"Young man, please your gear in the wagon" I turn my head and see the commanding officer looking at me>

"Oh, I thought I was..."

"Your Taylor Lightwood is that correct?" He asks me looking at his clip board.

"Yes sir" He nods. "Says here that you and other's will be heading out soon, you need to load your gear into the wagon and instructions will be given to you soon."

"Yes sir right away" He nods and head off.

I walk to the wagon and unhook my gear and neatly place it in the wagon. Jean, Connie Sasha and the other caring there gear as well head in my direction.

"Hey, you guys know why we are not getting in our gear?" Jean looks at me unsure as well.

"I am not sure Taylor but you might want to change into your regular Clothes there is no need for the full uniform either" He says.

"Oh..okay thanks I will be right back."


I head down the large staircase into a meeting room where Reiner is sitting. Along with his friend Bertolt. He and I always had a dislike for each other but Reiner's never seemed to notice. Me, Reiner, Sasha, Connie, Christa, Ymir, Bertolt Sit as Commander Erwin comes in.

He clears his throat. "I understand that you all are curious on why you all had to store your gear and uniforms, so here is why. Until a current situation is under wraps you all will be sent to a isolated location for the time being. You gear is already on it's way there and you all will be given horses to take you there that is all" 

"Isolated location?" People around me begin asking questions and wondering what is really going on. 

"Alright you guys we should all be getting a move on." Reiner's stands up addressing everyone. His eyes quickly flicker to me and his face stone hard to read his expression on his face. He turns and quickly exits the room and everyone else begins to go out as well. A's we enter the court yard where the horses are waiting for us, I see Bertolt and Reiner talking quietly and fast. My face flushes with anger when I see Bertolt hand grabs his shoulder. "Hey Reiner's can you help me with my saddle?!" I yell. Both of them jump back having a surprised look on there faces hearing me call Reiner's name. Bertolt flashes me a disguised look and heads off. Reiner turns to me and takes a deep breath giving me a kind smile. 

"What seems wrong with your saddle Taylor?" He asks. Knowing this isn't about the horse at all.

"I don't seems to be all over the places...the straps I mean" I say a bit harsh.

"Taylor listen we were just talking and besides we are really old friends and...."

I never see old friends putting hands on each other like that" I say in a low whisper. 

"Babe, listen do not be jealous okay? I promise I will make it up to you tonight. Okay?" He says his hand discreetly touches mine. Felling his touch always gave me a sense of calmness when I am winded up. I inhale a deep breath and let it out. "Okay you better Reiner" 

HE chuckles "That's my boy" He flashes me a dazzling smile and helps me up into my saddle before leaving pinching my butt. 

"Hey!" I say to him as he walks away laughing. I can't helop but smile at the little things he does to make me feel good and sexy. He's so amazing. 


A's we leave through the gates and head to small compound used back in the old days. I look around at the free open land around us five years ago we had more and it was far more freedom then we have now. However, after the breach, I don't think we ever are going to get it back. I look over at Reiner as we ride south, I notice a grim look on his face like he is worried and uncertain of something , whatever it is, it seems to be bothering him a lot. Hopefully I can get something out of him tonight. 

   After a couple of hours riding we finally make out destination. It's a small patch of tall trees surrounding a clearing in the middle with a few buildings and a stone tower which I assume was used for a look out at one point. It seems very old but sending us to a place like this seems isolated enough. A's we riding up to the main building we head over to the stables where everyone is going into and putting the horses into the stalls. WHen I get my horse in it's stall I slide down and walk over and petting her muzzle "You did good girl" I say kissing her muzzle. I reach in and pull out a green apple and hold it out for her and chomps down on it quickly tasting the sweet sour taste of the apple. 

I walk around and grabs a bail of hay and placing it in her food pen and close the stall gate. As I lock it she pokes her head over the edge and bumps her muzzle into my head. "Haha hey, Okay I love you too" I laugh petting her down. 

"You seem to have a natural talent with horses." I turn seeing Reiner's beautiful smile as he watches the interaction between my horse and I.

"All they really need is a little love and sweet apples for rewards on trips like we made today" I say smiling still petting her muzzle. I feel him come from behind wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me to him. I feel his hot breath brush on the back of my neck causes goosebumps to crawl all over my body. He presses his nose into my hair kissing the back of my head 

"I love you so much baby, I am glad that we will be able to have time to spend together tonight." He says pressing his groin onto my ass. I gasp a bit feeling his hardening bulge. Out of habit I end up pushing back which causes him to moan. "I can't wait to get into you. He bites the back of my neck. 

