Ty was freezing, he hugged himself tighter for warmth as he and Ryan walked into the College's gym. Dressed in a red hoodie and black jean, Ty thought he'd be warm. He forgot how ever that he literally just got out of the bathtub, so he was a bit soaking wet. Ty's teeth chattered as he walked, rather stumbled--he still hadn't recovered from swim practice--after Ryan, who had some serious pep in his step as they reached the gym's doors.

"Ryan why are we here? I don't think i'll even be able to work out to be honest." Ty called out after him, but he payed the boy no mind. (Don't ignore me you dick) Ty grumbled as he follow Ryan pass the doors and into the secluded part of the gym that housed the wrestling arenas. As they walked down the barren hallway Ty noted that the lights were all out.

"Ryan are we suppose to be here?" Ty asked, again Ryan ignored him. Ty's eye twitched. He ran and jumped on Ryan broad back, clamping down hard on a pressure point near the Traps.

"IAAAH what the fuck are you doing?" Ryan roar as he flinch away from the pain.

"You've been ignoring me, I don't like to be ignored, it UPSETS me..." Ty stated flatly. The way the boy said "upsets" unsettled Ryan. (Ever since that week long edge session...Ty's been alittle unstable...we might have actually broke something). Ryan looked into Ty's blue eyes, "Its a surprise lil man relax." Ryan ruffled Ty's blonde locks. Ty climbed down and resumed following Ryan into the arena. As they enter light filled the room, and at its center stood two guys. One was big like Ryan, he had hazel eyes and jet black hair. He had an Italian look about him and he was wearing a red wrestling singlet. The other guy was built more like Ty: petite lean/cut build, he was Asian/ or a mix with spikey black hair and dark eyes. As soon as Ty saw him he felt butterflies in his stomach (wow hes cute)

"HO Damian, whats up man!" Called Ryan as the two juggernauts one-armed hugged, Ty and the other boy just stared at each other awkwardly--sizing each other up. The two wrestler broke their hug and Ryan set his eyes on the lil guy, "So whose this?" Ryan asked as he smiled at the boy.

"This is my stepbrother Daisuke," said Damian as he patted his step bro head, Daisuke smiled.

"So this is Tyson?" Damian said as he honed in on him.

"Yup, the "Angel" himself." Ryan boasted, Ty winced at his nickname. He hated when people called him that, but he knew where they got it: White blonde hair, innocent baby blue eyes, skin as white as snow, every thing screamed innocence...til you got to his mind.

"Damian, what are we gonna do?" asked Daisuke, his voice was high pitched, very boyish like Ty's own. Damian turned to Daisuke and then smiled at Ryan as he said "We're gonna wrestle, but naked and see where that takes us."

Both the younger boys reddened at this. "You TOLD HIM!!!!" They both screamed at the older two. Damian smiled at Daisuke, but Ryan flinched at the murderous look Ty was giving him.

"Don't play dumb Daisuke this was your idea for the most part, You said you wanted to "play" with Tyson." said Damian as he chuckled at the face Daisuke made.

Thats when it hit Ty, Daisuke was on his high school's dive team, he was a Junior--and had just turned 17. Ty remembered because they were celebrating it at the pool when the swim team came in for practice a few weeks ago. Daisuke blushed looked at Ty and then away. Ty smiled,(This might be fun.)


the stats:

(Tyson): 5'6" blonde hair, blue eyes, petite cut swimmer build.

(Ryan): 6'5'' brown hair, brown eyes, 240 lbs cut wrestler build.

(Damian): 6'3" jet black hair, hazel eyes, 235 lbs cut wrestler build.

(Daisuke): 5'4'' black hair, dark brown eyes, petite cut diver build.

"We'll flip a coin to see who gets to wrestle who" declared Damian....


Note to self, Damian is a cheater Ty grumbled as he faced off with him. Damian was big and muscular like Ryan but he was of a more slimmer build, and seemed to be faster and more flexible than Ryan was.

"Strip." Damian barked, and he began to pull off his clothes, as he removed his shirt Ty saw that his chest-to-abs was coated in a fine fur of black hair. He also had a tight six pack. As he removed his pants, a nice thick bush of pubes appeared followed by an 8 inch uncut dick. Ty stared at it, he'd never seen an uncut dick before. He noticed it was curved, and also that it wasn't as thick as Ryan's but thicker than his own. Damian's muscles rippled as he flexed and stretched, hazel eyes sparkling with mischief.

