From Part 1

A few months later, we got leave and headed home. We wanted to surprise our dads so we didn't let them know we were coming home.  We flew into town and rented a car and as we approached the houses that Saturday evening, we saw Matt's dad walking over to my house.

We loved the idea of surprising them together.  We stopped in front of the house and waited a few minutes before going in.

Part 2

Silently, we exited the car and headed toward the house. We entered the living room through the unlocked front door and looked around.  Then, we looked at each other as we heard low moans coming from my dad's bedroom.  We eased down the hall and found the bedroom door just slightly ajar.  We peeked  in.

We were in total shock.  There, standing next to the bed was Jim, my dad and Carl, Matt's dad, both totally naked, their left hands around each others head as they kissed passionately and their right hands fondling each others rock hard cock. Matt and I looked at each other, not believing what we were seeing.

We continued to watch through the small crack as they slowly lowered themselves onto the bed.  After a moment, Carl pivoted around and got into the infamous sixty-nine position.  Simultaneously, the swallowed each others cock and began hungrily sucking. We continued to watch and after several moments we could tell that they were both nearing their climax.  Carl climaxed first and almost instantly, my dad climaxed..  We watched as they both swallowed the loads fed to them and began another passionate kiss.

We then turned and left the house, letting the car silently roll back into the street before starting it.  As we drove away in silence, Matt finally s[poke and asked, "Did we just see what I think we saw?"

''Yes, we did and I'm still having trouble comprehending it. I never dreamed my dad was gay."

Matt looked at me and said, "When my parents  divorced, all dad said was that they were having some problems and mom said it was partially due to her job.  Now I'm wondering if she found out about dad."

"What are we going to do? I asked.

"For now, absolutely nothing. We will give them call and let them know we will be arriving in an hour or so.  When we meet, we'll act as if we know nothing," Matt replied.

We did as planned and when we arrived back at my house and went in, we acted as if we knew nothing.  Our dads, however, seemed a bit nervous.  Later, when Matt and I talked, we wondered if they were nervous because of the fact that they thought that they almost got caught.

We had a great visit, however Matt and I were limited to having sex together only during the day when our dads were at work.  We did do some snooping and we both found gay porn videos in each of our dad's bedroom. Matt began to wonder if his mom had found them also.

A week went by and one afternoon after Matt and I had engaged in a hot passionate sixty-nine, we decided to confront our dads.  We each took a couple of the videos from the respective bedrooms to use during our confrontation.  We waited for them to arrive.

As soon as Carl arrived home, matt told him that he and I needed to talk to he and Jim.  When Matt and Carl arrived, we told he and my dad to have a seat.

"What's up?" my dad asked.

Matt spoke first and looked at his dad and asked, "What is the real reason you and mom divorced?"

"We just had some differences we couldn't resolve," Carl replied.  Matt reached under his shirt and after pulling out the two gay videos he had retrieved from his dad's room, he asked, "Did she find these?"

All the color drained from Carl's face before he began to deny that they were his.  "Dad, it's no use.  I found these in your dresser drawer.  You can't deny that they are yours."

Carl just stared at Matt, as my dad asked, "What the fuck is going on here?"

I looked at my dad and as I pulled out the movies I had found in his bedroom, I said, "And I assume that you are going to deny that these are yours?" He looked at me blankly before saying , "What the fuck gave you the right to go through my things?"

"I'll be glad to tell you," I replied.  "Matt and I had reason to believe that both of you are either bi or gay."

"And what the fuck gave you two that impression?" Carl asked angrily.

"Let's all sit down," I said, "and we'll tell you." As Matt got the four of us a beer from the fridge, I looked at them and began.

Matt handed each of us a beer and  sat next to me and I began.

"The night we got home, we arrived in town earlier in the afternoon.  As we approached the house, we say Carl walking over here to our house.  We were glad that we were going to be able to surprise you both at the same time.  We waited for a few minutes before we came in."

At this point our dads glanced nervously at each other.

"When we entered we heard soft moans coming from the bedroom.  You hadn't shut the door completely so we looked in." 

Matt took over and told them exactly what we had seen in detail.  We could see their hands shaking and their faces perspiring.

I spoke up and said, "We don't care one way or the other if you're gay or not.  All we ask is that you be honest with us."

They looked at each other and lowered their heads in silence.  Then finally Carl spoke.

"Son, five or six years ago,  I became curious about what it would be like to have a man service me.  I was curious but never acted on it.  Then not long after you joined the marines, your mother had to go out of town on business.  Jim was home and we had dinner together and got to drinking.  We were both pretty drunk."

Then my dad took over.

"Carl happened to see a porn magazine I had and  began looking through it.  It was straight porn between a man and a woman. I sat next to him  and as we looked through it we both began to get erections. We started laughing about it saying that when we were teenagers and found magazines like that we would always jerk off.  Being pretty wasted, we decided to act like teenagers again,  We dropped our pants and began stroking as we continued looking at the pictures.  When we saw one of the woman sucking the guys cock we both agreed that we wished someone was doing that to us.  The next thing we knew, we were stroking each others cock."

