To this day, I bet every guy can remember the best head he has ever gotten in his life. I sure can, it was  when I was cruising in a Queens subway station. This was a time where one could find a gloryhole in almost every public restroom throughout the five burroughs. I remember I was on the hunt to get my cock sucked  and empty my balls down  some willing guy´s throat. The problem was my size, having a big cock to suck presented a certain obstacle for the cocksucker and for me. I always ended up getting my cock chafed by the teeth of the willing mouth who was sucking my cock.

   During the deed, I always had to caution the guy sucking me off to watch his teeth which was a pain in more ways rhan one. Like I said I was cruising a metro station near Roosevelt Avenue which I chose because you could be always be assured of finding some faggot to suck you off. All you would have to do is show your cock  and soon it would be within a cocksucker´s mouth. Unfortunately, I usually ended up having him suck my balls at the end of the blowjob  until I emptied my load down his eager throat.

   This morning during the late seventies turned out to be differnt. I entered the bathroom and went to take a piss at the urinal. I still remember there were three guys lined up supposedly taking a piss. One was a black guy with a 10 inch uncut cock, the other two guys were Latin with cocks around nine inches also uncut. I stepped up to the urinal and brought out my cock and after taking a piss, I perused all the cocks, the two Latins were jacking their cocks off and they were only interested in getting their cocks sucked off. The bathroom was safe in the fact it had two doors to enter so one could hear the first open and have time to act like you were taking a piss when the secomd door was opening. I was in the mood to suck cock and get sucked so I chose the most willing guy who happened to be one of the Latins. He had a nice hairy  uncut cock that begged to be serviced and  I was the one to do it. I told the other two guys to wait their turn and serve as lookouts since I was going to suck this guy´s cock at the urinal. As I knealt I told him to take his balls out so I could see what I was going to empty, I could tell by the way he fed me his cock that he was straight, telling me in Puerto Rican  Spanish to suck his cock. As I was sucking this guy off he would say to suck his pinga real good marica. I knew he wasn´t going to last to long  as I was swallowing his cock. I still had my big cock out and the black guy started to suck me off at the same time. Since my mouth was very busy at the time. I was unaware of what was going to happen. 

  As i felt my cock enter his mouth, I was expecting to feel the teeth,but I didn´t from the start. I thought to myself, what a relief that I wouldn´t have to tell him to watch his teeth as he was sucking me. I resumed sucking this young Latin  stud´s cock  enjoying the blow job from the guy below servicing my big cock. I could put all my attention to what I was doing, getting the reward of this guy´s ball juice. It wasn´t long til I was rewarded with a thick load of cum which I let fill my mouth and then swallowed. The guy quickly withdrew his cock, shaking off the excess cum still exuding from the slit of his shrinking well serviced cock. The other Latin took out his cock wanting the same treatment. He was uncut also but when I started to suck his cock it grew to at least 11 inches a real treat to suck. I asked where he was from and he said Colombia. As I started to suck him we would be interrupted by other men coming to take a piss. All three of us would have to scramble and stand at the urinal and act like nothing was happening. After many interruptions  I told the Colombian let´s go into one of the vacant stalls so I could finish him off. The black guy who had been sucking my cock off so good served as lookout for the transit cops, 

   As I sat on the john, I told the Colombian to drop his jeans to  his knees so I could really give his big cock the cocksucking he deserved which he hurridly did. He brought me his oversized member to my lips and pushed his cock within my lips. I could taste the slimy precum after peeling back his heavy foreskin with my tongue. He had a nice set of  hairy low hanging  balls which i knew would give me a big load of cum. I searched out his huge slit which already was full of precum to lubricate my mouth. He spent so much precum that at times I would have to stop and swallow since the salty liquid was filling my mouth. I missed the black guy who had been sucking me off and I was hoping he would stay around, thinking at last finally I had found  someone who knew how to suck a big cock off proper. I let the the Colombian guy start to fuck my mouth and  I held his ass cheeeks for stability as he was feeding me his cock. It didn´t last too long til he was filling my mouth with heavy spurts of thick cum. I let him continue until he was spent and quickly pulled up his jeans and left after saying gracias. 

