Erik looked at himself in the mirror. He'd had to move the mirror up a few

inches when he'd moved in just so he could see his face. He was always

surprised how small most of the world was. At six foot three, Erik liked

the feeling of towering over people.

He looked at himself again. His blond hair buzzed short, about a half inch

all over. His big green eyes and puffy red lips striking against his

otherwise masculine features: strong jaw line, glowing white skin,

clean-shaven. He flexed his muscle pecs a little. He had a big chest,

about 48 inches, covered in a smattering of blond fur, a blond trail that

cut between his flat muscle stomach down to a sharp V and his narrow 32

inch waist. He flexed his big, muscled-out thighs and thick calves, his

size 13 feet.

Erik was wearing a pair of black low-rise briefs, the pouch heavy, the

waistband pulled low by the weight of his penis. A few blond pubes stuck

out above the waistband. The briefs were cut slightly high on his muscular

thighs. Erik cupped the bulge of his testicles, heavy with sperm. He

looked at himself in the mirror, his body covered in a light sweat, swollen

with muscle, his penis bulging out of his briefs. He put his thumbs inside

the waistband and pulled down his briefs just under his testes.

His big hands fluffed up his full bush of blond pubies, making it look like

a crown over his big, fat penis. He loved his big fat dong, hanging 5

inches soft between his muscular legs. He had trimmed the pubes around the

base of his cock so you could easily see the full size of his penis. He

held the hefty shaft in the palm of his big hands. Extremely thick at the

base, it narrowed somewhat along the shaft, where a big vein snaked across

it. His penis head was as wide as the base, with a puffy penis slit, where

a pearl of precum was always dripping.

It was so hard to explain to people, so he rarely tried. But he fucking

loved his big fat penis. He looked at his big penis in the mirror.

"Penis!" he said. And his fat dong started to bone up. "Penis, penis,

penis!" He gripped the base and jiggled his half hard boner up and down.

His other hand cupped his balls, filled with his blond boy sperm. Erik

stared at his huge fat dong and couldn't get over how much he fucking LOVED

HIS BIG FAT BONER. He fluffed up his blond pubies some more until they

made a huge bush above his massive penis.

He slid his hand through the blond fur on his chest and grabbed one of his

nipples between his thumb and index finger. He squeezed and yelled

"PENIS!" and watched his big boy dong get bigger. He squeezed the other

nippie and his boner got even bigger. Erik loved his big fat penis. "Erik

loves his big fat penis! Erik loves his big fat penis! Erik loves his big

fat penis!" His boner had lengthened to about nine inches long, the shaft

so fat at six and a half inches around. The flared penis head dripped clear

boner juice and his balls as big as eggs were tight up against the base of

his boy dong. It was a huge thick fat boner penis between his big legs.

Erik felt the power of his giant penis run through his whole body.

Erik quickly pulled up his black briefs and felt the tight cotton press his

big boner against his body. He looked at the obscene outline of his big

boner through his briefs. He lifted his arms and flexed his nineteen-inch

biceps, squeezing to contain the power that moved through his muscle boy

body. The head of his boner poked just above the waistband surrounded by

blond pubes, like some strange boy flower. A drop of shiny precum hung on

to his penis slit.

He put his hands on his muscular tight belly and flexed the muscles while

he pushed his hips forward. He turned to profile so he could clearly see

the huge bulge of his penis in his briefs. He was so lucky, it was such a

fucking privilege to have such a big fat boner. Erik could feel that

clicking in his brain as he was about to get really stupid on his big

penis, get lost in his big boy dong, the feel of it, hard and heavy in his

briefs, his balls about to burst with sperm, his golden pubies spraying out

of the waistband, he fucking LOVED his big fat giant dumb jock boy PENIS!

A beeping sound. It was the alarm on Erik's phone. Damn it! Erik looked

at himself one more time, flexing up his body, pushing his bulge forward.

Okay, time to go. Erik grabbed a pair of baggy cargo shorts and a black

tank top. He put them on and checked himself out again. The shorts hung

low so you could see the waistband of his briefs and a few stray pubies. He

pulled down the tank top to just cover the waistband. Put on a pair of

flip-flops and his beat-up broken-in baseball cap. Out the door.

Erik jumped into his jeep and roared down the highway. He loved driving

fast, one hand on the wheel, the other on his bone. He liked knowing that

when people looked at him, this muscle jock in his baseball cap, speeding

in his jeep, they were secretly undressing him, imagining him naked,

thinking about his big fat penis, hard, his bull balls full of cum. He

liked knowing that people were thinking about his penis. He thought about

it all the time, why shouldn't everyone else?

