Let me know if you like it and if I should develop it further as we go. I'll let you in on a little secret - not even any of the characters know this yet - Marla owns an actual slave ranch in a foreign country and sells slaves. She specializes in American muscle gods. Stay tuned.

Chapter 25 - Kinky Quarterback

I had a great college football career. I was a winning quarterback at the University of California and the NFL was a sure thing after graduation. I did get drafted and spent most of my rookie year as the backup quarterback. I did get a little time in a couple of games and did well. I got the starter job near the end of the season due to a knee injury of the starting quarterback. But this story isn’t about football, it’s about me and my kinky sex life. Most guys are just “normal” until and unless they’re exposed to new things as they grow up. In high school I was just a normal over sexed jock that fucked any chick I wanted and even got a few “in trouble.” 

Summers, I worked as a lifeguard  at a fancy condo. The condo president who hired me was this lady who was into kinky sex which I had no idea about during the first couple years I worked there. In fact nothing ever happened til after I turned 18 my senior year in high school. Her family was rich and well connected. They got me into college with a football scholarship.

The summer between high school and college we started having sex. Just regular sex - which was all I knew at the time. The summer between freshman and sophomore year she brought up tieing me to the bed spreadeagle. She said I would look totally hot like that and my muscles would look even sexier. She said she would only loosely tie me so I could escape - if I wanted to.

At first I refused. It was too wierd for me, but the following summer after sophomore year I gave in. It was pretty hot since she licked me all over and gave me hellacious head. After the first few times the knots became tighter and I realized I was her captive. She even played it up saying that and now she could have her way with me and there would be nothing I could do. 

I was like bring it - do me any way you want. I was older now bigger and more self-confident. By now she knew all my sensitive spots. My neck which frequently had a hickey. My nipples had developed from little barely visible bumps to eraser size nubs that were directly wired to my cock. She drove me wild by licking and sucking my stomach and abs. But tied, I was defenseless and as she plied her sweet tortures all I could do was writhe and strain at my bonds. It was totally hot. Then she would get on my cock and fuckin ride me like a bronc.

The next summer after my junior year the sex was even more incredible. It got so I loved the bondage and being at her mercy. We went a little further especially with nipple play which drove me wild. My body was developing with sports and weightlifting. I had fabulous guns, pecs and abs. I was 6’4 and 230 lbs. I was a big jock. 

She started using tit clamps and clothes pins on me. It was a total turn on. She talked me into shaving to show off my muscles better. Actually she just did it while I was tied up. I wasn’t real hairy, but when she shaved off my pubes, I felt like Samson having all his strength sapped by getting his hair cut. Being (pube) scalped by wild indians also came to mind. Fuck, you don’t know what naked is until you’re hairless naked. My cock looked humongous though and when I looked in a full length mirror I looked awesome. It was a look I would keep and I was sure all the guys would be jealously checking out my huge hairless cock in the showers. Marla said all the chicks would love it. After all how did I like a hairy pussy? I really didn’t mind it cuz I wasn’t into oral just fucking.

This one time she was teasing my rock hard cock with the tip of her tongue. She had me edging. I needed to cum. I begged her to get me off but she refused. In fact she said she had to run an errand but would be back. She got dressed and told me to stay put. Where would I go? I was tightly tied spreadeagle to the bed. I had clamps on my nips, she put a hood over my head and stuffed her old panties in my mouth. I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

I heard her go down the stairs and I heard the door slam. FUCK. My cock was still hard and dripping. I tried to get off by shaking it but it didn’t work. I pulled at the bonds, but I was totally helpless and naked in total darkness. I was kind of freaked cuz I had never been naked and helpless before. My mind played games on me. What if she was like gone a long time? What if she never came back? What if What if What if the doorbell rang? Oh shit, the doorbell rang. I heard the door open. A man’s voice called out to her. “It’s maintenance - I’m here to fix the disposal.”

