Mark was a young 20 year old lad. He loved going to his mate adams house. The two were the best of mates. One day adams mam was out and mark knocked and got no answer so went in side. he climbed the stairs to adams room pushed open the door and there was adam lying naked on his bed with his 8 inch cock in his had. Mark stood there just looking. Adam got up and walked towards mark cock standing straight. Touch it said adam. So mark took hold of adams cock. at the moment marks cock stared growing. Quick as a flash adam had mark naked and on his bed cheeks spread aprart with his head at the entrance hold to marks ass. U ready he said mark nodded and adam pushed had into marks virgin ass. Mark screamed adam did not care he just thrust up against mark harder and deeper with every push. until adam could not hold it any longer and relasead his white load inside of mark.



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