"Oh Reiner..." I gasp in pleasure. 

"If I wasn't afraid of someone coming in I would fuck you hard right now.: He says growling. Pushing his bulge onto my ass again. 

I chuckle

"Hey, come now calm down" I turn my head to look at him. Light from the sun setting sky makes his eyes blazing amber, I am so lucky to have a hot caring man like him around!

"Come on let's get going" He pulls back tugging my hand. I follow him as we make our way to the main building where the scent of dinner already cooking fills the air around us. 


   A little after Midnight, Reiner and I Climb out of the window doing our best to be quite. We were lucky we got a room on the first floor otherwise been much harder to sneak out. Reiner's carrying a backpack walks into the stable to get us a horse. I meet him at the tree line outside of the circle of trees, He climbs on the horse and reaches out his hand. I smile taking it as he swings me in front of him and we ride out in the moon light night. 

"Where are we going?" I ask

"I saw a small cabin nearby on our way here, I looked at it the entire time and saw no one enter, So I am assuming it's abandon." He explains. In the moon lit sky a dark image in the distant gets bigger and not to much later we are trotting to the cabin Reiner says was here.
"Looks like no is here" I say.

"Well we have to be sure." He climbs down. The grabs me by the waist and sets me on the ground. He leans down and kisses my cheek. He turns and walks to the dark cabin, he knocks a few times on the wooden door to make sure if someone actually was in there before fully opening it. 

"Hello?" He calls out and no response. It's empty.

A's I walk up to the Cabin he is already lighting a lantern and candles. I can't help but smile. "You are a hopeless romantic" I say.

"Well, you know me. Only the best for my boy." He's grinning. I turn and close the door. His heavy footsteps from his boots coming in my direction and he presses himself onto me. "Baby....I love you." He turns me around and kisses me hard. I feel his tongue wrestling for entry. I let him in and his tongue invades my mouth. I can't help but moan. Enjoying his dominance. 

He Tugs the bottom of my shirt lifting it over my head as he kisses down my body. His hands grabbing and groping my ass and crotch, I love when he touches me. Finally his hands slip into my pants that somehow are already unbuckled and slides them down. He stands up and looks down. His eyes moving around taking in my toned naked body. "Fuck babe...Look so damn hot and it's all mine. He moves his arms under my legs and scoops me in up into his arms carrying me to a bed that's already there. It's been covered with a clean bed sheet. A's he sets me down I prop myself on my elbows as he stands at the foot of the bed. No smile on his face but his golden eyes burning with love and lust. One by one he undoes each button slowly. Teasing me. His shirt begins to open little by little my cock shooting straight up when my eyes gaze onto his round sculpted pecs. 

After the last button is undone he pulls his shirt off and flex all over his body muscles. All cut and hard. "All of this" He says rubbing his hands over his pecs, packs, and abs. "Is all yours. Like the small sweet toned body of yours are mine!" He opens his pants and lets them fall allowing his ten and half inch cock to spring free bobbing up and down as he stands there. MY mouth open as I see this Adonis like man standing over me. I stare at his long fat dick, I like my lips. My mouth watering wanting to taste that big delicious meat in my mouth. 

"Fuck, you are hungry for this dick huh? Want me to feed it to you? Want me to pound your brains out?" He asks aggressively . 

My words caught in my throat couldn't come out. All i could do is nod.

He laughs. "I am glad I can make you speechless." He finally grins.  He crawls over me spreading my legs with his powerful thick thighs. As Reiner lifted my legs onto his shoulder's my gaze never left his. He teased me by rubbing the fat head of his dick back and forth on my hole making me moan. 

"Please Reiner" I begged him. He lets out a growl knowing me begging for his cock was on of his major turn on's. 

"You want it here it is!" The pushes forward I draw a sharp breath as I feel him push half his thick cock into me. My back arches off the bed. I finally release my breath and moan at the same time. 

My arms around his neck as I lean up and kiss his sweet lips. "Fuck me hard Reiner. Hard!" I say to him.

"With pleasure my love!" He slams into me with such force I yell out a huge smile explodes across my face. "Yes!" I moan. "Harder baby give it to me harder!" iBeg again.

