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Hi, I'm Jack, and this is the story of how I was turned into a slut over the course of a couple of days by my friends.

I hang out a lot with a group of five other guys at school. We met years ago since we all live in the same town, and our parents always took us to school together to save time and fuel, so we got to know each other from a young age. We have a great time together, but that doesn't mean we're similar in our physical make-up, our personalities, or our interests.  

I say we, but really I'm the odd one out. I've always been smaller than the rest of my year, standing at about 5'3" and I came later to puberty. I'm 18, but I look like a 16 year old or younger, which gets me teased quite a lot. As a result, I've never felt confident enough to go to the gym and bulk up a lot, so I'm pretty thin. I mean, I definitely don't have the anorexic look, but I do still have the slim, muscle-less body of a early-to-mid teenager. I don't really have much in the way of masculine features: my face is pretty androgynous, I barely have to shave my upper lip, and body hair is still very sparse - the only significant patch is a thicket above my crotch. (My crotch, while we're on the subject, is nothing to boast about, being only 4" long when erect.) In terms of personality, I'm quieter than my friends and am more of a passive participant in our collective social life.

I mention this in order to compare myself to my five closest friends. They were early developers, and all sports junkies. Biggest of the lot was Will, who was about 6 and a half foot tall. He was the biggest gym addict out of our whole group, which gave him huge tree-trunk limbs and a bulging torso. He had thick black hair on his legs to match the dark strands gelled stylishly on his head, and between those legs swung "The Lady-Killer", as we liked to call it, since it was 12" long when erect and almost as thick as a Coke can. Possibly due to his hulking body, Will has always been the loudest and most boisterous, and had become the semi-official leader of the group.

The others were of a similar build, but on a somewhat smaller scale. There was Louis, who was, after me, the shortest, at only 6', a stout, hairy bundle of muscle; there was Alex, by far and away the cutest of the group. Build like an ancient Greek statue, Alex had curly black hair topping a chiselled, olive-coloured face, with the most adorable eyes and the most kissable lips. As a result, Alex had the most sexual conquests under his belt, even more than Will. Then there was Freddie, who was more lanky, almost as tall as Will but less ripped - don't get me wrong, he packed serious muscle, but it was, in my opinion, more elegant in the way it was defined than the aggressive bulges of Will's. And finally, there was Sean, who, like my other friends, was tall, cute, muscular and pretty damn straight.

We made a good group. If you think it's unlikely that I would have made friends with this bunch of gym-monkeys, just remember that we had known each other for years and my looking a little different didn't matter at all (except to be the punch-line of certain jokes to the effect that I was a girl in disguise).

So to get to the story at last, all six of us (Will, Louis, Alex, Freddie, Sean and myself) went to the same school. We normally got kind of bored during the holidays, so we decided to arrange a one-week trip to Paris to sample something new. We were on a tight budget, since our parents wouldn't let us have much money to blow through, so we booked a single dormitory room in a city-centre youth hostel. We took that particular room because it meant we could all stay in the same room without anyone else (barring, of course, the women of the city we hoped to meet). There were four bunk beds, and a double bed too. Since Will had first choice by virtue of being the unofficial leader of our group, he chose the double bed, and told me to share it with him, since I was the smallest and would give him the most space.

The first night, we decided not to go all-out. We thought that we would spend a couple of quiet nights in to save money, and maybe use them to scout out the best bars and clubs for another time. So we walked around town, had dinner and a few drinks, and wandered back to the hotel. We bought a few bottles of cheap vodka too so we could keep the buzz going in our room. 

We spent the next few hours of the night swigging vodka and playing drinking games. Will was getting more aggressive and frustrated than usual, so Louis asked him what the matter was.

"Jesus, guys, this is fucking torture!" Will replied. "I thought we were gonna be finding bitches every night, so I haven't fucked or wanked in a week in preparation for this trip. And now we're spending a night in this fucking room while there's millions of birds out there just waiting for the Lady-Killer to meet them!"

Most of us laughed, and agreed half-heartedly. Sean said, "Yeah my balls are bursting too, but what are we going to do about it? We need to save our money for the next nights, so I don't really see any option but to just hold back for a night."

A look suddenly flashed across Will's face. He smiled conspiratorially, and leaned in to say: "Well, we actually do have a girl with us tonight already - we could fuck little Jacqui in the corner there!"

Everyone looked at me, laughing. Some of them made motions towards me, actually trying to grab my dick and my ass (yeah, we were all quite drunk). Being so small, I could really fight them off, so I protested loudly, but my lispy voice was naturally pretty high pitched, so that made me seem even more feminine.

Will broke up the situation quickly, but he was still laughing. "Hey guys, leave Jack alone!" 

The others stopped lunging at me, and turned to listen to him.

"I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say we really need a cum dump tonight, and I can't be bothered to go out and find a bitch at this time of night. But it isn't really fair to choose Jack just because he can't resist, so I think we should have a competition to see who's the most like a girl. And since girls don't have dicks, I suggest whoever has the smallest dick has to be our bitch for tonight and every other night on the trip when we need somewhere to drop our jizz. Who's with me?"

I was shit-scared at this point. I didn't want to be the bitch, but I didn't really see any way to back out of this competition. I knew I would lose, but all of the others were ready to whip their dicks out and I couldn't be seen to back down from this challenge, so I agreed as well and hoped to God that someone might have an even more pathetic cock than my own.

"On the count of three, we all show our dicks, okay?" Will said. "One, two, three!"

We took them out together, and I was shocked by what I saw. I had only seen Will's dick before, since he often showed it off proudly, but I'd never seen the others'. All of them were almost as huge as Will's. Alex had the smallest, at what I would guess to be 7", whereas Freddie had the longest, at about 9". Mine, on the other hand, didn't even reach 5", and that's when it's hard.

Everyone looked at me, and Louis finally said, "You know you would have made us do it if you'd been bigger, Jack."

Will looked at Louis and said, "Yeah, you're right, Louis, except that he isn't Jack any more - he's Jacqui, and she's the dirty slut who's going to start sucking our dicks NOW!" With those words, Will grasped the back of my head, forced me onto my knees and mashed my face into his crotch as he stood, towering before me.

I latched on to his huge legs as Will made me fumble to catch his cock in my mouth through the fabric of his jeans. After a while, I started to lose my inhibitions. I was drunk, and I think that there had always been a part of me that had fantasised about something like this. I started moaning like a bitch in heat as I tried, in vain, to pleasure him. A few minutes of this passed, and then Will threw back my head. I looked around to see that everyone had gotten naked and they were all stroking their big cocks as they stared at me.

Will, on the other hand, was putting his clothes back on and made for the door. Before he left, he said to me: "There's a shop round the corner that sells things we're gonna need if we gonna fuck you properly. I'll be back soon, and I want you to suck every one of the others before I go. You are to call me 'Daddy' and them 'Sir' and do everything they say. If, when I get back, I found out you've misbehaved, Daddy will have to punish you. Do you understand, slut?"

I nodded quickly, and said, "Uhh, yeah."

That was not the correct answer apparently. Will stormed back across the room, gripped my chin and slapped me hard across the face. I yelped and my eyes started to water. "Bitch, I just said you were to call me Daddy. Do you fucking understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," I replied, whimpering.

Daddy muttered his approval, and left the room on his mysterious shopping errand, leaving me at the mercy of Louis, Alex, Freddie and Sean, who were all staring at me hungrily and hornily while I waited on my knees to see who would feed me his fat cock first.



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