I was excited that I was going to take a trip alone to the city. I was working in a market saving every dime. I bought a tent and camping gear figuring I would camp along side of the road.Oscar´s brother Iggy had come to work for us because Oscar had been drafted and went into the service to my dismay because weekly we would go to the haymow and I would get his weekly deposit of cum. I got to like the taste and more intrigued how different a guy reacted when he shot his load.

Evidently Oscar had told Iggy about our escapades in the haymow before leaving for the service because when he got me alone in the barn he pulled his cock out to take a piss in front of me and he asked whether I still remembered him jacking off in the bathroom.I said yes and he asked me whether now I wanted to suck him off. Iggy´s cock was much different from Oscar´s, it was thicker and his hairy balls weren´t low hangers but more compact and much bigger. I was curious whether his cum tasted like his brothers. So we went off to the haymow and Iggy and I built a fort using bales of hay. In no time we had it done and we went inside.It was dark and I could hardly see but I heard him unbuckling his belt and peeling his jeans down.Iggy said to come closer and he said he would give me a taste of the cock I had refused to suck once before. I still couldn´t see but I could see the shadow of him holding his erect member sitting on a bale. I got between his hairy legs and as I got closer I could smell his aroma mixed with the smell of his morning shower.He asked me to start with his balls and I lathered each enormous orb with my tongue.He said to lick all the sweat from his balls which I obeyed with vigor.I told him I wanted to see him cum and he said for sure I would see him come.Iggy said I would even get to taste what I had seen in the basin. He sought out my lips and pressed the slimy head against my lips and i opened up and let it in. It tasted much different from his brother´s and was much more hairy.I stated nursing his member showing him what I had learned from his brother,Oscar. Iggy asked me whether I thought I could swallow his cock to his balls. I knew I could since I had gotten use Oscar´s length,but Iggy´s cock was much wider or thicker and it filled my entire diameter of my throat and when I swallowed he would have to push it the rest of the way.When I managed to take his entire shaft my nose was enveloped into the bush covering his heavier balls.As he withdrew I had to wait til only his leaking glans were inside my mouth and only then would I have a chance to take a breath. Iggy said I was doing great that I was a good cocksucker.After a few times deep throating his wide cock he started to moan and grab the back of my head like his brother.I asked him whether he had done this with other guys and he said mostly with his brother.I said Oscar sucked you off and he said no that he had sucked his brother off. Oscar wouldn´t suck his cock no matter how he pleaded.Iggy said Oscar made him suck him off all the tome. I asked him whether he let Oscar come in his mouth he said no that Oscar would let him know when to stop sucking and Oscar would finish himself by jacking his cock off. I asked him whether he would suck my cock at the same time and he said sure .We laid down sisde by side on the floor of the hay fort and I let him pull my jeans down and he sought out out my cock as I sought out his.I had six inches cut as I could tell he indeed had sucked his brother´s cock often since he swallowed it easily.I went back to sucking his member and it wasn´t long til I was ready to shot he said wait til he was ready and we could come together. I asked if he was going to eat my load and he said yes that he had always wanted to drink his brother´s cum but Oscar wouldn´t let him. We both went back to work sucking each other´s cock when I told him I was close he would ease off and grab my balls preventing me from cumming.Iggy started to increase his tempo of feeding me his cock,each time withdrawing leaving his head between my lips. My throat was getting tired of being stretched by such as wide cock but I persisted knowing what was to come.Iggy was sucking me like a master and I was doing my best to copy him.I was really getting into thrusting my hips and he had no problem taking my cock.Iggy started to gain more speed and got above my eighteen year old body and started to moan and gryrate. I had remember what had happened before in the bathroom and knew it wouldn´t be long.He had got my balls so worked up that I knew I couldn´t last much longer.all at once I muffled to him I was coming and he evidently was reacting the same way. We both started to fill each other´s sucking mouth with our seed. His cum was thick as the white pudding I had seen in the basin and it was hard to swallow.I could feel every pulse of his spurting member and I know he was feeling mine at the same time.It seemed like forever until it was all over him raising up off me and he surprised me by seeking my mouth and we exchanged each other taste. It was the first time a guy had kissed me but I enjoyed tasting the different flavors, each unique.During the days that followed I let Iggy fuck my ass which was new to me.I told him if I had my choice I would stick to sucking him off since his cock was so big.




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