"Yeah, fucking take my big dick babe!" The bed shakes and creaks beneath us, keeping pace with Reiner as he fucks me fast and hard. 

Reiner looks deep into my eyes. "You are my love. My future! Mine!"  He pins me down to the mattress. I push back meeting with his thrust feeling his dick hitting my sweet spot over and over again. I writh under him as he punishes my ass. My hands and feet dig into his body tighter and tighter as he keeps going. Reiner letting out grunts as he pushes in and out of me.

"Please baby don't stop. Ever!"
"Damn baby you I love how....you...beg!" HE growls

I push and Roll over Reiner onto his back and sit up straight. I begin to move up and down on my own until Reiner grabs my waist and thrust hard and deep into me. Our bodies slap over and over with every second. My body begins to loosen up soon my legs and arms tingle and not able to move them. I don't think I ever felt this good. This fuck was so much different>
He held me and pounded up in me knowing that he needs to be in charge. To be the man. He grabs me and throws me hard on my back and slam into me over and over again. My arms and legs useless, I could do nothing but have him ravage my body. 

"Please, baby....don't stop!" I whimper. 

With each thrust I let out a small whimper. My dick beginning to strain needing to be released, Reiner seeing this as well but he shakes his head. He wants to be the one to make me cum. Reiner's breathing quickens and his body slams into me faster then ever. His dick going in and out like a piston.
"AHHHH BABY I....I...FUCK!" Reiner pushes as deep as he can into me and released his huge load deep into me.

My bacl arches off the bed and soon my cock erupts and shoots a long thick rope of cum in the air as it falls back it covers Reiner and I. He falls back onto me. My cum rubbing between our chest as he breathes fast.

"Taylor...I don't know what got into me but...I just...fuck babe." HE kisses my neck running his fingers through my hair. I look up at the ceiling my head swirling in circles. My eyes close and I drift off.


A few hours later.....

    I slowly open my eyes as they adjust to the dim light of the lantern and candles. I feel a dull ache in my ass as I try to sit up. A my hand roams the bed and I don't find Reiner next to me in fact he's not in the cabin at all. I slowly get out of bed finding my briefs and pulling them on and grab Reiner's coat that hands on a hook. I slide the jacket on and open the door. The cool night air makes my body shiver. My eyes pan the moonlit country side and I spot Reiner standing forty yards from the Cabin just looking up at the moon. He stands there with his pants but no shirt, the moon reflecting off his beautiful rock hard body.  I walk to him he doesn't seem to notice me approaching. I wrap my arms around his waist, his body tenses in surprise, but he realizes who it is his body relax and sighs. I pull him close kissing down his back. He chuckles. 

"Why are you up?" He asks.

"I guess cause you were not next to me" I smile in his back. His hands stroking my arms. 

"It's a beautiful night" I say softly.

"Yeah it is. I love nights like these so...peaceful..." He dips his head and looks into his hand. I release and come around to face him. I see him holding a small chain necklace with a picture clasp with it. "What's that baby?" I ask curiously.

"It's for you." He says. 

"Before the attack on Trost, I went to a merchant and found this chain and It took me a while but I manage to save up to buy this from him. Remember that day a random guy took your photo?" 

I nod.

We;; he manage to minimize it and well...: He opens it up and inside are two little photos. One of him and the other a photo of him and I. His arms around my waist. His chin resting on my shoulder. 

"Hun....Its so...wow..." I feel my eyes begin to tear up. "You really bought this for me?" He smiles a bit and nods. His hand comes to my face and wipes away the tears that are falling down my cheek. "Hey baby please don't cry." He says pulling me to him comforting me.

"Why are you crying babe?" He asks. stroking my hair. 

"I just...when the colossal titan broke the gate at Shiganshina District and the titans were let in...my mother and father...they both gave themselves up so I could escape to the inner gate, I didn't see but I heard the bodies beings eaten as I ran. When I finally made it out my brother Toby, got me onto a boat I begged him to come with me but he had to stay, he was soldier and had to help fight. I didn't want him to die but he did, when the armored titan broke through wall Maria, my brother was one of the first people to be eaten...I lost my entire family that day...all over them..."

I don;t hear nothing come from Reiner, I look up and see his harden face. His body rigged. His eyes closed. 

He slowly opened them and looked at me. "I am so sorry, I didn't know that." He says softly. 