Carl picked up the story saying, "I kept looking over at Jim's cock and wondering what it would be like to suck it.  Before I realized it I had leaned over and had it in my mouth. After a moment, Jim stopped me and began sucking me.  We soon ended up in a sixty-nine and finished each other off orally. After that, we talked and neither of us found it repulsive.  You're mother was wanting sex less often especially after her trips out of town.  I was pretty sure she was involved with someone in the office she was visiting.  Any way, Jim and I continued our activities, experimenting with more activities.  It was during one of your mothers trips that she came home early and found Jim and I in our bed."

My dad spoke up and said, Carl and I have realized that we now prefer sex with each other more than with a woman.  If you can accept that, great.  If not, we're sorry, but we are not going to stop."

 Matt and I looked at each other a moment then I looked at our dad's and asked, "Are you both happy with your lifestyle and having sex with each other?"

They looked at each other and at the same time said, "Yes we are."

Mat and I both looked at them and Matt said, "If you're both happy, then that's all that matters."

I spoke up and said, "I agree."

Both our dads jumped up and hugged us, thanking us for understanding.  Matt and I decided to go out for the evening and went to a motel to play and talk.  "When are we going to tell them about us," I asked.

"Soon," Matt replied, adding, "but not verbally."

"What do you mean?"

He explained his idea to me, and I totally loved it.

Several day went by before we put our plan into action.  Mat and his dad were in their house and my dad and I were in ours.  Dad and I had a couple of beers before going to bed.  I had noticed that dad slept nude and once I was sure he was in a deep sleep, I slipped into his room, also naked. Matt was going to do the same with his dad.

I eased into dad's room and found him in a deep sleep on top of the covers on his back.  He was totally exposed.  I eased into bed next to him in what might be considered a sixty-nine position simple because it was the most convenient.

Ever so gently, I lifted my dad's long beautiful cock and slowly swallowed it in it's entirety.  It began to slowly grow and stiffen. As it stiffened, I began to slowly and lovingly suck it. I'm not sure if dad was awake or not but he moaned softly.  If he was awake, he made no indication.  Before long, his cock began to swell even larger and I knew he was nearing his climax.  As I prepared to receive his load, I suddenly felt something warm and wet on my hard cock.  I immediately realized that it was my dad's mouth.

Suddenly, his cock erupted filling my mouth with his huge sweet  thick load.  Knowing that it was my dad's load made it taste even better.  It wasn't long before I fed my dad my thick load.  He hungrily swallowed every drop before urging me to lay next to him without words.  as I lay my head on his shoulder, he turned to me and passionately began kissing me offering his tongue.  I immediately accepted it and offered mine.

After a long passionate kiss, he held me close and said, "Son, you have made me the happiest man on earth.  I love you so much.

"I love you, too, dad." Soon we were sound asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

The next morning there was a knock on the door as dad and I stood naked in the kitchen pouring coffee.  I glanced out and say Matt and Carl standing there.  Without covering myself and to dad's shocked expression, I unlocked the door and opened it.

As they stepped in and Carl saw us both naked, he smiled and said, "Well, it looks like the same thing happened here that happened over at our place."

I looked at them smiling and said, "It was planned that way."

We offered them coffee and Dad spoke up and said, "Feel free to get comfortable and join us if you want to."  That was all it took for Matt and his dad to quickly strip totally nude.  As we sat at the kitchen table, dad looked at us and said, "Okay guys, now it's your turn to do some explaining."

Matt and I took turns telling our dad's how we started having sex with each other and that we now considered ourselves totally gay.  They both admitted that they also considered themselves totally gay.

After a few minutes of chatting, Carl looked at us and said, "Okay you two, don't think we are weird, but you two have seen us have sex so I think it only fair that we get to see you two in action."

"I totally agree," my dad added quickly.

Matt and I looked at each other a moment before standing and heading for the den.  Our dads followed and sat together of the sofa as Matt and I lay on the carpet in front of them and began kissing before switching to a sixty-nine.  Before long, our dads were on the floor next to us, also in a sixty-nine.

Matt and his dad stayed at our place that day and just before lunch, Matt and I decided to give them another show.  We gave them the pleasure of watching us fuck each other.  Afterward, we got to watch them fuck each other.  Then later they dropped a surprise on us.

Dad wanted to watch me and Carl have sex and afterward, Carl wanted to watch Matt and my dad have sex.  Everyone eventually got their wish.

For the remainder of our time home, Matt and his dad lived with dad and I.  Dad and Carl shared one room while Matt and I shared another.  However when it came to sex, everyone had sex with whomever wanted it.

All too soon, our leave was over and we had to return to our base. We soon got a letter from our dads, telling us that they had become lovers and were living in my dad's place.  Carl told us that he had kept their home in case Matt and I wanted to live there after we left the Marines.

We completed our enlistment and invited several other Marines that we met that were also gay to visit us .  We returned home and both got jobs with the local sheriffs department. We did indeed move into the house Clay had kept for us and we also became lovers.  We removed the fence between the back yards and put up a higher privacy fence.  Behind us was thick woods and we only had neighbors on each side. 

Several months later, three of our Marine buds came for a visit and our dads joined us for the weekend orgy we had while they visited.  Matt and I loved watching our dads have sex with our buds.

Our lives were just like anyone else's life except our private lives were man-man  not man-woman.  We didn't care who knew.  It wasn't their business.

THE END.............

There might not have been as much sex as some of you would have liked but I wanted to show the love that developed between the characters.



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