   The black guy was still at the urinal as I took my place next to him. I needed to empty my load especially after sucking off two cocks. The black guy had a nice big cock and asked whether i would go to his house with him. Since I wanted to feel his sweet mouth again I said sure let´s go.he said he lived real near so i followed him to his apartment. He offered me a beer which I accepted as he was unzipping my zipper. He said I had a nice cock to suck and I said the same to him. He asked me if I wanted to 69 with him and I said yes. We got undressed  and got side by side and again when I felt his mouth engulf my big cock I was in heaven. We started to suck each other off, As he was sucking me I removed my mouth from his huge ebony cock. I noticed on the night stand was a set of dentures which he had removed. Now I knew the secret to his great cock sucking talent as I fed him my big cock into his eager mouth I went back to sucking his black cock and we both ended up coming at the same time which only imprinted the experience permanently in my memory.

   I made it a mental note that someday if I wanted to be the best cocksucker I would have to resort to the same thing he had done. The black guy said he had usually sucked off other black guys and since they were usually huge cocks to suck ended up having his teeth removed, I told him they it seemed very extreme but he assured me it was the best thing he had ever done, The many black guys that he had seriviced would always come back for repeat blow jobs. I told him he had a point. I told him his cock was the first black cock I had sucked off and he said I was talented but could even be more talented if I did what he did. I was obsessed with this black guy and made many repeat trips to his apartment to have my big cock serviced by him.

   When I moved to Colombia to live, I couldn´t believe how big Colombian men´s cock were. I found it hard to suck these huge cocks off. So I had my teeth removed one weekend and waited til all was healed. Luckily  one ´s mouth heals real quick and after a week I wanted to see how a big cock would react to my mouth. I had been frequenting an adult cinema in Medellin and it was always pitch black so I could remove my dentureswithout being noticed.

I sought out the biggest cock I could and found a guy with a 14 inch cock. I started to suck him off and was amazed at his reaction. He immediately started to fuck my mouth like a piston until he relieved the pressure in his balls. After the blow job he told the other guys to seek me out since it was the best blow job he had ever received. And they did usually passing up the real hot studs who made their money sucking guys off for a living. I would end up having to suck off at least ten guys during a two hour stint at the cinema. 

   I know you´re all thinking what I did was to the extreme but I was and still am the best cocksucker in Medellin sucking off the biggest cocks that the country of Colombia has to offer. I live with a black guy now who after receiving a blow job from me left his wife for the fact I can make him cum  with a blow job from start to finish without having his big black cock scraped by some guy´s teeth. Besides if you met me on the street I have the best natural looking set of teeth and wouldn´t in a hundred years think they were fake.

   I still think fondly about the black guy I had hooked up with in Queens. I still remember him sucking my cock and swallowing me to my hairy balls. He was a real expert  and gave me some real good advice. Being in Colombian it is hard to find a cock that is normal size, their cocks are usually 10 to 11 inches minimum. I even had the opportunity to suck the brother of the friend I live with. He had a huge cock and was astounded at my talent . To this day he still comes to me for for a real good blow job.I know for a fact that I would be unable to suck his long fat cock without hearing him say watch your teeth, but since I can remove my dentures I haven´t heard this  complaint in years.

I even had the opportunity to suck  the father of my friend and his brother who cock was one of the biggest I have ever sucked off. Jose came for the weekend for a doctor´s appointment and his son was out of town for the weekend. It happened very innocently when he came to my room after taking a shower. He asked my whether I had an  extra pair of shorts to wear around the house and as I handed him the shorts he let  the towel around his waist  drop to the floor. He was so hung I gave him a compliment saying it was the biggest black cock I had seen in my life and it was still in its soft state. He noticed that I kept staring at his cock as he put on the shorts. and I swear I saw it start to rise and lengthen. He was sort of embarassed and I  told him his son, Jhon was telling the truth. I told him Jhon had said his father had a huge black cock, upon hearing this his cock continued to lengthen. He asked me whether I had had ever sucked a black guy off. I said a few times but nothing so big stroking his ego. He smiled and asked whether I wanted to try my hand at sucking his cock. I told him sure just as the doorbell rang . It was his son who had come to take him to the doctor´s appointment  the next morning. Jose said maybe I could try my luck at getting a huge load of cum from his balls next by sucking his cock real good, when he came to Medellin again for his monthly  appointment with his doctor. I told him I hoped next time there wouldn´t be any interruption since I wanted to show him my talent. Before I answered the door I asked him if I could take his cock into my mouth and see if I could swallow it. He  dropped his shorts and I swallowed his huge tool to his big heavy balls. He moaned as he withdrew and said ¨No one had ever been able to do that.¨We quickly got ourselves together and I went to answer the door. All I kept think what a wasted opportunity. I had to wait another month til I had that cock in my mouth again,but then there would be no turning back.







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