I had just turned seventeen getting ready to graduate from highschool.I had had my learner´s permit to drive since sixteen.I was hoping for my next birthday I would receive my first car.Being a farm boy I had learned to drive at an early age,driving the willy´s jeep and the tractors my family had on the farm.My father said he would buy me a car when I graduated so I started planning my first trip alone to New York City. I lived almost four hours away from the City in Central New York,just above Binghamton.I decided that was my destination as a present to myself completing twelve years of school.During the teenage years,I realized I was attracted to the same sex.I had had sexual experiences with the many hired men my father would hire for the haying season.I remember Oscar who was a young guy from the towm who came to work for us,he was a friend of my older sisters from highschool. The farm was enormous with three hundred cows.It was so big my family had bottled and sold dairy products in bottles with our name embossed on the bottles. I helped peddle milk since I was a little kid with my mother in a pickup.

Like I said Oscar came to work for us during the haying season.I remember I always dreaded this time since it was hot July which meant storing the hay in the haymow.I still remember the intense heat and how the hay shaft would stick to your sweat covered body.The farm house was big and Oscar had a bedin a room adjoining my bedroom.The farm house was typical with hallways that led from each bedroom to the other.If you wanted to use the bathroom you would have to go through the other bedrooms to get to it.At times, this was great since I would get the opportunity to see the hired men that would come and go as I was growing up.Oscar was a lanky teenager from a big family of six boys,he was the youngest.When he came to work for us,his job was to help milk the cows and do various farm chores.I had seen him naked many times during his stay with us.He had a nice looking cock which I guess was about six inches soft.I really was more intrigued by his balls which hung down well below his member.I remember one day I went to the barn and caught him sleeping in the haymow because during the day there was a lot of down time with nothing to do.I could see the outline of his erect cock under the denim of his jeans.Since he was sleeping I decided to check his cock out.When I was sure he was sleeping I sat down next to him,he was shirtless laying on the hay.I could see black chest hair and the hair that trailed from his belly button to his groin.He was snoring so with fingers I slowly pulled his Levi´s zipper down.His erect mound of flesh was just beneath,he wasn´t wearing any underwear so I could see his bush of black pubic hair sticking out. I could hear someone coming ,calling my name so I abruptly left,figuring to come back when the coast was clear.My father was calling me to the farm house to tell me what he wanted done.I told him I would do it after I finished watering the calves.I went back to the barn and where Oscar was sleeping.When I got back Oscar had taken his cock and it was lying just outside his zipper´s opening.Erect it was a good eight and a.half inches and I could see it had some type of liquid coming out of its slit.The liquid was clear and slimy. I took a piece of hay and I stuck it´s end into the liquid near the slit and it stuck to it like Elmer´s glue. I finally got up the nerve to touch its hairy shaft which seemed to expand in my hand. Oscar was still snoring so I thought I was safe and I started to fondle it.When I did I noticed more pearly liquid had come to the top through his cock´s opening.I remember he moved abruptly not knowing it was his plan all along.He was allowing me better access to his cock. I was really interested in the big balls which were still covered up,but I was afraid to take them out so I content with playing with his white veined cock.The helmet of his cock was dark purple and had a satiny feel to it. I got a liitle closer and had the urge to taste what had been leaking from his cock. First I touched it and ran it between my fingers.It was sticky and slimy, I nudged closer to its head and flicked my tongue into the liquid,it tasted salty and somewhat sweet at the same time.When I did I could swear his cock was trying to seek out my mouth but it was Oscar upon feeling my tongue in his juice was thrusting his buttocks up ever so gently.I finally got the nerve to run my tongue across his glans.It didn´t taste bad at all and when I had captured the remaining droplets of precum I knew I was hooked.I let the head of his cock enter my mouth and ran my tongue over its slit and was amazed more liquid came out. Oscar,s cock seemed to be more rock hard when its head was in my mouth.I noticed he had quit snoring and the sound from him was more of a moaning as I circled his cock´s helmet with my lips.