No shit it was Dave the maintenance man. My first reaction was to be very quiet so he wouldn’t discover me. My second thought was to raise a ruckus so he would find me and let me go. I could hear him working in the kitchen. I had some time. What should I do?

Before I could make up my mind I heard someone coming up the steps. I stopped breathing and I heard the bedroom door open. I knew it was Dave. Finally he spoke. “Well well what have we got here? Looks like that stud lifeguard. That you Jedd?”

I could only mumble through the panties in my mouth. I tried to tell him to let me go but I was only making unintelligible noises. Dave sat next to me on the bed and began to feel me up.

Oh god Dave must be gay. Fuck me. I struggled at his touch, but of course it did nothing but turn him on even more. My cock had gone down, but now he was reviving it. My own cock betrayed me by getting all hard again with a fag playing with it. He was saying I was so hot and he had fantasized what I would look like without my speedos. He said he guessed I was hung by the size of my bulge - he was saying I must be 9 or 10 inches - impressive.

He also said I was cute as fuck and asked if he should take off the hood. I nodded yes take it off and he did. At least now I could see. I not only saw Dave, but I saw a video cam on a tripod filming me and now without the hood... Now my pretty face was on full display along with my bound naked hairless body, and my hard cock was being recorded. Dave got behind the camera and focused in on my big hard hairless dick and panned up to my face. You’re sooo cute especially with those panties in your mouth. 

I shook my head trying to eject the panties, but I only looked more foolish. Dave asked if I would like him to remove them. I shook my head yes. He asked if the star quarterback had a statement as he pulled them out. At least a thank you. Instead of yelling expletives I said thank you. He corrected me - “Say thank you SIR” I wouldn’t say it. He asked if maybe I would like the panties back in my fag mouth and the hood replaced? I said “thank you SIR”.

He asked if this was my first porno. I asked him to please turn it off and release me. He laughed and said the fun had just begun and check out that hard cock. I think it wants to cum. 

Dammit the fucker was drippin pre. Dave touched it with his finger and made sure the camera got the shot of my pre on his finger which he rubbed on my lips.

What Dave did next freaked me out even more. He said it was a waste to be dripping all that pre and did I mind if he tasted it? He was down licking it before my mind could even comprehend that a guy was licking my cock and I no sooner realized that fact and he was going down on me full on. I was being sucked by a guy on cam. If he put this online it would most certainly go viral in minutes and the big shot star quarterback would be the laughing stock of the whole conference - it would be unbearably humiliating. Opposing teams would watch it before games and mock me during games. They would picture me playing naked. It would add a whole new dimension to watching game tape.

My traitorous cock was not only getting harder it was pushing back into his mouth in time with his sucking. It felt sooo good and soon I was cumming. He pulled off so the camera could record the eruption. He panned in on my face which showed the full effect of my first gay orgasm. He said it was epic. I agreed but couldn’t bring myself to say so. I didn’t need to. My athletic torso was covered in my own cum. He scooped it up a finger at a time and fed it to me. Now I was eating my own cum and liking it. My fucking cock was still hard, still dripping cum.

“Well you had your fun now its my turn.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and offered it to my lips. This I did refuse. There was no freakin way I was going to suck him. No way. 

“I guess I’m going to have to make you beg.”

That was ominus. He took my nips in his fingers and pinched and twisted. I became totally weak. He had discovered my Achilles heel and soon I was begging him to stop. He said to beg for his cock. I did. I beggged to suck his cock. He said to say “Please sir may I suck your cock?” I said it. How many times had I called a fag a cocksucker? - now I was begging to suck a guys cock.

I openned my mouth and he told me to just lick the head. I did as he said.

“Kiss it.”

I obeyed.

“Now open wide.”

As I openned my mouth he entered me with his long thick cut cock. He fucked my mouth and gradually went deeper until he was raping my throat full on. Finally he came and I swallowed as fast as I could to avoid drowning in cum. He pulled out having saved the last spurt for my face and cam. He rubbed his cummy cock on my face and smeared me with his jizz. I had sucked his cock, swallowed his cum and got a facial. He called me a fuckin cocksucker if he ever saw one.

