It was a really hot day. Me and Danny were lying on the beach talking about girls. We both were really horny. Ass the sun fell our erection went bigger. Danny touched the zipper of my trousers and started stroking it gently. My penis started to go wet and sticky. It felt like arousing in my pants in a pro-cum condition. Danny unzipped my trousers. He stroke my underwear and he told me he wanted to be sure that had grew hard and big as much as he wanted It to be ready.

Ready for what? I asked

You know... and if you don't, I'll let you he told me.

Then he took off his pants and then his underwear. Under the moonlight, it glowed bright and sticky. He had a REALLY big cock.

Kiss it he said. I beg you kiss it. It's all yours.

A feeling like electric shock passed through my mind and into my great hard-on dick and pressed my desire to kiss it.

So that was-i was 19 in my first intercourse with a man. And what a man! He had the larger and thicker tool I had ever seen. More big than a banana it almost looked like a small but proud type of an eggplant. I was a little afraid as I dreamed it penetrating my little hole.

Then I kissed it. I smelled and it smelled like sea its taste was salted too ass I started liking and sucking the head and then lower to the balls and the back to the head of the penis. He had it wet too. And the liquids that his erection produced tasted really sweet and salted.

Then he started shaking his waist making his cock pulsating in my mouth. More and more quicker he fucked my head and I helped the situation as I pulled my tongue out making him ecstatic as I played with his cock.

You're doing a very good job, buddy,

He told me with a soft voice full of lust.

Then he said: stop-stop! I want to cum!

Ok I said and I slowly allowed him to take his dick off my mouth.

Oh now! I thought

Fuck he said!

His dick exploded like a volcano and the white hot lava filled my mouth, my tongue and my lips.

That was not good enough yet he said. I want to have another erection-but I know how it will happen-you'll help me.

Ok tell me, I said.

He didn't speak but he turned around offering towards my head his great gorgeous ass.

Lick it now please lick it I cannot stand that feeling. It feels so horny from behind almost like a pussy.

I examined his "pussy" with my finger. His hole was big enough for three of my fingers to stick into-and my fingers are somewhat far more sized than the medium hand size.

I spit on his asshole and then started to stroking it with my fingers. Then after kissing his left chick of his ass I kissed his right one and then I opened his ass like a big fruit and tasted his seedy hole. It tasted a little bitter but It tasted nice. He started whispering sounds of pleasure as I fucked him with my tongue. Inside-out and then again, faster and faster. That's it he said no I'm horny again!

Turn around you pussy licker!

He ordered me brutally.

He quickly took all of my clothes, made me turn, pulled me down, put a condom, spitted on my asshole and before realizing what was going to happen I fell the skin of his dick stroking my ass chicks and then my hole. Then he pushed it, I started screaming.

That's it baby-he said, that's it i want your ass to be mine! MINE! He shouted.

He then pushed it harder I screamed even more louder and after less than 8 seconds I had that huge unreal dick inside my hot arse.

He started slowly but gradually faster fucking me off.

Oh shit! He said!

The condom had been broken!

And a heavy load of cum landed inside my ass.

Then he took his dick off, pushed four and then five fingers in my poor asshole stretching it so deep that two dicks could penetrated together. He then called a friend from his mobile phone. His friend, Joe was 15 years older than me, and he fucked me much better than Danny.

Joe had brought with him a big bottle of lubricant.

I want you both! I requested lustfully.

I'll have to open this hole a little more then! Joe said.

After wearing a glove he played with my hole, then he stick 1, then 3 and finally 5 fingers in my ass.

Please relax! I don't want to damage anything Joe requested.

He pushed again, and softly with lot of lube I felt my ass opening as wide as never before.

He had really stretched my hole so much that his big hand was ALL inside me.

He then took it out gently, told Danny to start the thing we had planned. And exactly that happened, having token chems, my relaxed-opened hole welcomed in its opening two gorgeous cocks. It was so fucking stimulating. We screamed and then one after the other came. Me on the sand of the beach and Danny and Joe in my creamy, wrecked asshole.

Before leaving, they both started licking my ass drinking their cum that my ass ejected like a soft white type of shit. We really felt so relieved. The moon was full and my ass brighter, the beach was silent but that made me grew harder every time I am thinking of that night which was the best orgy of my life. And the best things in life do not always happen according to plan; I had searched for a girl lover that evening and I was fucked off by my too best friends.




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