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Ryan lowered himself into the bath tub, bubbles tickled his skin as he sank in. The hot water felt good on his sore muscles. Ryan flexed and stretch his weary 6'5 hulking wrestler frame, admiring his thick hard muscles as they glistened. Feeling a bit vain,Ryan took a massive hand and rubbed it up his smooth wash board six pack--liking the way the his hand felt as it slid over his soapy-wet skin. Ryan's brown eyes rolled, a smile-- framed by a scruffy college chin strap--curled on his lips, and his head lulled back--causing his shaggy mane of brown hair to lie plastered to his head. His hand felt good, but he missed the feel of another's.

*Cut it out, you're getting carried away with this, bad enough you popped a boner during practice today* Ryan grumbled to himself. He was up against Damian, aka their team's Italian stallion, when the guy got him in a serious hold. Damian's hands were in a sensitive place and as the two struggled, Ryan had got excited. When they were separated, Ryan was sprouting a pretty serious knob--which Damian did not miss. He just looked at Ryan, with a curious expression on his face.

Ryan shivered at the memory, he was so embarrassed. He sighed and sank lower into his bubble bath, his secret sanctuary. He let his head lull, relaxing his neck as the hot water and bubbles soothed his aching muscle...and pride, when he noticed him standing there.

Ty stood in the door way, naked, his lean/cut petite swimmer's body looking vulnerable and exposed. He also looked rather pale. *He must have just got out of swim practice*. Ty stood still, looking like a tuckered out lil angel: his large baby blue eyes--rimmed with a pinkish red--looking out innocently from under his short white-blonde locks. Their eyes met and Ty bit his lip as if to pout, Ryan shook his head and smile and then waved the boy over. A big smile spread across Ty's face and he eagerly climbed in, sitting between Ryan's legs. Ryan ruffled Ty's hair, "Hey there lil bro, what were you feeling lonely?" Ryan was joking but Ty's face fell. The boy looked close to tears. Then Ryan remembered that Nikki had got to Europe with some girlfriends for a month for a foriegn exchange student program. " I'm sorry bud I forgot." Ryan said and he gently washed Ty's back. Ty only looked down and blew a cloud of bubbles away, sulking. Ryan smiled and slowly slid his hand down Ty's abs to his 9 inch dragon, TY flinched and gently slid Ryan's meaty hand away. Leaning back, Ty rested his head on Ryan's broad chest, wincing he explained "I'm still sore from that whole edging marathon you two monsters put me through." Ryan smirked and groped him again, Ty flinched and whined, "Stop it, or i'm getting out!"

Ryan raised his hands in defeat and went back to washing Ty, now rubbing his hands over Ty's tight abs. "Stop looking so blue, she'll be back." Ryan chuckled as he slid his hands up Ty's torso to his nipples, pinching them and tweaking while the boy lay exhausted against him. Personally Ryan was enjoying the time away from his annoying sister. Especially since Ty, who for some reason had the maturity of a three year old while his girlfriends way, kept sneaking into the house each night and crawling into to bed with him (no sex just cuddling and spooning).

The boys sat in the tub and washed each other, both enjoying the feel of the other. Ryan's rough experience rubbing against Ty's soft innocence, Ryan's soft fur tickling Ty's baby smooth body. The enjoyed the touch of the other while they chatted about sports and girls and whose sport was the tougher sport.

Then Ryan got a little impish and slowly slid his big hands up the sides or Ty's torso, the lil guy wasn't paying it close attention for he could feel Ryan's boner pressing into the small of his back. "You can't do that either, still sore down there too..." Ty blushed, remembering the feel--it wasn't so bad when he went slow. To be honest Ty wasn't sore at all, he was just punishing the two siblings for using him to settle an argument, which was working because the two of them were sex fiends. Ty was one too how ever so the punishment was a double edged sword, the hornier he got the crazier he got. If Ryan did a reach around at that moment he would have found Ty 9 inch dick as hard as steal. Thank god there's still bubbles in the bath Ty thought has he tried to keep control of himself. Ryan's fingers slid up under Ty's arm pits and for half a second Ty though Ryan was gonna lift him up and stick that thick behemoth he called a dick up his ass. Instead Ryan began to tickle him. Ty screamed and giggled, tickling was his weakness he could take it, he thrashed about the bath as his skin tingled from the sensation.

