Completely true story.

Austin was a shy one. You could tell, however that he was an athletic guy. He wasn't the tallest person in the world either, probably 5'6'. He was also a naturally tanned. He had extremely curly brown hair and brown eyes to accent it. The best part was, we both worked at the same summer camp. But knowing that man on man love was forbidden, I couldn't say anything, or even attempt to make any moves on him. He was so hot though. But I knew he was probably straight.

I sat in my bunk bed at night and fondled myself thinking of him. I hadn't seen him naked, but I imagined his dick size in proportion to the rest of his body. I imagined him in the shower, because we had group showers at camp. I imagined him just coming to sleep with me, amidst the sweaty arousing sex we had before. BUT reality struck when my roommate told me to stop shaking the bed while I jacked off. I apologized, but he said it was alright because he was going to be shaking the bed later. I finished my wank and cleaned up with a pair of sox.

The next day, I decided to do some laundry. Guess who was there? Austin. He was next in line, I was after him. He said hey. I said, what's up? He responded with: 'Stupid fuckin' laundry. Why can't we have the girls do this?' We both had a good chuckle. I peaked in his basket when he turned away. I saw the usual, t-shirts and shorts. But there was something unusual, briefs. Fashionable briefs. No tighty whiteys. But Calvin Klein's and 2-Xist. I closed my eyes and imagined him naked with just a pair of his cute briefs on. I thought of how no seniors wears briefs, except for me, but I'm gay?? Weird. I opened my eyes, felt the tent in my pants and tried to cover it up - it was too late. Austin was laughing. This was uncomfortable. He put his laundry in, and then I did. He said, 'See yah.' I just replied without making eye contact, 'Yup.'

Jesus, what just happened? I sat with him to eat later that day. He asked me again, 'What's up?' I again, didn't make eye contact and replied with a 'Not too much, you?' he said he was hungry. Understandable, it was supper time. We talked through supper; thankfully he didn't address the elephant in the room?? my pants in the laundry room. I think (and hope) he just laughed it off. I got to know that he was going to be a freshman and be in the same city, as me. You really learn something new every day. He later asked me if I had any work to do that night, I knew I had a ton of stuff to do, but if this was my chance?? 'No, why?' He said he was going to be watching a movie in his tent and asked me if I wanted to join him. I realized that he was too shy to ask anyone else, so why not ask some guy who got laughed at because of a natural body function. I thought, fuck you Austin.

I walked to his tent with some Mountain Dew and some popcorn that I made earlier. I knocked at his screen door and asked what we were watching. He said Supertroopers. Not a bad choice. I waited until he instructed me where to sit. There wasn't too much room, but it was a huge tent. He looked at me awkwardly and patted the spot next to him on his bed and said 'You can sit down, if you want.' I sat.

We watched to movie, and ate the popcorn. I was waiting for him to start to fall asleep to leave. But he stayed up and laughed through the entire movie. I was happy because I didn't have to invite him to eat the popcorn; it was one of those things where you just assumed that it was to share. The movie ended and I got up to leave, he said 'Wait, uhh, you wanna play some cards or something?' 'How about tomorrow night? I have to be up early, I'll probably be in the shower by 6.' I said. We shared our goodnights and thank you's, but that was it. Nothing more, but nothing less.

The next morning I got up and walked over to the shower, it was weird, there was already somebody in there. I went in and set my dry clothes down. I dropped my towel and stepped into the shower. You guessed it, it was Austin. He said 'Morning, Dylan!' I had the expression of rolling my eyes and just said 'Hey.' I walked under the shower head two away from his, as to not make it awkward. I forgot to let the water warm up, then I woke up. I realized I was in the shower with this hot, but cute, stud, who I damn near adored. He had his back and petite little tush towards me. I prayed that there was going to be no activity between my legs this shower session. He was washing his hair. He turned towards me to rinse the other side of his head. I looked at his face to make sure his eyes were closed, and I looked. Oh, my, GOD!! It wasn't the size it should've been, it was far bigger. The biggest I've EVER seen in person. I had to turn away to hide my boner.

I waited for my erection to subside, and all I thought of was how his prick was twice the size of mine, and he was two years younger than me. I started to wash my hair, and turned towards him, but I kept my eyes open this time. He was looking south of my border. I just said, 'What, the, fuck?' he looked at me with a face of panic. He turned away. I couldn't tell what was going on in his mind. I was hoping the same thing that was going on in mine. I said, 'Sorry, you just surprised me.' He didn't respond. I felt bad. I walked over by him. I placed my hand on his shoulder and he flinched. 'Dylan, we can't do this here. Can we go back to my tent? I want to talk to you.' He said. This was a little awkward. He wanted to talk to me? What did he have to say?

We both got dressed, in silence. We walked back to his tent and he sat down on his bed. He said, 'I think you're good looking.' I thought of myself, I'm like 5'9'. I didn't have an athletic build, but I wasn't fat. There I go again, I thought. It's always about me isn't it? He gave me a look of, please, kill me now. I responded to him- 'Well, Austin, I think you're hot too.' He smiled. I like his smile, something about braces really turned me on all of a sudden. I said, 'Let's meet back here tonight.' He agreed and I left.

I got a text from a strange number, it told me to bring my shower shit and we're going to the private shower in the middle of camp. I assumed it was Austin, and replied with 'K. meet at ur tnt 1st .' He sent back with 'K.'