He got up off me and his cock was still hard sticking out of his fly. “Guess I’ll get comfy for part deux.”

He began to strip out of his clothes and I wondered what he meant. I was distracted by his hot hairless muscled body. This mere maintenance man was pretty hot. I just never paid him any mind until now and it was dawning on me what he might have in mind and I didn’t like it.

He released one ankle and raised it to my wrist and retied it. He did the same to the other ankle and now he had unfettered access to my ass. Part deux involved raping my virgin ass. I pleaded and begged. He kissed me full on the mouth and rubbed his big dick on my hole. “Shit I bet you’re tighter than a virgin pussy Mr stud Quarterback. I’m gonna take your fuckin jock cherry and I’m gonna breed your fuckin bitch ass. I’m gonna pump you so full of cum you’ll probably get pregnant. Then you’ll be a proper fag jock.”

He spit on my hole and fingered it in. I could feel his finger fucking my hole and I knew it was the precursor to his big fat cock. He stuck another finger in to stretch my hole wider. He spit on his hand and lubed his cock with it. I felt the head of his monster cock rubbing over my hole searching for the soft center where he would make his entry. He began to push. I tensed. He said to relax and submit or it would be all the worse. I had no choice. I had to submit to him. It totally went against my dominant alpha male nature but I had no choice as the next moment he was inside me forcing his fat cock further in. I screamed like a girl, but I was powerless.

“Oh yea bitch scream all you want - it’s music to my ears - you’re such a fuckin turn on.” I struggled but to no avail. I was his captive and I was skewered on his cock. He pushed deeper into me. He was owning me. I felt my superiority wane as he had his way with me. Still he was going in deeper and finally he stopped. I could feel him right up against my ass. He was in all the way. I could feel every inch tearing me apart.

“You feel that bitch? 10 hot inches owning your fuckin faggot ass. Fuckin-a!” He began to withdraw. He pulled almost all the way out then pushed all the way back in. He did that a couple of times slowly at first then he jackhammered me slamming all the way in. I screamed bloody murder. He was now in full on fuck mode and I was his cunt. It went on and on. I was delirious but I noticed I was now meeting his thrusts with my own. Pushing my owned ass back on his weapon taking even more of it.

I heard my mouth mumble the words “Fuck me oh fuck, fuck me hard.” I was begging for it and my head was slamming left to right. I didn’t know if it was the pain or the pleasure. It was all a blur. Finally my insides were ablaze with a liquid heat like lava. He was cumming inside me. He was breeding his cunt boy. I could feel the hot spurts in rapid succession.

I felt the same thing on my abs and chest. I felt myself cum. And it was awesome. I had been raped and I totally got off on it. His cock was still inside me and he began to withdraw. I said “No keep it in me.” 

He said to say “Please sir” and I did.

When he finally pulled out and got off of me he made sure the cam got a good shot of my gaping raped hole, dripping cum and my own cum covering my chest and abs. He raped me and I loved it. He made me his bitch. He fucki owned me.

He turned the camera off and as he got dressed he copied the cam disk to Marlas computer. He left me trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and said “I’ll call you, send you some pics. You were awesome. Let’s do it again.” With that he left.

What would I tell Marla. I guessed I wouldn’t have to tell her much. She would see for herself. My mind whirled while I waited. I was confused - beyond confused. I wondered if I was gay - had I always been gay and didn’t know it? I did look at hot guys in the locckerroom, but admiringly not sexually. I did notice if a dude was hung, but that didn’t mean I wanted to suck him or get fucked. I was realizing that I had now changed. Now I would be hungry for cock, cum and getting fucked. I was beyond gay, I was a fag.

I heard the door open downstairs. Soon I heard someone on the stairs and the bedroom door opened. It was Marla. “What - the - fuck - have you been up to?”

