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None of the other four had bothered to put their clothes back on, and no-one had given me permission to do so. The TV was on, and my new masters were half-watching it, but mainly chatting about me - how I had just performed, and the things they would make me do in future. They were all sitting on the double bed in the hotel dormitory, while I sat quietly at the foot of the bed, still drenched in cum.

About fifteen minutes after the sex ended, Daddy arrived back, carrying several bags, whose contents I couldn't see.

"Well, I see our little slut has had quite the initiation!" Daddy exclaimed. It might seem odd that I should think of him as my Daddy, but it really isn't. I lost my father when I was a baby, and I have always looked up to Will as a sort of father, or older brother at the very least, partially because he looked at least a decade older than me, and partially because he had always looked after me, protecting me from bullies, setting me up with other girls (naive though it seems now), and generally always being there for me. I would have done anything for Will, and the fact that he wanted our relationship to go up a notch could only have delighted me. THAT was why I was proud to call him my Daddy.

Daddy continued, speaking to the other men in the room: "I know you've all had fun with Jack tonight, and God knows I'm going to have some fun with him later on. But the thing is, I'm not gay, and I don't want to bring myself down to his level by fucking a boy. I want to fuck a girl. I want to fuck Jacqui, not Jack. And I just bought everything I need to turn him into a sweet little sissy who we can all enjoy." 

My dick tingled at the thought. What had he bought? What was he going to do to me? 

Daddy beckoned me to follow him into the bathroom, and I silently obeyed, with the curious faces of the other four watching me go. Daddy locked the door behind me, and pushed me softly against the wall to talk to me. 

"Jack, we've known each other for a long time, and I've always felt you're the one I've always been closest to. That's why I want this - the other four are meaningless, they're just here for the sex, and they'll be pretty much done with you when we go back to England. I thought we weren't going to go very far with this, but then I saw how quickly you changed, and I realised, this is the real you. And then I realised that I felt exactly the same way to you. You see, Jack, we have a special bond, and taking it to the next level is only going to make it more special.

"You can say no," he continued. "We can stop this right here and right now, and go back to the way things were. But I know you want to do this. You've always been Jacqui - no, you've always been my Jacqui, and it's time to really become her. It won't be easy - I'll be a tough Daddy, and you will have to do exactly as I say, forever, but I know you can't say no. So, are you in?"

My lip had been trembling the whole time, and I finally broke out into a teary smile. "Yes, Daddy, yes! Please help me turn into Jacqui! I want this more than anything in the world!"

With that, Daddy leaned in and kissed me forcefully and briefly. "Let's get started then," he said.

Daddy had me shower thoroughly first primarily to remove the cum. I used a women's shampoo and conditioner that he had found for me and various female body lotions too. Afterwards, he gave me a razor to remove all my body hair, except for the long blond hair on the top of my head, helping me to reach the most difficult areas. Then he taught me to clean my ass with a douche, before letting me towel off and sit in the chair in front of the mirror. 

Daddy's mother was a beautician, so he knew what to do. With curlers, straighteners, creams and lotions, he transformed me into a beautiful young sissy. By the time he was done with me, no-one could have known I had been born male. My blond mop was now in an elegant feminine swish, my lips were a glossy red, my skin now had a toned colour and smooth texture. I was now wearing mascara, foundation, eyeliner, and various other bits and pieces. 

I wasn't wearing much, presumably since I would be staying in the room tonight, just some white lingerie, which held my clitty (as Daddy called it) tightly, underneath a revealing nightgown. Add that to my naturally androgynous facial structure and my high(ish) lispy voice, and you've got yourself a proper woman! 

"You're so pretty, my angel," Daddy whispered into my ear, before pecking me on the cheek. "Now we can show you to the men."

He opened the door to the bedroom, and I saw four stunned faces looking back. I even got a wolf-whistle from Freddie.

Daddy immediately laid down the ground rules to the others. "Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Jacqui, the newest member of our group. She belongs to me both on this trip and afterwards. I know you knew her when she was still Jack, but I want you to know that Jack doesn't exist anymore, and you can't take any more liberties with her, now that she has become her true self - she's under my protection. Now, I'll let you get to know her a little bit, but just remember that she isn't yours, and you always have to get my permission to do anything to her. Okay?"

The others nodded their assent, still transfixed by my transformation.