Erik's parents were going away for a week, leaving behind Erik's little bro

Trevor. Trevor just turned 18 and there was no reason Trevor couldn't take

care of himself, but Erik's Dad thought it would be a good idea if the two

brothers spend some time together. Their Dad was always going on about how

important it was for brothers to hang out, get to know each other, find out

who they really were. Brother-bonding, he called it. In his head, Erik

called it bro-bonding. He guessed all of his Dad's talk had worked because

to Erik, it was important. He understood, he got what his Dad meant. Erik

was very tight with his buddies, his bros at school. They were together

all the time and knew everything about each other. They were always being

silly and stupid, hanging out in their briefs, being boys, buddies, bros.

So Erik was up for it, though he didn't know how Trevor felt about it.

When they were younger, Erik and Trev were always silly together, going off

in the woods, riding bikes in the dark, getting lost and figuring out how

to get back home. Erik remembered one time when he was fifteen and Trev

was eleven, they were riding bikes and they ran into this kid in Trev's

class who wanted to beat him up. The kid knocked Trev off his bike and

started to kick him. Erik got so mad, he was a big kid already, he got off

his bike and pulled the tiny kid off Trev and threw him to the ground.

Erik stood over him, mad as fuck, the kid was scared shitless, got up and

ran away on his bike. Erik picked up Trev and told him that he'd always

protect him. Trev smiled and hugged Erik.

But when Trev started high school, he got real quiet and sullen. He always

wanted to be alone, staying in his room. He was usually alone but

sometimes hung out with these other weird skinny kids. Erik didn't get it

and Trev didn't explain so they just stopped hanging out. By the time Erik

left for college, he barely knew Trevor at all. He couldn't really

remember what he looked like. He'd barely seen him when he visited home.

Trevor was always in his room or out with some weird kid. He knew he was

blond too and a little guy. That was about it.

Erik pulled up to the house. No car, his parents had already left. He

grabbed his bag and walked up to the door. It was open so he came inside.

He heard the TV on. Erik walked into the living room. Trevor was on the

couch. "Hey Erik" he said. Then turned back to watch his show. Erik could

see Trevor's blond hair was longer. He squeezed his penis bulge in his

shorts and felt that rush through his body. He walked into the living

room, past the couch and right in front of the TV. Erik looked at Trevor.

Trevor was about 5'8", still a little guy, with long blond skater hair.

Big blue eyes and puffy red lips, like Erik's. High cheekbones, strong

chin. Thin neck but broader shoulders than you'd think and a nice chest for

a little guy, about 38 inches. Trevor was wearing a loose t-shirt and

baggy jeans but Erik could still see his flat belly and tiny waist, maybe

28 inches.

Erik stood in front of the TV. He could feel his heavy balls in his

briefs. "Turn off the TV for a sec, Trev."

Trevor started to complain "Turn it off, Trev."

No one called him that name anymore and he turned off the TV. Something

clicked in Trevor's brain. "Come here, give me a hug, little bro."

Trevor stood up, he was a compact little guy. Erik could see the lean

muscles move as Trevor walked towards him. Trevor looked up at him, "Hey

big bro. What's up?"

Erik put his arms around Trevor and hugged him. Trevor hugged him back,

loose at first then tighter. Erik looked down Trevor's back and saw what

looked like a tight fat butt sticking out of Trev's jeans. Erik put his

big hands on Trev's waist, definitely no wider than 28 inches, and looked

at his little bro's ass curve way out from his waist. It made Erik's penis

swell up a bit.

"It's good to see you little bro. You look good."

"You look huge, Erik. You've always been big, but damn. You look all

swole up. I feel tiny next to you."

Erik laughed. "You are, but that's cool. I don't mind being bigger. I

kind of like it. You like it?"

Trevor looked at him kind of funny. "Sure, it's cool."

"Hey little bro?"


"Ohmmm, there any beer in the house?"

"Yeah, I'll get you one."

"Cool, Trev. Thanks bro."