"whats amatter, you never seen a big dick before?" chuckled Damian as he jerked his meat, slapping it against his thigh as if to intimidate Ty.

Ty and Ryan shared a look and sly smirks appeared on their faces. Ty pulled off his hoodie and shirt, revealing his own tight--yet lean-- frame and his own skinny-sixpack. Ty was a little embarrassed at the fact that he was, for the most part hairless--smooth chest/abs, not much underarm hair. Compared to Ryan and Damian i'm like a lil boy....except when it comes to my dick :) Ty thought ans he unzipped his pants and slowly peal them and his underwear off. SMACK! Ty's 9 inch dick spank free of his boxers and slap rigid against his abs. Damian and Daisuke gasped, Ty blushed and looked down at it. He had never been naked in front of some many people before, it felt weird. But then a heavy hand began to rub Ty's back,Ryan leaned into view. "I know you're nervous but its alright, relax Ty, its all for fun." Ryan whispered in Ty's ear, and Ty felt a little better--knowing Ryan was near.

"Holy fuck the Angel is blessed" gaped Damian, he strolled right over and took Ty's meat in his huge hand. He lightly stroked it as he looked Ty over, rubbing his other hand all over Ty's smooth skin, the touch tickled. Damian tweaked one of Ty's nipples and his dick jumped--they were still sensitive from Ryan playing with them in the bath tube. Damian smiled and kept tweaking while also tugging hard on Ty's dick, each pull forced Ty on tip-toes. A moan escaped Ty lips. Which Damian filled with a kiss, before he knelt and lick Ty's piss slit. A jolt shot through Ty, followed by many more as Damian darted his tongue in and out/up and down it. Ty twitch with each swipe of the tongue, it tickled and made him all the hornier. Ty thrust his hips forward, hoping to bury his dick deep in Damian's throat, but Damian held tight to Ty's dick and kept it right where he wanted it. He continued his tongue torture, stroking as he licked, massaging Ty's balls as he worked. Ty was whimpering now, his dick blazed with heat, he looked down at Damian with pleading eyes. Damian smiled and licked Ty from base to tip, which sent shudder and shivers up/down his spine. Damian then opened his mouth wide and then swallowed half of Ty's dick, Ty cried out, but Damian gulp more down until his nose was less than an inch away from a tuft of blonde pubes. Ty felt heat engulf his dick, and it felt so good his legs nearly gave out. He realized head been standing on tip-toe the hole time. Damian gulped and Ty felt his throat tighten around his meat, it felt amazing. A moan sounded off to the left and Ty looked up. Ryan was naked and holding Daisuke's hips up and he literally ant-eater-ed the boy's hole. Daisuke was panting and squealing worse then Ty usually did, and his small boyish frame thrash about madly. His 6'' dick pointed straight up, Ty felt flush.

Damian backed off Ty's dick and licked the head with gusto, Ty stumbled a little and accidentally stepped on Damian's dick. "Ah sorr..." Ty was about to say when he felt the dick under toe throb hard. (He has a thing for feet like Ryan?!) So Ty proceeded in massaging Damian's dick with his feet. Damian smiled and sucked all the harder on Ty's. Ty's eyes rolled back, enjoying the sensation of a moist/wet tongue sliding up and down his dick. The boy was so lost in euphoria that he didnt notice the other two's arrival until he opened his eyes. There before him was Daisuke, his tight thin body stretched out like a cat, his dick oozing precum, a dreamy smile on his face, and his pink boy hole glistening. Ty's heart pounded hard, Damian slid his steal hard dick out his mouth and slowly guided Ty down where Daisuke lay. Just as they neared Daisuke's hole Ty thrusted and again his thrust was halted. Ty glared angrily at Damian, but Ryan was the one who explained. "It's Daisuke's first time, he wanted you to pop his cherry, I got him warmed up for you but you gotta go slow and gentle, got it" Ryan whispered, as if worried of waking Daisuke form his trance. Ty blushed and nodded, scooting closer to Daisuke but just as careful as Ryan, so as to not disrupt Daisuke's trance. Ty gently pushed against Daisuke's back door. POP. Daisuke stiffened but then relaxed and Ty slowly sank, deeper and deeper into Daisuke. Moans filled the air as both boys experienced pleasure, a gasp escaped Daisuke slips as Ty finally reached balls deep in him. Both boys were sticky with sweat, panting hard, and on fire. Ty leaned forward, his dick sliding a little deeper into Dai--who moaned, and kissed him. The kiss broke and both boys smiled, then Ty slowly began to move his hips back and forth...

To be continued......



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