On the third day of the tour, the baseball team won 1 to 0 in the 15th inning when Mark, the catcher, hit a home room to center field. The team showered and went to the hotel for dinner. Following dinner, the team was tired and agreed to turn in at 9 PM.


Mark, a 21 year-old, is a hot and rugged stud standing 5' 11", weighs 200 pounds, has a hard muscled body, huge arms and biceps, a 44" neck shirt size, big muscled thighs, and log size legs. Mark is a man's man. He has black curly hair, brown eyes, dark tan and light chest and stomach hair. I learn that he has a huge 10" cut cock with a mushroom size cock head with a thick shaft.

My name is Scott, the 26 year-old baseball assistant coach, standing 5' 7", weighing 150 pounds, well trimmed shoulder length curly blond hair, light blue eyes, and a solid hard body. I have a sexy 8" cut cock with large balls. I have very little body hair except for my crotch.


After the long baseball game, Mark and I are exhausted so we turn in at 9:30 PM. Mark and I stripped with only our boxers as we go to bed. Within 10 minutes, I am sound asleep.

I would estimate that between 60 and 90 minutes after going to sleep, I am aroused from sleep as I feel something against my body. As I lie on my side, I feel a naked hot body covered in hot sweat humping up against my head, neck, shoulders, back ass and legs.

As I become wide awake, I feel a draft in what seems as an opening in the back of my boxers and a steel hard cock that is driving through the hole. I can feel a really hot cock rubbing up and down the crack of my pink ass.

WOW, Mark has torn a wide hole in my boxers permitting his cock a path to plunge his monstrous cock up against my ass. Mark is drenched in smelly man perspiration.

He is blowing his hot breath on the back of my neck. Soon he is licking up and down my neck and on my earlobes with his hot tongue.

This is an amazing sexual experience as neither of us is saying a word.

My cock has grown to its full erection and feels like a steel rod. I am beginning to leak precum. My cock has managed to escape my boxers through the fly opening. I grab my cock and begin jerking off in the wildest action of my life.

I realize that Mark has removed his boxers and is butt naked. I attempt to remove my boxers but Mark without a comment forbids me to do so. He is so turned on by being able to thrust his cock through the torn hole he has made in my shorts.

I feel his wet cock head parting the entrance of the door to my enter ass. WOW, is his cock big. He is beginning to fuck me spoon style as I dare not move. Mark is entering inch by inch without uttering a word making this experience even more erotic. While continuing to go deeper and deeper into my ass with his cock, he takes his sweaty and cum stained boxers, reaches around with them to my face and stuffs them on my nose and into my mouth. The smell of his sweat and cum on the boxers is driving me crazy. My cock begins to pulsate and jerk wildly in my hand.

Mark has me as horny as a female dog in heat. I push my ass back to meet his cock. I want his boner as deep as possible in my ass channel. I am being pounded as he drives his wet cock all the way in and out and then back in. I can feel his precum leaking from his piss slit wetting the walls of my ass. I am wildly jacking off while feeling his huge cock in me and smelling his sexy stained boxers.

The fact that I continue to push my ass back to meet his cock is driving him wild.

Mark is fucking me bareback that is making for a very wet and sloppy fuck. I realize that Mark had filled my ass with his spit before I woke up. The combination of juices has my ass walls, prostrate and ass channel extremely wet making it easy for his huge cock to slide in and out. I have never had a more hot and wet feeling while being fucked. It is mind boggling.

Mark's cock is so large that it completely fills my ass entrance, There would be no way to even insert one finger. I am totally filled to the brim.

The feel of Mark's cock deep in my ass, his hard smelly and sweaty body melting into my back, his boxers in my mouth and his hot breath on my neck is producing pure ecstasy. I have never been hornier or more rock hard. The odors from our bodies is producing pure wild animal smells.

What a huge surprise to be fucked in such an unexpected manner. Mark took a risk in coming on to me in this way. But, I think he has noticed how often I gaze into his eyes and look at the big bulge in his baseball uniform during this tour. He has also noticed my semi-hard cock several times. I guess he decided that this would not be such a risky move and he was right.

I am so turned on by the silence except for each of us breathing hard, moaning and panting. This is a new experience in sex. The very best sex.

After a long time of Mark's pounding my ass while I jack off, I sense he is close to coming with a huge ejaculation. His breath becomes shorter, he moans louder, his balls rise up against my crotch and his cock head swell inside my ass.

He speaks for the first time and says: "Scott, darling, I am going to come. Yea, Yea, oh Yea, I feel the cum running up my shaft. Oh, yes, here it comes. My seed is filling your beautiful pink ass. Take it baby!!"

I speak for the first time and reply: "Oh, Mark, you hot baby, you slut, you rugged bitch, a man's man, fill me with your huge load of semen. Give it to me. I smell your hot breath on my neck. Lick my neck while you come."

With my permission, Mark is firing bullets after bullets of cum deep into my ass. I count seven blasts from his huge cock.

The feel of his cum in me and his grunting causes me to erupt load after load of my man seed into the palm of my hand. It feels like several ounces of warm cum. I take my cum filled hand, put it up to my mouth and lick it clean. I love eating cum.

Mark pulls out his spent cock. I take off my torn boxers and wipe the cum spilling from my ass and feed it to Mark. He loves the taste.

We kiss and share the cum meal.

We embrace and hug for a long time. We are too tired to shower and drift off to sleep with the sweat and dried cum on our bodies. We will shower tomorrow morning.

I hope this is the beginning of getting Mark's gorgeous cock up my ass many more times.

Ax I finish writing this story, I am getting a monstrous hard on. I am going to jack-off until I spill a huge load. Anyone reading this story, please feel to join in with a great release of a built up load.



Naughty Eric


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