Erik watched Trevor walk to the kitchen. His little bro bubble butt

jiggled as he walked, even in his baggy jeans. Erik wondered what kind of

underwear Trevor liked. Erik was a briefs man. His jock when he worked

out, his speedo at the beach, otherwise his briefs. He loved the feel of

his big fat penis in tight briefs. He wore only five colors: black, white,

blue, green, brown. That's it. Those were his colors. He was intense

about his briefs. Only he could wear those colors. When his buddies hung

out, being sloppy in their briefs, Erik was a prick about it, but they had

to wear other colors, any other color but those five. So his buddies

sometimes ended up playing in yellow, red, purple underwear. One time one

of his buddies showed up in his girlfriend's pink panties as a joke. But

Erik made him wear them the whole night. The guy had a pretty bubblebutt

and Erik liked watching how it jiggled in those pink panties. The guy was

on the swim team so everything was all shaved up too. Erik loved when the

panties would ride up on his bubble and show his smooth hole, his asslips a

little puffed up from the shave. It made his penis get fat.

Trevor came back with two beers. He handed one to Erik and took a sip of


"Did I say you could have a beer too, little bro?"

"What? Come on, Erik, be cool."

"Ask me if you can have a beer, Trev."

"No. Fuck you."

Erik stepped forward and grabbed Trevor's ass and squeezed it, hard. His

hand was full of little bro bubble.

"Ask me if you can have a beer."

The bratty look dropped from Trevor's face. Erik squeezed harder.

"Ask me."

Trevor gave up.

"Can I have a beer like you, big bro?"

"Good job, little bro. Yes, you can."

Something clicked in Trevor's brain.

Erik let go of Trevor. Trevor took a sip of his beer. He didn't take his

eyes off of Erik.

"What was that about, Erik?"

"Listen, let's be clear about what's gonna happen this week, ok, little


"What do you mean, big bro?"

"Dad wanted us to hang out, find out who we really are, what it means to be

brothers, right?"

"Yeah, but that's just his bullshit-"

"No, Trev. It's not bullshit. It's important. I'm your big bro and I'm

here to show you what that means. I'm bigger than you in every way, Trev.

You're my little bro. Show me you know what that means."

"You're crazy, bro."

Erik grabs Trev's face and held it tight. Looks him in the eyes. Trevor

couldn't take his eyes away from his big bro's green eyes. Something about

them made him pay attention.

"Don't be a brat, little bro. Big bros don't like bratty little bros, ok?"

"Okay fine, Erik. Let me go."

"Say 'Yes Big Bro'"

"No, fuck you-

Erik quickly stuck his hand in his briefs, swiped some precum on his finger

and wiped it on Trevor's lips. Trevor couldn't see what had happened, but

he quickly changed his attitude.

"Say it."

"Yes, Big Bro."

"Do you know what it means to be a little bro?"


Erik smiled. He let go of Trevor's face.

"Well this week you're gonna find out. And also what it means to have a

big bro. I gotta take a piss. I'm gonna go upstairs to my room for a bit.

Come up to my room in an hour."


Erik grabbed Trevor's ass again, his hand full again with that amazing

little bro bubble puss.

"Just do it, little bro."


"Say it."

"I'll come to your room in an hour, big bro."

"Good job, Trevvy."

Erik tousled Trevor's hair. Something clicked again in Trevor's brain

because every time Erik said 'good job' he felt his penis get a little

hard. And a little tingle in his butt. Which was weird.

In his room, Erik put away his clothes and a few other things he brought

for the week. He took off his tank top and shorts and stood in the room in

just his briefs. His fat penis was bulging nicely, his big bro balls full

of milk. He felt better. That scene with Trev was not how he thought

things would go. He hadn't realized what a brat his little bro had turned

into. But Erik knew what to do.

An hour and five minutes after he was told, Trevor knocked on his big bro's


"Come on in."

Trevor opened the door. Erik had his back to him, lifting weights in the

mirror, in just his briefs. Trevor could see Erik's big muscle back and

his tight ass in his briefs.

"Do you work out, Trevor?"

"Nah, not really."

"Why not, little bro?"

"Don't know. Never really thought about it."

"Take off your shirt."

Erik turned around and Trev could see his big bro's swollen chest muscles

and tight abs going down to a narrow waist. The black briefs did nothing

to hide Erik's enormous half-hard penis and his huge bro balls.

"Man, Erik. You really are big. Like huge."

"You like it, Trev?"

Trevor gave him that funny look again.

"Sure, I guess. It's cool."

"You like having a big bro who's so big?"

"I guess, yeah."

"I think you like it a lot. I think you love how big I am."

Erik flexed a bit for his little bro. Trevor couldn't believe how ripped

his bro was.

"You are so cut up and ripped, big bro. Damn."

"See, I knew you loved it. Come on, Trev, take off your shirt. Let me see

what you're workin' with."

"Nah, man."

"Don't you want to show your big bro your body?"

