithered past Mt. Tyson, down to the cave of wonders, and poked it with his middle finger. BAM! Ryan stumbled back, Tyson hit the floor. Ryan whipped his head around and glared at Tyson as he climbed to his haunches.

"Ryan I'm sorry, it was an accident, I didn't mean to...," Ty began to plea as Ryan lumbered over, a scowl upon his face, " I'm sorry! I couldn't handle it I was gonna cum, I wanted you to stop but..."

Before Tyson could get another word out, Ryan snatched him up, and the next thing Ty knew he was bent over one of Ryan's thick thighs. "Ryan what are u..." Ty's eyes widen as he saw Ryan throw back one of his massive hands and before he could even say anything, the big-body-wrestler brought down his firm hand. WHAP! Ty cried out as a wide hand shaped pain shot through his tight bubble butt. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Ryan struck again and again and again hard, leaving Ty's bottom a cherry red color. Ty whimpered. Ryan then picked the boy up and turned him to face him. Tears trickled down the boys face, he was crying, rubbing his sore bottom and looking at Ryan with true hurt in his eyes. The boy's boner had gone soft. (He's really upset...) Ryan thought as he looked him over. Ryan also saw Daisuke watching, hateful glare when their eyes met. Damian only watched, rubbing his dick up and down Dai's ass crack, waiting to see what happened next.

Ty was sobbing, he'd never been beaten before and it hurt. His bottom stung, and now he was crying. (It doesnt hurt that bad, so why am I crying?) Ty thought to himself. He had been in fights, he and his twin brother fought all the time, Ty knew he had a high tolerance for pain. But the fact that Ryan had done it made it hurt all the worse. Ty glared at him with tears in his eyes. Ryan's face had softened from the scowling beast that had just attack Ty's bottom. His brown eyes were wide and full of worry, his brown hair was matted with sweat, his small frown--framed by a scruffy chin strap--deepened. Ryan spread his arms wide and Ty timidly tiptoed into a bear hug. Ryan's rock hard muscles on Ty's soft boy skin soothed him. "I'm sorry man, I got carried away, I was just alittle jealous that you and Daisuke were enjoying each other so much..."Ryan whispered in Ty's ear. Ty nodded and then stomped on Ryan's dick. Ryan gasped and flinched as he felt his dick being flattened into the mat. He winced and looked up into Ty's steellie eyes. Ty grounded the fat snake under foot and pulled Ryan's face to his crotch. "Say you're sorry by sucking me till im hard!" Tyson growl, all submissiveness gone, he was back to his mischievous self. Before Ryan could respond, Ty shoved his dick in and began face fucking Ryan brutally, all while stamping Ryan's dick. With each thrust, Ty's dick got harder and hard, deeper and deeper in Ryan's throat. Ty pulled out and his dick was just as hard and throbbing as it was before his beating. "Now its time for Dai and I to finish our play time."


Ryan lifted Ty and then laid him on the floor, Ty tried to get up but was held down by one of Ryan's hands. Then Daisuke was standing over Ty, he smiled and then slowly sank down on the 9 inch rod and started riding hard. Ty grabbed his hips and held on while Daisuke rode him hard, his dick flopping about. Pure bliss was etched across Dai's face, high pitched moans slipped from his lips as he felt Ty's warm rod deep inside. Ty smiled devilishly and made his dick twitch in Daiske's ass, Daisuke lost it. He went rigid, his head flew back--loosing a silent howl, as cum exploded from his cock. All of it splattered up Ty's abs and chest, some even got into his mouth. (It's sweet?) was the last thought Ty could manage before his dick erupted. Ty's dick shot load after load, filling Daisuke up with teen boy cum, so much that Ty could feel the excess running down his dick as more shot deeper into Daisuke depths. The force of it all was too much for both boys, Ty held Daisuke's hips down and clung to them for dear life, while Daisuke sat still as a statue as he felt his insides fill up. With a half a thrust and a loaded last squirt, Ty shuddered, collapsing to the ground. Daisuke following suit, his face nuzzling Ty's chest, his body laying in the cummy mess sprayed up Ty's torso. Both boys panted hard, and tried to recover while staring off into empty space. The boys came back to earth when Daisuke shivered and felt a growing emptiness. Ty's dick slipped out of Dai's hole, followed by a river of cum.

"Guys! some ones comming!" Damian called out. They all jumped to there feet grabbed their clothes and ran.


Tyson got dropped off at his house. "Do sneak over to my place tonight." Ryan told him from the driver side window. "Why not?" Ty asked as his face fell.

"I'm going to Damian's," Ryan said, Ty made a face, "Hey you two munchkins where the only two that got their rocks off on this little adventure, now we're getting ours." Ryan said, and then drove off. Ty shrugged and walked up to His room. Tyson opened the door and found him lying on the bed waiting for him. Tyson locked eyes with Tyson, though his eyes were a darker blue and his hair was jet black instead of blonde white, they were mirror images of each other. Tyson stripped and climbed into bed, pressing his body against the toned soccer player build of his brother. "Logan ies back," Ty whispered and both of them smiled as they spooned--felling whole once again. "So did you tell Ryan yet?"


"You gonna?"

"Yeah, or we can just surprise him..."

"Lol two of us, he'll probably jizz his pants."they both laughed in unison.

(Let the games begin)


The stage is set, the titans are arriving, stay tuned for the epic orgy...er i mean battle to begin

To be continued.......

P.S: I wanna hear my readers voices let me know how you feel, think, and like about the story so far.



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