It took me a long time to figure out why I was so happy and warm.

I remembered being naked in a pool, winning an important swim meet, and my crush giving me a thumbs up.

Jamie. A 6'2" blonde, blue eyed, toned, hunk that was currently draped around me.

Of course! That's why I was so warm and happy! We'd spent every night together at his house [his parents were wintering in Spain] for a week, never leaving the bed unless we had to use the bathroom, or fix some food, or once to go to the redbox to rent a movie. We hadn't showered since the end of the swim meet, and as I began to wake, I realized just how disgusting [yet wonderful] I actually felt.

Careful not to disturb Jamie, I emerged from the pile of blankets in nothing but my underwear, a nice pair of deep red boxer briefs that were Jamie's favorite. I liked to wear them before and after, because I knew it turned him on to pull them down, slowly. As I approached the mirror, a 17 year old brown haired, blue eyed boy stared back. A nice, semi-tanned tone meshed well with my boxer briefs. My abs and biceps were in nice shape, and for the first time in a while, I was content.

I turned to the window and was shocked to see snow falling! Yes, it was nearing February, but it had only snowed for about an hour over Christmas break. So you can imagine my surprise at seeing a good foot of snow on the ground and more coming down. I listened to Jamie's breathing and watched the snow fall a little longer, and decided we needed to pick up some supplies for the weekend, especially since we might get snowed in. I let Jamie sleep, telling myself I'd wake him after I showered. He had been working late at the pool, and heading to my house after. I knew he was exhausted.

I quietly crossed the room and entered his bathroom, not quite shutting the door as I stripped off my boxer briefs and adjusted my soft cock and balls. As I turned on the shower to warm it up, I took a peek at my sleeping beau. He had turned the other way and I could only see his back, but the covers had draped off of his lower back, and I could see the top of his strong buttocks, gleaming in the early morning light. What a glorious sight.

Steam began to roll out of the shower and I stepped in. The hot water a bit scalding at first, but it felt wonderful after I adjusted the warmth a bit. I opened the shampoo and began to massage my scalp when I heard a noise. Suddenly, a hand reached in and pulled the glass door back, and I jumped.

'Whoa, stud, it's just me!' crooned Jamie, as he climbed in behind me. 'You didn't think you'd shower without me, did you?'

'I was going to let you sleep a little longer. You were working late last night,' I replied. 'I was being thoughtful.'

'I know, and I love it. But I love showering with you. I'll never miss a chance.'

Then, kissing the back of my neck, his hands gently began to massage my scalp, the cool mint of the shampoo seeping in. I began to moan out of relaxation, and a bit of pleasure. This was so erotic! I turned around to face him, and he smiled his award winning smile. I threw my head back, and let the warm water rinse off my head. When my head was clean, I leaned back to Jamie and kissed him. After a full 15 seconds, we broke apart, and he nipped at my nose with his teeth, a sort of playful, lets fuck right now, movement.

Then, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him, our favorite position. His hard 8 inch cock found my hole, and we began a rhythm. Our mouths never left each others, and he began to go deeper. The more we had been together, the more I got used to his tool, and he knew how to push me to the sexual limit! I felt his tip massaging my prostate, and all too soon I felt the beast rising, and I came, shooting up Jamie's abs and even hitting him in the chin. He laughed, then groaned with pleasure as I felt his seed erupt deep within me, and then he growled a little and kept kissing me.

I love this man!

After what seemed like an eternity of kissing, he grabbed a cloth and lathered some soap on it and began to wash my body. His strong hands softly caressing my sore muscles, massaging softly. Once he finished with me, I took over, taking this opportunity to feel every inch of him I could find.

Finally clean and pleasantly satiated, we turned off the shower and dried each other off. Only then did I bring up my idea of supplies in case we would get snowed in later.

He agreed with me, and he went to his closet to pick out something to wear. I got on his MacBook Pro to check the weather, and I found out that it was supposed to snow all weekend, and that the school was canceling classes until Wednesday!

'Hey, J?' I called.

'What's up?'

'They've cancelled school until Wednesday! We've got a four day weekend!'

'Oh that's fantastic!' he crooned, slipping his arms around me. 'What do you think of my outfit?'

He let me go so I could see him properly. Jamie was wearing blue jeans, a nice white button up shirt, and a red vest. He looked so handsome, and all I could do was look!

'No good?' he asked, seeing my reaction.

'No! It's wonderful! You look so handsome!' I stammered.

'Thanks, you'd better get dressed.'

I then remembered I was naked, not to mention semi-hard after seeing his handsome outfit. I disappeared into my side of the closet that had been growing slowly over the week, choosing a pair of jeans and a Harvard University hoodie. I had been looking into going there to swim.

I exited and saw Jamie on his computer, checking Facebook. When he heard me enter the room, he closed out of his message screen quickly and turned around.

That was odd.

'You look amazing!' he said, rising from his chair and kissing me on the forehead. 'Let's get going.'

We exited into his garage and climbed into his black Hummer 3, and soon we were on our way. We sat in silence for a long time. Me from wonder, him from contentment, I suppose. Soon, he looked over and saw me staring straight ahead.

'I bet you're worried that I'm hiding something from you.'

I just stared at him in shock. 'How the hell did you guess that?' I asked.

'I'm not guessing, I know you! You're upset about me closing out of that message too quickly. I was checking on something I ordered for your birthday, and it hasn't come through yet. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to give it to you on your birthday.'

He grabbed my hand and kissed it.

I didn't know what to say, but warmth was finally coming back into my toes. For a few moments, I thought that he'd been cheating on me.

The next ten minutes we spent in the car were happy. We kept singing along to songs on the radio, cracking jokes, and just having a good time. Finally, we arrived at the store. After a quick kiss, we exited the car, careful not to appear too close, seeing as this was a small minded community.

'Why don't you go and pick something out for us to watch, while I go in search of food. I'll even get us something for a romantic dinner. This way I can treat you right.' With that, he walked away, his bubble butt bouncing nicely. I stared.

I was in love.

As I walked through the market section toward the back of the store, I realized just how empty it was. The normally flooded aisles were empty, with only about three other people in the store. I finally reached the movie and music section and became engrossed in what to buy. I picked up a few romantic comedies, a couple of old romances, and a thriller. I couldn't pick just one. I rounded the final corner into the back, checking into the horror movies. I know it's not typical date night material, but I figured we might cuddle through the whole thing.

As I took in the horror section, I heard footsteps behind me. I figured it was Jamie, so I didn't turn around. They stopped right behind me, and I felt a hand grope my left buttock. I smiled and reached for the hand.

Suddenly, I realized something was wrong. This hand was too rough to be Jamie's...

I spun around, only to have a damp cloth thrust over my mouth, and I smelled a horrible substance. I fought hard, but soon, I found my vision get hazy, and soon I was lost in darkness...



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