Erik gave him the same look he'd given him downstairs.

"Yeah, big bro. Sure."

Trevor pulled off his t-shirt and threw it on the ground. Trevor's skin

was so pale, it glowed. No hair on his chest, which was wider than Erik

thought, probably about 40 inches. Creamy pink nipples. Nice round

shoulders. Decent arms for a little guy like him. Flat ripped up belly,

definite eight-pack, small V and that tiny waist.

"Not bad, little bro. You wanna get big like me?"

"Not really, big bro. I don't think I could anyway."

"That's cool, little bro. Hey, lift up your arms."

Trevor just did what his big bro asked. He lifted up his arms. A light

spray of blond hair in his pits. Erik shook his head. That's not right

for a little bro, he thought. We'll take care of that.

Erik played a little with his bulge. Looking at Trevor. His little bro.

In just a pair of jeans.

"Drop those jeans bro."


"Trevor don't be a brat, it would be so sweet if you were a cool little

bro. You wanna be a cool little bro?."

"Yes, big bro."

"That's real good, Trev. Now take off those stupid baggy jeans. They're

way too big for you."

Trevor stood there for a moment, not sure what to do. Then he pulled off

his belt, one of those cloth straps with a metal buckle. He stood there,

holding up his baggy pants, staring at Erik. At Erik's bulge. That big

bro penis swelling up, pushing against the cloth. He could see a bunch of

blond hairs sticking out of the waistband.

"It's okay, little bro. It's just you and me here. No worries, bro. Just

drop your jeans. Show your big bro who you really are."

Trevor looked again at Erik. Not taking his eyes off his big bro's massive

bulge, he let go of his baggy jeans and they dropped to the floor. He

stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

The first thing Erik saw was Trevor in a pair of black boxer briefs.

"Trevor. We have to get something clear right now, k, bro?"

"Yeah big bro. What'd I do wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing. It's just as a big bro, it's my job to set up

rules. Know what I mean?"

"Sure big bro. What kind of rules?"

"Lots of them, little bro. And you'll remember them all. Here's the first

one, little bros wear briefs for everyday. Speedos at the beach, a jock at

the gym. That's it. Ok?"


"Not your problem, bro. Being a little bro is about following rules. Ok?"

"Yeah, sure whatever."


"Yeah, okay, big bro."

"Say it."

Trevor stared at him.

Erik started it for him, "Little bros only wear..."

Trevor blushed but said it, "Little bros only wear briefs, speedos at the

beach, jock at the gym."

"Good job, little bro!"

Trevor blushed again. He couldn't hide his penis swelling up some more in

his boxer briefs. And that tingling. And that clicking in his brain.

"That's not all, Trev. I wear briefs too, as you can see. I wear five

colors, little bro: Black, white, blue, green and brown. You cannot under

any circumstances wear those colors. Do you understand me, bro?"


"Really, little bro. Those are my rules. Ok, Trev."

"Sure, big bro. Okay. But bro?


"I don't have any briefs like that."

Erik smiled. He was glad how prepared he was.

"That's okay, little bro. I always carry around some extras."

Erik walked to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of extra small red briefs

with white ribbing and white waistband. Just like his, but red. He handed

them to Trevor.

"These are tiny, big bro."

"So are you, little bro. You are my little bro. Put them on."

"Right here?"

"Why not? No secrets between bros, right?"

"Yeah okay."

Trevor pulled off his underwear. Before he could slip on the briefs, Erik

stopped him.

"Wait. Stand up for a sec."


"Just stand up little bro. Stop being such a brat."

Trevor stood up and revealed a thick blond bush all around his small penis

and balls. Erik liked that his little bro had a small little boy dick, but

there was one thing he didn't like.

"Trevor, do you want to be a good little bro?"

"Yeah, I guess. Sure."

"No Trev. If you want to be a good little bro, you have to really want it.

Cuz it's hard to be a good boy. It means you have to follow all of your

big bro's rules. Can you do that?"

"Yeah, I can do that, big bro."

"You sure? You really want to be a good little bro?"

"Yeah, big bro. I want to be a good little bro...for you."

Erik smiled. He liked that.

"You wanna be a good little bro for your big bro?"

"Yeah big bro. I wanna be a good little bro for my big bro."

"Trevor wants to be a good little bro for his big bro Erik?"

"Yeah, I wannna-"

"Say just what I said."

"Trevor wants to be a good little bro for his big bro Erik."

"Good job, little bro! You're on your way to being a good little bro."