My mouth moved but nothing came out. 

“You are covered in cum and you stink of cum!” She went over to her computer and turned it on. The monitor came to life and she checked her email. She found the vid and clicked on it. She turned the monitor so I had a better view. And my porno played.

“Well here I thought you were straight... But you suck cock, you swallow cum, you beg for cock, you get fucked in the ass and you beg for it harder. And apparently you came while you were getting fucked!”

I still couldn’t speak, but my cock got hard again. I wondered if he had posted the vid. Had it gone viral? Were people going to stop me on the street and say “Hey I know you!” Were my friends going to see it, the team?

Marla didn’t seem upset except that she missed the party. “I totally forgot that Dave was going to fix the disposal today. But I see your dick’s still hard. Shall I call him to come back and finish the job?”

She did. Dave reminded her it was after hours and it would be time and a half for overtime. She just said it would be worth his while and hung up the phone.

Oh Christ I knew I would be fucked again with Marla watching this time. But I wasn’t begging to be let go. Marla setup the cam for part trois.

When Dave got there Marla asked if he at least fixed the disposal. Dave said he had. Marla retorted that the jock still had a hardon and he apparently hadn’t finished that job. Dave stripped. He was hard and he mounted me again. I felt him enter me and this time I welcomed his big cock into my gaping hole.

Marla went into the closet and came out with a whip and whipped him while he fucked me. I was putting 2 and 2 together. They had played before. I wondered if Marla set the whole thing up? Dave shot his lava inside me and Marla told him not to stop. Dave’s cock stayed hard and he continued to fuck. Eventually he came again, but I could tell it wasn’t the same shattering eruption like before.

Marla let him pull out and told him to “display”. He put his hands behind his neck and stood with his legs spread wide apart. Dave was fuckin built and set-up. I never even noticed. It was probably those baggy maintenance uniforms didn’t show him off too well. His massive junk hung unprotected on full display between his widely spread legs and Marla began to whip his front side paying special attention to his huge cock and balls. I noticed he had been addressing her as mistress.

Marla finally released me and handed me the whip. “Go for it stud. Give him some payback.”

I took the whip and laid into him. He stood there and took it, even when I whipped his still hard cock. I paid more attention to it and finally whipped a load out of him.

“Bravo” Marla praised me. “Tell him to get on the bed on his back and grab his ankles.”

I told him to do it and he did.

“Now whip his cunt” she said and I did. He took it. Amazing.

“Now fuck him.”

I did without even thinking it was a guy and it was my first time doing a guy in the ass. I fucked him hard and had the strongest orgasm I ever had. I collapsed on him with my cock still in him. When I caught my breath and began to pull out Marla said “Not so fast. Do it again!”

I didn’t think I could but I did. I fucked him again and deposited a second load in his guts.

Marla asked if I was satisfied with my retribution. “One more thing” I said in a weak Steve Jobs impression - I put my shitty cock to his lips and told him to clean it. His tonguing got me hard again and I fucked his face. I started to cum in his mouth but I pulled out and deposited the rest on his face and wiped it around with my cummy cock. “Now I’m done.”

I noticed the camera on a tripod still recording Part Trois. I guess my initiation was complete. Marla dismissed Dave and told me to put shorts on. We went downstairs and Marla gave me two steaks to put on the grill and she made a salad and set the table.

Over dinner she asked me how I was doing. I said fine just kinda confused. She said “Yea but you’ll be fine you’re just growing up. One more life changing event like your voice changing, pimples and growing pubic hair. Then getting it shaved” she laughed. 

She told me Dave’s story. He played football too. He had been a budding quarterback blah blah blah. But got into trouble when a chick accused him of rape. Dave’s side of the story was that it was consensual sex but a one night stand. She got pissed and reported him. He was convicted lost his scholarship and did a little over a year in the pen.

That’s where he lost his cherry to six bikers in the shower. My deflowering had been a cake walk. When he got out Marla hired him and the rest is history.