"Now, I've changed my mind about names - I was thinking earlier that since I'm her Daddy, and you're all my friends, she should be calling you Uncle. And you, of course, can call her anything you want." (That line got a bit of a laugh) 

Uncle Sean (how odd to think of him like that!) spoke up: "So when do we get to fuck her? Properly, I mean, in her ass?"

"Sean, remember, Jacqui's a girl - she doesn't have an ass, only a pussy. And she has no dick either, only a clitty. And what I think is, she's still a virgin, so I figure out of all of us, it should be her Daddy to break in her pussy. Then maybe later her favourite Uncles should have a shot," Daddy replied.

He lifted me up in his huge, hairy arms, and laid me down on the bed. I felt so vulnerable, yet so safe, protected by my Daddy who, after all, stood almost a foot and a half taller than me. First of all, Daddy had me sit up so that I could get him hard with my mouth (my new blowjob skills paid off now that I had to work with his 12 inch monster), before he moved back down to my pussy.

Daddy took out a bottle of lube, and smeared plenty of it on his dick and my pussy. I shivered with anticipation as I waited to be taken by my Daddy in the last step of my transition into a sissy over the course of a night.

Daddy pulled me to the end of the bed and lifted my legs high, so my ankles rested on his shoulders, exposing my pussy for him. He lifted his cock, and with a sudden push, the head burst through my sphincter.

"Aaaaaaaaargh!" I yelled. The pain was excruciating. I couldn't think of anything else at that moment but the need to escape Daddy's cock, so I squirmed and wriggled, almost all the way off. Fortunately though, Daddy had expected this, and so he quickly held me down, and called for my Uncles to help pin me down.

"Shhhh", Daddy said. "This will only hurt for a minute. You'll love it soon enough. Just be patient for me."

With his soothing words, I calmed down, and bit down on the pain as Daddy's cock continued its passage up my canal, even though it felt like I was being ripped apart by his Coke can width. After a few minutes, stopping and starting, Daddy bottomed out and he held himself there for a while.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked with a wry smile. I shook my head, since it was true. I was quickly acclimatising and I was even beginning to feel some pleasure from having him so far up my pussy.

Next, Daddy began the proper fucking. He brought his dick most of the way out of me, then thrust quickly back in. In and out, in and out, over and over again. He had me squealing with delight, as he touched every nerve ending inside me. A couple of inches in, there was an area that would make me gasp for air every time Daddy's cock ran past it. But it wasn't just the physical pleasure: I got the most pleasure from the sense I had that I was understood, and loved, and that someone was there to protect and nurture me. All he asked in return was my loyalty, obedience and love, and that was what made me happiest.

My clitty was so hard at this point that I had to jerk off with it, but I knew to ask Daddy first. "Daddy, please can I play with my clitty?" 

Daddy gave the affirmative inbetween grunts, and after a couple of strokes, I erupted all over myself. One streak even landed on my cheek, and the rest on my body. Seeing that I now had both hands and my mouth free, Daddy called over the others, and told me to blow them and jerk them off. 

The pounding Daddy was giving me had my head spinning, so I wasn't able to co-ordinate myself properly. I ended up focussing on Uncle Freddie's dick which I put in my mouth, while my other Uncles jerked off around me. They'd had time to recharge, so it didn't take long to blow all over my pretty face and ruin my make-up. I had jizz all over myself again in a very short time, and I even got to swallow some of Freddie's.

Meanwhile Daddy kept on going with his incredible stamina, and once again I concentrated on the electric jolts running up my body from my pussy. His fucking was unrelenting, but at last he gave a louder grunt, and I felt his dick start to throb inside me.

"Get ready, bitch, it's coming!" he half-shouted.

Five seconds later, I felt cum wash the walls of my pussy. It filled me up so well it started to drip out of the sides of my fanny, around where he still held his dick deep inside me. At last, the flood subsided, and he withdrew his dick and stuck it in my mouth, where he let me suck my pussy juices and his cum from his dick.

Looking deep into my eyes, Daddy smiled and said, "We're going to be doing a lot more of this from now on, slut. Hope you know what you signed up for!".

With that, he kissed me again, and lay down on the other side of the double bed, with the others returning to their bunks. Daddy held me soothingly after he had turned out the lights, and I was asleep in no time.



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