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Hi guys, here's the new chapter! There's no sex this time, but there will be next chapter. I was just trying to set the scene for the move back from Paris to England and maybe flesh out some characters who will be major parts of the storyline from now on... so please don't be put off, and I promise it will get back to the sex ASAP. Thanks! ;)

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All good things have to come to an end, and so it was with our trip to Paris. I flew home in my old boy-clothes, since I didn't have a strategy yet for telling my Mum and everyone about becoming Jacqui.

When I got home, I pretended everything was normal, that we had a fun trip, etc etc. There was only my Mum to deal with - my father was dead and I was an only child, so it wasn't difficult to maintain the fiction with her. Daddy's situation at home was a bit more tricky - he had both parents around, plus a sister (the same age) to deal with. The other four from the trip had been sworn to secrecy by Daddy until he figured out what to do.

We snuck around with our secret for a while, before Daddy decided we had to come clean so that we could start to build a proper relationship together. We were halfway through the summer holidays, having just finished school and getting ready to start university in September.

Daddy decided his sister, Cassie, ought to be the first to know. He talked to her for a while in his bedroom while I sat quietly, all dressed up in the bathroom. When she saw me walk into the room, she said she supported us whatever we wanted to do with a moment's hesitation, and even said that we should become girlfriends - she could take me shopping, show me how to do my make-up better ("My brother knows some tricks, but he is a man after all!" she said) and even introduce me to some of the girls she knew. Some of them I knew as well, but I needed to be reintroduced as my new self, as Jacqui.

My confidence buoyed, Daddy suggested my mother next. This was way more difficult, but Daddy and Cassie helped me plan for it. I wore a smart outfit that Cassie had picked out at the store - a tight-fitting white crop top with a push-up bra and a dark grey pencil skirt (with a gap of skin in between), with some mid-heeled black leather shoes too.  I didn't wear any jewellery, since I wasn't trying to be pretty today - just showing Mum that I was truly a girl. Cassie also helped me fix my hair. It had grown since Paris, so I was able to get a chin-length undercut, parted to one side and falling down in stylish blonde waves just short of my shoulders (of course, I wore it differently when I was still pretending to be a boy).

Daddy decided we shouldn't try any tricks - I should just tell Mum everything and let her react. I was scared stiff - what if she couldn't accept me? What if she was disgusted by me? How would I even be able to tell her? Daddy also thought that it should be a family conversation, so he would stay away

I sat in the living room of my house one afternoon, waiting for her to get back from work. When she got back, I was expecting a gasp, or a scream, or just shocked silence. But instead, Mum just smiled.

"Mum, I've got something to tell you -" I began, but she cut me off.

"Hello, Jacqui," she said, nonchalantly. I gasped. "I've been waiting a long time to meet you."

I stared at my mother in shock - the tables had been turned, and I was the one with the surprise. "But... how did you know?"

"Jacqui, I've known you for 18 years. I've always known that this was a possibility - you've always been more feminine than the boys you hang out with. And ever since you got back from Paris, I've seen the way you've acted with Will here. I knew something was going on, so I investigated. I checked your phone and computer and bedroom and I found everything I need to know."

"So you know everything?" I asked.

"Dear, you can't hide anything from me. Of course I know everything. I know you're with Will now, and I know you have something special with him, and that's all that matters. Gay, fem, trans - they're all just labels, but what really matters is whether you love each other, and that much is obvious. So I support you one hundred percent, Jacqui, and I'll help you manage your transition however I can."

I was starting to tear up. It felt so good to be understood by her, to be accepted. "But, Mum, if you've read my messages, you must know that we aren't exactly a normal couple. He's Daddy to me now, you know..." I trailed off.

"Honey, that doesn't shock me. Hell, I met plenty of people in the same sort of situation as you in college. It isn't normal, no, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Will has always looked out for you, and your real dad died years ago, so it's only natural that you should put Will in that role, in your head at least. But anyway, just know this: whether you're Jack or Jacqui or anything else you decide later, I will always accept you for who you are. I love you, Jacqui."

I sniffled and threw myself into a hug. "I love you too, Mum!"

* * *

The next day, Daddy did the same with his parents. I wasn't there, but Daddy told me later that they weren't hugely pleased, but resigned themselves to it, seeing that they couldn't do much to change things, and apparently they consoled themselves by counting themselves lucky that their son was the Daddy of the relationship. But they certainly didn't want anything going on in their house, so Daddy's father (who made a lot of money as a financier in the City) offered him a cottage on the outskirts of town, at least until we went to uni in a couple of months.

My old friends generally discarded me in fear of the repercussions if they were seen hanging out with me - I was a bit hurt by the way my new Uncles from the trip dumped me, since I'd thought we had some sort of connection. They were happy to stay friends with Daddy though - they thought he was on some sort of experiment, and it didn't shake his social standing at all.

But I was fine with all that. Daddy was my world now, and I even had Cassie and Mum as well, and I might become friends with some other girls soon. Plus now that Daddy had his own place, I could move in with him! (Although Mum did say she wanted me to stay at home a couple of nights a week.) There were no distractions now, no obstructions to my love for Daddy ... I couldn't wait for my new life to begin properly!



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