I woke up late the next morning. Still half-asleep, I reached blindly for Daddy's presence next to me on the double bed. I realised that I was fumbling at air, so I opened my eyes to look for him. 

He was standing above me, silently, with a stern look on his face, and behind him stood the other guys.

"What's the matter, Daddy?" I asked innocently.

He snorted sarcastically. "What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG? I'll tell you what's wrong, you lazy bitch - I'm awake, and you weren't! I want to start every day from now on by dumping my cum in your worthless throat, but instead, you were sleeping, enjoying yourself - AT MY EXPENSE."

I started to cry. "Please, Daddy, please don't hurt me! I promise I'll always be up before you from now on - please, I just want to serve you!" 

Daddy thought for a moment, and relaxed slightly, almost imperceptibly. "I'm sure you will, Jacqui, but I need to make sure you learn your lesson, that my pleasure are always more important than yours. So I'm afraid Daddy is going to spank you 10 times. I want you to count each one, and thank me for it at the end. Understand?"

I nodded my assent, mascara-tinted tears running down my cheeks, to a disgusted chorus of insults and suchlike from the four guys.

"It's fucking pathetic," said Freddie.

"Jesus, how were we ever friends with such a wreck?" said Louis, with a snarl.

I did my best to ignore them as Daddy pushed me over his knee so that my bare ass pointed upwards. The first slap, hard and fast, surprised me and I shrieked in pain. When I had caught my breath, I started to count them.

"One ... two... three ... ... eight ... nine ... ten."

Finally the assault stopped, and I was abruptly dropped onto the floor to massage my bruised skin. Then, I remembered Daddy's final instruction, and said, "Thank you for correcting me, Daddy. I'll make sure to learn my lesson next time."

Daddy looked back at me. "Oh, we're not done yet. I need you to ALWAYS remember that I'm in control, wherever you go. I was only going to use this for a short time, for some excitement while we're out and about in town today, but I see now that it's going to have to be a more permanent solution, at least until you prove that you can be a proper slut." With that, he brought out a male chastity belt. It looked weird, like there were lots of extra features.

As Daddy clamped it onto my clit, he told me about it: "It's been specially designed to be worn for long periods of time. It's semi-adjustable, but you won't be able to get your clit anywhere near all the way up, but it will be able to expand in terms of girth and length. It has a slit so that you can pee as well, and it's waterproof. But, best of all, it's connected to an app on my phone. Wherever I am, I will always be able to press a button and your clit will start to vibrate. If you're really naughty, I can go to full power, which, I promise you, will really hurt."

Daddy then had me get ready for the day ahead. I showered first, to remove all the cum from the night before and douched in case Daddy wanted to use my pussy again today. Then I applied my make-up, trying to stay as true as possible to what Daddy showed me last night. I went easy on my face, as I wanted to look like I was a girl on a normal day-out with her Daddy, so I couldn't look too slut (in public at least!).

I then worked on my hair a little, which was definitely the part of my new body I was most proud of. I used to have a pure blond mop (courtesy of my late father who had immigrated from Sweden) in a sort-of emo-ish style, down almost to my shoulders. But now, with the magic Daddy had used last night, with hair straighteners, lotions, even a little hair-cut among other techniques, I now had a school-girl fringe sweeping diagonally across my forehead, while the on the back and sides my shining hair reached far down. 

From the neck up, there could be no doubt that I was a girl, and a hot one at that. From the neck down was a different story. Yes, my shoulders had never broadened out and I consequently had what might very tentatively be termed natural feminine curves. Yes, my body, completely hairless now, looked more womanly than ever before, and yes, I had a slim, toned build, with thin, muscle-less arms and almost nothing where real men had abs. But despite all that, I was slightly sad. Despite all that could be done through cosmetic, I had no tits, and while I knew what protuded from my crotch was 100% a clit, I also knew that biologically, it would have to be called a penis. Hopefully though, I could ignore that for a while and show my true self to the world. Maybe Daddy could buy me some padded bras, for example. And, as a very helpful surprise, I realised that one of the advantages of my clit cage was that it bent my clit back at a savage angle, between my legs. This meant a few things. Firstly, no-one could see a bulge there if I was walking along the street. Secondly, it meant I would have to pee sitting down, like a proper lady. And thirdly, it pushed my legs outwards slightly, giving me a very womanly swish of the hips with every step I took. 

