Finally the day had arrived for me to take a trip to the Big Apple alone.I had been planning this trip since receiving a car from my father.I felt a sense of unimaginable independence.I had prepared for everything including buying camping equipment from the Western Auto in town.I had noticed through mapping my journey that there were camp grounds since I would be traveling through the Catskills.The night before I had packed everything I could think of.At six in the morning I left driving south on the interstate,my hometown fading in the rear view mirror of my 66 Mustang.I would pass through Binghamton where I would catch 17 East toward the Big Apple.

I had been on the interstate for an hour,and I noticed that a rest area was coming up.I had to take a wicked piss since I had drank a couple cups of coffee from my thermos.As I pulled into the rest area,I noticed one car.I decided to smoke a fag before I went inside.I thought it was strange whoever owned the car hadn´t come out of the john.

I flicked my spent Marlboro and walked toward the door.As I entered I saw a man standing at the urinal taking a piss.I walked up to the urinal right to his left and tugged my cock out and started whizzing a heavy stream. The guy next to me said¨boy you made it just in time¨ I responded by saying it the coffee I had been drinking.As I was pissing,I glanced down to my neighbor who was holding a big hog which was erect.At once I felt my cock stir, as I was looking at his dick I could see him slowly jacking it back and forth.He abruptly put his cock away and went to wash his hands,after he had finished I thought he was going to leave but he walked to one of the two partitioned toilets.I thought that was strange ,but figured he had to take a dump.

I had finished relieving myself and went to the basin to wash my hands.I kept glancing at the toilet and could see he hadn´t sat down,but was standing facing the toilet.I could see his legs from underneath shaking ,it was obvious he was jacking off.Curiosity got the best of me,so I entered the toilet adjacent to him.I decided to try to take a dump since the rest areas were few and far between.I pulled my jeans down and sat and it wasn´t long til I noticed his shoes were facing me and he was just on the other side of the metal partition.All of a sudden,he knelt down and showed me her cock.At this point, I got a little scared it being my first experience with this type of behavior.I kept looking at it for what seemed eternity, he abruptly stood up and sat on the toilet.I could still see his shaking legs still evidently jacking off.

I got up the nerve to do the same, kneeling down exposing my now hard cock to my neighbor.It wasn´t long til he knelt on the other side and started sucking my cock.As he was sucking me he was pulling my lower torso more toward him, my balls were almost touching the tiled floor as he continued to suck me off.I wasn´t use to the awkward position but quickly forgot able being uncomfortable since I was enjoying this blow job.As he was sucking me,he was massaging my nuts which had started to rise in my scrotum.I didn´t know how long I was going to last and I knew it wouldn´t be long til he had my young load.I guess he knew from my reaction that I was ready to shoot and he´d have nothing of the sort. He stopped sucking my cock,and pushed my legs back,taking the same position as before.I decided to return the favor,looking at his hard cock and big hairy bull balls.I got down between his legs and was able to look at his face which only excited me more.As he was holding his shaft,directing it toward me me,I knelt farther down and let his mushroom head of his cock enter m mouth.I immediately tasted his precum coating my taste buds and took more of him in my mouth.I was amazed at the amount of hairy bush this guy had,black as a forest,As I continued to suck he pushed more of his lower half underneath the partition,giving me greater access to his meat,which I gladly accepted.

At this point in my young life, I had gotten to be a real talented cock sucker,thanks to the many hired men and towners where I lived.I got so good at it that I remember there was a hot guy,Jeff Brown who I always had wanted to suck off. He was straight and always had a girl with him. One night I was driving my mustang on the back country roads and noticed he was behind me. I pulled over to let him pass ,but he pulled up right behind me.Jeff got out of his car,leaving one of his friend´s inside. He came up to my driver´s door,and I noticed right away from the size of his basket that he wanted more from me than to just say hello.As I was talking to him,he reached down to the mound underneath his jeans and fondled his big package.Jeff said he had heard through the grapevine that I liked to suck cock and that I was real good at it.He unzipped his zipper and tugged out a huge cock cut nestled in blond pubic bush.I guess he noticed I might be interested because I said what about your friend in the car.Jeff said I could do them both,either at the same time or separate.Since I had never sucked two guys off at the same time, I wanted to try it.Jeff motioned his friend from the car,as he got out I realized it was his brother-in-law,Tom. I told Jeff where could we go where it was a little more private.Jeff said to follow him and he would find a place. I remember following him,thinking about sucking his beautiful dick.I followed him to the state land where I guess he took many girls to fuck.

We all got out of our cars,and walked a ways inside the trees. He had fished his cock out and Tom had done the same. I knelt between them both and started to give Jeff head while his brother-in-law watched.Jeff had pulled his jeans down to his ankles.After a while Jeff directed me to suck Tom who was standing next to us ,jacking off his cock.I guess it was too much for Tom because when he entered my mouth he threw back his head and gobs of thick cream filled my mouth which I eagerly swallowed .After he was spent,I returned to Jeff´s cock and started to got o work.It wasn´t long to his legs started to quiver and shake.And I noticed his ball sack rising upunder his great big dick.I had found a spot got under his head which seemed to do the trick.Without saying a word he began to fill my mouth to over flowing.I tried to capture it all but a lot it fell to the forest floor I white gobs.After that both got into Jeff´s car and left. The next day, I had heard that Jeff and his brother-in-law had hit a tree after drinking and both were dead.

I continued sucking this stranger, then going down to his big balls to give them a treat while he jacked his cock.I could see his meat start to get big and expand,knowing I would taste the stuff that was contained in the balls I was sucking. He said quick I´m ready to shoot and as I was in the process of recapturing his glans between my open lips, the first spurt hit my face.Finally I captured his spurting snake and serviced his balls ,emptying all their contents. I was content at this time since it was my first experience sucking off a guy in a bathroom.The stranger got up quickly ,pulled his jeans up and abruptly left to my dismay since I needed to come.All of a sudden I heard the outer door open,then the inner door to the rset room. I noticed to my left there was a small hole in the wall facing the urinals.As I bent my head I noticed a black guy in overhauls who later turned out to be the caretaker of the rest area.I was nervous yet excited spying through the tiny hole.He was standing at the farthest urinal and was taking a piss,letting loose a golden stream of piss.I could see his foreskin stll wrinkled and covering his cock´s head.I had never seen a black cock in my live and was mesmerized by its color and size.Looking up at this black guy´s face I noticed he was looking right at the peep hole and caught the grin on his face.After finishing pissing he came to the urinal next to the hole.I got the nerve to peek again and his cock had grown twice its size exposing the dark mushroom head of his cock.Abruptly he came to the door of the toilet where I was sitting ad through the crack I could see his hard black cock.He had tugged his balls out where they rested underneath his ebony rod.I opened up the door and he entered,standing in front of me level with ny mouth. I engulfed his cock and noticed he had a different taste and odor real musky and his bush was nappy covering his balls.I was able only to take half of his ten inch cock and with his right fist he jacked the remaining off as I sucked and savored my first black cock. While I was sucking off the caretaker I was jacking my rod to beat hell.He started to moan and soon aws rewarded with his black cum which to me had a stronger flavor and taste different from the cocks I had sucked off before,being all white guys. I still remember his bright white teethy smile when I shot my load while finishing him off. I thought to myself this was an excellent start to my trip to the city.If this was an indication of what was to come I was real happy.




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