"It's the first time I ever spoke about what happened in the beginning. Then when I vowed to help fight titans, I met you and I think I fell head over heels with you when I first saw you. Ever since then and we been together you been my rock. My everything and I don't think I would have survived the attack on Trost and the expedition if it wasn't for your help and support." 

"I am glad you feel that way baby. I truly am. here." He turns me around unclasp the chain and puts it around my neck. "I been meaning to give this to you but...with everything I could never find the right moment."

"Happy birthday." I gasp. I totally forgot....

"You..remembered?" I asked. "Of course how could I, but seems you did." He laughs. 

"Well, its been rough these last few months" I laugh.

"Yes it has and speaking of rough." He picks me up and throws mw over his shoulder. 

I laugh. 'Really?" 

"Oh I am dead serious, I have to give you your birthday pounding. " 

He carries me into the Cabin and closes the door. He smiles as he leans between my legs pushing into me...


   "Hey baby wake up we have to go before we are caught." Reiner shakes me trying to wake me up. 

I groan. "Five more minutes." I say Rolling over covering my head with the pillow. I can hear him chuckle. He pulls the sheets of and smacks my bare bubble butt. "Up you!" 

"OW!" I yell.

"Come on sweet cheeks we have to go" HE smiles. 

"Ugh...fine..." I say grumpy. 

"Hey..." He catches me as I walk around him. His arm snakes around me pulling me to him. "Happy birthday baby" He kisses me. God I cna;t stay mad at him.

I break out in smile. "Thank you baby. Thank you for your gifts" 

"You are more then welcome sweet pea." He says. 

   We pacl up are things and get onto the horse. The sky is barely lit up. The sun going to rise soon. We race back trying to beat the sun, but no matter how fast we go we can;t beat it. By time we arrive back at the compound the it's bright enough to be seen. "Damn...I hope no one say us" HE says to himself as he moves us into the stables. I slide down and he does after and I put his horse in the stall handing the horse an apple.

"Come on lets get back...." We both stop in our tracks. Bertolt standing there his hands in fists, his face masked with anger. It;s like he could tell what we been up too. His eyes gaze down to the necklace and he lets out a grunt and turns on his heels heading back to the main building. 

"Does he know about you and me?" I ask.

He nods. 

"He figured it out when I was looking for you after we reclaimed Trost." He explains.

"Oh" is all I could say back. 

"Hey, look he is mad well...cause I am with you. He doesn't like he believes that You are not good enough for me but hey...you are...you saved my life more then I can count abbe..." He kisses me

"So do not worry about it okay?" 

I nod.

"Thank you now come on lets get inside.


We manage to get inside and the rest of the day no one figured out we left. All day Bertolt kept gazing dagger's at me,  he had some serious problems and he nees to get over it. I am Reiner's and Reiner is mine.

We all gather in the dinning room for lunch when Sasha stands up looking around out the window. "I hear rumbling like heavy foot steps" She syas.

"You are probably hearing things." Reiner says. Taking a sip of his water.

"NO I am telling you are hear rumbling!" She exclaims. Facing him.

Just them we hear the whooshing and zipping sound of someone using there gear. 

They enter and stand in the window it's Nanaba . 

"Is everyone here?" She says looking at us all. We nod.

"There are multiple titans on the way here you will not have time to get into your gear Get on the horses and ride as fast as you can and sweep through nearby houses and villages and evacuate them to the inner wall now!" She says and shoots off. 

Reiner" I say in a low voice my hand touching his under the table His hand grips mine tightly 

"Okay, you heard her we will split up to cover more ground lets go!" Jean yells giving us the orders We all race and head to the stables. We get on the horses. I tighten the saddle and I feel Reiner's come from behind and kisses me on the lips, I am shocked but give in and kiss him back. Everyone stops for a moment and completely taken off guard. "I am not sure what is going to happen. IF The wall has fallen then I couldn't leave you without coming out. I don;t care what people think or say but you are mine and I want people to know" He says. I believe him.

"Reiner..." His finger covers my lips. 

"Don't speak. I will see you when I see you" I nod.

He helps into the saddle and we wait by the main building. 

"When the titans reach the tree line disperse!" Jean calls out. We wait and hear the hard fall of the titans feet getting closer and closer when we see there ugly smiles we break for it. We all spread out in different directions. I am with Christa, Ymir and Jean. 

  A's we ride I turn back and see Reiner, riding off with his group in the other direction.
Be safe...he nods we don't break eye contact until we have made enough distance between us.

To be Continued.....



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