So overall, I was very proud of myself in the mirror, and left the bathroom to see what outfit Daddy had chosen for me. 

He didn't disappoint. He'd laid out a white blouse, patterned with flowers, a tight mini-skirt, and some hot pumps to wear on my feat. Even better, he'd a bra with some padding in it, just as I'd been hoping, plus some hot panties. I also had a little heart-shaped necklace to hang around my neck - I was spoilt rotten!

After breakfast, we all wandered around Paris together. Daddy held his arm around me the whole time, and I got many appreciative glances from the lads (even a few wolf-whistles, which made me giggle madly each time!). A few girls even talked to me about my clothes, and I really felt like one of them.

In the evening, we went out for dinner to a fancy Italian restaurant. But just before I opened the menu, Daddy clasped my arm to stop me.

"Jacqui, I'm afraid you're not going to be eating the food here. I spent too much money on you last night - there's none left for your food. But, while we eat, I'm sure we can each feed you underneath the tablecloth - isn't that right boys?" 

Uncles Sean, Freddie, Louis and Alex all agreed, and I got to work. Of course, I went to please Daddy first, unzipping his trousers to unveil the Lady-Killer, the 10" long club he used to batter the opposite sex into submission.

I took the head into my mouth first, savouring the taste of all the sweat that had accumulated there during the day. I ran my tongue all the way up and down the side of his cock and gradually deep-throated him. My practice the previous night paid off, as I could get the whole sausage down my throat before bouncing my head up and down, taking short gasps of air at the top to sustain me. 

My clit was ready to burst at this point, so hard had it become by this act of pure submission, humiliating myself in a public place, even risking arrest for indecency just to please Daddy. But my little dicklet was still locked up, and I realised how sensible Daddy had been when he caged it that morning - now, I could forget about my own sexual release, since there was no chance of it happening, and instead, I could focus on giving Daddy the best head I possibly could. 

As Daddy approached orgasm, he clasped his hand below the table to hold me down on his throat. My vision clouded as a result of lack of air when he finally exploded, lashing my throat with his tasty cream, rivulets of jizz running into my stomach. I could help but think that it was me, in fact, who was having the best meal.

I worked my way around the table as the conversation proceeded above me, but really my mind stayed on the thought of Daddy's huge cock. The others had been fun while Daddy was away last night, but they were no comparison really. I'd had no real emotional connection with them except for some laddish banter before my transformation, and it was evident now that they had no idea how to treat a girl properly - they were loutish and insulting, domineering when they had no right to be, quite unlike my Daddy. Daddy was perfect. He looked after me, cared for me, protected me, even loved me. He knew what he wanted and he took it, and he knew that he owned me. It was my job, my duty, my privilege to obey him and love him back. He wasn't afraid to correct me when I was out of line and when he was harsh, I knew that he always had a reason. But above all, I was his. He had become the centre of my world, and I would have done anything for him, especially as he had given me the greatest gift of all, helping me find my true self, as Daddy's little angel.

So I wasn't too pleased when Uncle Freddie started to thrust upwards as I serviced him, hitting my head against the bottom of the table. Of course, I still enjoyed being fed by the boys as one of the many perks of my new position, but it wasn't the same as with Daddy. I found myself looking forward to the end of our weekend trip tomorrow, since then I could avoid the others and spend more time with Daddy. If I came out to my mum right away (my dad had died when I was a baby), then maybe she wouldn't stop me from starting to build a real relationship with Daddy. Hell, if we both did well in our A-Level exams, we might even be going to the same university!

I worked my way around the table until I'd had five loads down my throat and my appetite was sated. I rose back up to my chair by coincidence just as the bill was paid. Daddy patted my head in congratulation and I daringly gave him a peck on the cheek.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to reserve the room tonight, boys," announced Daddy to the table. "I have some plans for Jacqui and myself for the next few hours, so no-one is allowed back there, at least until 3 or 4 o'clock."