Trevor smiled. Erik did too when he saw Trev's little penis get hard.

Trevor noticed his hard penis and tried to cover it.


Erik pushed away Trevor's hands.

"You never hide yourself from me, Trev, ok?"

"Yeah big bro. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. You didn't know. But now you do."

"Yeah big bro. I won't hide myself from my big bro, Erik."

Trevor dropped his hands.

"Put your hands on your head, Trev."

Trevor put his hands on his head.

"This is your position when I inspect you. Ok, little bro?"

"Yes, big bro."

Erik smiled. "Good job! That's real good, Trev." Erik tousled his hair

again. It was the only hair on Trevor's body that he liked...and that would


Erik went to his dresser and pulled out a hair band.

"Here, Trev. Pull back your hair into a pony tail, use this."

Trevor took the hair band. He looked at Erik but he did as his bro said,

pulling his thick blond hair into a ponytail.

"Put your hands back on your head."

Trevor did.

"Good. With your big bro, you have nothing to hide. You expose yourself

totally. Ok?"

"Yes big bro."

"Trevor likes to.."

"Trevor likes to totally expose himself to his big bro Erik."

"Good job. Trev, you just might be a good little bro, after all.

Erik walked up to Trevor and inspected the boy. He looked at the hair in

Trevor's pits and imagined it smooth and shaved. No hair on his chest or

belly, that's good. Then that blond bush that had to be dealt with. His

long blond hair was sweet, Erik liked that, but would still shave it up

around the base, keep it clean.

Erik walked around Trevor and froze. Erik stared at Trevor's enormous,

fat, muscly bubble butt. It was the most perfect little bro bubble Erik

had ever seen. He was proud of his little bro for having such a perfect

ass. It made Erik's penis grow even bigger, Erik realized that this was

the perfect little bro bubble puss for his big fat big bro dong. He grabbed

his penis through his briefs and jacked it a bit, getting off on his little

bro's round white bubble pooch. He wished it was Trevor playing with his

boner but Erik couldn't let that happen until Trevor was a true good little


Erik laid his hand on that ass, making it jiggle with his hand. The whole

bubble shook but kept its shape because it was also tight boy muscle. Erik

took both hands and pulled apart his little bro's cheeks.

"Big bro, what are you doing?"

"No worries, bro. Ohmmm. I'm just checking your butt. It looks like

you've got some blond hair in your crack. Did you know that, little bro?

"I mean, yeah I guess. Why?"

"You ever feel your crack with your fingers, little bro?

"Like in the shower, big bro, when I'm cleaning it."

"It is clean, that's good, Trev. But this blond hair."

"Yeah, but don't you have some blond hair in your crack, big bro?"

"I do. A fair amount ,yeah. But that's my point, little bro. I have it.

Your big bro has hair in his crack. And around his penis. And in his

pits. On his chest, his belly. Your big bro has hair all over the place.

Because good big bros have hair. That's the rule."

Erik took his finger and slid it up Trev's crack. Trevor's body shook.

"You like that, Trev?"

"It's okay, big bro."

"You love it, don't you?"

"Yeah big bro."

"Say it."

"I love it big bro."


"Trevor loves his big bro Erik playing with his crack."

"Good job, Trev. Now. The other part of the rule that good big bros have

hair is that good little bros don't."

Trevor thought for a second.

"What do you mean, Erik? are you gonna shave my head?"

"No, little bro. You got sick little bro flow. But I am gonna shave the

rest of it."

"What do you mean?"

Then Trevor got it. He took his hands off his head.

"Wait, Erik. Stop. This is too far."

"Put your hands on your head, little bro. Don't be a brat. I don't like

when you're a brat."

Trevor slowly put his hands back on his head.

"Good. Now, remember before when you said you wanted to be a good little


Trevor nodded.

"Say it."

"Trevor wants to be a good little bro for his big bro, Erik."


"Trevor wants to be a good little bro for his big bro Erik."


"Trevor wants to be a good little bro for his big bro Erik."

"Good. So the rule is clear, Trev. Good little bros don't have

pubes. They don't have hair anywhere except the pretty long hair on their

head. Ok?"

"But Erik-"

"You want to be a good boy?"

Trevor made a noise like a cat mewing. Something clicked in his head.

Erik smiled.

"You wanna be a good boy, Trevvy?"

Trevor mewed again, almost a whine.

"Say it, little bro."

"I want to be a good little bro."


"Good little bros don't have pubes."

"GOOD! good job, little bro. That's right. Good little bros don't have

pubes. So we have to take care of that, right."

