Chapter 31

(This is an old story I wrote some time ago. I rewrote it in a college setting so that all the fictional characters would be of age. If there are some references or implications more relevant to younger characters, they’re all of legal age for the purposes of this story.)

Bruce’s uncle sent him on a job, but there weren’t any details. The guy just asked specifically for Bruce and he had to come after 4 pm when the guy got home from work. His name was Nate. Bruce knew the name but didn’t know the guy very well. He’d met him at the gym and he had just been hired at the community college as an assistant football coach. He remembered the guy was pretty hot, but he kind of disappeared before they had a chance to hook up.

Bruce showed up at the address at 4:00 and the guy was just pulling up. They greeted one another and Nate said he’d show Bruce what needed to be done. It was a couple fairly simple jobs, but Bruce asked if he could do it later in the week cuz he needed a some materials. Nate said sure; he’d give him a key and they sat down in the living room and began chatting.

Bruce said he wondered what happened to Nate and assumed he wasn’t coming to the gym cuz he has all the equipment he needed at the college. Nate said that was true but there were other circumstances as well. He said that when August practice began, he was put in charge of the JV team. He said that during the 3rd or 4th practice the JV quarterback asked if he could see him in his office after practice. Nate said sure of course. It was one of those hot, dog days of August and by the end of the practice his t-shirt was soaked and he pulled it off as soon as he entered the building.

When he got to his office he went to the file cabinet to look up a file and while he was looking Jason came in. Nate didn’t really look up but he said just a second Jason, I’ll be right with you. Jason didn’t wait. He came right over to the filing cabinet and reached out for Nate’s nip and pinched it and wouldn’t let go. Nate was kind of boxed in between Jason the cabinet and the wall as Jason grabbed the other nip.

Nate told Jason sternly to let go, but he only pinched harder. Nate was frozen. His nips were hard wired to his cock and he was rock hard in seconds and Jason knew it. Without letting go Jason manuvered Nate over to his desk and bent him over it. He pulled his shorts down and fucked him. Nate said his mind said to resist but his body refused his mind’s order. He was totally helpless. Besides the kid’s big cock felt sooo good. The kid finally shot his load deep inside Nate and told him to hold it in. He rolled Nate over so he was facing up and put a heavy padlock on his nuts. Then said he’d see me later. I still couldnt move for several minutes but as soon as I could I got up and pulled my shorts up.

Nate said he felt like it had been a dream, but the lock on his nuts convinced him of the reality. He could feel the hot cum in his guts as well as he heeded Jason’s order to retain it. He pulled on a dry t-shirt and headed home. He had been virtually raped by one of his students but he had a pervasive sense of well being. After dinner Nate heard a truck pull up and saw it was Jason. He of course would tell Jason that what happened could never happen again.

As Jason came in through the front door he said “Hey coach” like they were old buddies. “Hows it hangin?” Jason walked straight up to Nate and grabbed both nipples in his fingers. Nate became helpless, like a deer in headlights. Jason pushed him over the back of the couch, pulled his shorts down and raped him again - again and again. He left 3 loads in Nates ass. Nate said he was totally helpless but loves the feel of the kids dick in him and loves when he shot inside him. And afterwards he has an inner peace and contentment he has never known before.

Jason told Nate that there was nothing he could do to resist him. He said something about being an “indigo child” and very few people could resist his will. He told Nate that he and the team were going to be in for a perfect season and Nate would be richly rewarded. He also told Nate that he would be fucked multiple times daily. Jason told him not to wear clothes at home and to be kneeling and hard whenever he walked in the door.

Even though Nate wanted to object he couldn’t. The peaceful glow had returned and for some reason he just loved the kid and obeyed him.

The days and weeks passed quickly and the team won their first couple of games. One evening there was a meeting of the booster club and they were literally high on the success of the JV team. At the end of the meeting one dad approached Nate and thanked him for being such a great motivation for his son Jason. He hadn’t showed so much interest in school for several years. He was brimming with excitement and he invited Nate to a tennis match at his club on Saturday.

The next day the principal ducked his head in Nate’s office and said he heard they had a great meeting last night and keep up the good work. Well that was better than being fired and arrested. No sooner had he left and Jason showed up and fucked Nate on this desk. As he left he said “I heard you met my dad last night. He likes you.”

On Saturday Nate played tennis with Jason’s dad and Nate lost because of the lock on his nuts prevented him from running at full speed. But Jason’s dad assumed Nate let him win and was being kind to the older man. They adjourned to the bar to cool off and people kept coming up to Jason’s dad and he introduced Nate to each of them as the winningest coach the college had seen in years. There was the Mayor, Police Chief, Sheriff some politicians, even his sister who was the head of the school board and a stream of others.

One guy was a judge and from their conversation found out that Jason’s dad was the District Attorney. The very guy who would send Nate to prison for being abused by his son...

Nate declined another drink and said something about not drinking and driving. Jason’s dad said ok but next time he shouldn’t let him win!

When Nate got home Jason was waiting for him. Jason led him into the garage where he had installed ropes to the beams and tied Nates wrists to then and hoisted him up to his toes. Nate wasnt wearing a shirt and Jason pulled off his shorts and played with the padlock. He felt the hard body and cock. He was totally turned on.

Jason pulled a riding crop out of the corner and played with Nates bare flesh and swatted him a few times especially on the cock and ass. Jason pulled a wooden box around behind Nate and stood on it. He put tit clamps on Nate then proceeded to fuck him. When he finished he left Nate hanging and returned to fuck him all afternoon.

Nate apoligized to Bruce and said Jason would be coming soon so he had to strip. Bruce was kewl with that. When Jason’s truck pulled up Nate knelt and his dick hardened immediately. He introduced Bruce to Jason and addressed Jason as Master.

Jason invited Bruce to stay awhile and watch Nate get fucked. Free show. Bruce was all in. After the show Bruce asked Jason where he learned about the locked balls deal. Jason said from his brother Justin...

When Bruce got home he had a tale to tell. When he got to the part about the padlocked nuts everyone looked at each other. WTF? Bruce said he had the same reaction Then when the kid came over and fucked Nate he finally asked where he came up with that idea. The kid says “My brother Justin.” When he finished his story, Rob looked at Ryan and said “Did you know about this?”

Ryan said he was clueless. He probably wouldn’t have been in touch with Justin had it not come up in the conversation with Rob that one time. Since Jason was younger, he didn’t have a clue that he was into guys. Next time he talked to Justin he’d ask him what gives.

Rob googled “indigo child” the name comes from their deep blue eyes. The theory is that they are extremely psychically advanced and without intending to control others, other people just seem to want to please them and do whatever they want. Both Ryan and Justin had deep blue eyes... Something to be aware of.


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