As we began stroking, he smiled and said, 'I'm glad I have a partner like you.'

'I feel the same way about you,' I replied.

We turned and looked at each other and our eyes locked together.

Ever so slowly, our faces moved closer to each other, when Rock suddenly pulled back and said, 'Shall we return to our teens and jerk each other off?'

'Hell, yea. Why not.'

We each released our own cock and grasped each others and continued stroking. Soon, we both began breathing hard and moaning and we each knew that the other was nearing his cimax. We both climaxed out onto our stomachs. After releasing each others cock, Rock retrieved roll of paper towels and we wipped ourselves up.

As rock easedthe boat backout into the river,he said, 'Damn, that was awesome.'

'Hell yea, I agree. We need to do that more often.'

'You have no problem jerking another guy off?'

'Nope, and it doesn't appear that you do either, since you suggested the session.'

'You're right, I don't,'he replied as we skimmed the surface going down river checking out the many beaches.

As we puled into the dock to get a bite of lunch, Rock paused as we were ready to get out and said, 'Mark, you do realize that anything personal we say or do stays just between us, right?'

'Hell, rock, I'm not stupid. Both of us would be fired if word got out about what we did earlier. What happens between us, stays between us.'

'Good man,' he said, slapping me on the shoulder.

We went in and as usual Luke refused to let us pay for our lunch. As I finished my sandwich, I saw Rock and Luke talking softly off in a corner. All I managed to hear was Luke say, 'Well, let me know.'

Not wanting to get nosey, I didn't question that comment. We returned to the river and ur patrol.

The next day, mid morning, Rock returned to the hidden inlet where we had jerked each other the day before. This time he went in farther and pulled the boat up to a small sandy beach and tied up. 'Break time,' he said.

As I followed him to a clearing of soft grass, he casually removed his shirt then his swimsuit and jock, then lay on the soft grass. I quickly did the same, laying next to him. After casually scratching his crotch, he reached over and began to fondle my cock. I immediately began geting hard and as I did, I reached over and began to fondle his.

Once we were both totally hard, he turned toward me and propped himself up on his hand. I turned toward him and again our eyes locked together.

After a long moment he said, 'Mark, I feel sure I know what we both want, and I think you do also.'

'Yes, I think I do,' I replied and rose enough to press my lips to his. As we both partedour lips and extended our tongues into the others mouth, he lay me back down and rolled over on top of me.

Our passionae kiss lasted several moments then broke. Without saying a word, Rock flipped around and we began a hot passionate sixty-nine. We took our time and eventually brought each other to a roaring hug climax. After we each swallowed, we sat up and kissed again.

after the kiss ended, we began dressing and Rock said with a laugh, 'I know I'm glad you're my partner now!'

'Same here,' I replied.

We returned to the boat, and as we pulled back into the main river, we kissed again.

'Mark, you're hung damn nicely. How big is it?'

'So are you. I'm only seven and a half but you have me beat.'

'Only by a half inch bu yours is so much thicker than mine.'

Then, as we pulled into the dock for lunch, he said, After we eat, I need to talk to Luke a minute.'

'Sure, no problem.'

We went in and ordered and ate. Once we were done, he said 'Give me a couple of minutes, then come back to the door marked 'PRIVATE'.

'Sure,' I replied, curiously.

Luke and Rock disappeared into the room and after a couple of minues I went to the door and knocked.

'Come on in, Mark,' I heard Rock call out.

I opened the door and as I stepped in, I froze. There before me, I saw Luke ith his shorts off, bent over the desk and Rock nude fucking his ass.

'Shut the door,'Rock said.

I did as Rock said 'You remember how I said Luke got paid in other ways? Well, this is how he gets paid for the water, ice, and lunches and we have a big tab to pay off so get ready.'

I stripped and Luke turned enough to start sucking me. Soon, Rock climaxed up his ass and said, 'Your turn.'