"Yeah big bro."

"Why, little bro?"

"Because good little bros don't have pubes."

:Good job! You're gonna be so good at this. You ever been good at

anything, Trev?"

Trev thought about this. The answer was no, he'd never really been good at

anything. But this, it was weird, it was strange, it felt dirty, but he

couldn't stop himself. Everything his brother did made his brain click and

he couldn't stop.

"No, big bro."

"Yeah, I figured. But that's okay little bro. Most little bros aren't good

at much until they learn how to be good little bros. Then everything in

their life starts to make sense. Okay, I'm gonna get my clippers and

razor. Don't move."

Erik went into the bathroom and pulled out his razor and clippers. He

looked at himself in the mirror. His big boner was the biggest he'd ever

seen it. He tried to push the head back in his briefs but it kept popping

out, sloppy and shiny with pre. He went back to Trevor,

Trevor stood there naked, his hair pulled back, his hands on his head.

Erik leaned down and examined Trev's pubes. They were thick.

"Now Trev. I'm gonna grab your hard little dick so I can move it out of

the way. Don't cum when I touch it."

"I won't, big bro."

"I know you think you won't but you're becoming a good little bro and

sometimes good little bros get silly and excited and they can come very

easily. But don't. Okay little bro? Don't you let that sperm out.


"Okay, big bro. I promise I won't. I...I-"

"What, little bro?"

"I want to be a good little bro for my big bro Erik."

"Good job. That's so sweet, Trevor. I like it when you're a sweet little

bro." Erik gave him a pat on his bubble butt. Erik watched it to jiggle

and felt his penis so hot and hard in his briefs. Erik noticed that Trev

stuck his butt out a little. Erik liked that.

"Stick your bubble out for me, Trev."

Trevor stuck his butt out a little more.

"Arch your back, little bro. Here."

Erik put his hand on Trev's lower back. Trev arched his back and his sweet

boy butt pooched out a bit more.

"Jiggle your bubble for your big bro, Trev."

"What do you mean, big bro?"

"Make your sweet bubble butt jiggle for me."

Trevor tried. He shook his body up and down. At first it was awkward and

then something clicked in his brain and he got it. Just his muscle bubble

started to jiggle up and down. Erik was full on jackin his dong in his

undies watching that bubble shake.

"Don't stop, Trev. Keep going."

Erik couldn't believe how crazy his little bro's sweet muscle bubble made

him. It took all his strength to contain himself.

"You can stop, Trev."

Trevor relaxed.

Erik turned on the clippers and sheared his little bro. He sheared off

those silly little bro pubes down to stubble. Then he took some oil and

oiled up his little bro's little boy dick and balls until they were shiny.

Then he took the razor and shaved him clean. Perfect, clean, shaven boy.

"Look down at your dick, little bro."

Trevor looked down and saw his penis all shaved and smooth.

"What do you think?"

"It's gone."

"That's right. Your pubes are all gone. What does that mean?"

"That I'm a good little bro?"

"That's right, Trev. You're much better now.

Erik leaned forward. He pushed the waistband of his briefs down a bit so a

big spray of his blond pubies was exposed.

"You see that, little bro? You see your big bro's pubes?"

"Yes, big bro."

"You don't have any pubes do you?"

"No, big bro. Little bros don't have pubes."

"But big bros do. Big bros are hairy. Little bros are smooth. You like

your big bros pubies?"

"Yeah I do big bro. A lot."

"That's right. You keep yourself all shaved up and you'll see my pubes a


"Thanks big bro."

"You're welcome little bro."

"Turn around, little bro."

"Okay, big bro."

Trevor turned around Erik found that sweet bubble in his face. It was the

most perfect bubble butt, fat but firm like a good little bro's butt should

be. Erik pulled apart the cheeks. He quickly shaved out the blond hair

back there and revealed for the first time his little bro's sweet shaved

puss. He ran his finger up and down the crack to make sure it was

smooth. He heard Trevor make that sound again. Erik smiled. He kept his

finger moving up and down, then lightly tapping at his hole. He watched as

his little bro's puss lips started to puff up at his touch. His little bro

kept making that sound like a girl, like a girl getting her sweet puss

played with for the first time. Erik wanted to taste it so bad, wanted to

kiss that little bro bubble puss, open it up, make it wet and shiny and

sloppy. But not yet. That wasn't the rule.

Erik stood in front of Trevor. Trevor's eyes were a little out of focus,

probably from feeling his puss clean and shaved for the first time, like it

should be.

