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As Will, my new Daddy, left the room to go on his mysterious shopping errand, I was left on my knees in the middle of the room, watching the other four to see who would feed me their cock first. They all crowded round me, and Alex stepped forward first. He made me strip completely naked, then he stood confidently in front of me with his 7" dick right next to my face. With the base in his hand, he slapped me in the face with his cock, smearing precum on my cheeks.

"Well, then, Jacqui, don't you want my cock, you slut?" Alex said to me leeringly, as all the other laughed. Seeing me naked, defenceless and demeaning myself in front of them, fuelled by the alcohol, my friends had let loose with all their sexual aggression and they seemed to be regarding me more and more as a worthless object, a passive receptacle for all their fantasies, rather than as a fellow friend.

But I didn't care. This situation was turning me on so much that I wanted to become their slut. I was ready to do whatever they told me, however far they wanted to take it. My dick was standing at full attention, and I was desperate to jerk myself off, so I dropped my right hand to start doing so.

Louis, who was standing to my right, immediately grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Bitch, you need to start learning pretty fucking quickly - you don't get to pleasure yourself until we're satisfied, and we're not going to be satisfied until your face is covered in our cum and your mouth is drenched. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," I replied, meekly. I took Alex's cock in my hand and then into my mouth. It was easy at first - I'd seen girls do this in porn before. Careful not to use my teeth, I enveloped the bulbous head of Alex's cock with my lips, and slowly took more into my mouth. When I had about two thirds of it in, the tip hit the back of my throat, and my gag reflex hit in. I started to pull off to start the blowjob properly, but Alex quickly put a stop to that.

"No, you're going to take my whole cock down your throat, you get me? You're gonna have to learn to deep throat us sooner or later."

I felt someone else's hand on the back of my head, pushing me further onto Alex's dick. Eventually I suppressed my urge to gag and stopped coughing, and let his dick slide into my throat. The feeling I got when he bottomed out was incredible. I couldn't breathe, but my nose was sitting in Alex's pubes, all sweaty from the evening's excitement. The smell filled my nostrils, and I felt incredibly dirty as I realised what had just happened - my deepest fantasies had come true, I had submitted completely to the people I respect most in my life, and, more importantly, they had accepted my service. I knew that Daddy (as I now willed myself to think of him) had only intended for this arrangement to last for a week, so I determined that I would have to be the best slut they had ever known, I would have to prove to them that I wanted to transform into their little Jacqui, that I would gladly lose my friendship with them, if only I could give them my love and obedience and service. 

All this ran through my mind as Alex held his dick in my throat, and then withdrew. He almost took the whole thing out, then thrust it back in, over and over, using my mouth like a pussy. Every time he thrusted forward into my face, his balls slapped into my chin, making a clapping sound to accompany his moaning and the encouragements of my other abusers. I revelled in the dirty sensation of his cock sliding in and out of my throat as Alex held my head still, and I was content to watch his pubes and dick as they yo-yoed away from me.

All of a sudden, Alex took his whole cock out of my mouth and tilted my head up to look at him, telling me: "Get ready, slut, I'm gonna cum - open up!"

I opened my mouth as wide as I could to catch as much of the cum as possible that was now spurting out of his jap's-eye in long, viscous ropes. The first stream landed all along the left side of my face, from my hair down to the corner of my mouth, including a little bit that went in my eye. Alex changed his aim and the next spurt splashed into my mouth. I did my best to collect all of it with my tongue, but some slipped out and ran down my chin.

Alex cummed a prodigious amount - at least 6 big spurts, then many smaller ones. I swallowed as fast as I could, trying to savour the salty taste as I did so, honoured to have been granted the honour of pleasing Alex. I tried my sluttiest face as I looked plaintively up, locking eyes with him as rope after rope of his splendid cream flooded my mouth and also hit my face several times.

At last he was done, and I flashed forward to clean his dick of all the delicious residue that remained. It was at this point, as I relished the taste in my mouth and gazed, in awe, at my benefactor, that I realised that my rock-hard dick couldn't take the pressure anymore. Without even touching it, my puny dick suddenly erupted over the floor, and I moaned into Alex's cock while I washed it.

Everyone laughed at me. "Look at the slut - she loves your cock so much, she just squirted through that over-sized clit she calls a dick!" was one choice insult from Freddie.

Oh God, that only made me hornier to have my masculinity reduced to this, where I no longer even had a dick in their eyes, only a pathetic clit. 

When I finished up with Alex, he moved away with a disgusted grunt and let Sean fill the gap. He was already approaching orgasm from wanking while watching me degrade myself earlier, so he only took a few minutes to cum. When he did, he held his long dick even deeper down my throat than Alex had, and came directly down into my stomach. I was choking for air when he came back up, and I couldn't even taste the cum since he'd by-passed my tongue, but I was so happy to have been fed by him that I didn't care.  

Only a few seconds later, Freddie, was was standing to my right and jerking himself off furiously, couldn't take it anymore and jizzed violently onto the right side of my face, and I felt new globs of man-juice in my ear, eye, on my nose, cheeks and some which had dripped onto my shoulder. He then moved off along with Alex and Sean and stood round me, leering and jacking themselves off again while Louis finally took his turn. 

On his instruction, I wetted his cock a little bit with my spit and then held my face back from his dick, and jacked his enormous member off with both hands. He took about two minutes before he reached the point of no return. 

"Thank you, Sir," I said weakly, before opening my mouth again, as we locked eyes and he finally came. He spurted buckets, all over my face, into my mouth, on my neck, and dripping down my smooth chest. 

At last, he was done. They were all done for now. I gave their dicks a few final licks to wash them off and they lifted me up off my knees. They all ruffled my hair, or gave me encouraging pats on the back, being careful to avoid the cum, as they praised my performance.

"You know, Jacqui, you weren't half bad," said Sean.

"Screw that! Bitch, you're the best I've had since... well, I don't know when!" said Freddie.

"Damn fucking right! We're gonna have a great time with Jacqui here to serve us - hell, I don't even think we need to find any other girls to fuck, when we have such an awesome slut to service us here!"

I started to cry in joy, so happy was I that they appreciated me. "Thank you," I said. "Thank you so much, Sir..."

They all smiled at me. I was pathetic, drenched in cum, dwarfed by them both in size and in musculature, but somehow I felt right, like I had found my real place in life - to serve my five masters in every single way, to subordinate my wishes to theirs, to take my gratification from the knowledge that they had theirs, to know that I belonged to my five masters: Alex, Louis, Freddie, Sean, and above all, my big Daddy, Will.



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