'Hey Noel checkout Tiffany.' ' Haha Matt yeah she's sexy lol. I wish she would suck our dicks' I laughed. Noel just smiled and started to walk to Science class. I followed him in side. Noel and I have always been friends. We looked pretty good together. He was Mexican with dark sexy hair. He was the same size as me 5'9. I had blonde hair and green eyes. Well anyway we walked inside and sat down next to him. We were both pretty smart so we talked the whole time. We talked about girls and hot singeres like Rihanna and britney spears. We mostly talked about girls and never anything else really but sex. Everyone new that we were bestfriend. I could always trust him about anything. 'hey matt you wanna talk at my house later.' 'Sure' sounds cool. Well after school came and we walked to his house. We walked into his room and started to joke around. Five minutes later he pushed me down. I laughed and grabbed him and threw him down. He laughed and then kissed me on my lips. He soft lips got me hard. 'dude you kissed me' I laughed. 'Well don't you love me Matt'. I smiled at him and started to laugh again because I thought he was joking. Noel then kissed me again but this time with tounge. He started to rub my legs and lower back. I looked at him again with a puzzled look on my face. 'I love you Matt' he told he. I was so surprised but at the same time liking it. 'I like you alot Noel' I replied. He started to put his hands in my boxers. He gave me a hard as boner. He started to give me a hand job. 'Stop Noel' I yelled. I'm not gay Noel stop. He looked at me than said 'do u love me.' I relized I did love him more than anyone. I kissed him and stared into his eyes. He started to suck my dick. I moaned for a while will he gave me head. He told me in my ear 'fuck me dude'. So I wripped out my dick even more and started to fuck his ads slowly. 'I love you Matt' he yelled. I told him I loved him back. He fucked alot in his room. The next day I woke up in his bad next to me. 'Matt I love you and I don't care who knows'. He kissed me again and we fell back to sleep. We went to school at 10:00. We both got detention for being late. When detention was over I saw him kissing his girlfriends. When he was done he stared at me with a sad look on his face and started to walk to me. Everyone looked at us when he stood wright in front of me. He kissed me again while all the other students yelled. Even a teacher watched us makeout.



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