"Trevor. Look right here."

Erik pointed to the enormous bulge in his briefs.

"Focus right here on my big bro penis in my briefs."

Trevor did, his eyes slowly came into focus. He breathed a bit heavy.

"Good job, that's all you have to do when you feel woozy like that, just

look at your big bro's boner. That'll always set you straight, ok, little



"Say it.

"When I feel woozy I look at my big bro's boner.

"My big bro's big fat boner.

"My big bro's big fat boner.

"Good job, Trevor!"

Trevor smiled and stared at his big bro's dong. It was the biggest penis

he had ever seen ever. It was so big, Trevor wanted to see it out of the

briefs. He felt a big gob of spit form in his mouth. He started to drool

a little.

"See? That's what I mean before when I said good little bros sometimes get

a little silly and sloppy."

Erik wiped Trevor's spit with his finger and put it in Trevor's mouth,

Trevor licked off his spit before he could think about it.

"Good boy. Good job, little bro. Don't think about it, just do it. Now

arms back on your head."

Trevor did. Erik oiled up Trev's pits and shaved them up quick.

"There. Turn around for me, Trev."

Trevor did.

"Perfect. Now go put on those briefs now that you're all cleaned up like a

good little bro. Only good little bros wear those briefs."

Trevor stood in the middle of his big bro's room, his hands on his head,

the little red briefs on. They were tight on his little boy dick and balls

and extremely tight on his bubble butt. His butt cheeks stuck out of the

bottom a little and the top of his crack was above the waistband. The

tight red briefs made his waist look even smaller. The waistband was low

in front and exposed his completely shaved pubes. Erik was proud of his

little bro. Already, Trevor was looking better. But now the next part of

the rule.

Erik stood in front of Trevor, both in their briefs, like it should be.

Now they could be bros and be silly and sloppy and dumb. Almost.

"Come here, little bro."

Trevor walked towards his big bro, his hands still on his head.

"Good. Now get on your knees."

Trevor looked at Erik, but knew better to disagree. He kneeled down in

front of his big bro.


Trevor moved forward a little.

"More, little bro."

Trevor moved even closer. Erik's giant penis bulge was right in front of

Trevor's face. He looked up at his big bro.


Trevor moved closer. His face was pressed into his big bro's penis bulge.

"Take a big sniff, little bro."

Trevor looked up at his big bro, and took a big sniff of his brother's fat

penis stink. The smell overwhelmed Trev.

"Take another sniff, little bro. That's some prime big bro stink and it's

gonna change you, little bro. Let it change you, Trev."

Trevor took another big sniff of the stink of his big bro's fat penis. It

smelled like honey and stink and pure big bro penis. He loved it, couldn't

get enough of it. Something in his brain finally clicked hard. Spit

started to build up in his mouth.

"Try to keep all that little bro spit in your mouth for now, Trev. Keep it


Trevor tried as hard as he could. He looked up at his big bro's big green

eyes. He decided right there that he loved his big bro. He took another

sniff. And his big bro's big fat penis. He loved his big bro's big fat

penis. His own little boy dick was so hard to felt like it was gonna

explode. Trevor moved his hands to touch himself. Erik stopped him.

"No, boy. You put your hands behind your back and keep sniffing."

Erik leaned over and grabbed Trev's cloth belt. He leaned over and tied up

his little bro's hands behind his back. As he bent over, his giant bulge

smashed against Trev's face. Erik felt his little bro's hot boy breath on

his penis. Erik loved playing with his little bro like this. Better than

anything ever. He tied his little bro hands tight together. Then Erik

reached over and grabbed his little bro's butt cheeks nice and hard. He

slapped them a little. They jiggled. Erik stood up, keeping Trevor's face

in his bulge.

"Now Trev. This is my big penis all swole up in my briefs. You have the

privilege of having your little bro face right in it. Yeah?"

Trevor nodded.

"Say it."

Trev's voice was all muffled by penis so all he could managed was a


"That's right. When you got a face or mouth full of penis you say "Uh-huh'

as best you can, bro. Got it?"


"Good little bro. You like that big penis?


"You like your big bro's big fat penis?


"Trevor likes his big bro Erik's big fat penis?"


Erik pulled his bulge away from Trevor's face.

"Say it."

"Trevor loves his big bro Erik's big fat penis."

"Say it slow, one word at a time."











"good job! That was real good bro. Real good."

Trevor looked up at his big bro and smiled. He meant every word. He loved

his big bro so much.

"Now Trev, when you're in this position, your eyes are on mine and your

hands behind your back. Ok?"

