Ben was wide awake, his last day of being 17 and he knew what he was gonna do at 12 that night. his parents had gone to sleep and he had a hard on as he was thinking of james, his crush for the past 3 years. James had a slight ginger tinge to his hair, was small and wiry and he had the cutest baby face ever.

Ben snuck out of the back door and checked he had the essentials for the nights fun; Lube and jonnys, it was now 11:45 and it took 20 mins to walk to James' house. it was legal he decided.

James was ready to greet him with his dark blue beautiful eyes contrasting with his floorless pale skin, he had a VERY cheaky grin on his face. He led Ben up to his room and said 'my mom and dad are out till tommorow morning, so lets have fun. Ben stripped of to reveal the start of a washboard body, and his cock, already erect to its full 7.5 inches. James on the other hand had no pubic hair and his cock was hard, but only to its full 5.5 inches, he was only just of the legal age for sex in that state, 15 and has had an urge to pop his rose bud since he met Ben at the age of 12.

ben put on a condom and lubed up as james nervously licked his lips preparing himself. ben worked in slow as jame shut his eyes tight and started a painful groan, but ben took no notice and kept up the pressure. suddenly that was it ben was in and james only felt a little stretch, no major pain. ben started thrusting as james moaned a pleasurable bu tpainful moan and it lasted no more than five minuites, ben cummed and james couldnt move for about 2 minuites after ben withdrew.

Ben leant down and got james' balls and flacid dick in his mouth and sucked, james could only cum for 2 months prior to this and you could see the pleasure. ben swallowed it all as james moved to return the favour, blood trickling down his leg from the earlier round.

after another half an hour or so of licking each others anuses and ass fucking each other they went to bed, ben bareback with no lube inside james before they fell asleep.




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