I got into position and began fucking Luke as me moaned in pleasure then said, 'Rock, you got yourself an awesome partner here.'

'Really? I guess I'll never know,' Rock said looking at me and winking.

I soon climaxed up Luke's ass and as I pulled out, he said, 'Man, this is the best day I've had in ages. I'll see you two tonight when you get off.'

After dressing, we returned to the boat and resumed patrol. I asked,'How the fuck did that get started?'

'It was about two years ago. My previous partner had called in sick and there was no one to patrol with me. It was a Tuesday, which as you've seen is unevenful. I said I could handle it and came out alone. I was in the store and asked about Luke and was old that he was out for a little while. I went out on patrol and up river a short ways I spotted a boat in an inlet. I killed the motors and paddled in and found Luke getting fucked by a couple of guys, one in his mouth and one in his ass.'

'Mother fuck! Was it forced?'

'Not acording to Luke. The guys ran off and jumped in their boat and took off. I asked Luke what the hell was going on. That's when he confessed to me that he was gay. He said the guys had come in and bought some beer and fishing gear but was short on money. He said he told them that he had a way for them to pay off the debt and brought them here. He said that they seemed happy to pay their debt that way.'

'Damn, but how did you get involved?'

'Luke said he'd noticed my bulge at times and if I wanted, I could pay for the ice and water and lunchs the same way. I reminded him that he was propositioning a cop. He laughed and reminded me that it was my word against his. I asked if he was serious and he said yes and asked for his first payment. I oblidged and fucked him.'

'How did you keep it from your partner?'

'When we came in for lunch, he'd pay for his and return to the boat. I'd meet Luke in his offece and fuck him or let him suck me. He has no idea that I do anything with anyone else. I just told him you were open tothe payment method.'

'Un-fucking-believeable!' I said.

We completed our patrol and docked the boat. The sign on the store said closed, but we went around to the office private entrance. Rock knocked and e heard Luke say, 'It's open.'

We went in and Luke was at his desk nude. Rock gave me first in line and after we stripped, I began fucking Luke's ass. After I climaxed, Luke took over as Luke began sucking me, and about the time Rock climaxed, I fed Luke anther load, but this time it was in his mouth.

'See you studs tomorrow,' Luke said as we left him jerking off.

As we drove back into town, I asked Rock if he'd like to come by my place after we signed out. He agreed.

Once we were at my place we stripped and began kissing and fondling. After a moment he said, 'I'd love to find out just ho awesome my partner is.'

'No problem,' I said, leading him to my bedroom.

Soon,i had my cock up Rock's hot ass and was fucking away.

'Oh, fuck! Luke was right. You are awesome. Fuck me, baby!'

I soon filled his ss with my hot load and he moaned, saying how great it felt shooting up his hole.

I then had him fuck me and he was awesome also.

He spent the night with me and we later sucked each other off again, this time he got between my legs and serviced me then I did the same to him, both of us rimming the other while we were down there.

From that day forward Rock and I had sex daily while on patrol and paid our debt to Luke whour cocks. On the evening payments, Luke started taking both of us up his ass at the same time. Now that was awesome!

After a year, Rock and I bought a house together and became roommates as far as everyone else knew. However, in acuality, we had become lovers.

We evenually came out to Luke and egan having hot three ays in his office on some evenings. Luke loved it.

We've been patrol partners for five years and overs for just over three years. When we run across guys having sex, which is more often than you'd think, we run them off with a verbal warning, telling them that if we catch them a second time they will be arrested and taken to jail. I personally believe that they suspect that we are gay, but they have no proof.

We ove our work and have received numerous commendations for life saving and from the small communities along the river and lake where we partol.

And we're still deeply in love with each other.

Oh, regarding Rock's previous partner...

Well, he was caught in a deserted park restroom sucking a fourteen year old boy afer paying him twenty dollars. He's now serving time and is in a secluded cell for his own protection.




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