There was no argument. If anything, this trip had only reinforced Daddy's leadership of the group. The others quickly decided to go clubbing, since that was the purpose of the trip in the first place, while Daddy and I worked through his 'plans' (God, that made me so wet I could feel the pressure in my clit cage build almost to breaking point!).

When we returned to the room, there was no romance. Daddy was curt and direct with his orders, and I followed them, knowing the consequences should I disobey him.

"Strip," he said. I complied. Daddy took a black blindfold out and wrapped it around my head, stripping me of my vision. Next he pinned my arms behind my back and handcuffed them, revealing my hairless pits and rendering me more helpless than ever. But I knew I could trust my Daddy, so I went along with it. 

He dragged me to the bathroom and forced me to my knees. I instinctively opened my mouth, and felt the huge head of Daddy's knob rest lightly on my red-painted lips. 

"Jacqui, you agreed to become my personal slut last night in this very room, and you agreed always to obey me. I want to take you beyond your normal limits, to things you would never have dreamed of doing but which you will come to love doing as you keep serving me. And one way in which you can serve me is to become my toilet slave, ready to drink my piss wherever I am and save me a trip to the toilet. So I'm going to piss down your throat now, and I'm sure you know what will happen if you resist."

I was scared of this next step, but ready for it. And I definitely wasn't disgusted - anything that came from Daddy's body was a delicacy, a treasure to be begged for and savoured. I kept my mouth wide open as the flood-gates burst. My mouth quickly filled, so I opened my the entrance to my throat and just let it pour down. 

The taste was heavenly. It was like a flavoured water, but the special flavour was Daddy. As I gulped down this nectar, my clit awoke again with a roar, and strained for release. Thinking of what I looked like was an incredible turn-on: handcuffed, blindfolded, wearing lingerie, gulping down piss, I was at the pinnacle of humiliation. My manhood and my liberty had been stripped away, and I had placed myself fully into another's care which was a great relief. Besides the sexual aspect, which was, of course, wonderful, there was the realisation that I would always have my Daddy, to teach and nurture me and protect me through life's struggles - I no longer had to fend for myself, that was now my Daddy's job.

A job he was carrying out right now, letting me rehydrate directly from him. As the torrent came to an end, I savoured the last mouthful before swallowing that too. 

"You did good, babe," came the soothingly deep voice of Daddy. "And now it's time for the main act."

With that, he lifted me up from under my armpits and pecked me on the forehead. He then attached another device to me - a ball gag this time, as he walked me to the double bed. With various ropes and handcuffs, he locked me onto the bed. I lay with my back facing downwards, my arms cuffed together above my head, and then fastened with another rope to the corner of the bed. My pussy was lifted upwards by a couple of pillows and my shaved legs were spread, pointing to two different corners of the bed.

While I settled into position, I heard Daddy taking photos of me, but I was unable to ask why or to ask him to stop. If anything, I kind of liked the thought of other people knowing about the new me - my exhibitionist side was really flaring up! I eventually heard him put it down on the table to my left - I was later to find out that he was now recording a video.

Next, I heard a match being struck, and something being lit above my chest. A drop of something searingly hot fell onto my drop, as I realised it was a candle, and that was wax. I screamed through my gag, to no avail. Soon though, I was able to think through the pain and remember that I must never be disrespectful, or scorn anything that Daddy does for me, so I stopped making noise and focussed on what else Daddy was doing.

Suddenly, vibrations tingled through what had once been my dick and balls, as Daddy finally used the app on his phone to make my clit cage even more torturous. I cried out again, but in pleasure this time, as I finally understood Daddy's objective - he was using every possible means to humiliate me, even potentially in front of other people through the camera, in order to destroy my sense of pride and arrogance in myself, to destroy the notion that I was my own person, so that Daddy could start to build me up again in a new image, not only as a little girl called Jacqui, but also as a bitch, a slut, a sissy, a slave

I was the most excited I had ever been to embark on this journey of submission with Daddy, and I awaited what was to come.

