After servicing two cocks in the public restroom, I got back on the road heading east toward the city.I had spent two hours at the rest area so it was time to get serious.I stayed on the local roads,passing through numerous towns on the way.As I was passing Monticello I noticed a big billboard advertising a cafeteria type restaurant and at the bottom it stated buses welcome.I figured I would make my way to this restaurant fro a burger and fries. It was on 17 just above Tuxedo and even had a motel on premises.I kept reading the signs until I reached its location.

I went inside and being cafeteria style chose what I wanted and sat down to eat. There were probably more than fifty people inside sitting with their family at big family style picnic tables.After eating I went out back to make car. I noticed there was outside rest rooms. I had to take a wicked leak so I meandered to the men´s room.Upon entering I caught the whiff of what smelled like mothballs.This smell was trying to cover up the acrid smell of the urinals.I had to take a dump so I went to one of the enclosed johns which seemed to be from around the 1920´s all wooden door and walls. I noticed there were wads of toilet paper scattered around the toilet. I must admit the place smelled very raunchy.I pulled my jeans down to the floor and sat on the toilet. I noticed right away a cut out in the wall to my left and one to my right with all types of sexual graffiti written on the walls.It wasn´t long til I figured what the holes were for since at the bottom of each hole were smears of semen.I started reading some of the writing and I found that they were making me get a hard on.

One just underneath the hole was written ¨Show it hard for a blowjob.¨About this time a bunch of guys came in to use the bathroom, I would say there was five since there were three urinal and two were using the toilets on either side of me.I found myself glancing through each hole checking these two guys out. One was cut and the other uncut, and I could tell through their voices that they were my age.The two using the toilets were telling their friends at the urinal that there was a glory hole in the wall. I had never heard this word before in my life.One guy who was at the urinal said for his friend to stick his cock through maybe he would get lucky.After pissing all five left, I didn´t hear a car start so I figured they went to the cafeteria. It wasn´t five minutes later ,someone entered the bathroom and walked to the john adjacent to where I was sitting.He pulled out his cock and recognized it being the uncut guy who had taken a piss. Now he had tugged his cock out and was jacking it ever so slowly. After a minute he turned toward the hole and stuck his cock through. I looked at it and he peeled back his foreskin exposing his cock´s purple head.The hole was big enough for one to feed his balls through letting them hang below. within the silence of the bathroom I heard a voice say¨Suck my cock faggot.¨I was startled at first but was drawn to his member which had grown to a hard seven inches. He kept saying ¨come on fag suck it,I don´t have much time.¨I said what about your friends and he said there were smoking pot in the car.

I had to take the chance because his cock looked real good and juicy. I was turned on by his hairy balls resting below his hairy shaft. I engulfed his large mushroom head and went to work.After a bit I went to his swollen balls below and took each orb into my mouth. He had real salty ,sweaty nuts.I went back to sucking him when he started to bang his body against the walls forcing me to swallow his entire length. His cock seemed to have a life of its own pulsating as it entered my mouth. All at once i tasted his sperm on my tongue and reveled in its taste and amount. I drained his young balls of all its contents. Abruptly he wiped his spent cock and zipped up his jeans and exited. I was still savoring his young cream when the door opened to the restroom and someone entered-He entered the john to my left.I looked through the ¨glory hole¨and saw a glorious site.A guy was holding his dick,not pissing but I could see his cock lengthening before my eyes. I got real close to the hole and opened up my mouth, this did the trick cause he turned toward the whole and shoved his cock into my mouth.I was sucking a ten inch fat cock,heavily veined.I tasted his dried urine and was excited by the taste mixed with his precum which had started to flow from the slit.Ï said shove your balls through which he did . They were huge and I could see each nut encased in his wrinkled ball sack.I had to taste these and as one his balls entered to be serviced he would moan and say ¨Do it man¨ After washing each nut I went back to sucking him off.As I sucked his shaft expanded and even the veins had become more pronounced.I knew shortly I would have my reward.Without a word he started to fill my mouth with his heavily flavored sperm. I managed to drink all that was given.All at once the door to the rest room opened and somebody entered the john next to right of me. I was still finishing this guy´s load and when he withdrew his spent cock I turned toward the other hole and saw a face looking at me.The person looking through the hole left the bathroom. And the guy I had just sucked off ,put his spent cock away and left. It wasn´t five minutes til the door of the rest room opened and right away knew it was the five young guys.I could tell they were drunk and high.The guy that I sucked off before said to his friends its true the fag gave me a great blow job.¨Ask him.¨ I heard one of the guys say faggot did you suck his cock.I froze and didn´t say a word. The one that had come in when I was finishing the older man´s blowjob said that he had seen a big dick in my mouth through the hole.I didn´t know what to expect I would either get a beating from these guys or something more violent.

To my astonishment each one wanted a blow job.If I didn´t they would beat the shit out me. The first guy entered the john to my right .It was the guy who had caught me still with a cock in my mouth. He tugged his cock out and it was a fat cut cock with a thick bush.He stuck his cock through and said suck me off fag. I had no choice so he entered my mouth and started to face fuck me through the wall.It wasn´t long til I tasted his load .He withdrew his spent drooling cock to be replaced by another. This guy had thin long cock already with precum coating its angry head. I let his cock enter and in no time had his young cream. After he withdrew the next entered and showed a massive cock ten inches long and fat.He said put your ass up against the hole and said he was going to fuck me . He spit on my rosebud from above and I could feel his mushroom head start to enter.I t hurt real bad and with one quick thrust he was inside my ass.I was facing the other hole where another one had shoved his cock through. I engulfed its head with gusto as the guy fucking me was fucking me real hard.

The guy fucking me said to his friend the one I was sucking said lets fill this faggot holes at the same time.My ass was being tortured since he hadn´t use any lubricant but his spit.I could see the other three of their friends outside watching and laughing. All at once I heard the guy I was sucking say to his friend that he was almost there.The guy fucking me said he was too. I suddenly felt jets of hot cream scalding my insides and at the same time my mouth was filling ,overflowing with this young guy´s cum.I could only swallow since the one fucking me had me pinned against the spurting rod of his friend. As the one fucking withdrew his meat I could feel the cream start to run down my legs and onto the tiled floor. I had shot my own load without knowing it covering the wall in front of me and dripping in puddles on the floor. The guy that I was sucking withdrew his spent cock and grabbed some toilet paper to clean off the remains of his load.He pulled his pants up and left along with his friend that had fucked my ass. As they left they said see ya next time faggot. I sat on the toilet and let the cum drain from me. After I had composed myself I wiped my ass still sticky from the guy´s wad and pulled my pants up. As I exited I saw the five laughing in the car and pointing at me.This is how I had my first experience with a glory hole.




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