It all started one Friday night I went to my masters house where six people altogether decided to play strip poker we started to palay the players were matt, joe, josh, brett, jim and stephen we played after hands I had lost all my clothes the master said one last hand if you lose the master said me and the slaves get to fuck ou hardcore and what ever we want with no exception I agreed I lost I had a apir of queens good but not good enough the master JOE tied my hands behind my back the tied me to a wall one person made me mouth fuck them while somone else fucked me in the ass without a condom his dick was 10 inches it hurt like hell I screamed then they put a ball gag in my mouth after the fucking they let me down handcuffed me to a bd used a fuck machine to ass fuck me some more then milked my cock like a cow then they all took turns unloading thier cum inside my ass then mouth then they made swalloww what was in my mouth it tasted pretty damn good then we all had sex for the rest of the night then the next morning I thought i was over but I dead wrong they all went to work left me locked in a cage all day then came home molested me some more this was only to last one night it lasted for a week they fucked me barebacked hardcore and any other way you can think of I liked it after that I lost our weekly game on purpose I think everyone knew because I liked to be fucked alot.



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