"Ry ...RY STOP STOPIT...Ahhh" Ty squeaked as he pleaded, but Ryan continued and went up and down Ty's tight bod with it. Ty was laughing so hard tears streamed from his eyes and his face was bright pink. "Stop stop stop AHHH!" Ty screamed as Ryan had just poked his boy hole--Ty nearly leaped out the bath, but one of Ryan's strong arms coiled around his waist and brought him back down. Ty lay limp and panting on top of Ryan, in his moment of delirium, he twisted and laid against Ryan facing him. It took a moment to realize his mistake. He looked up and Ryan looked back with a knowing stare.

"You lil weasel, I knew you weren't sore, you were trying to get back at us with a sex strike." Ryan growled and Ty looked up innocently "I knew the whole time."

"How?" Ty barked angrily --he did not like his cleverness challenged.

"Every night this week you'd either hump my butt in your sleep or grind your hips into my crotch." Ty blushed, "I mean just this morning I work up to go to class and found myself coated in Teen boy cum." Ty turned a darker shade of pink, sleeping on top of Ryan was one of his favorite ways to sleep, he must of had a wet dream in the middle of the night because when he woke he also was coated...he had hoped it would have dried by time Ryan had to get up.

Ryan smiled "You're just lucky i'm too damn tired to fuck you right now." and held Ty close to him, petting his back slowly. Ty nuzzled his face into Ryan's hairy chest and went sound to sleep, sucking on one of Ryan's nipples as he drifted off, His hard dick sandwiched between their two bodies while Ryan's gently rubbed up against Ty's pink boy hole.

The boys soaked in the tub for about a half hour, in which time Ty had fallen asleep in Ryan's arms and Ryan was about to conk out himself when he remember what else happened at practice today.


Ryan had just come out of the shower, first one in and last one out, and was pulling out his clothes from his locker when Damian walked up.


"Whats up?" Ryan asked, being as short as possible, he did not feel like being teased about the boner he sprouted earlier.

"Do you always work out with that kid Tyson?" Damian asked while his eyes semi wandered about Ryan's nude person. Ryan noticed this.

"Yeah for the most part, he does a different routine than I do, hes on his high school's swim team. But I bring him here cause the college's gym is way better than the one in town." Ryan said as he took a second look at Damian: 6'3 234lbs of muscle, tan. He was ruggedly good looking but it was his hazel eyes that caught Ryan's attention, for their attention was on his crotch.

Damian cleaned his throat with a cough, " Well I do the same with my step-brother, he does diving. Maybe we should work out together some time? you know practice some moves, maybe get the two tykes to wrestle. Damian smiled and Ryan returned it.


Ryan sat bolt up right, startling Ty as he clambered out the tub.

"Wha, whats going on?" Ty yawned as he leaned over the tub's edge.

"Get up and get dressed, we're going to the gym." Ryan said as he grabbed his towel.

"but i'm tired" Ty whined.

"Get out the tub now or I tickle you until u pee yourself, like last time." Ryan barked. Ty fixed him an evil glare. "You swore you'd never speak about that again!" But Ty wasn't going to risk it, he clambered out the tub and shuffled over to Ryan's toweled-embrace. Ryan swiftly picked Ty up and carried him out the room. Ryan quickly texted Damian: Tonight its on, i'm bringing my Tyke you bring yours. Damian texted back: see you there.

Ryan smiled *I loveit when a plan comes together* he smiled all the harder as he watch Ty flail about trying to pull his boxers on, his cute tight butt wiggling this way and that. *Tonights gonna be a good night!*

To Be Continued.................................



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