"Yes big bro."

Trevor looked up again.

"You ready for the next big step and learning what it means to be a little


"Yes big bro."

"I think you are too. I'm gonna expose my penis to you. You want that?"

"yes big bro."

"Say it."

"Trevor loves it when his big bro exposes his penis."

"Good! You ARE ready."

Erik stood back. Trevor kept his eyes on Erik's. Erik peeled off his

briefs and tucked them under his heavy boy balls. He pulled out his big

fat big bro boner and exposed it to his little bro.

"Look at my boner, Trevor."

Trevor lowered his eyes to his big bro's enormous, swollen, shiny penis.

"Big bros have big fat boners. It's a lot bigger than yours, isn't it,


"Yeah big bro. It's the biggest boner I've ever seen."

"You have a tiny little boner, don't you little bro?"

"Yeah big bro, I have a tiny little boner."

"Your big bro has a big fat boner, that's part of the rule. Big bros have

big fat boners. Little bros have tiny little ones."

"Yeah big bro. That's true. My boner is so small compared to yours that I

don't even think about it."

"That's good, little bro! I want you to put all your attention on my big

fat penis and not even think about yours at all. Besides you have something

much better than your little boy dick."

"I do, big bro?"

"You do. But we'll get to that later bro."

Erik moved closer to Trevor so his big fat dong was real close to his

little bro's face.

"I want you to do something. Do exactly what I tell you. Don't be a brat

about it or you'll piss me off. Okay?"

"Okay big bro."

"When I tell you too, I want you to pooch out your sweet lips and kiss the

tip of my penis right on my puffy penis slit, see? where there's a drop of


"Okay big bro."

"And then, when your lips are all shiny with my boner juice, I want you to

look up at me and say 'Penis.' Ok?"

"Okay big bro."

"And keep doing it until I tell you to stop. This is important, little bro.

You gotta learn how to show my penis respect. Okay you ready?"

"Ready big bro."

"Keep your eyes on my penis now. Okay. Go."

Trevor looked at the giant swollen boner. He saw the penis slit and the

drop of precum. He leaned over and closed his eyes.

"Keep your eyes open, Trev. Always. I want you to see what you're doing

bro. I want you to know that you're a good little bro who takes care of

his big bro's penis, ok?"

Trevor nodded. "Okay big bro."

He leaned over, pooched out his lips like a good little bro and kissed the

head of his brother's fat penis. He felt the precum on his lips. He

looked up at Erik.


Erik loved seeing his little bro's lips all shiny.


Trevor leaned over and kissed the fresh drop of pre. He felt his lips get

all slick. He looked up.



Trev kissed, more pre.



Trev kissed the bone.



Kissed the bone.


"Make a big loud kissing sound. Look at how sloppy your lips are getting,

covered in my pre. Again."

Trev made a sloppy kiss.



Kiss. "penis." Kiss. "penis." Kiss. "penis." Kiss. "penis."

This went on for about ten minutes. Trev's lips, nose and chin were

covered in slick sloppy boner juice. His eyes were slightly out of focus

and he had to fight hard to keep all the spit in his mouth. Trev never

felt so happy. He loved his big bro. He loved his big bro's penis. He

wanted more.

"Good, little bro. Really really good. Look up at me and say it."

"Trevor loves his big bro Erik's big fat penis."

"Good job. That's good for now. I'm getting hungry. It's almost dinner.

Why don't you go take a shower? I'll make some food."

Erik slipped his briefs on over his massive boner. He'd never felt his

penis this big before. Trevor stood up, dazed.

"Lick off that pre from your mouth, Trev."

Trevor did. The taste was incredible. Honey and big bro stink. He went to

grab his clothes.

"No Trevor. Leave those here. In the house, you only wear briefs, unless

I tell you something different. I have a couple more and we can go

shopping. Most of the clothes you have are not right for a good little

bro. They're all too big. We'll take care of that bro. Go take a shower.

Remember, only your briefs in the house. Ok?"

"Okay big bro."

"Cool. Go on, trev. Take a shower. Feel how smooth and clean you are."

"Okay big bro."

Trev left.

Erik pulled out a long measuring tape. He pulled out his bone and

measured. Shit! He'd put on about a half inch. His boner was 9 1/2

inches. And...fuck! 6 and 3/4 inches around. Erik wrapped his hands

around his bigger boner. He loved it. And he loved playing with his

little bro. He couldn't wait until they could get really silly and sloppy

and stupid, being bros.

End Part 1



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