Finally, we got to the sex. Daddy moved my panties to the side, dropped a meagre few drops of lube onto my pussy hole, then drove in. There was no relent this time, unlike last night, as his monster cock reached its hilt, slapping his balls against the cheeks of my pussy. I couldn't help but release a yelp, as Daddy immediately withdrew and started to thrust in and out like a jackhammer. Over and over, he fucked me hard and fast. 

The pain was not long in disappearing behind a wave of pleasure. I felt as though I were on drugs since I was higher than I had ever been before. I was writhing as much as I could within my bonds, shouting muffled exclamations of joy and sliding my pussy back and forth to accommodate Daddy's dick better.

Every thrust, he touched my G-spot, sending electric tingles throughout my body and sending an order to my clit to get as hard as possible within the vibrating cage. 

My loss of vision enhanced all my other senses. I still tasted the cum and the piss from earlier, both delicious reminders of my station; I smelt the manly musk of sweat on Daddy's body and the indefinable but delectable scent which marked him out; I heard his grunts and his groans, the slapping and scraping of our skin; but most importantly, I felt. I felt Daddy's huge balls slapping on my pussy cheeks, I felt his hairy chest with my legs as they pointed straight upwards, while his arms roamed all over my body, tickling here, slapping there, pinching somewhere else, all eliciting high-pitched noises from me.

His cock was still skewering me, filling my canal up to the brim, massaging my prostate and every other nerve down there. I felt continually like I was on the brink of orgasm, even though I was restricted to having a semi, and I hadn't even touched it, but I managed to hold off from cumming - I knew that Daddy only put me in the chastity belt in the first place to deny me release.

Daddy had incredible staying power and just kept ploughing my cunt for what I can only guess was almost half an hour while I screamed with joy beneath him. All good things must come to an end though, and I finally felt his cock jerk a bit in my pussy and he held his breath. A second or two later, he ejaculated. Cum swept all over the inside of my fanny, whipping its walls, filling it up with Daddy's manly seed. After a few bursts, Daddy withdrew from my hole, and continued to spurt his juice on my slim torso as well.

I had no idea how he produced so much jizz but somehow he managed. He finally finished as cum dripped out of my pussy and off the sides of my stomach too and I felt sluttier than ever before.

Then something amazing happened to me. All the sexual energy from the holiday, everything I'd learnt about myself, my erstwhile friends and my new Daddy, all that I hoped was to come, all of it suddenly collected somewhere deep inside me and then spread outwards throughout my body.

It was not the orgasm I knew from my male life. It was not explosive: rather, it percolated through every ounce of my being, from the hair on my head to the tips of my toes. I arched my back in pure ecstasy and gave a long, lasting moan of pure, unadulterated pleasure, as though nothing in the world mattered anymore except my Daddy, and that his happiness was mine.

More than ever, I felt closer to my Daddy, my master, my lover, my protector and I realised that I had truly lost my masculinity. Even on the biological side - I could take hormones, I could even have surgery. But even now, with none of that, I felt more female than ever before, as this lasting orgasm tingled in every particle of my being. My clit was still soft, no cum had escaped it - this was a female orgasm in a female body.

It lasted for about a minute, and I could hear Daddy standing above me, and I knew he would be watching in amazement as I came, without cumming. As the aftershocks faded away, Daddy removed my gags, cuffs, chains and blindfold. He kissed me full on the lips, for a good couple of minutes.

When he broke off the kiss, I looked into those impenetrable eyes of his, and said, "I love you, Daddy. I love you so much, I want to be with you forever as your little sweetheart. I want to take hormones, I want to dress up pretty for you, I want to live with you no matter what my mum says, I want to go to the same university as you and stay with you afterwards. Please, Daddy, I love you - I want to serve you forever."

Daddy was taken aback - I hadn't spoken that much since the moment of my transformation, or even before. Then a loving look swept his face again, as he said quietly to me: "Darling, I think that can be arranged."



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