From Part 1.....

Then that weekend, on Saturday morning, Justin called. He sounded upset when he said, "Mark, something's come up and I've got to see you. Be at my place at five this afternoon."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Just be there."


Part 2...

I arrived exactly at five and when he answered the door, I immediately asked "What's wrong?"

"Be patient. Come on in and relax."

Justin was acting strange and I wondered what he was up to. He excused himself and went to the kitchen then returned with two beers.

After sitting down, he began.

"Mark, ever since you started working for the firm, I have thought you were hot. Then after finding that you were gay also, I was in heaven. My life has been much more satisfying since we started having sex. I never thought that I'd find the right man for me, but I was wrong. I have, and I was wondering if you would consent to being my partner for life?"

"Justin, you had me scared shitless thinking something was wrong, but I have also fallen in love with you, and I would love nothing better that being your life partner."

He grabbed me and began hugging and kissing me, after which he said, "Baby, I was so scared that you might say no. You have made me the happiest man on earth."

"Same here," I replied.

We immediately began making plans for me to move into Justin's condo, deciding what furniture I would bring and what I would sell. The following weekend I made the move. Somehow, within the next few weeks, the others in the firm found out that we were living together as partners. To our pleasant surprise, everyone accepted us for who we are and not what we are.

Time passed as we began learning more and more about each other. After a few months, we began talking about our parents. He had introduced me to his mother and dad, but not until now did he tell me that he was adopted.

I asked if he had ever thought about trying to find his natural parents. He said he had thought about it but hadn't decided. I offered my help if he decided to try.

He later questioned his parents about the details of his adoption and they were honest with him. The said that all they knew was that his father had been killed in a traffic accident and due to medical bills his mother became homeless. For the sake of her kids she gave them up for adoption. They told him that they had been told that he had a younger brother that had already been adopted before he was.

He began his search and met many dead ends. He was beginning to get discouraged. I did all I could to keep his spirits up.

Then, I surprised him with a vacation to a gay resort in Key West. "I'm getting you away from all this for a while. We could both use a couple of weeks in the sun."

We went to the resort which was clothing optional. Laying around the pool nude, we met other hot young men and invited many to our room. Sometimes we had three ways, and other times when we met a couple, Justin would have sex with one while I had sex with his partner. It was an awesome two weeks. Justin loved watching me get fucked while I sucked another cock. an I loved watching Justin take two cocks up his ass at the same time.

We returned home and he soon began his search again. After our trip, our sex life was even hotter than it was before. We began experimenting with other positions and even got into some kink, like jerking off on each others evening meal before we ate.

Justin's parents finally signed a release of privacy, allowing the adoption agency to release all information concerning his adoption. He flew to the west coast where the agency was located. I had a case in court and couldn't go with him.

He was gone two days and when he returned he was different somehow, more loving and caring. Later that evening, when I asked how things went, he handed me a pack of papers saying , "Read this."

As he retrieved two beers from the fridge, I began reading. It gave his birth name as Justin Singleton. It gave his date of birth and all the pertinent information, including his adoptive parents.

I sipped my beer as I continued reading. I came upon the area that listed the next of kin for emergency medical reasons. There was the name of his brother, Mark Singleton. At least now he knew the name of his brother. I continued reading and when I got farther down I froze.

I read that his brother had been adopted by Greg and Judy Rivers. That was my parents. It gave an address for the house I grew up in until I started high school.

I sat stunned for a moment then looked at Justin. He smiled and said, "Hello brother."

"How can this be possible? What are the odds of this happening?"

"Mark, I've always felt especially close to you now I know why. I barely remember taking care of you when we were little. I wasn't sure if it was real or a dream."

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"We keep our current names and remain lovers. We can choose who we let know of our relationship. All I know is that I have never been happier," Justin said.

"To be honest, neither have I."

"I think we need to celebrate our reunion," said holding out his hand. He led me to our bedroom and we had the hottest most passionate sex we had ever had.

We later invited both sets of our adoptive parents to visit. Once there, we told them of the results of Justin's findings. When he got to the point of naming his brother's adoptive parents, my parents looked at each other then at me.

"We're so sorry we didn't tell you sooner, but we were afraid we might loose you to your birth mother."

"She gave me life but you are the ones that were my parents. You will never loose me as a son."

As we were all sitting around, Justin decided to do what we had discussed. Standing next to me, he began, "We have something else we feel you should know."

Looking at me then back at our parents, Justin continued by saying, "Long before we found out that we were brothers, we found out that each other was gay." Both sets of parents froze and looked at us.

"Yes, we started having sex together, and soon fell in love. A while back we pledged our love for each other and became lovers and life partners. The fact that we are brothers is not going to change that."

"Now, Justin and I are going in the bedroom and let you four talk about this. Call us when you're finished."

About forty-five minutes later we were called back into the living room. Our dads did the talking and both agreed that we were old enough to make our own decisions and that they would all respect those decisions and accept us for who we were.

There were hugs all around and we all went out to dinner that night. We all agreed to get together regularly. By the time they returned home, we were all the best of friends .

And to make both sets of parents happy, Justin and I adopted a 2 year old boy as our son, to raise and love.

Time has passed and Brian is now fifteen and totally into girls. He proudly introduces us as his two dads. We couldn't love him more.

THE END............



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