All at once I felt his hands gently grasping the back of my head while at the same time feeding me his member a little at a time. I was savoring its taste and could feel more of his cock enter until I had half in my mouth.Oscar began to thrust his hips gently at first seeking more and more of my warm mouth. While I was doing this I was looking at his face and I swear I could see his eyes half open.Oscar´s thrusting got more rapid as time went on.I could only take two thirds of its length all this being new to me.I remember his thighs began to quiver as I was performing my first blowjob.It was getting intense I could feel his glans expand which each downward motion of my head.Each time the head of Oscar´s cock would hit the back of my throat I noticed that his balls were more compact and in a different position as before.As I continued nursing this luscious member and got the nerve to lift my mouth from his seething member and tell him I wanted to see his nuts. He reached down sleepily and tugged out his hairy orbs. He said to kiss them which I eagerly did.They were huge and had a masculine musky smell that intoxicated me.I was intrigued how each ball moved within its big wrinkled sack. Oscar wold moan each time I touched one with the tip of my tongue.I noticed as I was lathering his nuts more and more of that tasty liquid would come to the surface and rest on his cock head. While I was busy below savoring his nuts Oscar began to jack his great member up and down.I could see the veins on its surface begin to get more pronounced.

After a bit I went back to giving my attention to his cock since I wanted more of its tasty reward.I had never seen a guy come in my life but through my own experience of jacking off.I knew what was yet to come if I continued sucking this hired man cock. Oscar began to breathing much heavier and gasping as his member entered and withdrew from my eager mouth. At one point he said to watch it with my teeth so I curled my lips so his cock would only be encircled by them. Oscar said that´s it now suck a little harder and take more of my cock into your mouth.His hip gyrations were taking over and the hands on the back of my head got more intense and much more forceful.I could see his balls were beginning to get closer to the root of his shaft and with each thrust I could see that each ball had a life of its own,moving around in his hairy nut sack. As his cock would enter my mouth I watched their movement each one moving to the side and rising at each side.Oscar began to plead with me to try to take more of his member into my mouth and that he would give me a great reward for a job well done. I was so naive thinking about the reward not even dreaming, he meant his cum.

I tried to take him deeper but it was choking me because once I did he would hold my head down onto his thick cock and wouldn´t let me come up for air.I could feel a good amount of his slimy juice filling my mouth and I swallowed it.All of a sudden he shouted I´m going to shoot.He said to get ready to swallow fast since he said he hadn´t come in a week. All at once my mouth filled with its first spurt of come . I had had my tongue on his slit and felt the force of the liquid hitting against and covering my tongue.It tasted a little like bleach,salty and acrid. He held my head to his groin filling my mouth .I must have swallowed five times.It was real hot for me since I never had sucked off a guy.I wanted to see what his cum looked like so I withdrew my mouth and I could see how white and creamy it looked. I took his member in my mouth against and jacked his cock off to get every drop.Oscar say for the first time I had done a real good job draining his balls.

As he was pulling his underwear and jeans up, he noticed more cum hard had come out. Oscar said ¨here clean me off so I got on my knees and he put his cum covered cock into my mouth to finish the job.I asked how he knew I would suck him off. Oscar said his brother Iggy who had worked for us one Summer in the past said I might be willing since he had jacked off in front of me.Iggy said he wanted to get a blow job but I had run from the bathroom before he could convince me to do it.I told me it was true that Iggy was jacking off on the toilet when I came in and caught him almost ready to bust a nut.Iggy had motioned me to come near him and wanted me to suck his cock .I told Iggy I wanted to watch so Iggy started to rapidly beat his cock. When all of a sudden I could see his cock get bigger and his whole body started to tremble. I didn´t know what was happening and got scared and left. I told him after 5 minutes I went back and he had told me this is what happens when a guy comes. Iggy said to look into the sink and I could see what appeared to be white pudding. I said that came from you and he said yes from my balls.I told Oscar I had always regretted not getting my first taste of cock.Oscar said well you got your first taste of his brother´s cock and even ate his cream.Needless to say after that day in the haymow with Oscar I never refused sucking a cock.

Summer was ending so I had spotted a 1966 Ford Mustang on the back road to Killawog and I mentioned it to my father.My father checked it out and bought it for 300.00 dollars.So I really had a reason to plan my trip to the Big Apple.




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