That night, I brought my shower stuff and met at his tent. He looked nervous, for something. I was really stupid. At this point I had no idea what his intentions were. But I didn't want to ask questions, because it's weird to say things out loud like that. I could tell that Austin, however shy he was, was going to be strong and bold about this certain topic. We started our journey to the private showers. We arrived 5 min later and we were both a little sweaty. I walked into one stall and he followed me in. It hit me. He wanted it. Stupid stupid stupid me!

I looked at him, sort of funny. He said, 'I thought we were going to??' I said, 'Umm, let's see how this goes, I guess.' We walked in, I got undressed and he followed suit. Except his sea monster was popping up out of the jungle a little. This made me happy. I asked him what he expected. He said he just wanted to do anything. He just wanted to make sure he liked guys. I understood. I got on my knees. I was already a pro, but Austin didn't know what to do with himself. I opened my mouth, but first said 'You know I won't be able to fit that entire thing in, right?' He got on his knees and sucked my tongue in his mouth, and made me feel so much better about this moment. He asked me if I could just let him do the work. I said that that would be wonderful. I stood back up and my rock hard dick hit him in the face. He smiled. He shoved it in his mouth and treated it like a sucker. He sucked and he messaged. He even stroked it when it wasn't in his mouth. I moaned. I decided we were going to go all the way, if he was ready. I looked down and we made eye contact. He stood back up. He put his hands on either side of the wall and we made out, our fucking sticks touched. His entire body twitched.

I wanted to work his meat in my mouth. Aside from having a monster dick, he had a huge sac, I reached down while he was kissing me and stroked his dick, and played with his gigantic testicles. I stopped. I asked him how he knew to do all of this. He said 'Internet.' I smiled. I brought my face back to his and put my tongue in his mouth. I licked the roof of his mouth and his teeth, and felt his braces. I got back on my knees and he let me. I put his penis back in my mouth, he was hard and huge. I bit down gently on his head and he moaned. Hot. I moved my head up and down his pole as much as I could. It was too big to deep throat too. I stroked him. Hard. Fast. I played with his full bush. I sucked on his balls, he moaned again. He twitched. He said 'Oh my god. Keep going. Fuck, I'm gonna cum.' With a loud yelp, I let him give me a facial. There were about five shots of sperm. He was running his fingers through my hair.

I sucked his dick dry. He shouted as if in excruciating pain when my tongue touched his big bold head. I swallowed the jizz, and stood up. He forced his face back to mine and thanked me. He sucked me until I came, and swallowed all of it. We cleaned each other in the shower, with hardon's the entire time. He asked me if I wanted to stay with him that night. I said 'Do you think we'll get caught?' he shrugged his shoulders. I pulled up his briefs for him, kissing his dick.

It was dark when we left. He grabbed my hand. He then expressed his excitement for the night. I had a feeling we weren't only going to be sleeping. We got back to his tent. I checked my phone, it was 12:47. Josh, my roommate texted me and asked where I was. I just texted him back and said I wouldn't be back for the night, and not to tell anyone. I trusted him, so it was ok. Austin undressed me down to my boxer briefs and he got undressed to his little briefs with the huge bulge. He crawled into his bed, and invited me to do the same right behind him.

He rolled over to face me. I smiled because I didn't know what else to do, he was in control of how things were going to go. Then, I realized that my dreams were coming true. I started to laugh. He did too. I put my hand on his face, he embraced the back of my head and pulled it toward him. He rolled on top of me and we began to make out. His briefs started to stretch. I reached down and pulled them off. He did the same with mine. He rubbed his pelvis to mine until I was hard. He whispered very gently in my ear: 'I want you to seal this deal. Please, fuck me.' I got harder, if that was possible. He threw all the blankets off the bed. Stepped out, and got out some lotion. I jumped out of his bed and said, 'Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA! Are you sure you want this?' He said, 'I just asked, didn't I?'

I said good point, and he sat down, he put some lotion in his hands and lathered my dick. He lay down on his back. 'Go easy,' he said 'it's my first time.' I smiled, laid a big kiss on him and put his legs on my shoulders. I played with his fuck hole just a little while, and fingered it. He squeezed his eyes closed, I sent my second finger in. I pulled them both out, and just got to it. 'You can't scream. People can't hear us.' He said 'I'll try.' I rested my dick against his hole. He took a deep breath. 'Ready?' 'Ready.' I pushed a little, he exhaled. I pushed my head passed his butthole. He started to breathe heavily through clenched teeth. I moved in more, he grunted. 'More!' I smiled. I pushed in more.

I gave it all I got. Big mistake. 'YES!' he screamed. 'Fuck, I'm sorry. Keep going. I need it. Fuck me! Please!' 'Alright, be quiet.'

I thrusted again, he squeezed my ass and pulled it toward him. I grabbed his dick while I fucked him, and stroked it. He moaned and thrashed his head the entire time. I pulled out and he looked at me. I said, 'On your hands and knees.' He obeyed. I laid over him, and continued to fuck him.

I was about to cum. I pulled out and laid him back down. I crawled up him and sat down on his hips, he stroked me, and lifted his head so I would cum in his mouth. I did. I went back down, and sucked him, he looked so cute, and tired. I just sucked him, he came again, in my mouth. I picked up his briefs, and slipped them back on. I took out another pair of his briefs and put them on me.

I pulled the covers back over us and we fell asleep together. This continued for the rest of the summer. And when we got back, we took turns fucking each other at his house.




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