Over the next few weeks we resumed our normal wild sessions. Dave frequently joined in and we became pretty good friends. Marla devised some hot torture situations like stringing us up and whipping us sometimes with our nuts tied together or my nips clipped to his. Sometimes Marla would tag us riding one then the other. Sometimes one of us would be tied to a chair in the corner of the room while she had sex with the other guy. I hated that the most. Hearing them go at it but not participating.

Frequently Dave and I would do each other while Marla watched and directed. One time while I was fucking Dave, Marla fucked me with a strapon. It was a huge cock at least 12” long and 4 or 5” in diameter. Fuckin thing ripped me up.

Marla’s birthday was approaching and I wanted to do something special for her but she was rich and I was poor so I asked her what I could get her. She said having me for a sex toy was the best gift of all and that’s all she wanted. When her birthday arrived she had me over for dinner and it was great. After dinner we went upstairs and I was tied to the bed as had become usual. But after getting me boned and begging to cum she put the hood on me, stuffed my mouth with panties and said she’s be back. Since this went down before I figured Dave would show up and fuck the crap outta me.

I never heard Marla leave, in fact I could hear her rattling around downstairs. Then I heard the doorbell and I figured it was Dave and the fun would start. I could hear voices but it didn’t sound like Dave. After a while I heard the doorbell ring again and I heard more voices. This happened numerous times during the next half hour or so. It dawned on me that she was having a birthday party and I was pissed she locked me away upstairs. 

A bit later I thought I heard someone coming up the stairs and I figured Marla was coming to get me to join the party. When the door opened I sensed it wasn’t Marla. But it was a woman and she said “Oh my how nice!” She sat on the bed and began to feel me up just like Dave had done, but I had no clue who it was. After a few minutes she used the bathroom and left. She left me roaring hard.

This happened several times over the next hour and some were guys. Then there was a lull but after a bit I heard someone approaching on the stairs again. Actually it sounded like a couple people, but I couldnt be sure. The door openned and it was Marla - Marla and all her guests. “This is my boy Jedd” she said. People crowded around the bed and I felt fingers and hands feeling, rubbing and pinching every inch of my naked hairless body.

Then I felt someone untying my ankle and re-tying it to my wrist. They did the same on the other side. I sensed it was Dave and there was going to be a fuck show. Indeed there was. Dave threw me a hellatious fuck and he was followed by several others. Finally they let my legs down and re-tied them to the bottom corners of the bed. Now there was a chick playing with my hard cock. Then she mounted me and rode my cock til I came. Two others followed suit. They gave me a ten minute break and the girls resumed their bronco riding.

I did cum a couple more times but even my big nuts only had so much cum. I came dry a couple times and I was spent. Everyone clapped and hooted. I was released but the hood stayed and my wrists were bound to the back of my neck to a slave collar. I was led downstairs and spent the rest of the evening naked and in the dark. My body was available for anyone to play with and if anyone could work another load out of me there was a $100 prize.


I went back to college for my senior year and had another winning season. My porno didn’t get out and few people knew about it; few knew about me, but I noticed guys alot more than I did in the past and the lockerroom was a whole different experience. I started to notice the hung guys. I noticed guys checking out my shaved meat. I did get hit on a few times but I ignored it. I knew I wasn’t going to get what I needed.

I knew was bi and I knew I liked guys better. And the reason I liked guys better was because I liked rough muscle jock sex. I had all I could do from getting a hardon reaching between a center’s muscled thighs for the snap. The ancilary problem was that I was a bottom. Get me naked and I turned from alpha jock to submissive fag. I liked being roughly used, I liked being tied, I liked humiliation, I liked being raped, I liked being gang raped and I wanted it done if not in public, then at a large party. I loved being called a bitch, I loved being a bitch.

Not likely I’d find that in college and I needed to keep my nose clean for a future in the pros. I did visit Marla more when I wasn’t playing football. I got what I needed and it was safe.


Cocky Jock

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